August 10, 2019

How To Build A Booth For Your Dog With Your Own Hands

How To Build A Booth For Your Dog With Your Own Hands

Today we will take care of the house for our faithful friend, if of course you have one. The dog box should be built, taking into account a few points. First, what dog it will be designed for. In the event that you have a puppy, the calculation should be done on the size of an adult individual, well, this is probably a fact obvious. Secondly, in which region you live, and whether the dog will live in this booth in winter. After all, it is clear that the larger the dimensions of this building, the harder it is to warm it. And, thirdly: all living things need their own, private, secluded corner, where they feel completely safe. Therefore, the dog must feel comfortable and secure in its home.

No matter for which dog you want to build a booth, you need to take into account the basic recommendations on the size of the booth and its arrangement.

Basic rules for the construction of the booth

  • The internal dimensions of the kennel should allow the dog to turn freely, lie down. All animals love to indulge – so after sleep they prepare their muscles for vigorous activity. It means that the dog should have such an opportunity in the booth. She should not be prevented from stretching to her full height;
  • The width of the manhole should be not less than 10 cm greater than the width of the chest of an adult dog;
  • The height of the entrance to the kennel is made slightly less than the height of the dog, measured at the withers, or equal to it;
  • The inner height of the booth is determined as follows: the height of the dog plus 4 – 6 cm;
  • The width of the booth should be made slightly larger than the length of the dog, measured from nose to tip of the tail. Then it will be convenient for her to turn around;
  • The depth of the booth should be greater than the height and width.
  • The entrance to the dog kennel is best done in a long wall, and it should be slightly shifted relative to the center. The roof should be done flat so that rainwater does not accumulate on it. If you build a gable, then in the resulting "attic" you can keep some accessories to care for the dog, her toys.
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How To Build A Booth For Your Dog With Your Own Hands

A coniferous tree is considered to be the best material for construction. In any case, all materials should be natural, since animals are very sensitive to any synthetics, etc. Special attention should be paid to the floor – it should be warmed as much as possible. It is best to lay the boards in two rows, and between them additionally lay insulation.

The roof needs to be made necessarily removed, it will allow to air the kennel thoroughly and without special difficulties to make its internal cleaning. The roof inside (booth ceiling) must also be warmed.

Before using a tree in construction, it must be well processed. There are special impregnations that protect the board from rotting, from insects, fire-fighting agents. It is possible to paint boards only outside the already finished booth, but not from the inside. It is necessary to provide for the presence of a curtain, which will be covered during the cold season.

The place to install the kennel is selected on a hill, otherwise there will always be a puddle of rainwater under it and in the dog house it will be constantly damp. Laz booth should be focused on the whole area, as dogs love to watch the surrounding terrain.

Actually, it will be easier and more comfortable for the faithful dog to serve for the protection of your property. Under the booth you need to make a foundation, at least to lay bricks – then it will stand securely.

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