July 22, 2019

How To Build A Dog House Complete Guide

If you are going to keep your dog outside, it is absolutely necessary to provide him with a warm and comfortable booth. In winter, the booth will be a warm shelter from the cold, in the summer it will cover from the heat. It’s not possible to buy a dog house everywhere, therefore many dog ​​owners build a dog house on their own. We offer help to craftsmen to build a dog house – step by step.

Choosing a place for the booth

It is very important to choose the place where the booth will stand. It is best to have the building in a dry place, but not in the sun. The dog and the house should be clearly visible from the dog house – otherwise the guard dog will be worried, unable to serve as it should be and “control the situation”. The location should be slightly elevated, so that under the booth and near it does not accumulate moisture after rain. In any case, the base of the booth should be raised above the ground – for additional protection from water and for ventilation.

How To Build A Dog House Complete Guide

Determining the size of the booth and the number of building materials

The universal booth, comfortable in winter and summer, consists of two sections: a bedroom and a vestibule. In the bedroom, the dog sleeps in the cold, curled up. In the vestibule often lies in the summer, sprawled on its side. For these reasons, the vestibule is made larger than the sleeping compartment.

To determine the optimal size of the entire building, we take measurements from the dog and perform a series of simple mathematical operations.

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Booth height is defined as the height of the dog at the withers plus the thickness of the litter plus an additional 10-15 cm. The dog must sit inside the booth, not resting his head on the ceiling.

Booth depth should be such that the dog could lie on its side with legs extended. Measure the distance from the withers of the dog lying on its side to the tips of its paws and add 10-15 cm.

Booth width determined by the total width of the bedroom and vestibule. The width of the bedroom is calculated by adding 10-15 cm to the distance between the tailbone of the animal and its nose. The width of the vestibule should be such that the dog can easily enter and exit the booth.

Manhole height is determined as follows: weights are 7-9 cm from the height of the dog at the withers.

Manhole width equal to the sum of the width of the dog’s chest in centimeters plus 6-8 cm.

When you have done all the calculations and determined the dimensions of the booth, you need to make a drawing. According to the drawing, it is much easier to calculate the amount of materials required for the entire building.

Materials for construction

You will need:
bars 100 × 100;
bars 40 × 40;
bars 100 × 50;
nails (preferably galvanized);
mineral wool;
roofing material;
impregnation antiseptic.

The amount of each type of material is calculated by drawing booth. Great for building a doghouse softwood.

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Frame and bottom of the booth

From the floor in the booth is required to be warm and without cracks. A draft blows in the gap, and the dog’s claw can get stuck and cause injury.

We frame the framework from 40 × 40 bars. The flooring is made of flooring. When the floor is knocked together, in the corners of the structure we install vertically 4 wooden bars 100 × 100. Walls will then be fixed on these bars. Between the main bars we install 40 × 40 bars, on which the roof will be supported. Two more vertically installed 40 × 40 bars will mark the manhole. Read more """

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