How To Assemble A Lawn Mower

How to choose a lawn mower for a summer residence
How to choose a lawn mower for a summer residence The fact that the lawn in front of the house should be refined and mowed regularly is beyond doubt. But the question, what is the best way to do this, often causes difficulties for

What other parameters should you pay attention to when choosing

  • Cutting width;

As we explained above, this figure is important for speed on large lawns. If the mower goes 55 centimeters at a time, then you will cope with it faster than one with a 42 cm pass. But on small sites the width is not so important. Often, on the contrary, you need to go into a narrow place, mow the benches, between bushes and flower beds. Then it is better to choose narrow models, with a passage of 32 cm (electric), 42 cm gasoline.

  • Cutting height and how to adjust it;

Electric models cut in the range of 20-60 cm. The desired position is set on each wheel separately. It’s a little tedious, much better the single spring-loaded center adjustment. The LE 4600S mower has this function. It has 6 steps of adjustment, and the cutting height is from 30 to 60 cm.

Gasoline. The adjustment range is wider. On average, from 25 to 75 cm. 6-7 positions are available to the user. And the most convenient thing is that they change with one lever located above the rear wheel. This is very useful when the grass grows on an uneven area.

  • Grass throwing and mulching;

Most of the cut grass is folded into the collector, but some mowers have a side discharge function. It is good when you need to make mulch. Then the container is detached and the grass discharge opening is blocked.

Most Hyundai lawn mowers have a mulching function. It is not available for electric models LE3200 and LE4200, and for gasoline models in L4300, L4310, L4300S.

A little about mulching:

Mulch performs the function of not only protecting and enriching the soil with various useful elements, but also a number of other equally important functions. Weed control, protection of plants from death in hot weather. For its production, there is a special mulch plug in the kit.

  • Grass-box volume;

The larger the cutter container, the less often you need to stop and empty it.

For Hyundai mowers:

  • Electric ones have 30, 45 liters. Self-propelled Hyundai LE 4600S. 50 liters;
  • Gasoline. From 60-65 to 70 liters.

There are containers made of pure plastic with a well thought-out ventilation system. There are also combined ones. The lower part and ribs are made of plastic to keep the shape, and the upper part is made of synthetic fabric. The combined grass catcher is light and spacious. Powerful petrol models of Hyundai have it. Allows you to throw away grass 30% less often than a regular plastic container. The collector can also be removed and operated without it. This option is acceptable for quick mowing with spreading grass on the lawn.

It is very convenient when there is a special fitting, you can connect a water hose, turn on the motor and wash the lek without much effort. Hyundai L 5500S, L 5100S and L 4300S mowers are equipped with such a system.

Gasoline units. For large areas

Hyundai petrol lawn mowers are more expensive than electric ones. But they have an undeniable advantage. Power and autonomous work.

Recommended areas:

  1. Models L 4310 and L 4300 with 3.5 hp engine, without wheel drive. For lawns up to 5-10 acres;
  2. Self-propelled mowers L 5100M, L 4300S, L 5100S. For larger lawns, from 10 to 15 acres;
  3. The L 5100S and L 5500S models can perfectly cut grass in areas from 15 to 20 acres, and the L 5500S lawn mower can be used on larger areas. It is used in stadiums, large sports fields with turf.

Petrol models from Hyundai have branded durable engines of the professional Hyundai IC series, with proper operation, its service life is about 1200 hours. Thanks to such a power unit, you can work quietly for several hours a day, stopping only to refuel and empty the container. And the top models have grass collectors with a capacity of 70 liters.

In addition to large areas, gasoline mowers have other advantages:

  • Self-propelled machine facilitates the mowing process, makes it easy and not burdensome
  • The width of the knife can reach 55 cm, this is important in a large area;
  • Gasoline units can boast of excellent mobility on any form of sites, in contrast to electric ones;
  • The wheels of the lawn mower are equipped with ball bearings, which gives the mower a smooth ride and durability of the chassis.

How to choose a lawn mower for a summer residence

There is no doubt that the lawn in front of the house should be refined and mowed regularly. But the question of what is the best way to do this often causes difficulties for the owners of summer cottages and private houses. A small lawn can also be trimmed with scissors. It is also convenient to use an electric trimmer with a line. It is light and practical, and in larger areas, a brushcutter is often used, since it is not tied to a power outlet. With such a device, you can mow with a fishing line, and many types of serrated knives or a disc.

