How to assemble a Makita screwdriver gearbox

DC925 Transmission Reassembly

How to disassemble the battery of a screwdriver yourself?

We take the battery and begin to carefully cut with an ordinary, but very sharp knife at the junction in the battery.

Then, in order to tear off the layer of glue located lower, I scrolled along the entire length with a self-tapping screw. This must be done carefully, because the body may crack and then you will have to get a haircut as a monk πŸ™‚

When you feel that the battery begins to “crunch”, you need to start tapping the joint with a flat screwdriver

So, my dear hands, I myself disassembled the battery of the Makita screwdriver. Of course, my method is not a panacea, but I know for sure that it works πŸ™‚

How to correctly and quickly disassemble the battery of a Makita screwdriver

Greetings, my dear readers.

I hasten to share with you two interesting news, which have not so sickly changed my way of life that has developed over the years:

December 16, 2015 my son was born. Yaroslav :))) Now I have a daughter and two sons.
2. Shortly before the birth of his son, a terrible thing happened. the battery on the Makita screwdriver “died”, which had been plowing with faith and truth for almost five years πŸ™

Of course, the first event is much more important for me, but I will introduce you to it in the next article of my blog πŸ™‚

But the news that the battery of the screwdriver came to an end not sickly so undermined my already shaken health, since the “deceased” was immediately buried and a certain amount of alcohol was consumed for the repose of his 14-volt soul. Yes, Megavolt will be with him.

Of course, for all the years of his construction and repair career, your humble servant has “shocked” a huge number of screwdrivers, but Makita has become a real godsend for me. Its ergomics, its reliability. I was captivated by it at first sight!

In general, I could not come to terms with the loss and decided at all costs to repair the screwdriver battery.

After reading a huge amount of literature, graduating with honors from the courses “Novice Warlock”. the department of applied necromancy, that is, the revival of the dead. I got down to work, but from the very first steps I realized that in order to restore the screwdriver’s battery it was necessary to disassemble it.

How to disassemble a screwdriver battery?

So, the first step is to take the battery and place it on a hard surface. Personally, the kitchen table came up to me, besides, in parallel with disassembling the battery, you can “grind” something tasty.

Batteries on screwdrivers are collapsible, but they are not collapsible. It is clear that it is more profitable for the manufacturer to make non-collapsible ones, since the failure of the battery automatically implies the purchase of a new battery, only there is one small “НННООО”!

The thing is that the price of a new rechargeable battery for “Shurik” reaches up to a third of the cost of the screwdriver itself! Therefore, as a true Patriot of our country and a level 80 handshake, I didn’t even have a thought about buying a new battery or some fucking Chinese analogue (sorry for my French).

An immediate decision was made. I will disassemble the screwdriver battery with my own hands.

Dismantling the battery of the Makita screwdriver. video

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Scheme 1

The diagram shows:

  • Shift lever
  • Body assembly
  • Nameplate
  • Screw
  • Spring
  • Reverse shift lever
  • Start button
  • Contact terminal
  • Screw
  • Keyless chuck
  • Gearbox assembly
  • Electric motor
  • Screw
  • Body assembly
  • Charging unit
  • Battery

Makita” screwdriver battery repair

When repairing the battery with a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the screws that secure the case. There are several cans inside the case. With the help of visual inspection, you need to look at them and identify abnormalities in geometry, such as bloating, for example. We test the banks with a multimeter for residual charge. If it is absent, the bank is replaced with the newest one.

Makita 8280d assembly reducer 2

Makita 8280d screwdriver gearbox assembly.

But actually not they.

Now we install the plastic crap that is responsible for switching modes (Drill.screwdriver)

No comments here and so what remains to be done by our client is clear.

Now we install the best important part of the gearbox. Assembling the gearbox of the Makita 8280d screwdriver screwdriver repair of the Makita screwdriver. The mode lock, it fixes the modes of the drill, not the screwdriver. I can add that this is the weakest point of this reducer. I can only tell you that this part of the gearbox will fail when, while working in drill mode, they try to tighten bolts or self-tapping screws.

