August 29, 2019

How To Build A Dog House With Your Own Hands

If you have your own plot of land, you can not only start making flower beds and flowerpots for yourself, but also build a real “apartment” for the dog in which the animal will be warm and comfortable throughout the entire calendar year. Various materials can be used to make a kennel, but the simplest to manufacture is a wooden structure. The size of the box will depend on the breed of the dog, therefore, before purchasing the necessary materials, it is necessary to correctly calculate the dimensions of this product.

How To Build A Dog House With Your Own Hands

We determine the size and design

The size of the booth is the main parameter that needs to be chosen quite accurately. If the kennel is too spacious, then during the cold season the free space will be very cold. If you build a booth smaller than necessary, then the animal will be uncomfortable in it. The size of the kennel must be chosen in such a way that the animal can freely enter it and lie down, stretching its full length.

In order not to be mistaken with the dog house parameters, it is necessary to measure the animal and project the results obtained as follows:

  • the height of the animal, which is measured from the floor to the top, will be equal to the width and height of the booth;
  • the length of the dog equals the depth of the dog house;
  • height from floor to withers dogs minus 5 cm – height of the manhole.

According to such rules, a booth for an adult dog is made. If you need to make "housing" for a puppy, then the booth should be equal to the size of an older dog of this breed. Find out the approximate values ​​of the height and length of pedigreed dogs will not be easy. In various reference books there is enough information to make a booth “for growth”. It is a little problematic to calculate the dimensions of a purebred animal, but if it is reliably known that the house needs to be made for a mongrel, then the dimensions of an average-sized dog are taken as a basis.

For the manufacture of dog kennels most often used design with a lean-to roof. Such a kennel is not only much easier to make than a gable model, the flat roof is still convenient because dogs love to lie on it in good weather.

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What to build and how to warm

If the dog will live in a booth all year round, then it must be properly insulated. Despite the fact that some of the heat will go through the hole, the use of heaters will significantly reduce the penetration of cold through the walls and floor. The following materials can be used as insulation for a doghouse:

  1. Sawdust is an environmentally friendly material, which is poured into the space between the two plank walls. Sawdust retains heat perfectly, but in order that the material is not affected by the fungus, it is necessary to use special antiseptic agents before use.
  2. Polyfoam – material possesses good heat-insulating properties. Available in slabs that are easily cut with a regular stationery knife. In the booth, the foam is attached from the inside to the screws or special glue.
  3. Artificial felt – the material is made of synthetic fibers. Warming is carried out by covering the inner surface of the walls.
  4. Penoplex – a modern material with high thermal insulation characteristics. Penoplex is not subject to rotting, is easily processed and does not get wet even with direct contact with liquid.
  5. Mineral wool – made from rock silicate rocks. It has excellent thermal insulation characteristics, does not rot and does not get wet, but the cost of the material will be significantly higher compared to foam and penoplex.

Any of these materials can be well insulated dog kennel, but this operation is performed during the manufacture of the main frame of the dog house.

Most often dog kennels are made of lumber. Boards are easy to process, are inexpensive and have good thermal insulation properties. In some cases it is possible to build a booth made of bricks or concrete. This method is used in the case when the structure is adjacent to a residential or non-residential structure of concrete. It should be understood that stone and brick will freeze up much in winter, therefore, to insulate a booth of such a construction, it will be necessary to spend a much larger amount of insulation material.

Insulated dog house with his hands

A kennel for a dog can be made independently. For the construction of a simple insulated construction it is necessary to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • timber 100 100 mm;
  • timber 100 50 mm;
  • timber 40 40 mm;
  • edged board 25 mm;
  • plywood or chipboard;
  • insulation;
  • glassine;
  • ruberoid;
  • nails or screws;
  • hammer;
  • hacksaw;
  • door hinges.
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Timber before use is carefully cleaned to eliminate the likelihood of formation of splinters in a pet. When all materials and tools are prepared, the dog house is made in the following sequence:

  1. The frame of a frame is made of a bar of 40 40 mm. For this purpose, it is enough to cut off two pieces of lumber equal in width, two segments equal to the length of the booth, then fasten them together to make a rectangle.
  2. The space between the bar is laid foam, which must be cut exactly to the size of the inner rectangle.
  3. Polyfoam is covered on both sides with glass arch, which is attached to a wooden frame with the help of a furniture stapler.
  4. On top of the glassine the edged board is stuffed.
  5. To the warmed base in the corners is attached a bar 100 100 mm, the height of which in front of the booth should be equal to the height of the dog, and in the rear – 10 cm shorter. The beam is attached to the base with nails or screws, if necessary, you can use a metal corner for a more secure mounting of the uprights. The difference in the height of the hull is necessary in order to form a ramp for the water to run off the roof.
  6. From the bar 100 50 mm in front of the booth there is a manhole for the dog.
  7. Bar 40 40 mm at the top of the booth vertical racks are interconnected. If the structure is made large, then to increase strength, additional vertical posts are installed on the larger side of the wall.
  8. Each wall of the booth is insulated with foam in the same way as in the manufacture of the floor, but the cladding is carried out on the outside with clapboard, and the inside plane is sheathed with plywood or chipboard.
  9. The roof is made using a sheet of plywood, which is insulated with foam from the inside, and with roofing material on the outside to protect the material from moisture. In order to prevent water from entering the manhole, as well as to prevent water from filling the back wall of the booth, the size of the roof should be 15–20 cm larger than the upper plane of the dog house. To simplify the process of cleaning the roof is recommended to install on the hinges.
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The advantage of a kennel made of wood is that it can be easily transferred to a new place, which is not the case with stationary kiosks made of stone or brick.

In our material we will explain how to make a mole turntable and what is needed for this.

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To make a pond of tires, carefully read the recommendations given here.

Booth from a bar for a big dog

For a large dog, you can make a solid home from a bar 100 100. Any additional materials, except wood, for this purpose will not be required. It is also not necessary to warm such a kennel. Logs fall on each other in the same way as in the construction of wooden Russian hut. For reliable fastening the log is cut to the middle, while the notch must be equal to the width of the beam. When building the walls of the booth, the recess of the timber is combined with the transverse wall, forming a reliable lock.

To eliminate the formation of cracks between the bars, it is necessary to carry out an exact adjustment of the depth of the excavation of the beam. From the side of the manhole, the timber is not installed along the entire length of the wall, the cross sticks should be securely fastened in the corners. The roof and floor of such a booth can be made of timber or sheet pressed materials. If plywood or chipboard is used for the floor, then from this side it will be necessary to additionally warm the kennel with foam plastic or other heat-insulating materials.

The options for making a kennel considered in this article are ideal for year-round animal placement. The main thing is to properly heat this structure and install it in a place where there is no strong wind and the probability of flooding the site.

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