September 13, 2019

How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd

How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd
How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd

How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd
How To Build A Booth For A German Shepherd

If the owner needs a dog to protect and guard, then the best choice is a German Shepherd. It can be kept outdoors year round. Adult individuals are covered with wool with a very thick undercoat. The dog will need a warm booth. In it, she will be able to hide in the event of possible bad weather, as well as rest.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare the necessary building materials and tools: nails, hammer, shovel, insulation material, circular saw or hacksaw. Before the construction of the booth, it is important to correctly calculate its size. Usually, the standard German Shepherd Dog booth has a rectangular parallelepiped shape with a length of 2 m, a width of 2 m and a height of 1.5 m.

How to build a booth for a German shepherd?

It is necessary to carefully plan the place where the booth will be located. A guard dog should visually monitor the entire territory. It is better if you perform work on the spot, rather than transfer it to another place. There will be unnecessary problems (the structure is rather difficult to move).

It is necessary to prepare as dry material as possible. The fact is that the tree has the property to change its size depending on the humidity of the air, so it is desirable to cut the grooves, then during shrinkage the structure will remain unchanged for a long time. The walls must be double.

Now you need to drive the pillars in the marked places, isolate the points of contact with the soil with a sealant (you can use ordinary waste oil). The crossbars should be nailed to the supports and upholstered with the usual mother-in-law the inner surface of the doghouse. Laying the floor should be approximately 0.3 m from the ground. In case of heavy precipitation, water will not flood the booth.

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Now you need to strengthen the fence on the ceiling, make a complete insulation of the kennel with special heat insulating materials, nail another layer of the string on the floor. The walls and the ceiling are sheathed with mortise boards. The roof can be made of any type. It depends on the owner’s imagination. Pre-make her stand. The roof is completely upholstered with a corsage and covered with slate made from modern eco-friendly materials. You can apply and steel coating. There is only one criterion: the dog should not chew the material. Otherwise, it causes significant harm to the health of the animal.

German Shepherd Dog Box – clean, dry, warm, comfortable, eco-friendly!

After the construction of the booth, it is necessary to treat it with a coating that protects the tree from decay (oil paint or drying oil). In addition, you should definitely soak it with anti-parasitic agents.

A skilled wizard can give the booth an original look. You can paint it in such a way that it will become the main touch in the design of the area near the house. The German Shepherd is boundlessly devoted to its owner. She is constantly ready to protect him, so she deserves a separate, modern, comfortable house. And finally, if there is an opportunity, it is best to entrust the construction of a kennel to a specialist. In addition, at present, there is a large selection of finished products made of pine, oak or other natural materials.

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