I think there is no need to comment on the further assembly, as there is already what remains for our client to do is clear.

Repair of the chuck and other parts of the Makita screwdriver

Next, we will consider a screwdriver from the well-known Makita brand, describe its technical properties and general structure, talk about the main dilemmas and defects that arise during the use of the tool, and of course, what, how to diagnose a breakdown at home and repair that, as it is also called another element screwdriver.

Change ”gear screwdriver. (Replacement gear screwdriver on Makita 8280d)

When replacing the gear unit, the cartridge was removed and the inside of the housing was cleaned. I hope this video was fun for you.

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The chuck is changed with a screwdriver and a hex wrench. First, use a screwdriver to loosen the mounting screw in the chuck by turning it clockwise. Then a hexagon is inserted, the reverse button is cut in, clamped, and later the chuck simply yields.

How to assemble a Makita screwdriver gearbox

How to assemble a gearbox from Makita 6347

Entry posted January 16, 2013

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Today I will tell you how to assemble a gearbox from a Makita 6347 screwdriver. Assembling a gearbox for a makita 8280d screwdriver. Grow your youtube channel like a pro with a free tool. The gearbox of this screwdriver consists of 36 parts.

They are in the photo

And so we will begin to assemble our gearbox, along the way I will tell you what malfunctions occur in these types of gearbox.

This is a top view, the drive shaft is already installed inside.

In the palm of my hand, I hold bushings in this gearbox case, there are six of them. Regulate the work of the torque.

Also responsible for the work of torque.

The on / off button of the tool is a complex electrical mechanism. It consists of several parts that make it up:

  • start buttons;
  • reverse buttons;
  • buttons for switching the speed of revolutions;
  • soft start buttons.

When repairing the button, you first need to disassemble it by unscrewing the screws that secure the case and disconnecting the battery. As a result, you need to check the connections and contacts for contamination, clean them. If the passage if cleaning the contacts did not help to remove the problem, the button should be replaced in the assembly.

Brushes for the Makita screwdriver

The brushes used for the screwdriver have a graphite base. Their price currently varies between 2–5 USD. e. They are located in the body of the electric motor and are two graphite cubes fixed on iron plates. With intensive work, they wear out and wear out.

When performing repairs at home, there is an option to grind them with ratfil from brushes from another tool, for example, an auto starter. After grooving, they should be stuck into the brush holder and placed in the area, having assembled the engine.


If you find out that the screwdriver’s charger is working fine, and it’s not at all about it, this means that the problem lies in the battery of the equipment. However, do not rush to disassemble the battery soon. Before that, you need to make sure that the screwdriver problems lie in this particular part. There are two methods for this.

  • Connect the tester to the terminals of the storage battery. Determine the voltage level at the output. When carrying out these manipulations, you will need to pre-charge the battery, leaving it to charge for 3-4 hours. If the values ​​on the tester turn out to be less than the nominal, then the root of the screwdriver’s malfunction lies precisely in the breakdown of the battery.
  • Install another battery in the screwdriver. Make sure the device turns on with it. If this happens, then the first battery is faulty, and the equipment does not start because of it. Modern manufacturers strongly do not recommend resorting to self-repairing batteries. Disassembling them is also not advised. That is why if you moved on to disassembling the device, you need to keep in mind that your every action is completely unsafe. In practice, the situation is that it is still possible to restore the battery, and this is done quite simply. Consider how you can fix a screwdriver battery.
  • Disassemble the battery (at your own risk. do not forget about the manufacturer’s recommendations). Many manufacturers make batteries from a pair of plastic bases that are connected with screws.
  • After removing the top lid, a certain number of small barrels (cans) will appear in front of you. Their number depends on the direct voltage of the battery. Banks issue 1 V. To get a nominal value of 12 or 15 V (or other values), the jars will need to be connected in series.
  • Now we need to make sure that the contacts are reliable. If there is a break in the connections between the banks, then we can conclude that the breakdown has been directly identified. But it must be borne in mind that these problems occur in rare cases. In most situations, one or a certain number of cans fail.
  • Next, you should check if there is voltage in each of the cans. If they all have a voltage of 1 V, and one of 0.8 V, then this means that the problems with starting the screwdriver lie in this particular part. They cannot be repaired, but it is quite possible to replace them in order to fix the device’s battery.

