How To Assemble A Rotary Mower

How to choose a rotary mower? How to choose a rotary mower? Russian, Chinese or European? Agricultural machinery has long and firmly entered the usual life of a villager. It doesn’t matter at all

How to choose a rotary mower?

Russian, Chinese or European?

Agricultural machinery has long and firmly entered the usual life of a villager. It does not matter at all whether he is engaged in agriculture at a professional level or not. One way or another, everyone is faced with the need to acquire additional equipment, because the work of a farmer in itself is very difficult. Various mowers for a tractor have gained considerable popularity, allowing you to process large areas, mowing grass and various crops.

Today, there are three categories of main manufacturers of rotary mowers for tractors: European companies, domestic manufacturers and Chinese equipment. Each category has its pros and cons, for example, Chinese manufacturers provide their equipment at very competitive prices, significantly different from European ones.

Depending on the configuration, the rotary mower can be mounted, semi-mounted or trailed. Each design option has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the purpose for which you are going to use it and what area to process.

The principle of operation of rotary mowers

The operation of rotary mowers is based on the principle of mowing the grass, by starting the machine on which the mower is installed. The description is very schematic, but the principle of operation of a rotary mower is not very complicated either. But this simplicity is false, because the results it shows are truly amazing in the quality and scale of execution. This type of technique is very popular with farmers, because it allows you to cultivate many hectares of the area, mowing various grass surfaces.


If you still decide to give preference to Polish-made rotary mowers, then you need to know the basic models.

Wirax 1.65m Features:
weight 300 kg;
width of the mowed surface 1.65 m; height of the mowed grass (min) 3.2 cm; height of the mowed grass (max) 4 cm; rotation speed 540 rpm;
number of disks 2;
the total number of knives is 6;
drive type BOM.

Wirax 1.65m is an excellent option for farms and individual farmers who value the machine, above all, reliability and efficiency. Thanks to high-quality parts and a durable body, the mounted rotary mower Polish 1.65, the price of which will be about 50-60 thousand rubles, will serve its owner for more than one year, regularly performing its main tasks.

Wirax 1.85m Features:
weight 380 kg;
dimensions (l / w / h) 320cm / 105cm / 100cm; width of the treated surface 1.85 m;
speed 10 km / h;
the total number of knives is 6;

How To Assemble A Rotary Mower

requirements for a tractor of at least 40 hp;
number of disks 2.

Wirax 1.85m is designed for cutting a variety of crops, grass and more. In addition, the Polish rotary mower 1.85 is an effective method of controlling weeds and weeds that grow abundantly in the fields.

Features of operation

Polish rotary mowers do an excellent job of mowing grass over large areas of land. But in order for this to last as long as possible and the operation of the mower was stable, follow the rules that can significantly increase the life of the unit.

You just need to follow certain measures and manipulations, including:
1. Regularly check the cutting system consisting of knives for wear and tear. If necessary, they can either be sharpened on the machine or replaced with new ones.
2. It is important to monitor the condition of the belts, whether they are punctured or cut, and whether they are properly tensioned.

Rotary Mower Specifications

Experts classify the units under consideration into the following types:

  1. Devices that mow and lay grass in swaths;
  2. Devices that mow and lay grass in windrows;
  3. Rotary mowers for walk-behind tractors, which mow and chop the grass.

Some models submerge, flatten the grass while mowing and laying in the swath. Taking into account the method of installation, experts distinguish such devices as trailed, semi-mounted and rotary mounted mower.

The device in question consists of a rear, front and side cutting system. Apparatus with 1, 2, 3 or 5 bars are installed on the tractor. The rotor scythe is started by the action of the tractor shaft or wheels.

Rotary mower for mini tractor

The considered units are installed on the tractor and walk-behind tractor in a horizontal position. The knife and connecting rod must move in the same plane. For work on a small plot of land, a Polish tractor mower is used. Front mounted model divides the land into pens.

