August 15, 2019

How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd Do-It-Yourself Instructions With Drawings And Sizes

How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd Do-It-Yourself Instructions With Drawings And Sizes

Conditions of detention – one of the key factors for the proper development of the animal, preserving its health. For a dog as large as a German shepherd, preferably in the open air. The box for the shepherd dog is set up in a spacious aviary or in the yard, where the animal gets enough space for movement.

Choosing a place for the booth

For the constant maintenance of the German Shepherd should choose a relatively quiet place with a good view. An open-air cage and a dog house should be located in a small distance from the house. It is important that the animal can see all the space of the yard, the front door and the gate. The best choice is to install a booth on an elevation – so you can provide a good overview, protect the building from flooding during rain.

A kennel must also be protected from the direct rays of the sun.

IMPORTANT: A kennel for a German shepherd is put so that other buildings or trees protect it from the wind. But you should not choose a place by the fence where the animal will hear every person passing by. Also, you should not have a booth near the garage, buildings for other animals, a toilet – sounds and sharp odors will excite a shepherd dog.

in the cold season

Our climate conditions are characterized by low average daily temperatures most of the year, and severe frosts in the winter months. The German Shepherd is well protected from short-term exposure to cold, humidity and wind with its thick coat. But with a constant content on the street in the autumn-winter season, the animal can get hypothermia, leading to various diseases, as well as frostbite of the paws and ears. To reliably protect the German Shepherd from the cold will need a warmed booth.

The room of the kennel is heated by the body of the animal, so you only need to create conditions under which the temperature will be kept as long as possible. To do this, wooden walls are made double, and between them lay a layer of insulation. The usual building insulation – mineral wool or polystyrene foam will do. With the same purpose, under the roofing structure, a second overlap is made – the ceiling; heat insulation is also placed on it.

How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd Do-It-Yourself Instructions With Drawings And Sizes

Option booth for a shepherd dog with a vestibule

The vestibule representing the additional air barrier that separates the warm sleeping compartment from the cold street will help to keep warm.

The entrance door from the street and the inner one from the vestibule must be closed with a curtain of thick material or tarpaulin. This will help protect the dog from sudden gusts of wind, eliminates the danger of blowing heat from the booth.

IMPORTANT: It will be difficult to keep the heat if the doghouse for the shepherd dog stands directly on the ground. You must make a wooden base with a height of at least 15 cm or put the building itself on the legs. The floor of the booth is also laid with insulation.

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Project selection

A dog house can be the simplest, resembling a rectangular wooden box in shape, such buildings are quite convenient to maintain. Often the booth is a more complex structure, sometimes it is performed in the same style as the main house on the site. On the Internet, you can find a project for every taste, you can also develop a design and make a booth for a shepherd dog with your own hands. If you are not sure which building will be convenient for the dog, it is better to show the breeder your favorite options.

To increase the comfort of the conditions of the animal, it is better to immediately think about the various useful elements. The project of the kennel may include a high feeder, watering can, shed, a box for toys and other supplies, a place for the toilet. Drop gable roof is also well suited for storing additional accessories. If you bring all these details into the scheme at the initial stage, the final construction will be more convenient and will look neater.

Drawings and sizes

The most important stage – the correct measurement of the animal and the calculation of the size of the dog house. Place in the building should be strictly limited, it should be barely enough for an adult shepherd. The dwelling is heated only by the warmth of the animal’s body, therefore, if the kennel is made more spacious, in winter time it will stand in the cold.

To get the right size for a German Shepherd Dog, measure the dog from tip of nose to tail, as well as height at withers. Add to the resulting figures 15 cm – this will be the length and height of the booth. Also measure the width of the chest and subtract 10 cm from it to get the size of the manhole. This opening should also be small to reduce heat loss – the dog should just go into it, slightly stooping. The height of the hole get, taking away from the height of the dog at the withers 10-15 cm

The booth is often placed in the period when the dog is still a puppy and has not reached its final form. In this case, you will have to rely on the advice of experienced breeders and use the standard sizes of the kennel for the German Shepherd:

  • 120-125 cm in length;
  • height is 90-100 cm;
  • width is 65-70 cm;
  • dimensions of the frame 40×60 cm
How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd Do-It-Yourself Instructions With Drawings And Sizes

Size drawing of a German Shepherd dog house

How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd Do-It-Yourself Instructions With Drawings And Sizes

Size drawing of an open-air booth for a German shepherd dog

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The slope of a single-pitch roof is not recommended to do more than 15 degrees. So the dog will be able to use the roof as a place to lie and observe the protected area. When installing a high gable roof slope is 30 degrees.