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However, all such mowers are leveled before using a special device. A lawn mower. This unit is designed specifically to give a neat look to lawns, which, in fact, follows from its name. It is designed as a cart on wheels, has a comfortable handle with controls, a large deck and a rotating knife underneath. In such machines, the maximum number of adjustments and systems for comfortable work is realized.

Why lawn mowers are better than brush cutters and trimmers

The main question for the buyer is “Why is a lawn mower better than mowers and trimmers, because it is more expensive, heavier and cannot mow all types of vegetation on the site?” And the fact that only because of its constructive form. This is the location of the knife between the wheel axles, you will achieve a perfectly flat lawn in your area, since the mowing takes place at the height that you initially set. Another advantage. The mowed grass is collected in a grass catcher, rather than lying around the entire plot, although mulch is needed to support the lawn and can also only be produced by a lawn mower (mostly gasoline-powered).

With this mowing tool, the mowing process becomes comfortable and pleasant, and if you stick to the mowing schedule, your lawn will look its best.

Hyundai has developed several types of lawn mowers. The task of each of them is to present a flat green lawn to the owner of the cottage. Hyundai lawn mowers differ from each other in many ways. Among the presented models, you can choose the one that has the optimal characteristics in terms of power, working width, cutting height. The Korean manufacturer has taken care of the availability of functions that make mowing pleasant and comfortable (mulching, cutting height adjustment, deck washing, height adjustment of the handle). Undoubtedly, these factors influence the choice of the model. But the main thing to decide with first is the size of your lawn. For this parameter should be based on when choosing an engine.

Among Hyundai mowers, two types are distinguished according to the installed engine:

Which drive is relevant for which area of ​​the lawn, you will find out below, having familiarized yourself with the characteristics of these devices.

Comparison table:

What is the size of the lawn for electric models?

Electric lawn mowers are very popular among summer cottages. Judge for yourself. This is a device that requires a minimum of attention and does not bring any additional hassle. Everything is simple and straightforward. Plug the plug into the outlet, and follow the appliance across the lawn, cutting off the tips of the grass. No gasoline exhaust, no loud noise, no refueling, no oil changes, etc. Synchronous branded electric motors from Hyundai work like a watch, they are well protected from voltage surges in the network, there is thermal protection against overload. Everything is safe, clean and environmentally friendly. A steel two-bladed knife neatly cuts the grass at the desired height.

However, such devices have their limitations. The main thing. This is the size of your lawn. Second. This is a power cable, which is also not dimensionless. Therefore, electric mowers are designed for small lawns.

If disassembled by model, then:

  • Hyundai LE 3200. With a passage of 32 cm at a time and a 1.3 kW drive. For the smallest lawns, an area of ​​0.5-3 acres;
  • Hyundai LE 4200. The model is more powerful, the engine is 1.8 kW, the passage is wider. 42 cm. But the recommended area is up to 5 acres.

These two models are not self-propelled. That is, you need to push the cart in front of you. Although electric mowers are very lightweight, this is not difficult even with a loaded collection bag.

But Hyundai took care of the comForte of its users, and created another model with an electric motor. The powerful Hyundai LE 4600S. Installed 1.8 kW engine, cutting width. 46 cm, and the collection capacity of 60 liters, and it moves independently, so the mowing process becomes more comfortable. It has a sturdy steel body and grass chopping function (mulching). In general, in all respects, it is the most advanced in a number of Hyundai electric lawn mowers. The area for mowing is allowed up to 10 acres, you just need to choose a reliable carrier with the desired section of the electrical wire.

Summing up

  1. For a small, level lawn near your home, a Hyundai electric lawn mower is best. It is lightweight and comfortable.
  2. For a slightly larger lawn (from 5 to 10 acres), you can take the electric Hyundai LE 4600S. It is self-propelled with a large collector and mulching system. If there are problems with the electrical network (weak, with voltage drops), then low-power gasoline cars are suitable for such a lawn: L 4310 and L 4300.
  3. For lawns of 10-15 hundredths, you definitely need to take a gasoline model. At the same time, look at the terrain. If the area is not level, it is better to choose a mower with a wheel drive. We would recommend the L5100S to you.
  4. 20-25 acres. It is a large lawn. The best choice is the most advanced, powerful and functional Hyundai L 5500S lawn mower. It is a great machine, robust, with a combi collector, central height adjustment from 25 to 75 cm, 55 cm wide passage, adjustable handle and multiple discharge modes. Side, rear, bag and mulching.
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Deck type

A deck is a part of a lawn mower with knives. Usually, the following materials are used for its manufacture:

  • Aluminum is a metal that increases the price of the device;
  • Plastic is the most profitable deck material;
  • Steel is a medium-priced option.

