How to Assemble a Makita 6271d Screwdriver

How to assemble a gear from Makita 6347

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Today I will tell you how to assemble a gearbox from Makita 6347 screwdriver. Assembling the makita 8280d screwdriver gearbox. Grow your youtube channel like a pro with a free tool. Gear of this screwdriver consists of 36 parts.

They are in the photo.

And so then we will begin to assemble our gearbox, along the way I will tell you what malfunctions are found in these types gearbox.

This is a top view, inside the drive shaft is already installed.

In the palm of my hand I hold the bushings in this case there are six of them. Regulate torque.

Also responsible for work torque moment.

Makita 8280d assembly gearbox 2

Assembly of the makita screwdriver gearbox 8280d.

Now install the first pair of gears. (Consists of five gears). You cannot confuse them with others> eyes gears in the image of each pair of gears, the inner diameter is different.

But actually they are not.

Now install the plastic crap that is responsible for switching modes (Drills. Screwdriver)

Without comments here and so what remains to be done to our client is clear.

Now install the best important part gearbox. Assembly of the reducer of a makita 8280d screwdriver, repair of a Makita screwdriver. Mode lock, it locks the drill modes not screwdriver. I can add that this is the weakest point of this reducer. I can only suggest that this part gearbox fail when working in drill mode trying to tighten bolts or self-tapping screws.

I think the further assembly does not need to be commented on as there is already something left to do for our client.

Repair of the cartridge and other parts of the Makita screwdriver

Next, a screwdriver from the famous Makita brand will be considered, we will describe its technical properties and the general device, we will talk about the main dilemmas and defects that arise during the use of the tool, and of course, how to diagnose a breakdown at home and repair the one that is also called another element screwdriver.

Makita screwdriver

Description, general information

The Makita company makes various power tools among which screwdrivers are considered. The company began its history from the 20th century, and to this day, it continues to amuse consumers with its products of quality work. It is necessary to consider the general features and properties of the models of this office.

Makita screwdrivers are very powerful. The average indicator of the stroke frequency for different models is about 2300 rpm, which is a good indicator, compared with other brands. The weight of most models of instruments lies during 1.5 kg. Its small mass says that in fact, that such an inventory will work comfortably. The manufacturer also took care of the convenience of working in poorly lit rooms, making LED lighting on most models. Separately, it is worth highlighting the type of handle for holding these tools on weight. You, they become rubberized, so they are comfortable to hold in your hands, respectively, the process is much easier.

The disadvantage of these screwdrivers is the powerful vibration of the handle during operation, as well as their short-lived batteries. Today, the cost of the products of this office is quite high, which is important for the Russian consumer.

Scheme, device screwdriver "Makita"

Let’s look at the device of a screwdriver on a specific model 6271D. The scheme of this model is presented in the figure below.

Scheme 1

The diagram shows:

  1. Shift lever
  2. Body assembly
  3. Nameplate
  4. Screw
  5. Spring
  6. Lever arm reverse shift
  7. Start button
  8. Contact terminal
  9. Screw
  10. Keyless Chuck
  11. Gear assembly
  12. Electric motor
  13. Screw
  14. Body assembly
  15. Charging unit
  16. Battery

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A modern screwdriver is an ultra-technological device. Principal structural elements:

How to Assemble a Makita 6271d Screwdriver
  • Removable battery
  • Rubberized handle grip
  • The most powerful electric motor
  • Iron planetary gear
  • Soft start button
  • Reverse button
  • Torque regulator

These are the main components of the construction of a screwdriver, which are included in the basic configuration of any model of a screwdriver.

Dismantling a screwdriver "Makita"

To disassemble a screwdriver, you will need a Phillips screwdriver and a little personal time. In order to completely disassemble a screwdriver, it is required:

  • unscrew fastening screws housing;
  • remove the composite mechanism of the start button;
  • remove the electric motor coupled with the gearbox;
  • disconnect the gearbox from the motor by unscrewing the bolts securing them.

To disassemble the battery of the screwdriver, you need to unscrew the bolts connecting the case, otherwise divide the case connections on the glue base with a soldering iron. Inside the battery there are several nickel-cadmium batteries that have a certain capacity and carry a charge. If the battery repair passage requires a change to new ones.

How to repair a reducer in 6271 Makita Restoring a reducer 6271

Video: How to Assemble a Makita 6271d Screwdriver

IN Makite 6271 gearbox failed in this matter video I will show how to return it. For this purpose, you will come in handy.

Change ”screwdriver gear. (Replacement gear screwdriver on Makita 8280d)

When replacing the gear unit, the cartridge was removed and the case cleaned from the inside. Hope it video It was fascinating for you.

The cartridge is changed with a screwdriver and an allen key. First, with a screwdriver, you unwind the fastening screw in the cartridge by rotating it clockwise. Then the hexagon is inserted, the reverse button is cut in, clamped, and later the cartridge simply lends itself.