Before buying a rotary mower for a walk-behind tractor, the principle of its operation is studied. If it is necessary to mow sown high-yielding and lodged grasses, weeds, then a rotary apparatus is used. Such a mower is fixed to a walk-behind tractor or a tractor independently. The equipment consists of a bar to which knives are attached.

The device with a grinder consists of a rotor, frame, drive mechanism, pipeline. The principle of operation of a rotary mower on a walk-behind tractor: when the machinery moves, the vegetation is tilted with a shield, then mowed with a knife. The grass rises, is crushed, falling into the container.

If it is necessary to quickly cultivate the land, then a Polish mower for a tractor or walk-behind tractor with several cutting elements is used. Experts recommend buying such devices taking into account the following criteria:

  • Cutting height of the grass;
  • Performance;
  • Knife rotation frequency.

Plus a rotary mower for a mini tractor. The presence of a damping device that protects the knife from various obstacles. Experts refer to the additional advantages of the device:

  • Easy to operate;
  • High security;
  • Saving time.

How to make a rotary mower with your own hands

The rotary mower is selected taking into account the characteristics of the cultivated land. Models for a walk-behind tractor and a mini-tractor differ in transportation methods, dimensions, functionality. Any rotary lawn mower is designed for mowing grass.

Model range of units

A rotary mower for a walk-behind tractor can be presented in the form of the following models:

  • Dawn. Installed using a gearbox and additional brackets. The device is used for mowing grass, small bushes and grain. The width of the structure is 70-80 cm. If necessary, the device is used when processing stony soil;
  • Zarya 1. Is used for tillage in a hard-to-reach place;
  • KNS-0.8 Strizh. Allows you to mow grass 2 m high;
  • KM-0.5. Compact model with a cutting width of 50 cm.

Rotary mower models for mini tractors:

  • Z083 MINI. Designed for mowing grass in a large area. This model is not used on mountainous terrain;
  • DM 135. Mows and mows grass. The model is equipped with 8 knives;
  • KP-2.1M. A mounted rotary mower for mini tractors allows you to work the land with solid objects;
  • Z-069 Wirax. Polish model with which you can work a large area. The grass is mowed and laid in swaths;
  • KRN-2.1B. Mows the grass in a difficult area;
  • SB-1200. Semi-mounted model of Czech production. With this mobile structure, you can repeat the topography of the soil.
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Homemade devices

If necessary, you can make a rotary mower for a walk-behind tractor and a mini tractor with your own hands. To make equipment for a walk-behind tractor, you will need a welding machine, fittings, tape measure, metal corners.

The frame of a homemade rotary mower for a walk-behind tractor is made of metal corners (4×4 cm). Then the bearings are installed. The next step is to manufacture the working part of the apparatus.

The resulting structure will chop small grass and mow tall weeds. Do-it-yourself Neva rotary mower for a walk-behind tractor is made of 2 discs taken from a seeder, a gearbox and a chain from a chainsaw.

Each disc will require 4 knives. Cutting elements are made of hardened metal. To install them, drill holes with a diameter of 6 mm. The cutting elements are fixed to the walk-behind tractor using a shank. At the same time, the gap between these elements is maintained (1-2 mm).

In the process of operation of a walk-behind tractor with a rotary mower, it is possible to rotate the knives by 360 degrees.

The axis of the apparatus is made of carbon steel with a diameter of more than 8 mm. To make the knives move freely, the axle is tightened with a disc. The discs are mounted on the frame, linking them to the drive. The discs should rotate opposite each other (to ensure that they fold into rows of cut grass).

Additional work

To improve the walk-behind tractor, you can make an adapter yourself. This small trailer functions as a cab with the option to mount a mounted rotary mower. The walk-behind tractor is controlled by turning the handles. The handlebar length is taken into account before making the adapter. The axle of the trailer is made of suspension elements of a sidecar from a motorcycle. Experts recommend making an axle from a steel angle 40x40x2. Square pipes are welded to reinforce the adapter.

A homemade rotary mower for a mini tractor is made by hand using old iron batteries and a barrel. The device consists of cutting elements, a casing and a frame. The rotary mower slides on the ground with the lower discs.

