How to Assemble a Starter on a Chainsaw

The starter is one of the most important mechanisms in the construction of any modern chainsaw. It depends on him starting the engine tool in all weather conditions. The starter for the chainsaw stands out with a simple design, it is easy to maintain and repair with your own hands. However, to fix the breakdown, you must first find its cause. To do this, most often you need to completely disassemble the regular mechanism.

Chainsaw starter device

As standard, the chainsaw starter consists of a number of parts.

These include:

  • coil;
  • cable;
  • frame to which a return spring is attached;
  • a pen.

A protective cover is installed over all starter elements. The initial principle of operation of most triggers is also almost the same. In a special groove of the chainsaw body there is a handle that holds the cable. With a sharp raising of the handle, the latter is understood. At this moment, the ratchet is triggered, which transfers the force through the drum to another drum with splines located on the motor shaft.

How to Assemble a Starter on a Chainsaw

When the standard cable is pulled, the shaft of the chainsaw motor begins to rotate, which leads to compression of the existing fuel mixture located at this time between the cylinder head and the standard piston.

With an increase in the volume of the ICE cylinder, the amount of fuel mixture consumed, which is required for its future ignition, simultaneously increases. Accordingly, the operator of a powerful saw needs to make more jerks than the owner of a household tool with low power. To increase the speed at which the drum returns to its original position, manufacturers of powerful chainsaws use elastic return springs.

How to put a spring on a chainsaw starter?

To place a spring in the corresponding groove is a rather difficult task. First of all, the part will need to be twisted, returning it to its previous dimensions. After that, it must be inserted into the cavity of the regular hub of the drum. To fill the spring in the starter of the chainsaw, you need to act in this order:

  1. The outer end of the used spring must be fixed in a special restrictive protrusion. In this case, the second end with a screwdriver will need to be installed opposite the regular hole inside the lock;
  2. Next, the loop located on the inner end of the standard spring should be aligned with the hole. To do this, it is better to use a screwdriver. With the ends aligned, the disc will need to be lowered;
  3. After mounting the disk, you need to check that the dog of the factory ratchet mechanism of the chainsaw stands in its regular place. Then you can assemble the ratchet in the reverse order.

Video: How to Assemble a Starter on a Chainsaw

To wind the spring on the starter of the chainsaw, you must take into account all the holes and recesses. After installation, you will need to tension the spring. As soon as the slack is eliminated, the spring remains to be screwed a few turns. this is necessary to maintain the required tension of the installed part.

How to assemble a starter on a chainsaw?

After replacing the faulty starter elements, it is the turn of its reassembly. At the same time, maximum accuracy must be observed, since the slightest discrepancy can lead to breakdown of the trigger mechanism. Assembly of the node should be performed in the following sequence:

  1. The standard cable will need to be threaded into the factory hole of the coil. The cord, however, does not need to be wound;
  2. Next, you need to insert the coil into its base place. At this point, many beginners make a typical mistake. There are 2 slots on the surface of the coil. One of them should get a regular hook of a spiral spring. For this, the coil will need to be installed in such a way that it snaps firmly into its original place, and the existing hook is exactly in the slot. Correct installation should be checked by scrolling the coil in the direction of the clock until resistance appears;
  3. Then you need to install a lightweight chainsaw start device. In this case, the protrusion of the latter should be located in the recess of the installed coil;
  4. After that, you will need a screw and washer to fix the device;
  5. Next, the second end of the cord must be tucked into a special outlet;
  6. In the next step, you will need to thread the cable into the start handle. To this end, a medium-sized knot will need to be tied at the end of the cord. If it is too small, the cable will slip, because of which it quickly wraps around the trigger drum;
  7. Then you need to release the loop inside the starter. Immediately after this, start the rotation of the trigger in the direction of the clock. In this case, the cord does not need to be wound. Next, the coil will need to be fixed by hand, and pull the loop by the handle out;
  8. After that, you need to check the operation of the trigger;
  9. If the unit is working properly, it remains to install it on the tool and attach it with three screws.

Starter repair is not a complicated procedure if you follow the correct procedure. As a rule, replacing the starter cord will take no more than 20 minutes. The main thing is to correctly position the pulley and drum in relation to each other. Otherwise, the trigger will not work.