How to assemble champion chainsaw correctly. Champion chainsaw 237 16: User reviews

Champion chainsaws (Champion)

Champion chainsaws have established themselves as inexpensive, but rather reliable garden tools. The models of this brand are distinguished by endurance, durability and unpretentiousness to the quality of fuel. Champion chainsaws do not require special service and show high efficiency under any weather conditions.

This model stands out easy to use, lightness and efficiency. The tool is suitable for working in the garden, harvesting logs for furnace heating, rallying logs on boards. In communal and rescue organizations, this Champion saw is often used to clear the territory from fallen trees.

The factory package of the model includes a hardy engine with a cylinder of 39.6 cm3 and a capacity of 1700 watts. A hand starter with a decompression system is responsible for the launch of the motor, and for cooling. an improved system of forced air supply.

To protect the operator, the manufacturer provided for the configuration of this Champion tool a inertial brake. The mechanism is durable and high suitability for repair.

The characteristics of this Champion saw include:

  • The power of the standard ICE is 2.3 liters. With.;
  • the capacity of the tank for refueling fuel. 410 ml;
  • the possible length of the tire used is 35–40 cm;
  • The required chain step is 3/8 “;
  • Mass along with the headset. 4.5 kg.

Champion 240 chainsaws are equipped with a strong plastic case, which withstands falls from a small height. This makes it possible to use the tool at a height, without fear for its breakdown in case of impact.

Champion 250 chainsaw. tool features

Among the advantages of this model, reliability, good balancing and a solid supply of torque are highlighted. The saw is well suited for sawing logs, the dissolution of the trunks on the boards, as well as the care of the garden.

Champion is a standard assimilation of the Champion tool 2-stroke motor with a cylinder of 49.3 cm3 cylinder. The piston group of the engine is made of hardened and forged steel, which significantly extends the operating time of the internal combustion engine. An effective air cooling system gives the engine the ability to operate at extremely high temperatures.

assemble, champion, chainsaw, correctly, user, reviews

The characteristics of this Champion model include:

  • The power of the standard ICE is 3 liters. With.;
  • the capacity of the tank for refueling fuel. 520 ml;
  • the possible length of the tire used is 40–45 cm;
  • The required chain step is 0.325 “;
  • Mass along with the headset. 5.5 kg.

Champion 250 chainsaw stands out with reliability and high assembly quality. She successfully copes with sawing dry and wet wood without the risk of jamming or breakdown of the main working mechanisms

Manufacturer and basic equipment

Champion is a brand, the first references to it appeared in 2005. Today, the main production of the company is concentrated in China factories, but many components are purchased in Western Europe, Japan and the USA. In particular, the company has close relations with the American manufacturer Briggs Stratton engines.

The design and ergonomics of the chain chainship of Champion 237-16 are developed taking into account users’ requests from Ukraine and the CIS countries, in particular, an option for heating the carburetor is provided.

Basic set of chainsaw champion 237:

  • Cardboard packaging and bag-bag.
  • Russian.speaking instruction for maintenance and operation.
  • Measured tank for making fuel mixture.
  • Pile tire- 1 pc.
  • Jerk chain. 1 pc.
  • Nadphil for sharpening the chain.
  • Metal emphasis.
  • Set of screwdrivers and keys.
  • Warranty coupon.

The main technical characteristics

With the main characteristics of the Chain motorcy Champion 237-16 you can get acquainted in the instructions.

Currently, this model is considered outdated and is not released. However, a certain number of tools remain in the company’s warehouses. In Ukraine, Champion 237-16 can be bought by prior order at a price of 2,000 to 2,300 hryvnias. chainsaw users will cost 4 900. 5 300.

Basic equipment of the Champion gasoline saw

The case and engine of the saw with containers for refueling fuel and oil;

как натянуть цепь на бензопиле Champion

  • A set of universal keys.
  • Tire and saw chain.
  • Measured container for the preparation of fuel mixture.
  • A set of universal keys.
  • Metal emphasis.
  • Nadfille for sharpening.
  • Manufacturer’s instructions and management and operation manual chambers of Champion 241-16.
  • Warranty coupon.

Collect the device in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Pay special attention to the reliability of the mounts and tightness of all connections. Check the condition of the spark plug. If necessary, wipe it with a clean cloth and dry it.