To make a frame, 40 cm corners are used. The unit is equipped with knives from an old rotary mower. If a Polish model is used, then it is necessary to shorten it by 3 cm.Otherwise, there will be insufficient traction from the mini tractor.

2 disks with a diameter of 39 cm are cut from a metal sheet 4 mm thick. Knives are fixed to them (they must rotate freely). In the process of movement, under the influence of centrifugal force, the cutting elements will mow the grass.

For the manufacture of the lower supports, discs from a cultivator (diameter 45 cm) are used. The shafts can be made from a metal tube with a diameter of 30 mm. The device is equipped with 2 bearings:

  • The first is installed in the pipe;
  • Second. Into the welded pulley.

A disc and knives are put on the shaft. The pulleys are welded to the pipe. The resulting structure allows you to capture an area 110-115 cm wide. The shaft turnover is equal to 1400. A casing is mounted on the apparatus. It is recommended to install a bearing at the junction of the mower with a mini tractor to extend the life of the belt.
To simplify the design, experts advise to weld the lower disc to the frame. Unit speed. 10 km / h. At the same time, the grass is cut with a height of 5 cm. The resulting rotary mower is used for harvesting corn.


Unfortunately, most owners of walk-behind tractors and mini tractors do not always use them to their full extent, and in order to mow the lawn or field they hire other equipment. Although, it is quite possible to do this with a rotary mower. The cost of such a tool is prohibitively high, so it is much more profitable to build it yourself. We will consider further how to make a rotary mower from available tools.

  1. The principle of operation of a rotary mower
  2. Features of rotary mowers
  3. Rotary mower do it yourself
  4. Homemade rotary mower from scrap materials
  5. The cost of purchased rotary mowers

Rotary mower do it yourself

The design of a home-made rotary mower for a mini tractor includes knives that ensure mowing of grass. The knives are fixed on a special disk device. A power shaft is used to provide movement. The mower is sliding on the ground using the lower discs.

For the manufacture of a welded frame, use corners, it is possible to use old scrap metal. To save time on making knives, use an old rotor from a tractor. But, in this case, in order to improve traction and make the mower more efficient, the tractor rotor should be shortened by a few centimeters from 2 to 4, depending on the power of the minitractor. This mower model has a cant height of no more than 350 mm.

For self-construction of the rotor, you should take a metal sheet and cut out two circles from it in the form of disks, each with a diameter of 390 mm. To save on the purchase of a metal sheet, it is possible to use the bottom from an old barrel. Legs are welded to the discs in the center, ensuring their rotation. Thanks to the centrifugal force, the mowing process will take place.

Carefully monitor the strength of the fastening during the welding process of the legs, since the connections must be as reliable as possible.

A disc taken from a peeling device is suitable as a lower support; its diameter should not exceed forty-five centimeters. An old metal pipe with a cross section of no more than three centimeters is suitable as an axial shaft. To manufacture the structure, the presence of bearings No. 180 106 is also required. On the pipe section, a hole should be provided for installing the lower bearing, a second bearing is installed on the surface of the pulleys. This requires a welded pulley.

On the previously prepared shaft, put the disc on which there are already knives. Then, using a welder, weld the pulley to the pipe. The structure will be rotated by two bearings.

Such a model of a rotary mower is characterized by the presence of a grip of 1.10-1.15 cm, while the number of shaft revolutions reaches 1500 pcs. The mower should be installed and then welded onto a welded frame made of metal corners. To ensure safe operation, care must be taken to install the cover. It is recommended to install an additional bearing at the junction of the tractor and the mower, directly at the point where the belt is connected to the figure eight, which will make this connection more durable and provide softness in the operation of the mower, besides, belt friction will be reduced.

To simplify this model of a rotary mower, the lower disc should be welded directly to the metal structure from the corner.

This model of a rotary mower allows mowing at a speed of 8-12 km per hour. A fast mowing process will crumble the grass, a slower one. Holistic. Such a mower is able to cut vegetation by 6-8 cm. It is used for mowing grass or removing weeds from home gardens.

