September 7, 2019

How To Build A Dog House With Your Own Hands

If your four-legged pet lives all year round in the yard, then he needs his little house. So he can take shelter from the snow and rain, strong wind or winter cold. To make a decent dog house with your own hands, you do not need to have any special skills in construction or use supernovae tools. You can quickly assemble a similar design from the tools available in any yard.

What size should be a booth?

Before you build a dog house, you must determine what size it will be. To do this, we measure our dog from the nose to the tip of the tail, add 5 centimeters, this will be the depth. To determine the height, we add all the same 5 centimeters to the height of the dog (the highest point is the tips of the ears). The width of the structure will not differ much from its height, and the width of the manhole will be equal to the width of the thorax of the four-legged friend plus five centimeters. We measure the height of the dog at the withers, add five centimeters to the result, the result will be equal to the height of the manhole.

But such measurements can only be used for an adult dog, for a puppy you will have to be content with data on a specific breed obtained from reference books.

If the dog lives in a booth only during the warm season, or you live in the southern region, then the booth can be made larger than the recommended sizes. But if your place of residence is closer to the north, then you should not turn a kennel into an “elite dwelling”, increase its size. In such a booth, the dog will be uncomfortable and cold, it will often hurt.

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If the hole is positioned offset to the edge of the kennel, this will prevent cold air from getting inside. For additional protection from strong winds, you can make a two-room booth, or from the hallway. For this, the width is doubled, and the whole space is divided by a partition, creating two compartments. In this case, the hole in the outer room must be done from the yard, and in the second – in the partition on the side that is closer to the back wall.

Choose a place

Naturally, before you make a dog box, you need to determine its location. The place must be chosen in such a way that the structure is in the shade most of the daylight, and in the case of strong piercing winds the booth is not blown through.

For those who do not want their pet to sit on the chain, the best option would be to place the booth in the aviary. When a dog needs to be covered in it, it will always be able to rest in its house.

What will the shape of the booth?

The kennel can be with a flat and with a gable roof. If the roof is flat, then its slope will be in the direction opposite to the facade.

The roof must be strong, withstand the weight of the dog, snow, wind. As a rule, they perform the roof with solid flooring made of plywood, boards, etc., and cover it from above with roofing material (tiles, slate).

Doghouse should be collapsible. So it is easier to clean, disinfect. Removable can be, as one roof, and some walls. A good option is the possibility of removing the entire "body" from the floor.

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If the structure is in an open-air cage in which there is a wooden floor, then it is possible to fix walls to it, so the floor will be shared by the cage and the cage.

It is impossible to put the booth on the ground, so the bottom will quickly begin to rot, it is better to raise it to the “lag” so that air can freely circulate between them.

How to warm a doghouse?

The dog box is self-insulated with foam plastic, mineral wool and other available materials. The heat-insulating layer on both sides is protected by the basic material (boards, plywood). This creates a kind of "thermos". If the material of the booth is a timber, then there is no need to additionally insulate the walls, but the floor and roof still need thermal insulation.

How To Build A Dog House With Your Own Hands

We assemble a booth

Assembly begins with the floor. It is immediately warmed. Nails and screw heads are sunk into wood in order to avoid injuring the dog. The floor should protrude beyond the bounds of the whole structure by 6 centimeters from all sides. The walls are fastened together with metal corners.

If the roof is flat, the front part should be somewhat higher than the rear, so the upper edge of the sides will be sloping. If the roof is gable, then you must immediately make the walls of the facade and the back of the triangular.

Next, the body of the booth is attached to the bottom, fixed outside the bars.

If the roof is flat, it is necessary to nail the bars for fixing from its bottom. The roof should exceed the size of the booth by ten centimeters on all sides.

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It is possible to upholster outside with an additional waterproof material.

Video: how to make a booth in an hour?

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