Pay attention to the lubrication of the tire, some owners of chain chainships recommend soaking the end of the tire in oil at night.

The saw is running out on the fuel mixture prepared in a ratio of 1:25, we recommend using high-octane gasoline AI 92-5. Use only high.quality oils for two.stroke engines.

The manufacturer recommends mineral and semi.synthetic champion oils. On such fuel it is necessary to develop one tank at idle. In the future, when preparing the fuel mixture, we use 1:50 ratio.

IMPORTANT: When developing the first 8-9 fuel tanks, do not overload and do not overheat the saw.

Do not forget about the automatic chain lubrication system. Here you can use both special and ordinary automobile oils. The only warning is not to pour processed oil into the oil tank, this can lead to breakdowns of individual nodes of your chainsaw.

Carburetor adjustment

Proper adjustment will prove itself with a quick set of revolutions, stability of idle, lack of smoke and detonation noise. It includes cleaning the filter, engine air purifier and heating the cylinder to operating temperature. It is also recommended to verify the correctness of the viburnum of the spark plug, the absence of water and blockages in the carburetor in the jackets.

If the engine does not start hot, the cause may be impoverished by the mixture due to the air sunset in the conjugation of the carburetor with the body.

assemble, champion, chainsaw, correctly, user, reviews

Naboted candle indicates an incorrect choice of type and density of motor oil.

Champion 251-18: Owners reviews

“I bought for a home after a thorough study of reviews on the network and consultations with sellers. He copes with all the tasks with a bang. Basil is indispensable in the household: powerful, light, economical. Great carburetor: the saw works evenly, does not stall, is gaining momentum well. I see no reason to buy an expensive branded tool when there is Champion 251-18 “.

“Bought a month ago. I saw it for three days, it cuts it normally. And then could not start. As it turned out, Magneto flew. I had to buy a new. After replacement, the chainsaw started up the first time. I think. the factory marriage was.

Champion chainsaws (Champion) 137

Champion 137 chainsaw is intended mainly for domestic use. The tool is quite reliable and hardy, it withstands significant loads when working in difficult weather conditions. Another advantage of Champion 137 is a modest fuel consumption. This feature allows you to use the model to perform large volumes with a roll of large forest trees and clean their pillars from branches and twigs.

Champion Chainsaw vs Poulain Pro. Show down throw Down!

The basis of the design of the Champion 137 model is a gasoline 2-stroke engine with a volume of 37.2 cm3.The internal walls of the internal combustion engine are evenly covered with a chrome composition that protects the mechanism from corrosion. A hand starter is provided for launching the motor in the configuration, and a forced air supply system for cooling the internal combustion engine. A pump of manual swimming fuel is responsible for the safe launch of the cold motor.

To prepare the fuel mixture, the model of the model includes a reliable carburetor. To clean the air, the knot is equipped with a durable filter. Free access to it allows you to replace a worn filter element with a new part. The electronic ignition system and the CHAMPION RCJ6Y brand is responsible for the ignition of fuel, and the tool adhesion for the transmission of torque is.

To control the Champion 137 chainsaw, its configuration of the throttle, button for turning on and off the ignition, as well as gas lever is provided in its configuration. All elements are installed in the back of the saw, next to the hands of the operator. In the same part of Champion 137 there is a handle cable with a starter cable.

To protect the operator from random damage to the Champion 137 configuration, a shield for the user‘s right hand is included, as well as the inertial brake of the chain. It turns on and turns off using a separate lever.

All internal spare parts and mechanisms of the chainsaws are placed in a durable plastic case that protects them from damage. Free access to the candle, air filter and other expenditure element simplifies the service and repair of the saw.

Technical characteristics of the model

The main advantage of Champion 137 chainsaw is its worthy technical parameters. They include:

  • Power. 2.1 l. With.;
  • The speed of rotation at idle. 3000 rpm;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 310 ml;
  • The tank capacity for oil is 210 ml;
  • The recommended tire length is 35–45 cm;
  • The step of the links of the chain is 3/8 “;
  • mass. 5 kg.

Champion 137 chainsaw is characterized by low noise during operation. Its maximum threshold is 106 dB. In addition, the model has small dimensions. The length of the tool is 38, the width is 24, and the height is 28 cm.

