How to attach to the trimmer of the wheel. “La item” at home

How to attach the wheels to the sled with your own hands

With the onset of winter, parents of young children strive to get sledges. They are much more convenient for a child than in a stroller, the more if the baby has already turned one and a half to two years. At this time, he no longer wants to sit quietly in a stroller, he wants to be as close as possible to the knowledge of the world. And then a logical question faces mom and dad: “What to choose, which model to prefer?»Today, eyes scatter from the variety of children’s accessories. After all, I want to buy a really standing thing that will serve for several years. Sometimes parents are very carefully studying the proposed assortment and only then make a decision to buy.

Sancti with sliding wheels is a convenient and original invention. To date, many parents choose them. They have obvious advantages over other products, and using them is much more convenient. Perhaps, outwardly, sleds on 4 drawers do not look quite familiar, but the child feels comfortable. But you must admit, this is the most important thing.

Preparation for work

Before the first turning on the trimmer, a certain preparation is needed to avoid failures, breakdowns and injuries. First you need make sure that all parts of the device are whole, without cracks and dents. Often, devices are sold in disassembled form, so they should be assembled in the manner indicated in the operating instructions. In addition to verbal descriptions in the documents there are schemes and pictures. Further actions for technology of different types are very different.

Setting up and the first launch of a gasoline unit

First you need to check if there is oil in the gearbox and, if necessary, add. Many models of trimmers need to add lubricants to the fuel tank or a separate tank. What should be the ratio of “gasoline: oil”, it is better to know from the device for caring for the device. Then you need to fill the gas tank to the top, after which you can start a gasoline trimmer by performing the following actions:

  • Close the air damper;
  • Turn on the ignition;
  • In the presence of a manual fuel pump in the model, you need to press the leather lever several times until the fuel is visible in the primer;
  • Put the device on a solid even surface;
  • Smoothly pull behind the trigger cable until the appearance of resistance;
  • Pull the cable abruptly 3-5 times.

Setting and launching an electric trimmer

First of all, you need to charge the batteries or check the performance of the electric cars, as well as the integrity and length of the wires. In the presence of a gearbox, lubricate it with a lithol. Then you can turn it on and turn off the trimmer several times, but do not start mowing. The device should start quickly. If there are no problems, you can proceed to the run.In electrocos.

Trammer run.In

Revolutions on gasoline unit it is necessary to increase gradually to let the engine work to combustible. For the first time it is better to work without stopping no more than 10-15 minutes. This is also necessary for a person to get used to the weight of the device with a full tank of gasoline, find a convenient position for hands and the correct tilt for the body. After test starting, you need to turn off the motorcycle and let the engine cool.

Electric trimmer can be tested on lawn grass. For the first time enough for 5 minutes, after which the device needs to be turned off.

Belt setting

To ensure the conditions of comfortable work, you need to be able to wear a rug belt correctly. This process requires a certain dexterity, but then, after adjusting the satchel for itself, it will be much faster and easier to worry.

Hook height adjustment

The most important thing is to adjust the belt so that the trimmer is at the right level from the surface of the earth. To do this, raise or lower the height of the hook, which is carried out by pulling the shoulder belts until the holder is lower than the hips by 10-15 cm (palm width). In this case, the knife of the attached braid should be parallel to the surface, that is, in strictly horizontal position.

Bowling braids by moving the ears

After fixing the necessary heights under yourself, you need to balance the trimmer. To do this, the ear is rearranged, with which the device is suspended to the belt, forward or backward. As a result, you need to attach the belt to the trimmer so that When the steering wheel is released, a knife or a saw disk did not go to the ground, but hung above it, Without touching the surface. At what distance will it be dependent on the goals set.

Adjusting shoulder belts

So that the load is distributed evenly on the shoulders and back, you need to adjust the shoulder belts well. To do this, just tighten or relax the straps. They Should not to dig into the body or hang. You can understand how the weight will be dispersed, if you press with your own hands on a hook hook for braids.

Fixing benzokos on the belt

Depending on the model, the gasoline braid can be mounted on the belt Using a bar or loop. In the latter case, for balancing, you need to move it along the rod to get the necessary result. In some cases, depreciation mechanisms are provided, which allow you to smooth out vibration and soften the sharp jumps of the trimmer.

