How to apply a screwdriver. Adjustment of the chain tension

What can be done from a screwdriver

In addition to the standard use of a screwdriver in repair work and construction, many craftsmen make household appliances from it, the technique of different purposes. Often alterations and life hacks of the use of tools greatly facilitate the life of users. The pluses also include much lower cost and the long service life of the created devices in comparison with factory analogues. Below will be told what can be made from a screwdriver at home.

Using the unit, you can start a small PVC lodge. At the same time, the swimming agent will not be able to develop a high speed, but this solution is suitable for unhurried walks on water or fishing during a trap. The device obtained from the screwdriver, many call “electric oar”.

In order to install the engine with a battery on a boat, it is necessary to take or cut the impeller from the metal, in which the hole is drilled along the diameter of the meter metal hairpin. The latter is clamped by nuts and inserted into a screwdriver, providing the movement of the screw.

The resulting boat motor is fixed on the boat with improvised materials (clamps, homemade stands). The easiest option is to hold the unit with your hands.

Parameters of battery screwdrivers

To choose a battery screwdriver, you should pay attention to the planned duration of its operation. The nuance lies in its battery: the less the product is idle, the shorter the service life.

Battery products are intended to perform operations “in movement”. They are useful in production, at a construction site, during repair or away. The greatest value of battery screwdrivers is for constant use on territorially spaced objects and locations.

The choice of battery tools is based on the type of charge carrier:

  • Nickel-cadmium (and created on a similar metallimic base)-with slight popularity because of a number of minuses, although they are able to work at any temperature;
  • Lithium-ionic-the most universal: they are not afraid of non-use and support the recording at any time;
  • Nickel-metal-hybrid-have a low mass and high environmental friendliness, but they refuse to get colder up to 2.3 ° C, they need to be stored in a charged state.

Work voltage. Up to 18 volts (mark “18 V” will indicate the most powerful models). There will be enough for homework and 12 in.

Further selection is carried out according to the main technical characteristics. A full-fledged model and a battery mini-spray need an equal assessment of such criteria as:

apply, screwdriver, adjustment, chain
  • Torque at the interval of operating speeds-reflect the strength capabilities of the tool (the number next to the designation “NM”, Newton-meter);
  • Rotation speeds with a standard change of nozzle (it may be stupidly adjusted, but smooth self.Compliance is optimal when processing materials of various hardness);
  • The presence of a shock option. For reliable processing of strong surfaces as a perforator (for a conventional device is not required);
  • Turning on the return. Can qualitatively improve performance;
  • The type of cartridge is optimal universal fast.Open, allowing the involvement of the maximum of nozzles and replaceable tools;
  • Additional functions and backlight. To increase applicability in difficult conditions.

The design of the design is crowned. Ergonomics plays not the last role for the convenience of the master. With the low mass of the device, the hand will remain fresh and mobile for a long time. The best models have soft housing contours and a convenient location of a removable battery.

Choosing a battery screwdriver should be taken into account taking into account its configuration. Duplicate battery, a more powerful charger, a set of interchangeable nozzles, a durable case. This will add reliability. Which is better. To solve the future user.

Technical specifications

To know why a screwdriver is needed, and how to use it, you should first find out its technical characteristics. The most important parameters of the tool include:

  • Torque. Shows the effort developed by the tool for rotation. Helps determine the maximum size of screwed fasteners or diameter, when drilling various parts.
  • Rotation frequency. The lower the speed of rotation of the spindle, the more dense material lends itself to drilling. With reduced speeds, you can get a hole of a larger diameter.
  • Type of cartridge. There are key, with a hexagonal shank and quick.Sounding.
  • The weight. A heavier power tool is more powerful, and is more often used as a drill, to work with materials of increased density. Models with less weight are used for screwing or unscrewing screws and screws.
  • Impact function. Is used when working with concrete or brick walls.
  • Impulse regime. Are used for “unfinished” fasteners.

When it is preferable to use a drill screwdriver

It is optimal to choose a drill-shurubrust in cases where short-term work is planned with various types of working nozzles, bats or drills. You can choose a clean screwdriver or drill if a large amount of work is performed. Each type has a certain specificity in the performance of work.