Features of rotary mowers

In general, there are several types of mowers for mini tractors or motoblocks that you can build yourself. Since it is in this way that it will be possible to achieve the greatest savings in money, and at the same time get a high-quality tool.

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Mowers that are made at home are:

  • Rotary;
  • Trailed;
  • Segmental.

The basis for a rotary mower is a metal welded structure in the form of a frame. For its manufacture, metal corners with a standard size of 40×40 mm are required. Body sections are installed on the structure to fix the wheels. After that, you should independently choose the type of the working part, which depends on the place of operation of this tool.

Rotary mower:

The scope of use of a homemade rotary mower extends to mowing grass or lawn areas. But, keep in mind that with the help of such a mower, it is recommended to mow only tall grass, since it will chop low grass. To make such a mower yourself, you need:

  • Chainsaw gear chains;
  • Two discs removed from the seed drill.

Use only hardened steel for knives. Each disc should have four knives.

Holes for knives must be drilled on each of the discs, their diameter should not exceed six millimeters. The knives are fixed with a shank. In this case, it is necessary to leave a small gap between the knife and the mount, its thickness should be two millimeters greater than the thickness of the blade. In addition, you should take care of installing a protective case.

Homemade rotary mower from scrap materials

Materials for making:

  • Four wheels of the same size, up to 45 cm in diameter;
  • Two axles for mounting wheels;
  • A metal sheet;
  • The bottom of an old metal barrel;
  • Four knives;
  • Nuts and screws for fixing knives;
  • Welding machine;
  • Chainsaw;
  • A handle for control or a pipe for making it.

Instead of wheels, it is possible to use an old baby carriage with metal wheels. A chainsaw is fixed on it, which will rotate the so-called rotor.

A temporary transfer from the pulleys will help to replace the tire. A metal sheet is installed on the lower part of the stroller, which must be cut with a grinder, in accordance with the dimensions of the stroller. In addition, it is necessary to cut the bottom in the form of a disc from a metal barrel. From another barrel or improvised means, cut out a casing that will have a diameter slightly larger than the disc. It is possible to manufacture an aluminum canopy, which will help to lay the cut grass. A handle is used to control the mower, if available from a stroller, use it, otherwise, build a handle yourself. Attach knives to the disc, make sure the connections are tight. Further, all parts are assembled by welding. First, a metal sheet is attached to the stroller, then a casing is fixed on its surface and a disc is inserted into it. When the chainsaw is started, this mechanic rotates and mows the grass.

The principle of operation of a rotary mower

There are a wide variety of mowers on the market for agricultural tools today. It is the rotary devices that are most popular. Due to their design, they have high productivity and are easy to use both on a large tractor and on a walk-behind tractor.

The principle of operation of a rotary mower is to produce rotary movements in a rotor that has a round shape.

The rotary mower has the form of a rectangular bar, to which rotors with knives are attached. It is they who are responsible for the correct cutting of plants.

Rotary mowers have become very popular due to their economy. The fact is that these devices use direct energy that comes from the tractor. Therefore, they do not need to generate a certain type of energy for their work. At the same time, productivity increases several times. These mowers are used in the process of cutting grass, weeds, lodged plants, they are called not only rotary, but also rotary.

If we compare a rotary mower with alternative options, then the first one. The efficiency is over 70%, while others have up to 40%.

The rotary mower is attached to a transport device, which is a tractor, mini-tractor or walk-behind tractor.

There are three types of such mowers, these are devices:

  • Trailed type;
  • Semi-mounted type;
  • Mounted type.

Rotary mowers of the first type are attached to the transport using a three-point scheme, so there is a possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination of the device.

Mounted mowers are ideal for working on small areas of land. The use of semi-mounted devices is recommended on huge areas, and trailed rotary mowers are used to work on uneven ground.