Balancing pens

An important stage in the configuration of a ranger belt is also adjusting the handles to the optimal level. When the operator holds the motorcycle, his hands should be relaxed, and the shoulders are parallel to the body. Therefore, after fitting a biceps belt, the two.Handed mechanism should be adjusted by its movements up or down. It is necessary to achieve such a result that the hands only set the direction, and not hold the device. If after this the trimmer’s balancing is again violated, then you will have to re.Repeat all the stages.

BTR-52 benzokos

BTR-52 Benzokos is a gasoline trimmer manufactured by Nikkey. This company is an official manufacturer of the technique for the garden and cottage. These devices are collected in Belarus, and the production and office of the manufacturer are located in the Scottish city of Edinburgh. The described model is very popular and is competing with the leading European brands.

The gas station is universal, equipped with two cutting elements: trimmer line and knife, if necessary, you can replace one cutting element with another.

BTR-52 mower is designed to work in areas up to 700 square meters.M.

So the motor will not wear out quickly. The engine on the BTR-52 motorcycle is two-stroke, one-cylinder, power of 3.1 horses or 2300 watts.

Advantages of the lawnmand BTR-52

  • Functionality;
  • Quick launch;
  • The ability to choose the type of cutting element and replace it as necessary;
  • Low weight;
  • Mobility (do not need extension cords or constant recharging batteries);
  • You can easily find the necessary spare part to the trimmer.

Trimmer gasoline Champion T516. The advantages of the model

This Motokos from Champion successfully combines high power, ease and ease of operation. The basic equipment of this Champion braid includes a high-quality 2-stroke engine with a chrome cylinder and a forged piston.

The characteristics of this Champion motorcycle include:

  • The power of the standard motor is 1.8 liters. With.;
  • The capacity of the tank for refueling fuel is 1.2 l;
  • The maximum possible bevel width when using trimmer line is 40 cm;
  • Speasing width when using a knife. 25 cm.

Champion BAMS in this typical configuration is designed for intensive work in difficult operating conditions. This makes it possible to use a model for cutting lawns with a large number of weeds and shrubs.

If you work quite often on a personal plot, then a trimmer will help to cope on its territory with grass. This equipment helps to mow lawns, trim the edge of the lawn and even remove weeds

However, it is important to take into account the choice of such a device that areas can vary in the nature of the vegetation and area, so the tool should be selected for a specific task. The frequency of loads should be taken into account

The level of sound pressure is 120 dB. Consumers advise when operating this model to use individual protective equipment that eliminate damage to the auditory authorities. Weighs equipment 8 kg. Buyers emphasize that the mass of the unit can be impressive if you do not use the shoulder belt

It is also important to pay attention to the fuel tank capacity, which provides the possibility of long.Term work without refueling. Pour 0.95 liters of gasoline at a time

A load of responsibility

For transportation of an auto print with a full weight of over 750 kg, driver’s driver’s rights are required (in addition when the total mass of the trailer does not exceed the equipped mass of the car, and the sum of the full masses of the car and the trailer does not exceed 3500 kg).

High.Capacity trailers are equipped with a special inertial type brake system (mainly mechanical).

According to the commercial director of SKIF LLC Yaroslav Ivanov, buyers continue to save money on trailers with brakes and on a driver’s license, acquiring a category trailer for 50 thousand. Rubles without a brake less than necessary, carrying capacity.

“Rarely anyone recalls that there is still a motor besides the boat, and almost no one remembers about the tank. And no one at all foresees that other things will lie in the boat. Thus, a person endures his life and the life of other participants in the movement, ”complains Yaroslav Ivanov. According to his estimates, in St. Petersburg, only 50–250 trailers with a full weight of more than 750 kg with a total of trailers for transporting water equipment 1.5–5 thousand are implemented annually.

For comparison: according to the large German producer of trailers. Al. Ko, trailers with brake in Europe accounts for about half sales, and the total number of trailers per capita is 6 times more there than in Russia.

Trimmer on wheels Groser w01

Among the significant assortment of the powerful installations of the company, it is possible to choose equipment from European manufacturers, which.

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Homemade lawn mowing with a engine from a washing machine

Among the significant assortment of the powerful installations of the company, it is possible to choose equipment from European manufacturers, which.