The booth with the vestibule is made more elongated – by 20-30 cm. The platform is often separated not by an entrance hole, but simply by an internal partition that does not reach the wall. In this case, the size of the kennel allows the dog to lie down, stretching out its paws, along the long side of the booth.

How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd Do-It-Yourself Instructions With Drawings And Sizes

The drawing and the size of the box with a closed vestibule for the German Shepherd

Required materials and tools

Attention should be paid to the choice of materials – the walls of the building should be well tolerated by temperature drops, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, do not swell from moisture. The box should be not only durable, but also completely safe for the animal. For the construction it is important to choose environmentally friendly materials without sharp odors, not containing toxins.

The best choice is natural wood – suitable for the construction of suitable and inexpensive hardwood or pine. It will be easier to build a booth from a wall paneling or edged board of a small thickness – 2-3 cm. The frame is made of wooden beams – square boards. It is important to choose wood of good quality, without knots, signs of rot or cracks. This will significantly increase the life of the future kennel.

For comfortable work with wood, you need a special set of tools:

  • a tape measure, marker or pencil for marking;
  • building level;
  • hammer, electric drill for fasteners;
  • saw or electric jigsaw to cut parts;
  • fasteners – bolts, screws, nails;
  • joiner’s glue, silicone sealant for joints.

IMPORTANT: In order not to cause allergies in an animal, inside the booths do not use industrial wood products. It is best to saturate the boards with natural oils.

How to build a booth with your own hands

With the help of a marker and a tape measure an exact drawing is made, the amount of material is calculated. The building site is cleared and leveled if necessary. For the construction of the booth the following steps are carried out step by step:

  1. A rectangular base frame 15 cm high is assembled from wooden bars. It can be either exactly the size of the booth or go beyond it, forming a platform. Bars are fastened with screws and metal corners. For better stability, one or two additional bars are also made in the frame.
  2. If you think a warm booth, it is better to make a double floor overlap. To do this, you can use lining, edged board or moisture-resistant plywood. Mineral wool is laid between the layers – this insulation is durable, does not react to temperature changes.
  3. Four bars equal to the height of the booth are prepared; they are installed along the edges of the base. Between them, you can install additional crossbar.
  4. Set the wall of the vestibule inside the kennel. It can be made of plywood or wall paneling.
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How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd Do-It-Yourself Instructions With Drawings And Sizes

The walls of the future booth sheathed plywood

  • The manhole opening is reinforced with additional beams, which are nailed around the edges. Laz is placed on the wide side of the booth, in the vestibule area.
  • The framework of the roof structure, made of bars, is installed. Three bars are additionally attached to one of the sides so that the flat roof rests on them at an angle of 15 degrees.
  • The walls of the booth are sheathed with insulation, it is more convenient to use expanded polystyrene of the desired thickness. Then the final plating from the wall panel is made.
    How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd Do-It-Yourself Instructions With Drawings And Sizes
  • The roof is installed, it is also better to warm it immediately. Door hinges made of galvanized metal or furniture fittings are attached to the underside. Easily opening the roof will help facilitate the cleaning procedure in the booth.
  • How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd Do-It-Yourself Instructions With Drawings And Sizes

    Roof construction

  • At the final stage, the wooden walls are treated with antiseptic and moisture-resistant impregnation. Then the walls are painted or varnished on the outside; they are not made inside of this treatment – paint fumes are harmful to the animal. Laz is closed by a shutter, which is mounted on the wooden plank from the inside. That the curtain hung exactly to its lower part a metal plate is sewn for weighting.
  • IMPORTANT: If during the winter period there are prolonged severe frosts (up to 30-35 degrees), one layer of insulation may not be enough. It is recommended to additionally sheathe the booth from the inside with pieces of thick felt that can be removed in the spring.

    Such warming by means of the construction stapler is made. Also during the cold weather, a bed of hay is placed in the booth and the second curtain is hung from the main compartment to the vestibule.

    Proper care

    A wooden box for a German shepherd dog can last up to twenty years, but remember that the building needs regular cleaning and disinfection. These procedures should be carried out at least twice a year. To do this, the animal is removed from the booth, the walls are cleaned with soft household chemicals, disinfected and treated with insect repellents. After thoroughly drying the tree, if necessary, re-cover it with protective impregnation. When the walls are completely dry, shepherd can be returned to the place.

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