To replace the jars, it will be necessary to carry out such manipulations.

  • Detach the damaged keg with a soldering iron.
  • In its place, solder a brand new jar of the same size. When choosing a new part, you will need to take into account its face value and filling.
  • Collect the battery back, charge and test the correct functioning of the equipment.

Features of screwdriver repair

  • Device and principle of operation
  • Frequent malfunctions
  • How to disassemble?
  • How to repair it yourself?
  • Charger
  • Battery
  • Button problems
  • Reducer
  • Replacing brushes
  • Engine
  • Ratchet
  • Recommendations

The screwdriver is a popular and irreplaceable tool. It is used both in domestic conditions and on various kinds of construction sites. In the process of many works, you simply cannot do without it. But as befits a complex and functional technique, the screwdriver is susceptible to breakage. Even the most expensive and high-quality instrument is not insured against this. Today we will take a closer look at how you can fix such a useful device, and also find out what problems happen with screwdrivers most often.


In most cases, problems with chargers arise for the following common reasons:

  • if the fuse has blown;
  • the primary winding of the transformer has broken;

It doesn’t matter what brand the screwdriver you own is released under. If, when you turn it on, it simply does not start, then the first thing you need to do is make sure that its battery is charged. To find out, you need to put the battery on charge for a couple of hours. After the specified time, remove the battery and reinsert it into the device. Make sure the battery is working properly. If the screwdriver still does not work, then you will need to carry out a number of manipulations using a device such as a multimeter (you can use a special tester instead). Using this tool, you can diagnose the existing parts of the screwdriver.

If you have a multimeter in your arsenal, then most likely you know how to use it. If not, then you should read the instructions for its use. This tool is very useful and effective.

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With the help of these devices, it will be necessary to determine what exactly is the problem of equipment refusal to launch. In this case, either the battery or the charger itself is to blame. To find out what the cause of the malfunction is, you will need to carry out the following procedures:

Cordless Drill Gearbox interesting Repair ! Won’t Tightening

  • first, fix the multimeter in the DC voltage measurement mode (set the rating to 20 V);
  • if the battery in the screwdriver has a nominal value of 24 V, then the device will need to be set to a nominal value of 200 V;
  • insert the plug of the charger into an outlet;
  • now measure the output voltage at the terminals of the charging unit.

The reading of this device should be approximately 2 V greater than the rating of the battery being diagnosed. If this indicator turned out to be much lower, or there are no values ​​at all, then this means that the problem lies in the malfunction of the charger itself, and not the battery in the device. It will be possible to repair this part only if you can boast of certain knowledge and skills in electronics. If there are none, and you cannot fix the charging unit, then you will need to purchase a new part of the same brand.

Device and principle of operation

Before proceeding to self-repair of such a tool as a shururpovert, you should understand in detail its structure and principle of operation. Only with this information, it will be possible to repair the device, and not harm it.

The basic components of any modern screwdriver are:

  • Electrical engine;
  • start button that can be adjusted;
  • reverse type switch;
  • part that regulates efforts;
  • Power Supply.

The electric motor in the construction of the screwdriver is characterized by the fact that it operates from a direct current network. By its design, it has a special cylinder shape. In the inner part of the engine there is a special anchor with brushes and magnetic parts. A distinctive feature of such a scheme lies in the fact that the direction of the supply voltage flow always tends to the above-mentioned brushes located inside. If the polarity changes, then the reverse movement of the engine is carried out.

The planetary gearbox is considered to be a very serious component responsible for converting the high-frequency gross vibrations of the electric motor into the low-frequency revolutions of the chuck shaft. Typically, these components are made of durable and wear-resistant plastic or metal. Often, models of modern screwdrivers are equipped with gearboxes designed for a couple of speeds. The transition to the first speed mode is required to work with self-tapping screws. As for the second speed. if you set it, you can drill wood, metal or plastic bases.