First, thanks for the interesting material. Mark original and thoughtful ethnographer. Wishing to the author more materials. Many h.

Anyone will certainly find something to his taste here. You can buy goods not only wholesale, but also retail. Under each one.

This store offers customers an excellent opportunity for daily purchase of nuts and dried fruits of the highest quality in bulk.

We offer money to people, a loan. An online application is executed in seconds, and funds are provided with the maximum opera.

As it turned out, the task became far from easy when the need to urgently buy a business account Someone has a cost.

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As it turned out, the task was far from difficult when the need is worth the shortest possible time to export to Kazakhstan. Who.

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We test new chains

For confidence in the efficiency and reliability of previously installed anti.Scenery circuits, they must be tested. To do this, just wait for bad weather and, having discovered an improper section of the road with a lack of traffic, go along it. It is advisable to test chains on different types of areas (swamp, ice and snow slides). This is the only way to evaluate the effectiveness of the chains.

If the audit showed that the chains are effective and are installed on wheels correctly, then you can safely use them in bad weather. In winter, the product should become an integral element of your trunk decoration. No nail, no wand, expensive motorists!

Learning to properly wind the trimmer line on the coil of the trimmer and benzo.Coat instructions for installation

Owners of private houses know how necessary such a type of tool as a trimmer is. It can be gasoline and electric, and they differ in the design of power units. For injection of grass in areas where there are stones, trees and other obstructing objects, trimmer line is used as a cutting device. This consumable in the process of use wears out, therefore, how to wind the coil of the trimmer, we will consider in detail in the material.

Fishing lines is called consumable, which consists of nylon, and serves as a cutting device. Through this equipment, the grass grows, which is ensured due to rotation of the instrument head with a high frequency. This material has a different thickness, which depends on its use on the corresponding tools of low-power (from 1 to 1.6 mm), electric from 500 W (2-2.4 mm) and gasoline trimmers with motorcycles (from 2.4 to 3. 2 mm).

The more powerful the tool, the accordingly there should be a cutting equipment. This affects not only the quality of the injection of grass, but also on the life of the material. If you ask the question of how to wind a trimmer coil, then it’s time to change the reload of the tool. With the onset of spring, this issue is becoming more and more in demand, so it’s time to understand the step.By.Step instructions for replacing the trimmer line in the coil of the trimmer.


From the point of view of safety precautions, hacksaw canvases should not be completely red.Hot.

Everything that is needed for the manufacture of the nozzle

The most difficult thing to make the nozzle is to mark and make holes under the knives and trimmer shaft symmetrically. That is why the finished perforated plate is selected.

Working process:

First you need to make the base of the nozzle. To do this, we cut out a square with a side of 100 mm from a metal plate with a grinder. You need to mark it in such a way that there is a hole exactly in the center (at the intersection of the diagonals). To do this, from the center of the selected opening perpendicular to the short side of the plate, we measure a distance of 50 mm and plan the trimming lines.

Cut the excess and get a square of 100 mm x 100 mm. Now it is necessary to twist the corners a little and drill the central hole for the trimmer shaft.

Twist the corners and drill the central hole for the shaft of the trimmer

Cut the canvases for metal, measuring from each end 8 cm. We get 4 blanks with finished holes.

This workpieces must be given the shape of the knives. To do this, we plan the cut line by eye (special accuracy is not required), fasten all 4 blanks together and grind the excess.

As a result, we get the knives of the same weight and size, they can be sharpened a little on one side. Now all parts of a home.Made nozzle for a trimmer are prepared, you can start assembly.

attach, trimmer, wheel, home

We put a small puck on the screw and insert it into the corner hole. We put a knife on top, placing the sharpened side along the rotation of the trimmer shaft. Followed by a large puck and nut, which does not drag out, so that the knife rotates freely. We fasten the other 3 knives in the same way.

The end of the screw must be blown up so that the nut does not fly.

The nozzle is ready. It is installed by nuts to the ground and fixed in the same way as a three.Lobed knife that comes with a trimmer. In a collision with a stone, the knives fold and go a little inside.

This idea was proposed by our constant author of the video Tatyana (Tula region). You can see the whole process of making such a nozzle for a trimmer in more detail and you can find out some nuances by watching a video that she has prepared.

When working with a trimmer, it is important not to forget about safety precautions using any nozzles, and especially homemade.