The rotary mower has a fairly wide range of applications. She perfectly mows the grass for its further laying in rollers. In addition, rotary mowers are distinguished, which not only mow the grass, but also chop and collect it. The principle of operation of such a device consists in cutting plants, feeding them to special knives, which carry out crushing, transportation in a container.

Rotary mower for a walk-behind tractor

A rotary mower is used both for mowing the lawn and for mowing grass for hay. It should be borne in mind that such a mower will chop small grass, and mow high grass. The work of such a self-assembled model can be seen in this article.

We will offer you a model made for the Neva walk-behind tractor and all similar models. To make it, you will need chains from a chainsaw gearbox, two discs from a grain seeder (we have taken it from a SZ-3.6 seeder). Knives are made of 65g hardened metal. Each disc needs 4 knives. To do this, holes are drilled on each disc with a carbide drill. Diameter 6 mm. The knives are attached to the discs with a bar, which is attached to the opener, regardless of the main knives. The gap between the shank and the knife should be 1-2 mm larger than the thickness of the knife itself. This is done so that when rotating, the centrifugal force spreads the knives from the disc and they can mow the grass. In this case, the knife needs to be able to rotate 360 ​​degrees. This will save him when he collides with stones and something hard.

The axles of the knives are made of durable carbon steel, with a diameter of at least 8 mm. The axle must be tightened to the stop with the disc so as not to interfere with the free movement of the knives. This model of a hand-made rotary mower can be seen in the graphs presented.

These two discs are mounted on a welded frame and tied with a PTO drive (these are additional handles on the walk-behind tractor). The gears are taken from the Gears from a VAZ car with a checkpoint. These discs should rotate towards each other, this makes it possible for the mown grass to fold into rows. A protective cover must be installed on the drive.

Mower-carriage for walk-behind tractor

This device can be used as a mower in summer and as a snow blower in winter. To do this, in the winter version, stars are put on the mower, and in the summer, when it is time to mow the grass, knives from the mower. This model can also be classified as rotary, but it is more complex.

The grass that can be mown with this model can have a hard structure, and snow in winter with ice crust.

The structure of this model is made of two drums, which are connected by a frame and a conveyor belt with hooks.

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The cart is made by welding pipes, metal corners, in general, any metal that can be found. Plywood and wheels are attached to the frame. Wheels can be taken from a child’s bike or stroller. The whole frame from the stroller is also suitable. Plywood is taken thick, it is better to use a metal sheet in general. The dimensions of the mower frame can be different, but the suggested sizes are 80×40 cm.

The main working body of this mower is assembled from drums (5), a conveyor belt (3), a frame (10, 16, 17, 18, 20), brackets (19), hook angles (4).

Large diameter cans can be used for drums. The covers and the bottom are cut into them. In their place, two wooden circles are mounted. If you cannot take cans, you can use a thin sheet of metal and cut 8 discs out of it. 4 of them will be 20 cm in outer diameter, four in 17 cm in inner diameter. We connect them in pairs, small and large with bolts. We attach knives to these discs, 4 for each. The knives should rotate freely, therefore, when fastening, we leave a gap of 1 mm. But at the same time, the fastening must be strong so that the knives do not rip off when hitting stones. The drums are fixed to the frame, having previously inserted the sleeve into them.

The drums are attached to a frame, which is assembled from an upper transverse beam (10), and strips with heel bushings and corners (16). For the manufacture of the beam, a steel corner 35×35 mm is used. The side part of the corner must be cut off by 35 mm, so that there are end places for the M5 bolts. A conveyor belt will connect the drums to each other. To mount it, grooves with a diameter of 13 mm are made in the corners. For the same task, the lower sleeve of the driven drum is installed on the bar (15) movably, and tensioning corners (20) are attached to the upper ends of the drum axles. The corners 20 are tightened to the end pads of the transverse beam with M5x65 mm screws.

The easiest way to make a transport belt is from a rubber strip, which is connected into a ring using a 2 mm thick dryule plate.

How this model works can be seen on the proposed one.

Next, we make a tie with the PTO of the walk-behind tractor.

