August 31, 2019

How To Build A Booth For A Big Dog

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How To Build A Booth For A Big Dog

Hello, dear readers of my site.

Today I would like to tell and show how to make a dog house with your own hands.

Earlier, I have already described the option of building a booth, here in this same article we will discuss another version with which you can take as a basis for building apartments for your pet.

In my practice, I use various methods of construction, and I approach the manufacturing process creatively. At first I think over the sketch, then I plan on the stage-by-stage embodiment of the idea. To do this, I sketch an approximate scheme on a piece of paper, estimate the sizes, refine the details, choose a material. In general, I spend preliminary training, which will save me from possible mistakes during construction. I advise you to do the same.

True, today I didn’t particularly make this kind of movements, since you will not see anything complicated in the construction of the presented product. All very modest. Nothing more, just the main points that will make your dog’s home as comfortable and cozy as possible. After all, the main task of the dog house is, first of all, shelter, and if the owner is mastering the mansion from the master’s shoulder, this is the envy of the neighbors. Dogs on it, all the same, the main thing that was a roof over your head. Although this does not mean at all that a dog booth should be made, how horrible and from what it got.

So, if you still do not know how to make a dog house with your own hands, This article will help you.

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The product, which we will build with you, is a rectangular wooden structure with a lean-to roof. The dimensions of the booth on the facade are 90 cm, depth – 70 cm, height 75 – cm. These parameters can be increased or decreased at will and in accordance with the dimensions of your dog. How to correctly calculate the size of the booth I will write soon, stay tuned to the site updates.

The main frame will be assembled from a bar with a section of 40×40 mm, the floors will be a board 25 mm thick. We will sheathe the booth with a “clapboard” board, its thickness is 12.5 mm. For external corners use a wooden corner. As a roof – galvanized professional sheet.

We will build our work as follows: first we will assemble the front and rear frames, we will twist them, we will floor them, we will make a manhole, we will round the booth with clapboard, we will paint, we will throw the roof.

For work, we need the following tool: a power saw for cutting a bar, an electric jigsaw for cutting lining and cutting manhole, a screwdriver for twisting frames. As an improvised tool, we will use a tape measure, level, pencil.

one. We start by collecting the front frame. We make it according to the following drawing with observance of the sizes.

How To Build A Booth For A Big Dog

2 By the same principle we collect the rear frame.

How To Build A Booth For A Big Dog

3 Twist the front and rear frames with connecting bars from the bottom and top.

How To Build A Booth For A Big Dog
How To Build A Booth For A Big Dog

4. Lay the floors.

How To Build A Booth For A Big Dog

five. Screw bars, form the entrance to the booth. I deliberately took Laz to the maximum right side so that the dog had the opportunity to hide behind the wall. It can also be placed on the left. The size of the manhole is 30 x 40 cm.

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How To Build A Booth For A Big Dog

6 We turn the booth upside down and fasten the previously prepared legs. The legs are made from scraps of the bar.

How To Build A Booth For A Big Dog

7 Before the wall cladding, the design is level by level, strutting can be used to reinforce the frame.

eight. We sew up the walls of the booth with a “clapboard” board, starting from the bottom up, a groove down, a spike up. External corners are covered with a wooden corner. Cut out jigsaw Laz.

How To Build A Booth For A Big Dog

9. We paint by impregnating the outer side of the product. For painting it is better to use a water-based impregnation, as it does not have a sharp smell of solvent, and is harmless to the animal.

ten. Fasten the roof. Measure the desired size. Do not forget about the front visor, if you make it short, then Laz will detect rain and snow. The professional sheet is cut off by the grinder. For roof fastening we use roofing screws in the color of a professional sheet.

How To Build A Booth For A Big Dog

The dog box is ready.

How To Build A Booth For A Big Dog

Now you know how to make a dog house with your own hands. Do not be afraid to take up work, believe in yourself and you will definitely get everything.

Next time I will tell you how to prepare the booth for the winter, that is, we will warm ourselves.

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