We offer to discuss this idea in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the publication. Share with us your thoughts, and also tell about your successful decisions.

Without accepting any of the sides of this acute (in the literal and figurative sense) discussion, let me show one of the last models of the Motokos of the German company Robert Bosch. It provides for a deviating knife and an arcuate bracket, excluding the “struck” of the knife on the objects unexpressed by the coat. I show the general view of the motorcycles and the knife itself, in two positions. General view of motorcycles

Knife in rejected state

Help! How to Fix a Jammed Up Trimmer Head | Ryobi Expand-It Example

Knife in a folded state

Good evening to everyone! Exactly three years as it sunk from the moment of discussion of the “acute” problem for the trimmer. Over the past 1000 days, a clear picture emerges: “Glory to the author is a craftsman who conducts an experiment on himself to achieve the limit of the metal from which these knives are made. He has every right to risk his own health “. Now in stunt films you can often see Frvza. “Do not try to repeat the movie tricks that professional stunts performed.»The very first article was supposed to end with about the same phrase:” Dear summer residents. This is my personal experiment. If you are not confident in your locksmith forces, please not repeat it. And most importantly. I do not bear responsibility for the operation of the tool performed in the wake of my article.”” And the last. Do I see errors, judging by the photographs, performing this tool. Yes, I see, and grossly. Look carefully at the plate that is carrier for four knives. Look carefully at the distant right hole for us in the photo.

Alas, the author of this apparatus does not even suspect how the hole should be made for the shaft.

I inform you. The distance from the closest to the edge of the plate of the opening point to the edge should be no less than the diameter of the hole itself. Students of mechanics will learn this truth no later than the second year of the institute. And what do we see here? A thin isthmus reminiscent of a narrow pinch making the peninsula from the Crimea. This is a priori, the place that is weak in this design. It experiences the same loads as other knives, and “Perekop” there is a very thin. Where is subtle, there and. I would like to hope, and it is completely sincerely that over these three years this crossbone has not undergone loads comparable to the limit of this metal, but rather an alloy from which a holey plate is stamped.

Disk toothed knife in what cases is used

Metal toothed discs have the shape of a circle, on the basis of which the corresponding number of teeth are located. These teeth are of different types, shapes and sizes. The more teeth, the more effective the tool copes with thick grass and even small trees. Milling circles for trimmers are gaining momentum faster, which is their advantage. They also have a high moment of inertia, which is their disadvantage. This negatively affects the drive device of the tool, as the starting power increases, and as a result, the motor overheats with frequent stops. In addition, the equipment differs in the presence and absence of perforation.

  • Perforated circles with holes and a large number of teeth up to 40 teeth. Effectively cope with mowing dense, high and small, coarse grass and shrubs. The larger the number of teeth, the less grass is crushed. On circles with a large number of teeth, grass is not wound. Disks with teeth in the amount of 60-80 pieces are designed for mowing grass with small trees available in the territory, the thickness of the stems of which does not exceed 7 cm
  • Continuous. Disks that have no holes in the design. They have a large weight, so put them on gas troops with an engine volume up to 30 cm3, are categorically not recommended. The tool simply cannot stretch the heavy cutting element. Compared to perforated, they weigh 1.5-2 times more. Effectively cope with thick and rare grass. The smaller the number of knives, the stronger the grass is crushed, and the load on the motor increases. The load on the gearbox also depends on the angle of sharpening of the teeth

If the operator is faced with the task of pricing thick grass and dryness, then it is recommended to choose discs with perforation and a large number of teeth. Continuous discs are suitable for dying green grass of different densities, but they are used exclusively on powerful benzocoses with a motor volume of more than 40 cm3.

It is interesting! Milling wheels with a winning attack allows you to mow grass next to existing obstacles. For mowing grass on hay, it is recommended to use steel with a large number of teeth. Flat sharpening of teeth on such knives allows you to effectively cut off grass. For cutting thick.Stem plants (raspberries, ragweed), continuous discs with the number of knives 16, 24 and 32 are used, as well as perforated with any number of teeth.

Benzokosa bacon-high-altitude-the advantages of the tool

Very often summer residents are faced with the need to cut trees. Using a trimmer and a bitch’s nozzle, you will not need to use a stepladder or climb a tree. Having fixed the device on the rod of the tool, you can cut the branches located at a height of up to 3-4 meters (depending on the length of the bar and the presence of the extension cord).