Makita Hammer Drill Repair. How to Replace the Gear Assembly

The function button “start” is necessary so that when it is pressed, the device starts up. With the help of this button, it becomes possible to keep the speed under control. In addition, it will be possible to choose the ideal rotational speed of the chuck shaft for a certain moment. Thus, a strong pressure on the “start” will provoke the engine to work at high speeds. If you press the button weaker, then the power indicator itself will weaken.

A reversing switch is required to carry out measures to change the direction of rotation of the device slider. This functional component is very convenient to use not only for the purpose of twisting, but also unscrewing the fasteners.

As for the force regulating element, it should be noted that it is responsible for determining the speed of tightening the screws. In modern demand copies of the screwdriver, there is often a variable gradation with 16 steps. It makes it possible to accurately and seamlessly identify which tightening speed will be ideal when working with a variety of materials.

The power source of such a device is a battery. Their voltage power ratings are capable of ranging from 9 to 18 V.


The reducer is a set of gears that help to increase the torque of the chuck and reduce the speed. If the gears are metal, it is better to fix the part rather than replace it with a new one. Carrying out the repair of this component, it will be necessary to disassemble it, find a malfunction. Clean the mechanism and all elements from old grease. Then you need to lubricate all the components again. Replace defective gears. Then you need to assemble the gearbox. The assembly must be neat.

Frequent malfunctions

Having figured out how a modern cordless screwdriver is arranged, you can safely move on and consider what problems are typical for such a tool.

If at any moment you notice that the tool simply does not start, then perhaps it was struck by a certain malfunction. In practice, the situation is that a non-working tool can be such for two main reasons:

  • breakdowns, in which such devices stop working, in many cases are caused by problems associated with their electronic “stuffing”;
  • many breakdowns of modern screwdrivers occur due to mechanical damage.

If we understand directly the objective reasons for the breakdown of such tools, then we can distinguish a number of characteristic features:

  • at some point, the technique stops turning on;
  • the speed regulator stops functioning normally (it may stop working altogether);
  • the reverse stops its work.

With regard to the mechanical problems of such devices, there is often significant wear on the parts located in the interior of the tool. For example, the characteristic crackling sounds of the mechanism can come from the screwdriver. In most situations, a broken screwdriver will make unusual noises where the bushing is seriously worn or the bearing has collapsed. Hammer tools often encounter these problems.

And also the following problems can be attributed to the most common problems with screwdrivers:

  • malfunctioning of the battery (the charger may stop charging it, or the device stops charging);
  • severe wear of the brushes located in the inner part of the engine;
  • lack of response to turning the device on and off;
  • “Uneven” work with noticeable failures.

If the repair of the motor or gearbox of the screwdriver seems to you an overwhelming task, then it is permissible to subject these parts to a complete replacement or send them to the workshop, where these elements to be repaired will quickly bring them into working order.

Replacing brushes

The graphite brushes are located at the end of the engine at the junction with the button. They can be located in the inside of the case, or outside. If at least one brush is worn out, then both will have to be changed. To do this, you will need to disassemble the engine, carefully bend the flare with pliers. Then a part with brushes is taken out. Old elements are extracted from it and new ones are installed. After that, you need to assemble the base back.

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How to repair it yourself?

Knowing the internal structure of the screwdriver, as well as its principle of operation and the method of disassembly, you can safely proceed to acquaintance with the process of its direct repair. Any misfortune can happen with such a tool. most problems can be solved on their own without resorting to the help of experienced craftsmen. We will analyze step by step how to repair the various elements of this tool so that it works correctly and efficiently again.

How to disassemble a Makita screwdriver

To disassemble the Makita screwdriver, you must first disconnect the battery. Then, in the tool body, all the screws that hold the two halves together are unscrewed. After that, the body is removed, and all external components are opened in front of the master: motor, gearbox and switch. It is also worth noting that in such models, special plates are often installed, which are responsible for switching modes. If the disassembly is not very attentive, a small plate can simply not be noticed. After disassembly, you can immediately proceed with the repair of the corresponding part.