The purchase of one universal tool will smooth out the impact on the budget and will allow you to perform a wide range of work. In one device, work with different working bodies will be combined.

2020 rating in the TOP models displays metabaro, intercol and Makita manufacturers. Windsor drill-shuruvzor or other, less known, the brand will also last a long time-this is a matter of taste. The best battery drill is Makita and Intercker. What is the best purchase of such an instrument as a mini drill, you can not worry when choosing brands Devolt and Bosch.

apply, screwdriver, adjustment, chain

The best battery drills are equipped with good batteries and allow you to work for several hours in a row (for example, victory). The moment of 30 nm is sufficient for homework.

As for the choice of functionality, choosing a drill instead of a screwdriver is better for those who do not work as a tool every day, and need different nozzles and drills.

How to drill properly

When choosing an instrument of many buyers, the question is interested in whether it is possible to drill a screwdriver. The presence of a drill function is provided in most modern models. There is a special icon in the form of a drill on the adjusting ring of such units.

The presented action plan will tell you how to drill the right hole with a screwdriver:

  • Combine the “drill” icon on the adjusting ring with an arrow on the case;
  • Prepare the desired nozzle and fix it in the cartridge;
  • Take the unit with the main hand by placing the index finger on the Start button;
  • The second hand firmly hold the body strictly perpendicular to the working surface;
  • Drilling will begin when you press the trigger;
  • To accelerate the advance of the drill into the material on the unit, you can press a little.

When screwing fasteners into a wooden surface, the tool must be periodically stopped for cleaning the drill from chips. To obtain a large diameter hole, a small hole is first made with an appropriate nozzle, and then choose a thicker. This excludes the appearance of cracks on the material.

For drilling concrete or brick, an aggregate with a shock mechanism is used. How to use a screwdriver correctly described above. The only difference is the presence of the “hammer” icon on the adjusting ring, which is combined with the arrow.

Meat grinder

A homemade electrician.Ruble will allow you to accelerate and simplify the process of cooking minced meat, grinding vegetables and fruits. To create it, do the following:

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  • Attach a meat grinder to the table.
  • Unscrew the pen. Insert a stiletway with a carving of a suitable size in its place.
  • Fasten the free end of the bolt in a drill cartridge. The device is ready.

Use in the garden

We are part of nature. How harmoniously each of us feels in the garden, in the country or personal plot. Exactly trimmed lawn, wrecked beds delight our gaze. But it is very difficult to achieve such a result by hand. A aching back, cut fingers cut by grass can be excluded from your life if you apply ingenuity and, using primitive tools, construct a garden trimmer, or a lawn mower, as we are more familiar with this tool to call.

You can make such a trimmer very easy. For this you need:

The creation of the tool literally takes a couple of minutes. Two stationery blades are screwed to the disk for polishing the body. Only screwed not hard, but so that they easily “hang out”. This connection option allows the blades not to lash, but to be laid in contact with an obstacle. The disc with already attached blades is installed in a screwdriver, naturally cutting the tool down. The tool is ready to work!

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Such an amateur trimmer will make grass in hard.To.Reach, narrow places, in rowers or where there are partitions. Of course, the undoubted “plus” is the savings of the time and effort that you spend on weeding manually. There are only two minuses-you still have to lean and cut the grass in this position, and then collect it manually.

There is also its own specifics. With a high grass, such a tool needs to be “fighting” in a special way. First cut off the top, and only then the base, since long grass can get confused on the base of the disk. Then it is required to remove it manually.

Grinding surfaces

The nozzles with a hexagonal shank will quickly clean the surface from the old paint and rust. Thanks to low work turnover, the screwdriver is ideal for polishing the car body. The only minus-the brushes-drifts have a small diameter and are more suitable for point work on polishing individual parts of the body. For the whole car it is better to purchase a full.Fledged polishing machine.

The nozzle resembles a small manual disk saw, only the diameter of the circle does not exceed 5-7 cm. With it, you very smoothly cut off the skin strip, cut a piece of plastic or thick 3-5-layer cardboard.

This is not the entire list of nozzles that turn your screwdriver into a real multi.Tool.