July 2, 2019

How To Build A Dog House

How To Build A Dog House

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Hot summer, cold winter, rainy autumn It’s good when the house is warm and cozy and all the weather adversity stays behind the walls. And how to be on the summer cottage to our faithful four-legged friend? We, of course, do not mean small indoor doggies, but dogs, which we specifically keep in the country, in order to reliably protect the territory.


First of all, you need to properly consider the size of the dog. Based on this, and determined the size of the booth. To the dog was in it freely enough, the height of the booth can be chosen equal to the height of your dog. The width and depth of the booth is usually made the same and equal to the distance from the nose to the tail of the dog. Practically all dog breeds can be divided into three groups: small, medium and large.

For small breeds (for example, dachshunds) a booth with dimensions of 700x700x600 mm is quite suitable. For medium breeds (for example, a rottweiler) a more spacious booth with dimensions of at least 900x900x800 mm will be required. And for the largest breeds (dog or shepherd) you need a booth more than 1200x1200x1000mm. The dimensions of the manhole in the booth can be determined based on the width of the dog’s chest and its height at the withers. The height at the withers is reduced by 5-6 cm, and the width of the chest is increased by the same value.

It should be remembered that the indicated dimensions of the booth are internal. And if you plan to keep the dog in it in the winter, the outer dimensions of the booth will be much larger. However, the booth will be more spacious, the more difficult it is to warm it in winter. Therefore, the size should be chosen optimally. If your dog continues to grow, then consider whether it will not be cramped in this booth in a year or two. In any case, while in the booth, the dog must be able to turn around inside and lie down freely.

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Design and construction

The type of booth can be chosen fairly simple, for example, with a single-pitch or gable roof, and you can also fantasize, given that the booth will be a great addition to the design of your site. You can even arrange it as an exact copy of your own home. If the base of your booth has different sizes, then the entrance to the booth is better placed in a long wall and displaced from the center. The roof can be of various shapes, for example, shed. But it will turn out much nicer if you perform it gable, with a small attic. Then in the small attic you can put a spare litter, dog toys, even dog dishes.

The floor of the booth should be warm and double. At the same time between the floorings should be a distance of at least 40 mm. Also double walls can be made if the booth is intended for the winter period. Between the walls is laid modern sheet insulation. The roof must be removable in order to allow easy access to the inside of the booth for the purpose of regular cleaning and treating the booth from parasites by chemical means. Access to the booth is also necessary in the event of a disease or injury to a dog in order to provide it with timely veterinary care or evacuation. The booth must be installed so that its floor does not touch the ground. Otherwise, there will be mold on the boards.


The most optimal material for the construction of the booth is a coniferous tree. For the manufacture of double floor booth required bars, for example, 40 × 40 mm, and a rabbeted floorboard. For vertical racks you need a thicker timber, for example, 60 × 60 mm, and for very large dogs – 100 × 100 mm. For wall cladding need lining, and for the finishing elements – fine moldings and decorative slats. Roofing material is required for waterproofing from the outside of the insulation, and from the inside – hardboard. Sheet plywood is necessary for the ceiling, and roofing for the roof.

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Installation and assembly

The construction of the booth starts from the floor. Saturate the assembled boards with antiseptic, and then, outside, nail a sheet of roofing material to them for waterproofing. On top of the ruberoid, it is advisable to nail two bars-polozi so that the floor of the booth does not touch the ground. Four powerful bars that perform the function of racks are vertically attached to the floor. On these bars will build a roof. In the middle of each wall, install similar bars, the length of which is less angular to the thickness of the ceiling. In addition, on the long wall fix two vertical bars at the location of the manhole.

Now it is necessary to sheathe the outside of all side walls with clapboard. Then the ceiling assembled from plywood sheets is inserted inside the trimmed booth. After that the finishing floor is nailed. To prevent the dog’s claws from getting stuck in its crevices, lay one layer of plywood on top. From the inner side of the wall booths are sheathed with hardboard. Work on the roof of the booth should begin with the manufacture of gables. In the front gable you need to provide an opening under the attic door. To the roof of the booth was removable, it should be put on wooden or metal pins inserted into the corner of the vertical rack.

The crate should be made after the gables are set vertically. Do not forget to provide for the back and front issues, gables are best to sheathed with clapboard, and sew up the issues from the inside with plywood. After coating the sheathing with ruberoid, lay the shingles or other roofing material on it.

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Exterior finish and installation

Inside the booth should not be painted. But outside the finished kennel is best painted. Choose the color to your taste. If you do not want the booth to be noticed by strangers, then choose a camouflage type of coloring to match the color of the foliage. For lovers of romance, we advise you to attach an electric torch to the roof gable. At night, he will help your pet navigate near his house.

Place the booth on an elevated place so that rainwater does not accumulate under it and there is enough space for ventilation of the bottom. From the place where the booth is installed, the territory of your site should be clearly visible.

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