Carburetor adjustment of Champion chainsaw 137

DIY carburetor adjustment is necessary if the tool is not started, or stalls immediately after its launch. For the procedure to help, it is necessary to clean the carts of the carburetor from clogging, as well as get rid of air residues.

The chainsaw packages includes a membrane carburetor. It is equipped with three adjusting screws with marking h, t and l.

As the instruction indicates, the configuration of the node should be performed in the following order:

  • First you need to drown out the engine and turn the screws H and L to 2 full turns from a fully twisted position;
  • Next, you need to start a chainsaw and let it work for 1-2 minutes;
  • After that, you need to start slowly turn the screw l. Thus, you should find maximum speed during the work of the motor at idle. Then you need to weaken the screw for 1/4 turn;
  • Adjust the work of the motor at revolutions up to 3 thousand. You can use a screw t minute. If a tachometer is not used for adjustment, then this screw must be rotated until the saw chain on the tire ceases to rotate;
  • At the end you need to install 12500 rpm. To do this, use the screw h. If there is no tachometer, then with a completely open shuttle of the throttle, it will be necessary to determine the operation of the motor at maximum speeds by ear. As soon as the revolutions are achieved, you will need to turn the screw H to 1/4 turnover in the opposite direction.

Thanks to the proper tuning of the carburetor, the owner of the saw will improve the operation of the motor when stinging at idle, and will make the engine more acceptable.

How to adjust the carburetor on Champion chainsaw?

If Champion chainsaw does not work when you press the gas trigger, its owner will have to adjust the tool carburetor. The factory package of absolutely every champion chainsaw includes 3 adjusting screws. The process of configuring the carburetor is as follows:

  • To adjust the proportion of air and the fuel mixture, it is necessary to use the screws “l” and “h”. Turning them clockwise, you increase the amount of air that enters the carburetor through the throttle. When turning the screws against the hand arrows, the amount of air, on the contrary, falls. Accordingly, in the first case, the speed of the champion chainsaws grow, and in the second they fall;
  • At the next stage, you need to use the screw “t”. To do this, with a launched tool of the tool, turn this screw along the clock of the clock until the chain starts moving along the bus. Immediately after that, turn it in the opposite direction until the chain is completely stopped;
  • At the end, you will need to check the correct settings of the Champion chainsaw carburetor. To do this, you need to connect a tachometer to its motor and check the number of the lowest and highest revolutions of the tool.

As a rule, Champion chainsaw does not need to be frequent to adjust the carburetor. The main thing is to comply with the rules of the “cold” launch of the tool and apply high.quality motor oil for its refueling.

Swiming series Champion

Each champion chainsaw has an individual design, has certain characteristics and is suitable for both the garden and other business purposes are suitable for other business purposes. Below we list the most famous champion chainsaws, as well as accessories that will be useful when working with saws away from the house.

Champion 38CC

This popular model is better known in the domestic market called Champion 138-16 “. Among the main parameters of Champion chainsaw, you should highlight:

  • The power of the power unit is 1.9 liters. With./1400 watts;
  • The size of the tire recommended by the manufacturer is 40 cm;
  • Bank for pouring fuel. 300 ml;
  • A tank for replenishing the lubricant. 180 ml;
  • Operational mass. 5, 1 kg.

Thanks to small weight and compact sizes, this champion chainsaw is easy to endure over long distances.

Champion 55CC

This champion chainsaw is designed mainly to solve easy household problems. The parameters of this chainsaw include:

  • The power of the power unit is 3.2 liters. With./2400 watts;
  • The size of the tire recommended for operation is 45 cm;
  • A tank for pouring the fuel mixture. 520 ml;
  • Oil for replenishing oil. 260 ml;
  • The mass in the form ready for use is 5.2 kg.

In addition to documentation and the universal key, the set of this champion chainship includes a special chain with reduced return.

Champion 125T-10 “

This light and compact champion chainsaw is used to cut down thin branches and branches, removing wild shrubs and sawing small bars. The parameters of this champion chainsaw include:

  • Power unit power. 0.85 liters. With./700 watts;
  • The size of the recommended tire is 25 cm;
  • Tank for replenishing fuel. 230 ml;
  • Bank for pouring lubricants. 160 ml;
  • The mass in the form ready for use is 3.2 kg.