What mowers are assembled by masters

When assembling a homemade scythe for a walk-behind tractor, they usually use improvised material that has long been lying in the barn or remains from some broken device. After all, the main goal when creating a mower with your own hands is to save money and at the same time achieve maximum results. One uses a chain from a chainsaw to collect such a structure, the second Models invented by ordinary readers sometimes surprise even professionals with their simplicity and design idea.

Do-it-yourself mowers are usually of the front type and have designs:

  1. Rotary mowers
  2. Segment mowers
  3. Mower carriage

The basis for the rotary and segment mower is a welded frame. It is brewed from metal corners that are at hand, but the standard is 4×4 cm. Bearing housings for the wheel axle are attached to the frame. And then they already make the very working part of the mower, of the type that you have chosen.

We do a homemade rotary and segment mower for a walk-behind tractor with our own hands according to the drawings, assembly steps and proper mowing with a walk-behind tractor


Hundreds of all possible attachments are offered to the walk-behind tractor, which can facilitate the physical labor of a person. Most of the attachments for walk-behind tractors are not cheap. And not every summer resident can afford to purchase it in full, which is offered by manufacturers. The mower is one of the first in demand for attachments for walk-behind tractors.

Therefore, many craftsmen make such equipment with their own hands. The main thing with such a self-made assembly is to end up with a high-quality and safe model. Many periodicals and Internet resources offer untested designs that do not meet all the stated requirements. We will tell you about several types of mowers for a walk-behind tractor, which you can assemble yourself and see on the one proposed in this article.

DIY segmental mower for walk-behind tractor

For the manufacture of such a mower, they take a metal bar 15x50x120 or a stub from the scythe arrow and drill 12 holes with a diameter of 10 mm in it to fit the M8 bolts. A 89 cm long guide rail with knives and teeth is then attached to these bolts. The knives are attached on both sides of the timber. They have backrests with segments and drive arm clips attached to them. Clamps and runners are also attached to the beam from both ends. The wheel is mounted on the main frame. It can be taken from an old stroller. The cutting part starts working under the influence of the PTO of the walk-behind tractor. This can be seen in detail in the figure, where: 1- main frame; 2- braces; 3-gear wheel; 4-adjustment and fixing of the braking system; 5-pawl securing the brake; 6 and 8-main arcs; 7-body for hinges; 9-leg; 10-gas line; 11-valve of the regulator; 12-capacity for gasoline; 13-handle; 14 and 17 are levers. 15-click mechanism; 16-bolt; 18-gas regulation; 19-clamp; 20-muffler; 21 engine; 22-fixing fasteners; 23-fairing; 24 and 25 cutting knives; 26-case; 27- sled; 28-fixing element; 29-knife frame; 30-thrust; 31-finger; 32 and 33 pressure plates of the upper and lower parts.

Such a mower will easily mow the grass without chopping it up. How a similar hand-made mower works can be seen at.

How to attach a homemade mower to a walk-behind tractor?

Correct assembly of the mower will not yet give the desired result if it is connected to the walk-behind tractor incorrectly. When installing the mower, certain rules must be followed:

  1. Switch the walk-behind tractor to the Reverse mode.
  2. Any connection to the PTO is carried out by placing the connecting unit in the hitch socket.
  3. Secure the connection with a spring pivot. If there is no spring, this can lead to damage to the trailer mechanism.
  4. Always cover the mower blades with a protective cover during installation.
  5. There are weights on the wheels of the walk-behind tractor that help in soil cultivation. They are not needed for mowing the grass; they must be removed.
  6. Mow the grass with the mower at the lowest speed, with the clutch engaged.
  7. All turns are done smoothly, slowly.

Whatever device you assembled a mower for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands, you need to understand that it must be safe. When mowing the grass, the rotational speed of the discs of such a device is high and if the mount does not withstand, breaking off, the disc with knives can easily damage you or people nearby. Therefore, think before you make such a device whether you have enough skill. Maybe it will be cheaper to buy a ready-made mower for a walk-behind tractor than to spend money on medicines and restore either crippled organs or your nerves?