The nozzle is also called a high.Speed, which is associated with its main purpose. Pruning of highly growing branches. The device is a chain tire, like on a chainsaw. The design provides a tank for oil designed to lubricate the circuit. The nozzle is attached to the rod of motorcycles, after which the tool is immediately ready for work.

When choosing a device for a trimmer, you should buy models of a similar tool of the manufacturer, which will eliminate the likelihood of the impossibility of combining devices. When choosing such a device, special attention is paid to the diameter of the bar and the number of drive shaft slots.

When operating the device, it is very important to observe safety precautions. Run the engine with the installed nozzle directly next to the tree, which is planned to be cut. You can order a device for motorcycles on the popular website Aliexpress.

The lack of the device is manifested when operating. To cut down thin branches, it is necessary to maintain them, otherwise the vibrations are not an even cut.

How to remove the secret from a wheel without a key, if you have lost your head, what to do

Many motorists put expensive wheels in their cars in their cars in a casting or forged design, with a designer filling of a lattice, chrome coating. Such products are often popular among attackers who strive to dismantle wheels from a car left unattended. Vehicle owners, trying to protect wheels, use secrets that can only be unscrewed by a special key with a unique code. Often this key is lost among the owners for unnecessary frequent use, and in such a situation people fall into a dead end. They just do not know how to remove the secret from the wheelless wheel.

Types of secrets on wheels

Secret. A nut for a carpet car made of high.Strength steel and having a special pattern for installing a special design key on it, made on the basis of a computer model in accordance with the digital code, which is selected by random variations by the method of random variations. For secrets of one brand, there may be several thousand key options, which are almost impossible to choose.

Secrets are sold in a set of 4 nuts and one key key for manipulations with them and are divided into the following categories:

attach, trimmer, wheel, home
  • The most popular type is figure products when the surface of their end is intended for a unique key, and by any other tool the secret nut is not surrounded without its destruction.
  • Secrets with an eccentric or moving ring are considered a more progressive product when they consist of two parts. External, tightened, and internal, which is centered on the hub axis on the hub. Even if the kidnapper can weaken the thread, he will not be able to cope with the eccentric without a unique key, because the secret of the secret will spin around the main element freely.
  • The most modern development in the field of safety of wheels are secrets with special holes. Holes with a random set of diameters and depths are applied to the surface of the products using laser engraving, and the key has the same protrusions that meet the recesses on the nut. The complexity of the picture will not allow to make a high.Quality cast for duplicate or use the master key to abduct the wheel.

How to remove secrets without a key: basic methods

There are situations when motorists lose their secrets, especially when installing all.Season rubber, when they may not touch the wheels for years and simply forget where to divide the tool. In such cases, you should not despair, experienced craftsmen know several ways to unscrew the secret on the wheel if the car owner has lost his head.

The most effective way is with the help of a halter, but it works only on condition that the key has been lost and only one secret is installed on the wheel. The master fully adds to the maximum all the other nuts on this wheel, as a result, the pressure on the secret is significantly weakens, after which it carefully knocks on it from all sides. Then the cars are lifted to the jack, all the bolts are removed, and the wheel remains to stay on the hub exclusively with the help of secrets. The disk is carefully loosened, and the secret begins to hang out, after which it can very easily unscrew manually.

If the result was not achieved the first time, the process must be repeated in the same sequence.

What to do to those owners who have lost secret? Try another cunning way to remove the nut. Using the end head. It is necessary to take a stab from the set, which will be half a.Diameter less than the outer part of the secret. Next, it should be forcefully filled the end head to the surface of the nut, and if it is made of soft steel, then, most likely, its surface will take the shape of the inner part of the nozzle with the faces.

After that, you need to take a dynamometric key and, constantly controlling the effort of pressing on the cart, weaken the nut. The key is removed from the nozzle, and the entire structure is already easy to unscrew by hand.

How to unscrew the secrets correctly and without damage to the wheel? The most common way to extract secrets is to contact the service center of the manufacturer, where for several days engineers will be able to restore the key and make its duplicate. However, in the package with nuts, along with the key, there is a combination of numbers. A unique code by which the product is restored, and if it is also lost, this procedure is impossible.