To increase the service life of your mower, choose the right model with an aluminum deck. It differs from the plastic version in increased strength, from the steel part. In lighter weight and resistance to corrosion. The plastic deck is used in the cheapest mowers. But, sometimes, when servicing a plot of 2-4 acres, it makes no sense to overpay. The engine of inexpensive and low-powered equipment will fail earlier than a plastic deck.

Food type

According to the type of power supply, electric mowers are divided into network and battery. Models requiring a mains connection are chosen for easy maintenance and long run times. This technique allows you to mow the grass as long as there is current in the network. The only major drawback is the limited service area by cable length. Although the problem is easily solved by purchasing a reel extension cord that extends the power cord by 30, 40 and even 50 meters.

The mower can also be powered by an electric battery. The advantages of this model are the absence of restrictions on movement within the territory of the site. The cord will not get tangled between trees, bushes and other elements of the landscape, it does not need to be lengthened, it is possible to serve areas with no power supply.

The disadvantages of battery technology include less power and operating time. But the second drawback is not so significant. Most self-powered mowers work for at least an hour, and you can also use an additional battery.

Among the battery models, one of the best is the Makita DLM380PM2, a non-self-propelled wheeled device with a 4 Ah battery. The equipment is designed to service 600 sq. M of area, mows a strip 380 mm wide at a height of 250 to 750 mm.

When deciding which electric lawnmower to choose for a summer residence, you can pay attention to robotic devices. The robot is quieter and completely eliminates operator intervention. Cons. High price, small service area, long recharging, the need to limit the perimeter using special cords.

Looking through the rating of robotic lawnmowers, you can find in one of the top positions the Robomow RX20u model with a 200 W electric motor. The device can serve a plot of up to 200 sq. M, almost no noise (noise level 64 dB) and works for at least 1.5 hours.

Way to travel

Before choosing a lawn mower, you should immediately decide. Whether you will move it around the site yourself, or it should be able to move on its own. The first ones are distinguished by an affordable price, lighter weight and dimensions. It is easier to store and transport them. But physical effort is required to move them. Women and elderly people should not use non-self-propelled mowers.

By choosing a self-propelled version that moves independently, you can serve larger areas. Human intervention in the operation of such a device is reduced only to the task of the direction of movement.

The equipment is distinguished by relatively large dimensions, weight and price, but it is suitable for work on an area of ​​up to 1.2 hectares and does not greatly affect operator fatigue.

In addition to two-, three- and four-wheeled lawn mowers, there are hover models. Their advantages are high maneuverability and cross-country ability on the territory with uneven terrain. But the costs for such mowers are higher than for wheeled versions, and they are more difficult to operate. Hovercraft technology is not in great demand and is rare. One of the few electric models of this type available for purchase in 2019 is the Flymo Turbo Lite 330, with mains power, a 1.15 kW motor and a mowing width of 330 mm.

Grass collection container

Almost any modern model of a lawn mower is equipped with a grass catcher. A container in which the cut grass is collected. It can be hard or soft. The first type is stronger and more durable, requires almost no maintenance. But it is more difficult to regulate the degree of filling. Soft collectors will have to be washed periodically and will last less. But the amount of grass filling such a bag is noticeable even when the mower is running.

How To Assemble A Lawn Mower

Tank capacity matters when serving large areas. In a small area, you will have to empty the collector no more than 1-3 times during the mowing period. If you need to mulch the grass, the bag or tank for it can be removed and work without it.

How to choose an electric lawnmower: tips from the pros

Should your meadow become a graceful lawn? We will tell you about the difference between gasoline, electric and manual lawn mowers. In addition, we present to your attention 10 lawn mowers most popular among Amazon users.

Oddly enough, the wide range of models complicates the selection of the right device. Therefore, before choosing an electric lawn mower for a summer cottage or a country house, you should get acquainted with the basic parameters of technology. It is not only the manufacturer of the device that is important, the power of the device and the method of movement are also of great importance. In this review, we’ll show you what to look for before buying an electric lawn mower and present the best models from our ranking.

