July 26, 2019

How To Build A Dog House With Your Own Hands

To have such a friend as a dog, almost every person has been dreaming since childhood. This is not surprising, because a more faithful and loyal friend is not found. Today, in order to have a dog, even living conditions are not an obstacle.

But here you should take care of a separate arrangement of the cozy living of a four-legged friend who lives in the courtyard. So, along with the decision to make such a friend, many also ask themselves how to build a dog house with their own hands.

Where to place a doghouse?

Before you start creating a doghouse, you should determine its location. To do this, it is important to consider all weather conditions. So, the booth should not stand in the place that is constantly blown by the winds, but the sunny part of the yard is unacceptable, because the four-legged friend will overheat on hot summer days.

The most correct decision would be to put the booth in a bright place in close proximity to the tenka. It is important to take into account such a nuance as rain. So that the booth does not simply flooded during the rain, and the dog always had a place to hide, it is necessary to place it on a certain elevation. Otherwise, the creation of an additional "foundation" will have to be thought of during construction.

As a rule, dogs living in the yard, are designed to protect their owners and their property. The good location of the doghouse will provide the animal with this opportunity. Choosing the optimal place, you need to take into account that the courtyard and the front door should be as visible to the animal as possible.

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How to determine the size of the dog house?

The second important step is to determine the optimal size of the booth. To do this, follow the parameters of the dog. So, if you need to build a booth for an adult four-legged friend, then you need to consider the following:

How To Build A Dog House With Your Own Hands
  • deep in the booth should be 5 cm longer than the length of the dog, measuring which you need to focus on the tip of the nose and tail;
  • it is customary to build booths with almost the same width and height (to get the last indicator, you need to add 5 cm to the height of the dog, the highest point of which is the tip of the ears);
  • to determine the width of the entrance you need to measure the chest of the dog and add again 5 cm;
  • the entrance height must be 5 cm above the withers of the animal.

Determining the optimal housing size for an adult dog is a fairly simple task. It is harder to determine the parameters of the booth for the four-friend, which is in the process of active growth. In this case, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the parameters of adult individuals, guided by the information in the reference books.

Many dog ​​owners often make one common mistake, believing that it is better to build a big box. This is a big misconception. In fact, the booth should be comfortable enough for convenient placement of the dog, but not extremely large. Booths, which are much larger than the parameters of dogs, are dangerous in that animals will freeze and often get sick.

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Creating a booth: step by step instructions

Having decided to build a comfortable home for your four-legged friend, you can use the following instruction:

  • The first step is to create a floor. Here it is important to take care of its warming, because after joining the walls this will be more difficult to do. When choosing a material for insulation, you can stay on the foam or mineral wool. It is important to take care that the nails and their caps do not protrude from the material, because the animal can get hurt.
  • The walls of the booth must be fastened with metal corners. As for the wall insulation from the inside, this is an individual decision of each owner of the dog, who should be guided not only by the weather conditions, but also by the peculiarities of the breed. So, if bars are used in the manufacture of booths, the thickness of which is not less than 8 cm, there is no need for additional warming of the side walls.
  • The roof of the booth should be 10 cm beyond the level of each wall. At the same time, from the front side this indicator can be increased to 20 cm, which will provide optimal protection against rain. It is also important to take care of the slope of the roof, which should slightly rise in the front part. This will protect against water accumulation on the roof of the structure.

Even at the stage of creating the floor, you need to decide on a kind of booth, which can be either with a vestibule or with a side or central entrance. So, the first option is more suitable for those areas in which strong winds are often observed. In this case, it is better to dwell on a two-room construction, having increased the booth in width and dividing it into two parts, the first of which will be a kind of passage.

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The entrance can also be made in the center or from the side. The second option is more preferable when it comes to preventing wind from entering the booth. To ensure greater comfort inside the entrance can be covered with a cloth, attaching it on top.

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