Masters at the maintenance stations of the car often resort to conical extractors, with which they dismantle boiled bolts. A hole is drilled in the fasteners, a stile with a cone and zazubin is inserted into it, after which the master carefully unscrews the element, deadly fixed on the extractor.

One of the most exotic ways to extract secrets is to freeze steel with liquid nitrogen, when it loses its strength and, after prolonged exposure by supernarial temperatures, is simply broken by a hammer into parts.

Masters at a service station, as a rule, resort to extracting the extractor, because only professionals can afford this set of master keys in high quality. This means that a good specialist will not mess with the wheel for more than 10 minutes, but will certainly remove it using his honed skill and rich experience.

Common mistakes of owners when dismantling secrets

Removing a wheel with secrets without using a key is a procedure that is repeated in life not too often, and an ordinary motorist rarely manages to perform it without a single error. During the use of one of the above means to remove nuts from the wheel, you can often damage the wheel, or even the hub, the brake system and, as a result, pay a lot of money for repairing the entire structure.

First of all, if you act with the help of hauling, the owners of the car may have some problems, in particular:

  • Too strong tightening of ordinary nuts can lead to a breakdown of threads on the stilettos or on the fastener itself.
  • Wheel loosening on a car can deform studs, a wheeled disk or a hub, which will lead to expensive repairs.
  • After all the manipulations, the desired result may not be achieved, because the nut does not get out.
  • If 2 secrets are installed on the wheel at once, then this procedure for their removal is impossible.
  • Removing secrets with this procedure is not guaranteed 100 %.

DIY trimmer on wheels

Make a similar device for. Sergei Khomyakov was a matter of several hours, but the benefits of him were invaluable. And it seems that many who are accustomed to hold the tool in their hands will be able to repeat the structure.

The wife of my old friend with great pleasure arranges small flowerbeds of various shapes in her country area, plants a decorative shrub. Caring for all this farm takes a lot of effort and time, especially when weeds need to be littered and grass. And a small electric trimmer with a battery power is simply an indispensable assistant when mowing grass under the bushes or near decorative fences from stones around flower beds.

We make a trimmer on wheels

Batteries make it possible to move freely in a decorative bush, since there is no long cable that stretches for you from an electric outlet throughout the site, striving to get confused or spoil the plants in its path. With such a trimmer you can mow grass in the most inaccessible places, but it is hard to hold the tool with one hand during work. Your hands get tired and you have to rest often. Then friends turned to me with a request to make it easier to work as a tool.

On the Internet, I once saw a photograph that depicted a gasoline trimmer with supporting wheels from a children’s bicycle installed on its bar. I decided to repeat the design. I did not remember the details of that device, but the principle was clear.

The reactive thrust came in handy

I picked up a metal pipe. Such that its inner diameter is approximately equal to the outer diameter of the trimmer bar. The reactive thrust of the rear axle of the Lada car cut off a piece of 80 mm long from it, welded two long nuts with M8 threads one opposite the other, after which he cut the pipe along.I got a clamp consisting of two halves of the pipe with welded nuts.

On one of the halves of the clamp, the holes in the welded nuts to a diameter of 8.5 mm, to the second half, welded a 20 x 20 mm profile pipe at an angle, which will serve as a persistent wheel. In the lower part of the rack, a hole of 0 8.5 mm drilled for fastening supporting wheels from a children’s bicycle.


The design turned out to be simple and easy. Moving along the rod rack with wheels, you can choose the optimal position of the trimmer in height so that it is convenient to work.

With such a simple improvement in the form of two wheels on the rack, to mow grass under the bushes, it became easy and convenient: you can hold the trimmer with one hand, without particularly straining, and at the same time reach the most inaccessible places.

How to pick up a trimmer: motorized car

October 14, 2011 Mountinbike with a motor. The topic is worn in the air. However, in the metal it is embodied either in the form of concepts, or built by enthusiasts (the French are especially successful in this).Mountainbike with a motor. The topic is worn in the air. However, in the metal it is embodied either in the form of concepts, or built by enthusiasts (the French are especially successful in this).

Like many, I started the path with the legendary “cheap”, which I put on teenage “Tisa”. The device turned out to be funny, but a gasoline stink in an apartment, dirty hands and a shamanic tambourine for the expelled evil spirits from a carburetor and ignition were attached to it. The device did not perform utilitarian functions in any way.

