August 23, 2019

How To Build A Dog House With Your Own Hands

What you need to consider to make a good dog box?

First of all, the owner of the dog needs to decide on the size of the future booth and make a preliminary drawing and schemes for its construction. If not only the functional side is important to you, but also aesthetic, take care of the color, decor and other details of the future kennel. Indeed, a booth can become an integral part of the design of your yard or garden. In order to determine the size of the future booth, it is necessary to make measurements of your dog. Also be sure to consider the weather conditions in which the booth will be used.

How To Build A Dog House With Your Own Hands

If the booth is designed for cold, take care of the warm upholstery inside. Also, do not make a doghouse clearly according to the measurements of your dog. Note that the dog must have enough space in the booth in order to, at least, freely turn around and lie down. For a more accurate calculation of the size of the booth, consider indicators such as the chest width of the dog (add about 10 cm and get the width of the manhole), the height of the dog, which will determine the height of the booth itself, the height of the dog at the withers (add to it is 5-7 cm and we get the height of the manhole) and the length from the nose to the tail of the animal (this is how we determine the width of the booth). If the booth makes "for growth", be sure to consider the general data of measurements of an adult male breed of your dog.

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And remember: it is better to make the booth more spacious than close. Now let’s talk about the material for the booth. It is desirable that they are natural. For example, a coniferous tree is perfect for this purpose. Also make sure that the material you choose is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Step-by-step instructions for the construction of dog booths

Start tinkering booth should be from the bottom. We take two equal bars with a width equal to the one that you calculated individually for your dog. Then attach the floorboard securely and turn the resulting structure upside down. In the corners it is necessary to fix four pins that will hold the walls of the booth.

In the place where Laz will be, it is necessary to attach two more bars.

The floor of the booth should be warm, so it is desirable to make it from two boards. After that, you need to install intermediate racks that will be equal to the height of the booth. On these racks will rely roof kennels. After all the pins are securely fastened, you can sheathe the booth clapboard.

It is advisable to make the roof of the doghouse removable, as regular cleaning will require it and its treatment with disinfectants. The resulting structure can be laid with glass asphalt and insulated with mineral wool or foam. Sew another sheet of plywood on top.

For waterproofing the bottom of the kennel, use roofing felt and antiseptics "senezh" or "pinoteks." To insulate the floor and walls, use glassine. At the bottom and at the corners of the booth, nail the fillet.

How To Build A Dog House With Your Own Hands

Making the roof will need to start with gables. In order for the roof to be removable, it is necessary to drive the nails into the ends of the kennel and cut the caps. On these pins, you can install gables, pre-drilled holes in them under these pins. After that, do not forget to crate the roof.

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Laz booth is best done in the long part of the booth, slightly shifting it from the center. The finished booth can be painted outside with pinotex.

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