Screwing in bolts instead of teeth

After all the gears are removed from the gearbox, the inside of the device will open to the eye. Given the specifics of the problem, most likely the master will see that all the plastic teeth on the inside have been ground off. This happens during long-term use of the device, or in case of gross violation of the rules of use. The plastic teeth are soft enough that they simply grind off under the influence of temperature and constant mechanical stress. This leads to the fact that the main gear has nothing to catch and it starts to scroll.

To repair and restore functionality, it is necessary to restore the teeth. In this case, there is no need to restore all the teeth, but it is enough to install two iron.

To accomplish what you want, you need a drill, small bolts and a drill. It is advisable to use a diamond-coated drill, as it will effectively grind off the excess part of the bolt in a relatively short time.

Work order:

  • At the location of the plastic tooth, a hole is drilled in the side wall of the gearbox. Use a drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the bolt. So it will be possible to screw it in with effort and ensure a secure fit.
  • Two holes must be drilled diagonally to ensure a secure hold of the gearbox and stable tool performance. Thus, the load will be distributed over two teeth.
  • During drilling, it is advisable to direct the drill slightly downward so that later the bolt does not stick out upward. Otherwise, it will take much longer to process it with a drill.
  • Now you need to forcefully screw the bolts into the holes obtained.
assemble, makita, screwdriver, gearbox

Disconnecting cans from the board

Using a drill with a disk nozzle, the cans are sawn off from the board. The connections of each contact with the controller are sequentially removed, and the elements are disconnected from the common frame.

It is necessary to do this quite carefully so as not to damage the board itself, but hard enough to completely disconnect.

Soldering new cans

Immediately after freeing the frame and the board from the old batteries, new ones can be connected to them. Before soldering, it is recommended to properly clean the surfaces on the cans and on the board itself from the remnants of past soldering. This will allow you to achieve better contact for a long time.

Now all new cans from other devices are placed in the appropriate places on the frame and are soldered to the power controller one by one. It is recommended to do this with a thick nozzle on a soldering iron, since a lot of solder will be needed. The contact must be very reliable and have a large contact area.

After sequential assembly, it is recommended to wrap the entire structure in special paper and place it back into the case. Then the battery is reassembled and closed with a cover that is fastened with screws.

Before use, the battery must be recharged at a special station to its full capacity, and only then only connect it to a screwdriver for testing. If done correctly, the battery will become functional again.

Replacement banks can be removed from other batteries or purchased separately. The cost for them is quite decent, but still manual replacement will cost much less than buying a new battery.

Dismantling a Makita screwdriver: repairing the device and battery

Using a Makita screwdriver inevitably leads to wear on some parts of the mechanism. And in order to continue to use the tool effectively, some repair work will need to be done. The procedure for disassembling and repairing such equipment is presented below.

Makita screwdriver device

The Makita screwdriver is a fairly simple design, which consists of several main parts:

assemble, makita, screwdriver, gearbox
  • battery;
  • engine;
  • reducer;
  • mode switch.

Additional devices can be added in some models, but the main components remain unchanged.

The inside of the Makita screwdriver is pretty simple. From the place where the battery is connected, the wires go to the speed switch, as well as the start button itself, from which the contacts go to the engine. The engine is frontally inserted into a gearbox consisting of a whole set of gears of different configurations. The composition of the set depends on the number of speeds or operating modes of the screwdriver. Modes are switched using a special controller, which is brought out.

In a gearbox, gears with external teeth work in close connection with the housing itself, in which the teeth are located from the inside. And if in some parts the teeth are made of metal, then the plastic case itself includes plastic teeth. It is not surprising that such a structure wears out and breaks down over time.

Battery disassembly

First of all, it is necessary to disassemble the battery of the Makita screwdriver. To do this, it is disconnected from the screwdriver, and then all the screws are unscrewed from it. The battery case opens and you can see the design of the cell itself. There will be 10 cans, soldered together and soldered to the power controller.

It is necessary to disconnect the banks from the board. For this, a drill with a special attachment is used.