But one day I was lucky enough to ride a mountain bike with a trimmer motor (benzocous) and belt drive. Although it was in winter and I did not ride for long, I experienced a cultural shock! In the frost, the motor started perfectly both cold and heated, pulled perfectly, was perfectly clean and did not stink at all. And the “maximum speed” is 55 km/h with such a craving “cheap” and did not dream!

In general, a belt set with a two.Stroke motor from a trimmer with a capacity of 1.5 liters was soon purchased.With. Plus a mountain bike stronger.

There was no limit to happiness, but only to the first rain it turned out that the drive belt from getting wet loses its strength and is torn, it is not very convenient to change it on the road, and the cost of the new bites. And the rain in Moscow is not rare.

But I was already used to traveling on such a convenient Moticalel and did not want to give up the idea, I decided. The chain and only the chain will save the “father of Russian democracy”!

The required gear ratio forced the use of a driven star with almost the wheel of the bicycle, but, fortunately, there was a gearbox from the Chinese minibaik, which perfectly stood on a trimmer motor and allowed the use of stars of the usual size. The components of the drive are generally available bicycle: a single.Speed wide chain, a star from a XVZ bicycle for 51 tooths and Friville (overturning coupling with an asterisk) from VMX, as well as a bicycle brake handle as a gas trigger in the role of a gas trigger.

In addition to purchased details in the design, there are many original components. These are steel racks, which are attached to the frame of the bicycle, motorema (holds a gearbox with a motor), a chain tensioner with kapolon rollers, fastening the driven star on the wheel, adapter from the gearbox shaft to Frivil. He designed the details himself, and made them at the neighboring defense plant.

What happened in the end? Super light light (equipped weight. 25 kg) Motor transport at a maximum speed of 55 km/h, dynamics at the level of simple Chinese scooters, fuel consumption of 2 liters per 100 km (stroke on one tank 50 km), which does not stain with oil and does not smell like gasoline. The lack of smell and dirt helps me save on a garage or parking lot, the one is in the apartment and does not bring discomfort at all at all. The fact that all the “pedal” functions are completely preserved are fully preserved. It remains both the gear shift and the light pedal move (thanks to “Friville”), with a lack of traction, the motor can always help pedal and call on any hill. The chassis of modern Mountinbayka is very strong and reliable, disc brakes provide very confident braking, and large wheels help to more easily overcome our “directions”.

After the finalization of the design, I traveled more than 4000 km and during this time I only once changed the drive chain, twice. The spark plug, and since I cleaned the fuel system. A good indicator of reliability and unpretentiousness.

For lightness and removal agility, I called my motorcycle bike “hare”. Now I go to the “hare” every day to work, and he has no equal in traffic jams.

He is so narrow and maneuverable that at the peak hour I get home faster than earlier on a motorcycle, while traveling costs are simply funny. There were small trips, trips outside the city, even from Moscow to Yaroslavl.

But the motorcycle bike, of course, is not for the highway. It is not comfortable to “interpret” on it, but in the city and summer trips of the best transport for myself I can’t imagine!

Building Damn Ilya
Name “Hare”
Power unit Engine from gas trimmer (33 cm³, 1.5 liters.With. At 7400 rpm), transmission: gear gear with a gear ratio 5, bicycle, bicycle stars 13 and 51 tooth, overtaking coupling on the gear shaft (Freewheel)
Chassis Mountain bike Stels Navigator 700 episodes
Other “Comfortable” saddle adjustable ruling of the steering wheel

The frictional (with a clamp roller) did not justify the main gear to the chain, for which I had to put an intermediate gearbox from the Chinese minibate.The frictional (with a clamp roller) did not justify the main gear to the chain, for which I had to put an intermediate gearbox from the Chinese minibate.The 25-kilogram apparatus is like no other for short marching through Moscow traffic jams.The 25-kilogram apparatus is like no other for short marching through Moscow traffic jams.How to pick up a trimmer: Motovelotkak to pick up a trimmer: Motovylsidkak to pick up a trimmer: Motovelopikak to pick up a trimmer: Motovelotshitka in the text? Highlight it with the mouse! And click: Ctrl Enter

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