How to assemble electric saw Elmos.

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Elmos ESH-24/40 electric spike

On this page you will find a description, sellers and to buy cheaper, video reviews and honest reviews about Elmos ESH-24/40 electric vehicles. And you can leave your opinion about the model in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Weight, kg 4.3
Tire length, cm 40
Power, W 2400
Oil tank volume, ml 150
Number of links, pcs 56
The location of the engine transverse
Closing a circuit tension adjustment Yes
Tension, c 220
Chain step, inch 3/8 (0.375)
The speed of rotation of the chain, m/s nine
Pase width, mm one.3
Tire length, inch sixteen

Reviews about the Elmos Esh 24-45 saw

Comment:I have been using this saw for four years, mainly on a garden plot. Really like. Made qualitatively like everything with Elmos (I have several more products of this brand). There is still a native chain and it is still acute! Although I didn’t have a pill so often, but sometimes I have to. Once I had to swim on firewood two wood into a girth with a thickness and a saw did perfectly, there are enough power. And so I use mainly for sawdust in the garden, and I have a big garden. The fact that the power is electric and not gasoline, I consider it an advantage (the main advantage is the weight of the product, you do not need gasoline and engine oil, do not inhale the exhaust, and it works much quieter, and indeed it is easier to press the button and it already works).It is a pity that this model has already been removed from production. But if you see somewhere on the shelf of the store, you can take it you will not regret.Good luck everyone!

Advantages:High power 2400W.Long tire 45 cm.Small weight in comparison with gasoline.Low price.The chain is pulled without using the key.

The start of the work of electric saw

Before starting the saw, you need to check the presence of oil. Very often manufacturers supply equipment with empty oil tank. Oil. The necessary component for smooth and long operation of the saw without breakdowns and erasing spare parts and parts. Also do not forget to monitor the presence of oil during the cut, since the lubrication of the chain occurs automatically.

It is important to observe safety precautions when using an electric saw. Before you start sawing logs or other materials, put on special clothes that protects well, but does not constrain movements. Take care of the organs of touch, putting on glasses, headphones and a mask to protect against loud noise, dust, chips and sawdust. It is also worth checking the readiness of the saw itself for sawing. First of all, test the brake operation, whether the tire and the chain are installed correctly, whether the star is fixed, etc.D.

Review of the lineup of DAEWOO electric saw. Technical characteristics and operating rules

DAEWOO Korean electric cars are now very popular on the market, which, according to reviews, create worthy competition even the flagships of this market. DAEWOO company produces household saws, which are highly powerful, and consequently, performance, pleasant value, small weight and size. Thanks to this, the owners of country, country houses, garden and small farm sections acquire electric chain saws.

DAEWOO was founded in 1982 in Korea. At the moment, the company is developing in many directions, releasing electronics, cars, vessels, is engaged in trade, construction and investment.

Basic equipment and manufacturers

By purchasing DAEWOO electric saw, you get a whole set of components in the form:

  • Tires and saw chain;
  • Casing for tires for storage and transportation;
  • Keys/screwdrivers for then, assembly and independent repair of the electric saw;
  • Measured glass for mixing fuel;
  • Tool documents (operational manual, warranty).

Due to the fact that the Korean company DAEWOO has subsidiaries, representative offices and production around the world, electric cars gather in many countries. However, the main production is concentrated, of course, at home, in South Korea.

But, despite this, you can often see the Chinese assembly electric saws in our market. Do not regard it like a fake. When buying, be sure to check the availability of the necessary documents in the kit, which will talk about the quality and authenticity of the electric saw. Even in reviews, the owners of the electric saw often note the quality and reliability of the assembly in China.

Swimming range of DAEWOO electric saws

The range of the DAEWOO company includes two chain electric saws, which both belong to the domestic type of tools. Between themselves, they differ in technical characteristics and parameters, size, weight and cost.

DAEWOO DACS 2500E electric saw

DEMARY DEU DAU 2200 has a branded engine, which was produced at the company’s factories, 2.5 kW with power. It is great for sawing small trees, bars and trimming large branches. Reviews about the DAEWOO 2500 Electric Piel indicate that its low weight and compact dimensions allow it to be easily controlled and maneuvering.