Failures of the Makita screwdriver

frequent breakdowns of the Makita office screwdriver are as follows:

  • Do not cut the screwdriver. Here, well, what remains to make our client clear. First you need to look at the battery, in addition, the contacts and connections in the case, the wiring. A multimeter will help you to check.
  • The reverse button does not work. This means that you cannot either twist or unscrew the screws and bolts. Here you need to check the resistance of the button with a multimeter by placing the probes on the input and output wires of the button.
  • The speed controller does not work. In this case, the revolutions will be either constantly reduced or constantly overestimated. Here the regulating transistor or brushes will be to blame. Need a visual inspection of the details.

Repair of the Makita screwdriver

Repair of the Makita screwdriver button

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The on / off button of the instrument is a complex electrical mechanism. It consists of several constituent parts:

  • launch buttons
  • reverse buttons;
  • speed change buttons;
  • soft start buttons.

When repairing a button, you first need to disassemble it by loosening the screws body mounts and disconnecting the battery. As a result, it is necessary to check the connections and contacts for contamination, clean them. If the passage, if the stripping of the contacts did not help remove the problem, the button should be replaced as an assembly.

Repair of the charger of the Makita screwdriver

When repairing the charger, you need to unscrew the screws that fasten the housing covers. Inside is an integrated circuit with contacts. First you need to check the transformer with a tester. For this purpose, you need to measure the output voltage. Later, you should ring the cable to prevent it from breaking. Then the primary and secondary windings of the transformer and the fuse are checked. It must be assembled in the reverse order.

Repair of a battery of the Makita screwdriver

When performing battery repair with a Phillips screwdriver, unwind fastening screws corps. Inside the case there are several cans. With the help of visual inspection, you need to look at them and identify geometry violations, such as bloating, for example. We test banks with a multimeter for the presence of a residual charge. In its absence, the bank is replaced with the latest.

Repair of a reducer of the Makita screw gun (scheme)

To remove the gearbox, you need to disassemble the housing by unscrewing the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. We take out the start button, reverse switch button, disconnect the bolts of the motor to the gearbox. Then you need to pull out the contents of the gearbox (different gears), the speed switch washer. When examining an empty gearbox, special attention should be paid to the teeth placed around the circumference of the gear case. For which the design of their attrition is intended, the gearbox will not be able to do its function: the speed switch does not work correctly. To restore the teeth, you need to use small bolts, inserting them into the unique plastic area. Assemble the gearbox in reverse order. The gearbox diagram is shown in the figure below. He presented a general diagram of the gearbox.

Scheme 2

Brushes on screwdriver "Makita"

The brushes used for a screwdriver have a graphite base. Their price currently varies between 2-5 y. e. They are located in the motor housing and are two graphite cubes mounted on iron plates. With intense work, they wear out and wear out.

Carrying out repairs at home they have the option of turning rattles from brushes from another tool, for example, a car starter. After undercutting, they should be inserted into the brush holder and put into the area, collecting the engine.

Keyless chuck "Makita"

This cartridge is used to clamp bits with a cylindrical shank. This cartridge features ease of installation. It is installed with just one movement of the hand. It is used for drills with a diameter from 1 to 10 mm. This is a movable structural element in the tool, because it often breaks. To disassemble it, you need to read the tips, first described articles, on disassembling the cartridge using a hex wrench and a Phillips screwdriver. The cost of this product is about 20 y. e.

The material in this article came out great. Here we outlined to our client the probable tasks that arise during the operation of Makita office screwdrivers remain, told how to remove them with our own hands, separately talked about the various structural elements that make up the base of any screwdriver. The materials of the article show the scheme of the gearbox and the general device of the screwdriver. We hope that the information will be useful to you.

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Posted on January 16, 2013


Today I will tell you how to assemble a gearbox from a Makita 6347 screwdriver. The gearbox of this screwdriver consists of 36 parts.

Here they are in the photo

And so we will begin to assemble our gearbox, along the way I will tell you what malfunctions are found in these types of gearbox.

This is a top view, inside the drive shaft is already installed.

In my hands I hold the bushings in this gearbox there are 6 of them. Responsible for the operation of the torque.

He is also responsible for the operation of the torque.

Now install the first pair of gears. (Consists of 5 gears). You won’t be able to confuse them with other gears because each pair of gears has a different inner diameter.

And here they are.

Now install the plastic crap that is responsible for switching modes (Drills. Screwdriver)

No comment here, and so everything is clear.

Now we install the most important part of the gearbox. Mode lock, it locks the drill and screwdriver modes. I can add that this is the weakest point of this reducer. I can only suggest that this part of the gearbox should fail when in the drill mode they try to tighten bolts or self-tapping screws.

I think the further assembly is not worth commenting because everything is already clear there.