How to Adjust Grip on a Chainsaw

How to change the clutch on a chainsaw?

Chainsaw owners must have wondered more than once. how to change the clutch on a chainsaw? On most chainsaw models, disassembling and replacing the clutch can easily be done manually by the owner himself; on a small number of models, unscrewing the drum can be done only in the workshop (such chainsaws include, for example, Husqvarna 137 or Partner 351).

How to Adjust Grip on a Chainsaw

In this review, we will learn how to independently remove and change the clutch on a chainsaw, when to do it and what tools you may need.

When you need to remove the clutch

The disassembly of the clutch for the purpose of removal is carried out in such cases:

  • when the spring bursts (the chain turns, the engine runs intermittently);
  • the spring has flown;
  • a piece of the drum broke off (in this case, noise will be heard, the chain of the chainsaw will also spin);
  • temporary wear (it is time to remove and change the clutch due to running out of life).

Modern chainsaws operate on two-stroke engines that are connected by a gearbox to the saw chain. The chain moves along the tire, and according to the centrifugal principle, idling should remain motionless, that is, be safe for someone who is holding a chainsaw.

If the load exerted on the tool exceeds the recommended, then the clutch will weaken or completely stop the transmission of torque to the tire. This will stop the engine. In the event of such situations, the clutch wears out, so it needs to be replaced over time. In the operating manual for the chainsaw, some manufacturers have information that the clutch is an expendable part, that is, is subject to periodic replacement.

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Video. how to remove the clutch on a chainsaw:

Repair kit, necessary tool

In order to remove, disassemble or adjust the clutch, we need such tools:

Dismantling the chainsaw clutch:

How to remove the clutch from a chainsaw and put it in place?

Diagram of the process of removing clutch from a chainsaw (for example, take the situation when a drum replacement is necessary):

  • remove the saw headset using a universal key;
  • remove the chain, tire;
  • unscrew the air filter cover;
  • Next, we unscrew the candles;
  • we fix the piston with a stopper or rope;
  • remove the clutch with a drift (puller) or a universal key to remove the clutch;
  • the clutch is removed by unscrewing clockwise;
  • remove and replace the drum.

After the steps described above, the entire assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

How to adjust the clutch of a chainsaw?

How to adjust the clutch on a chainsaw? It’s more correct to talk about repair, since the carburetor, rather than the clutch, is usually subject to adjustment. When we talk about adjusting the coupling, it is important to consider two nuances:

  • chainsaws of some models, including German, Finnish, Swedish, have a special washer, it can be located between the motor and the sprocket or between the drum and the sprocket. This washer must be carefully removed and then put back; if replaced, replace with an identical one;
  • the spring cannot be pulled together; therefore, when it breaks, the part is considered damaged and replaced with a new one. The absence of a working spring will result in the absence of lubricant to the chain.

How to unscrew the clutch on a chainsaw with your own hands:

Owner reviews

Vlad, Odessa:

“In the process of repairing a chainsaw, I had this situation: the clutch did not succumb, did not want to be removed. Jammed, in a word. Such a “grandfather way” helped: the location of the thread was slightly heated by the burner, very carefully so that the oil seal would not be damaged. And it all worked out. Maybe someone will need my advice. ”