How to attach the tool to the wall in the garage

Examples of space organization in the garage that peekeks will appreciate

Garage is not only a shelter for storing your car, but also a multifunctional center for storing many things: gardening equipment, sports items, tools and other small things. Organizing your garage space can be a long process, but it will help bring order to the chaos forever.

Tired of clutter and hours spent looking for a Phillips head screwdriver? Take a look at these 30 best practices, which will help you organize your workspace quickly and easily. With a few things from the hardware store or recycled materials, you can maximize the space of your room.

Screwdriver organizer from plastic windowsills

When making storage systems for tools, anything goes. boards, plywood scraps, metal, etc.ะด. See how FORUMHOUSE member Hermit2 approached the organization of the workplace.

How to Hang a Pegboard | The Home Depot

I have tools in two built-in cabinets. Furniture height is 2,500 mm. Width. 1300 mm. Depth. 500 mm. For tool storage I use:

The user put the fasteners in plastic grocery buckets. Screwdrivers and chisels stuck in scraps from plastic window sills. Screwed them right onto cabinet doors. Bottoms. end caps from window sills, magnetic rail-holder for kitchen knives, on which he “hangs” horn wrenches.

We make devices for storing tools with our own hands

Arrangement of storage areas for tools is an important part of putting things in order in the home workshop. Considered in the article, homemade shelves and holders are simple, consist mostly of scraps, and it takes very little time to make them with your own hands.

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How to organize tool storage in the garage, creating stands with their own hands

In a garage or workshop collected a lot of different tools, inventory. If you don’t think of your storage system, it’s not so easy to find what you need. To get the garage in perfect order and save the time spent looking for a particular tool, you need to gather all the necessary items in one handy area. The wall mounting system is ideal for this. This arrangement frees up floor space and reduces clutter. All the tools you need are in plain sight.

How to hang tools on the wall in the garage: the best ideas for instructions on how to make storage systems

In addition to its role as a parking lot for cars and motorcycles, the garage is also a storage area for tools and bulky items. The main task of the owners is to avoid cluttering the room and keep the contents of the garage in order. However, there are so many small tools, appliances and various devices that it is quite difficult to maintain order. And you want everything to be in its place and easy to find?

Let’s remember how cooking usually takes place. First we go to the refrigerator and get the food. Some of these require washing and cleaning, which means a countertop and sink must follow behind the refrigerator. After the sink, it is logical to place a work surface for cutting and other food preparation processes. In the end, semi-finished products go for heat treatment, that is, on the stove, in the oven or other appliances, which and should logically stand at the end of the kitchen set.

Pay attention to the diagram below. All items of furniture and equipment are placed according to the above suggested and, in our opinion, convenient layout plan

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Your procedure

Take all necessary measurements in the room to determine the dimensions of the future shelf. Consider the following information when working on the drawing:

  • The minimum recommended height is 37-38 centimeters;
  • a maximum depth of 50 centimeters, if more, it may be difficult to access the tools and necessary items;
  • the bottom shelf should be at least 70-80 cm from the floor;
  • The length of the spans depends on what is supposed to store, but not less than 1.5 m for heavy objects and not more than 2 meters in general.

Choose the right type of construction based on the material you have. Of course, if you have wood, you will have to make a non-disassembled shelf.

Decide on the number of shelf levels.

Assemble the frame, starting at its base. Attention: do not touch the shelves themselves yet, they are installed after the frame is installed.

Make the necessary markings on the racks, if your structure is placed on the floor, and drill holes to fix the frame.

Join the elements together and assemble the complete unit. If necessary, fasten it to the wall.

And now insert the shelves you have prepared in advance and carry out the finishing work. You can, for example, paint.

Tool storage in the garage with their own hands: how to do it rationally and comfortably?

Garage space is often combined with a workshop. The system of tool storage in the garage must be thought out. GOSNITI prefabricated constructions are regarded as optimal.

To make a proper placement of tools in the garage and to put in order, there are the following options for organizing storage:

There are shelves of various modifications:

For their manufacture use different materials such as metal or wood. For small parts, hinged shelves are required. They are usually placed at the chin level of the garage owner. If the inventory has to be used frequently, open structures are better suited for it, and the closed ones store unnecessary things.

See how you can make an interesting tool storage option for the garage with your own hands:

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Direct competitors of mobile shelves are movable drawers. There are specialized containers for tools in the fixture.

Factory tool racks in the garage are made in accordance with GOST. These ergonomic designs are easy to make with their own hands. To store large machines or tires, you need large racks.

If you want to make a cabinet for tools in the garage with their own hands, there should be special drawers or bags. Such storage allows you to avoid dust. You can also rationally use the side walls. With the help of special fasteners for tools in the garage is equipped with a place for fixing the planer. You can place holders from pieces of rubber hose on the doors.

A skilled craftsman will make a stand for a tool in the garage with his own hands. The material for its manufacture is a sheet of particle board. Additionally, metal cans from canned food are used as tool holders.

How to store tools in the garage?

Convenient storage is considered a board, or panel for storage, or just a board for tools in the garage. On them fix screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers. To make a shield for the tool in the garage with their own hands, use a solid board and strong hooks. The set depends on the craftsman’s own preferences.

How to place tools in the garage on the wall

Tool storage system on the wall in the garage. how to place a wall organizer, ideas for attaching a tray

My garage doesn’t have a lot of space, and when the workbench was running out of space, I decided to move the bulk of my tools to the wall. Today I’m ready to tell you how I managed to intelligently organize their storage.