Despite small dimensions and low power, this champion chainsaw shows excellent endurance and effectiveness when working in difficult conditions.

Champion 237-16 “

Champion chainsaw in this configuration is in high demand due to a simple and high.quality design, which significantly simplifies the repair of the tool with your own hands. Champion chainsaw parameters include:

  • The power of the power unit is 2 liters. With./1500 watts;
  • The size of the recommended tire is 40 cm;
  • Tank to add fuel mixture. 310 ml;
  • Bank for pouring lubricants. 210 ml;
  • Operational mass. 4.7 kg.

This champion chainsaw is great for working on a garden and adjacent site. and is able to successfully fulfill its functions all year round.

Champion 240-16 “

This champion chainsaw has an average power by modern standards, but in practice it shows excellent endurance and a high level of comfort during operation. Among the parameters of this champion chainsaw stands out:

  • The power of the power unit is 2.3 liters. With./1700 watts;
  • The length of the tire used is 40 cm;
  • Fuel tank. 410 ml;
  • A tank for pouring lubricants. 240 ml;
  • Operational mass. 4.5 kg.

Champion chainsaw is characterized by a modest consumption of fuel and lubricant.

Champion 241-16 “

This champion chainsaw will be interested in people who want to get a quality and maximum use tool. The saw parameters include:

  • Power unit power. 2.45 liters. With./1800 watts;
  • The size of the tire used for operation is 40 cm;
  • Tank for pouring fuel. 310 ml;
  • Bank for lubricants. 210 ml;
  • Operational mass. 4.8 kg.

This chainsaw has increased reliability and increased working resource.

Champion 250-18 “

In the design of this chainsaw, the manufacturer provided a primer for preliminary pumping of the fuel and instant inertial brake. The parameters of the model include:

  • Power unit power. 3 liters. With./2200 watts;
  • The size of the tire used is 45 cm;
  • Tank for replenishing fuel. 520 ml;
  • Oil pouring tank. 260 ml;
  • Operational mass. 5.1 kg.

This champion chainsaw is characterized by low noise and modest fuel consumption.

Champion 255

This champion chainsaw is equipped with an improved piston group, the design of which includes 2 compression rings that improve wood sawing. The parameters of the model include:

assemble, champion, chainsaw, correctly, user, reviews
  • The power of the power unit is 2.9 liters. With./2160 watts;
  • The size of the tire recommended for operation is 45 cm:
  • Fuel pouring tank. 550 ml;
  • Oil supply tank- 250 ml;
  • The mass in the form ready for work is 6.5 kg.

This champion chainsaw is popular due to the modest fuel consumption and low noise during operation.

When the washing of the carburetor is already meaningless

DIY carburetor washing is the easiest way to restore the performance of the device. However, it is far from always allows you to correct various types of breakdowns. To make sure that the device really needs to be cleaned, and washing will help restore the performance of the mechanism, you will need to disassemble it.

If after disassembly some factors are found in the form of corrosion sediments (aluminum oxidation), as well as the formation of crusts in the channels of the carburetor, then the usual flushing will not help here. You can use the flushing procedure in a special ultrasonic bath, but in this case, the chances of restoring performance do not exceed 50%-60%.

When drawing, it should be noted that the need and the possibility of cleaning the carburetor can only be evaluated after disassembling it. Here it should be immediately noted that the procedure for cleaning the carburetor can be performed in two ways:

  • Automatic. washing is carried out in a special ultrasonic bath. Features of the procedure are considered below
  • Manual. this method is far from always suitable, but it is a cleaning of the channels of the mechanism using a special carburetor cleaner. This method is suitable solely in cases where there is no deformation of the carburetor channels. If the process of corrosion or warping has begun in the channels, then here, depending on the complexity of the process, only flushing in the ultrasound bath can help, but not always

Buy an ultrasound bathtub specifically in order to rinse the carburetor of the chainsaw, is simply irrational. That is why in the material we consider the procedure of the manual method of washing. What is cleaning using an ultrasonic bath, we also learn from this material.

