How to Adjust Lawn Mower Mounts. Knapsack Strap

From correctness Lawn Mower mounts the comfort of the gardener and, as a result, the speed and duration of his work depend on the backpack belt. Many people do not want to spend time adjusting the mounts of the gas trimmer on the two-shoulder belt, and perhaps this is justified if it is necessary to mow the grass only in a small area or near the fence, but for large areas the issue of convenience and endurance will become paramount if we do not want to stretch the mowing for several days. In addition, a correctly adjusted mount of the brushcutter will make grass mowing much safer. As for me, it’s worth sorting out this issue.

Mounting and adjusting the mounting of the gas trimmer. Strap backpack.

Ease of use depends not only on the correct placement of the gas trimmer on the backpack belt, its balance, but also on the correctness installation and adjustment of a two-handed handle, often referred to as cycling.

Adjustment of fastening of a Lawn Mower. What you need to strive for.

After adjusting the two-handed handle and backpack belt, the cutting tool gas mowers, being in a hanging position on the harness, should be parallel to the ground, while your hands should not touch the garden tool. The height, of course, may vary depending on the task, 20-30 centimeters when mowing tall grass for food, 5-10 centimeters for mowing grass.

It is necessary to balance the brushcutter with the installed cutting tool: a disk or a reel with fishing line.

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Adjustment: backpack belt / backpack belt / backpack type belt / shoulder strap / parachute belt.

Perhaps due to translation inaccuracies, now you can find many names of belt suspension for gardening equipment: a knapsack belt / backpack belt / backpack-type belt / shoulder belt / parachute belt. For a petrol scythe, only a two-shoulder belt is suitable, hence the association with a backpack and satchel, which must be correctly attached and fitted to the figure. You can of course hang on one strap, a belt loop, but I do not recommend, except for very low-power models. Weight and vibration will quickly make themselves felt.

First of all, you need to adjust the hook height of the two-shoulder belt in accordance with your height. To do this, we put on a knapsack belt and pull the shoulder straps so that the hook is below the hips to the width of the palm, and the load is evenly distributed over the straps. If you pull the trimmer higher, then only narrow the grass grab, and the cutting tool will most likely be at an angle to the ground.

We hang Lawn Mower. Rearranging the hook into the desired hole in the bar, we balance the gas trimmer so that when the hands are released, the knife is at the selected height, depending on the tasks.

On those models of brushcutters that are equipped with a loop for fastening, and not a bar, it is necessary to balance by moving it along the bar.

The purpose of this balancing is to distribute the weight of the garden tool through a backpack-type belt onto the shoulders, rather than constantly supporting it with your hands. Hands should only set the direction of the cutting tool.

Then you need to adjust the two-handed handle of the gas trimmer. If the balancing of the garden tool after this is disturbed, then it is necessary to repeat all the steps until the result is achieved.

It is not always possible to get the perfect balance of the brushcutter on a backpack belt. Sometimes the parallelism of the knife to the ground can be achieved only by personal selection of the length and replacement of the standard trimmer bar. Do not forget that the amount of fuel in the tank of motor vehicles will still influence the center of gravity. But even not perfectly carried out adjustment of the mount of the brushcutter can greatly facilitate the work of the operator.