The saw case is made of special ABS plastic, which is famous for its impact.Resistant and wear.Resistant qualities. You can now adjust the degree of tension of the chain without the use of additional tools thanks to the SDS drive system.

Complete information about the tool can be found in the operating instructions.

Power 2500 watts
engine’s type electric
Engine manufacturer DAEWOO
Rotation frequency 2500 rpm
Tire length 40 cm
The manufacturer of the chain DAEWOO
The step of the chain 0.375 inch
The thickness of the chain link 1.27 mm
The number of links 57 pcs.
The number of cutting links 29 pcs.
TOP volume for lubrication of the chain 0.23 l
The weight of the base block 4.5 kg

DAEWOO DACS 2700E electric saw

The basis of this electric saw Previous model with some modifications and improvements. For example, the engine power was increased to 2.7 kW, which due to the longitudinal location of the engine compensates for the weak rotational moment.

As in the last model, in the DEU 2700E, the system of automatic lubrication of the chain during operation and a smooth start are built.In. And thanks to a small window, it became much easier to control the presence and level of oil in the tool. Numerous reviews about this DAEWOO model indicate that it is more popular than its predecessor.

Tire length: 45 cm
Chain step: 0.325 inches
Type of oil pump: auto
Type of power: From the network
Engine power: 2700 kW
The speed of rotation of the chain: 14 m/s
Oil tank volume: 0.25 l

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DAEWOO electric saw Instruction and maintenance instructions

The DAEWOO Korean electric saws belong to the household class. This means that they are not adapted for incessant work. The manufacturer himself recommends the following principle of working with tools: take 15 minutes for work, and 10 for a break. Thus, you protect the engine from overheating and increase the service life.

In order for the DAEWOO electric saw to work properly and for a long time, only high.Quality oil intended for electric saws must be used to lubricate, and which can be used at any time of the year.

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DAEWOO gives its customers a guarantee of good operation of each of its power plants. Even in their reviews, owners often note the quality of materials, spare parts, details and the mechanism itself. The breakdown in the use of electric saws is extremely rare and connected, in 90% of cases, with incorrect handling of the tool.

Asterisk installed in the same plane with the unit bus, rotating, pulls the chain. The latter installed on the tire of the unit glides over it at high speed. Due to the presence of cutting elements on the chain, the wood is sawing. Since the canvas from the electric saw has a large width than the tire, the tool does not jam in the material, and the sawing process occurs quickly.

To reduce the wear of the saw chain and tires on the electric saws, a lubricant system is installed, which supplies oil to the saw headset.

The lubricant system includes an oil tank with a volume of about 500 ml and an oil pump. The latter during the operation of the electric saw continuously supplies lubrication on the tire. Further, the lubricant spreads with the help of the chain over the entire surface of the tire and falls on both the lead and the guide stars.

How to sharpen a chain yourself

The work of a correctly sharpened tool makes it possible to significantly extend its resource. Regardless of the type of sharpening circuit, is the main operation to maintain the chain in good condition.

It is optimal to use a machine sharpening of the circuit. But if there is no way to use an electric machine, then you can use the manual sharpening method using a special file and guide conductor.

The chain is put on the tire and fixed in the saw. After that, the chain stretch is made. After it is stretched, sharpening is done:

  • At an angle of 90 degrees to the bus in the horizontal plane, a conductor with a file in the cutout of the cutting tooth is installed.
  • After that, a slope is made in a vertical plane so that the file repeats the direction of the previous sharpening.
  • 2-3 movements with effort is made to remove metal.
  • The conductor is removed and rearranged to the next tooth from this side of sharpening.
  • Having finished the tip of the edge on one side, the file and the conductor are rearranged to the other side, and the process is repeated.
assemble, electric, elmos

As you can see, the process of repairing a chain electric saw is not a big problem, and even those who have never been repairing power tools are quite able to. Another thing is that before starting disassembly, you need to carefully study the device of the tool and imagine all the operations that will need to be performed during repair.