It is interesting!The usual purge of the carburetor will not give a compressor, so you should not console yourself with the thought that I am now producing the channels, and the chainsaw will work as new.

assemble, champion, chainsaw, correctly, user, reviews

A malfunction of the uncertain category

In some cases, the owners of the chainsaws have to solve more complex problems to fully restore the functionality of their cutting tools.

Chainsaw does not develop full power

In addition to the problem considered above with a lack of admission to the cylinder of gasoline or air, the cause of the weak power may be a clogged muffler.

If you do not perform periodic cleaning of the muffler combined combustion products, then the problem of poor engine power may not be the only.

Carburetor depressurization and nozzle blockage

Over time, the screws fixing the carburetor lid can weaken or gaskets become unusable. A clogged filter or its unskilled replacement can lead to the formation of a blockage of nozzles. All this also negatively affects the work of the chainsaw and reduces the life.

In order to prevent this with periodically examine the saw and, if necessary, evenly tighten the screws.

Basil does not hold idle speed

It often happens when, after prolonged transportation and constant use of a chainsaw, he refuses to work evenly at idle. As a rule, this problem is eliminated by the adjustment of the carburetor.

You can find out how to correctly debug the carburetor from this

If the carburetor is rebuilt like a clock, then you must check:

  • Fuel system. Start more logical from the fuel pump.
  • Muffler. It is likely that due to the abundance of accumulated soot, the engine cannot function normally.

Chainsaw loses power under load

If in the process of work the power of the saw disappears somewhere, then the problem should be sought in the following places:

Dear user!Thank you for the purchase of Champion products. In this manual, it-

den Rules for operating the Champion tool. Before starting work, read the leadership. Operate the tool in accordance with the rules and taking into account the requirements of security, as well as guided by common sense. Save the instructions, if necessary, you can always contact it.

Champion technique is constantly expanding new models.

Champion products are distinguished by an ergonomic design, ensuring the convenience of its use, a well-thought-out design, high power and performance.

Due to changes in the technical characteristics of the hand-

water may not fully comply with the acquired tool. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of ot-target parts without prior notice. Keep this in mind when reading the operating guide.

Warning stickers

Поскольку пила является инструментом для пиления древесины с высокой скоростью вра-

щения пильной цепи, должны быть предприняты специальные меры предосторожности

для того, чтобы снизить вероятность возникновения несчастных случаев. Беспечность

или неправильное использование бензопилы может стать причиной серьезных травм. Про-

чтите эту инструкцию перед использованием и неукоснительно соблюдайте.


At first glance at the Champion 55 saw, it becomes clear that it has nothing to do with Champion, The company’s chainsaws have a proprietary yellow color, and this saw was black. With a more detailed inspection, it is clear that Champion 55 is very similar to a chainsaw, which is presented on the official website of the company, namely Champion 256-18 ″. Almost all the details of the case have the same design, the similarity of the following elements is especially noticeable:

Interestingly, on the side cover of the Champion 55 chainsaw and the air filter cover, there is a cast logo of the company.

This misleads and encourages the idea: why does Champion make a chainsaw, which is a complete analogue of the 256th model, but at the same time has a colorful company.

But this is no longer our business, the main thing is that we know that the 55th model, if it is related, is not direct and unofficial to CHAMPION. Hoping for the quality and post of warranty service Champion, when buying the 55th is not worth.

Additional features of the model

Before making the final choice, you must consider in more detail the chainsaw model. As for the above device, it differs in the presence of gas trigger blocking. This protects the consumer from re.start. Access to the air filter is lightweight. The engine is cooled by the air system, which extends its service life. The manufacturer took care of comfort when working with a chainsaw, supplying it with an ergonomic handle. As a fuel, you will use oil for two-stroke engines and gasoline AI-92, combining mixtures in a ratio of 1:50.

As for the repair, it can be carried out independently, of course, if you have ever faced the repair of similar tools, if not, it is better to contact specialists.

The main malfunctions that users have to deal with is:

  • lack of spark on the contacts of the spark plug;
  • Starter cord cliff;
  • unstable work or lack of idle;
  • wear of the leading star;
  • Continuation of fuel supply.

Some problems can be solved by adjusting the carburetor, which can also be carried out independently, t. to. The Champion 142 carburetor provides for this possibility.