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Electric motor power

One of the main questions when buying an electric lawn mower is which performance to choose.

Most models are equipped with 500-3000 W motors. The more powerful the engine, the faster and longer the equipment will work.

But buying a device that is too powerful is not worth it. It will consume a lot of electricity without a noticeable effect. The performance should correspond to the area of ​​the plot and the height of the grass.

For giving a standard size (6-10 acres), a lawn mower with a 0.6-1.0 kW motor is enough. The capabilities of the same equipment will be enough to service the plots at least once a week. If the grass is rarely mowed (1-3 times per season) or the area of ​​the plot is large enough, you should think about purchasing a lawn mower with a power of at least 1.5 kW.

Engine power

The power of the engine used in lawn mowers is usually between 0.8 and 3 kW. The more power, the more productivity.

However, one should not blindly give preference to the most powerful models. If your lawn is well-groomed, you cut the grass in time, too powerful lawn mowers will be superfluous. They will consume large amounts of electricity unnecessarily. But low-power motors overheat faster, so when choosing, look for continuous operation time in the product passport.

Usually, electric mowers for a standard summer cottage are designed to work up to 30 minutes. This time is enough to cut the grass on the site.

Electrician or gasoline: pros and cons

By the type of energy consumed, lawn mowers are electric and gasoline.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. To understand which lawn mower is better gasoline or electric, consider the main pros and cons of each of them.

  • Maneuverability. The only significant drawback of electric models is the limited freedom of movement during work: this is due to the presence of a wire. Firstly, the length of the wire does not always allow you to get to all corners of the site, but this can be solved using an extension cord. Secondly, there is always the possibility of the wire getting under the knives, you constantly need to monitor this, correcting it during operation.
  • Storage. Naturally, before buying any equipment, you need to think about where it will be stored. As for garden tools, for the winter, they usually hide in a barn, garage, or even transported to an apartment. And if your premises do not have enough space, then it is better to give preference to electric lawn mowers: it will even fit on a BAL-KON. In terms of size and weight, it outperforms gasoline. Over, it is generally not recommended to store the latter in an apartment due to the presence of a pungent smell from fuel.
  • Economy. Electric lawn mowers are several times cheaper than gasoline ones. This is due to the complexity of the design of the gasoline engine. In addition, oil and gasoline are also more expensive than electricity.
  • Service. The best lawn mower in this regard is electric. Such models are elementary in service. Before operation, they just need to be plugged into the outlet. Whereas gasoline and gasoline must first be filled with gasoline and oil, monitor the level of these fluids, and from time to time carry out engine maintenance (change or clean the filter and candles).
  • Noisiness. The electric motor runs quietly and with little or no noise. Therefore, unlike noisy gasoline units, such units can be operated at any time of the day without disturbing the neighbors.
  • Body material. Gasoline models are mainly made with steel housings. They are much stronger than electric ones, the cases of which are plastic. However, this indicator can be a minus, since the steel is heavy and corrosive.
  • Sustainability. Exhaust gases, as a by-product of a gasoline engine, pollute the environment. Therefore, eco-techies will prefer electric mowers.

Grass-box availability

Almost all wheeled models are equipped with a grass catcher. A container for collecting cut grass. They are soft and hard.

Soft bags are usually larger in volume, but have the disadvantage that they become dirty quickly from the grass and have to be washed from time to time, and they are also less durable. Plastic containers, on the other hand, are durable, but it is difficult to determine the degree of filling. The grass catcher can always be removed and the mower can be used without it.

How to choose a lawn mower for a summer residence, selection criteria

According to the above criteria, a clear advantage of models powered by electricity can be seen. Now let’s dwell on how to choose an electric lawn mower.

The need for a tool in the country

A plot with a neat and well-groomed green lawn looks much nicer than chaotic thickets of grass.

But it is rather difficult to maintain it in this state, because the grass tends to grow rapidly, especially during rainy periods.

Self-propelled, non-self-propelled

Non-self-propelled mowers, which have to be rolled by hand, weigh relatively little, so they are easy to carry and store. But at the same time, they require a lot of physical effort if there are any irregularities, bumps or bumps on the site. Self-propelled the cart moves by itself, the person only sets the direction of movement for it. The engine power is directed not only to the operation of the knife, but also to the movement of the wheels. Such mowers have a fairly impressive weight and are convenient for working on large areas.