July 26, 2019

How To Build A Dog House Yourself – Instructions And Recommendations

Many in their childhood years had a dream to have a four-legged friend – a dog. However, city apartments are not provided for such tenants – they are small, if even three-room. But, acquiring suburban ownership, you can realize the dream of his childhood. There is a lot of space in the suburban area even for the establishment of a large dog, which will not only live in the countryside, but also guard the house and protect the area. Everybody considers a dog to be a friend of a person who has many virtues, the most important of which is love for his master, whatever he may be, not requiring a reward for affection. However, friendship is mutual attention and care. A good owner of a devoted dog will live in a comfortable and warm home. Build by yourself dog house – This will be the right way to take care of your devotee.


Choosing a place for a doghouse

The dog is a guard of your country home, so the place for its booth must be selected carefully, as for a guard post:

  1. The kennel should not blow the wind, so when choosing a location, be sure to consider the most frequent wind directions.
  2. The location of the kennel should be bright, however, there should be a cozy shaded place not far from it so that the dog can hide there from the scorching sun in the intense heat.
  3. The box should be in a dry place, preferably elevated, so as not to accumulate liquid under it.
  4. The kennel is located near the front door to the house, preferably on the south side.
  5. From the post of observation, the dog should be clearly visible. He should have an overview of the main part of the site and the entrance gate and gate.

How To Build A Dog House Yourself - Instructions And Recommendations

A kennel for a four-legged friend.

The latter principle should be given a special explanation. The owners of city apartments, living there with dogs, know that the dog always wants to find a position with the maximum visibility. Sometimes this principle of a four-legged friend does not like its owner, who believes that the dog is confused under his feet. However, thanks to the centuries-old unconditional instinct of the guard, the dog is able to choose the best place in order to protect its owner.

Phased construction of a doghouse

It is not always necessary to build a winter warm dog for a dog, even if the dog will live outside in the winter season. The best option is to manufacture a universal kennel, which is suitable for use in warm and cold seasons. This booth has two parts:

  1. Tambour to enter;
  2. Sleeper, in which the dog will be warm in any cold.

How To Build A Dog House Yourself - Instructions And Recommendations

Making booths for dogs with their own hands.

We prepare the necessary materials

When deciding to build a booth for your dog, try not to complicate your life: yours and the dog. Do not proceed from your concept of comfort and your material capabilities, but try to understand how comfortable your friend will be. Dogs do very well without stone palaces, artificial lighting and vinyl siding.

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The best material for the construction of a dog kennel is considered to be ordinary coniferous wood. Only, thanks to the breathing wood, it is possible to ensure sufficient air circulation in the room for the dog, which will appreciate the creation of the microclimate it needs. The tree, from which the booth is built, must be prepared first: cleaned so that the dog does not get hurt and no splinters get into its paws.

How To Build A Dog House Yourself - Instructions And Recommendations

The original version of the dog booth.

Softwood has an average lifespan of up to 8 years. After this period, it is imperative to check the structure for the preservation of strength in order to promptly notice the elements that have failed.

For the manufacture of dog kennels use the following materials:

  1. Bars having the following dimensions: 100×100 mm, 40×40 mm, 100×50 mm;
  2. Clapboard;
  3. Plywood;
  4. Floorboard;
  5. Decorative slats;
  6. Ruberoid;
  7. Mineral wool or foam;
  8. Shingles;
  9. Glassamine;
  10. Polyethylene;
  11. Tarpaulin;
  12. Galvanized nails;
  13. Pinotex;
  14. Antiseptic impregnation;
  15. Sand.

It is not recommended to treat the inside of the booth using antiseptics and other odorous substances. Do not forget that dogs smell much thinner than human scent. We may not notice the odors, but for dogs they are painful and irritating to them.

Determine the parameters of the booth

The size of the home means a lot to the dog. Too spacious kennel is inconvenient to use in the winter months – it will be quite cold. However, the cramped house is not a small one either – it is impossible for a dog to turn around or comfortably lie down in it. This means that building a booth is necessary considering the individual parameters of the dog.

Each dog will feel “at home” if the kennel is “carved out” individually. To do this, calculate the optimal size.

First you need to accurately and carefully take measurements, and then make the following calculations:

The height of the booth is determined by taking into account the height of the dog at the withers and adding the thickness of the litter on which the animal will rest. It is necessary to add 10-15 cm to this figure. The dog should be free to move in a box with a bowed head and not touch the ceiling while sitting.

How To Build A Dog House Yourself - Instructions And Recommendations

Comfortable and spacious dog box.

The depth of the booth should be such that the animal could lie on its side with legs extended. To determine this parameter, it is necessary to put and measure the distance from the withers of the animal to the tips of the front paws. In addition to this figure add 10-15 cm.

The width of the booth, which is the sum of the width of the vestibule and the width of the sleeper of the dog. A berth may be wide in size, which is 10-15 cm longer than the distance from the dog’s nose to the base of its tail.

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The width of the vestibule is determined by the build of the dog. It should be convenient for him to enter the booth and leave it. Sometimes the size of the vestibule exceeds the size of the bed, since in summer the dog likes to lie on its side in the vestibule, and in the winter cold it prefers to take a sleeping place on which it rolls up to keep it warm.

Manhole height. The opening for entering the dog house should be smaller than the height of the dog at the withers, 5-9 cm. The width of the manhole, the size of which should be 5-8 cm larger than the size of the dog’s chest

After the owner of the dog finally determines the parameters of the future booth, he must draw its scheme. The drawing of the building will help to calculate the required amount of materials for its construction, so as not to spend money on buying extra.

It turns out that there is nothing difficult in putting together a dog kennel, especially if you have the necessary tools and necessary materials.

We make assembly of the dog box

Assembling a doghouse is made in the following sequence:

Assembling the bottom and frame

The frame for the manufacture of the bottom is assembled from 40×40 mm bars. Then the floorboards are nailed. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that no gaps remain – so the kennel will be warmer. If the dog is large and weighs a lot, it is advisable to further strengthen the floor with 40×40 mm bars so that it does not sag.

In the corners of the prepared bottom are fixed in a vertical position bars with dimensions of 100×100 mm, which form the basis for the walls of the building. So the design looks like a table turned upside down. Between the main bars perpendicular to the bottom are installed bars of 40×40 mm, which support the roof, reinforce the walls and mark the entrance to the kennel.

Construction and strengthening of the walls of the booth

The outer part of the booth is sheathed with clapboard, which differs from plywood in that it does not stratify over time. Fix the skin using galvanized nails with small caps.

Ceiling arrangement

If the booth will be located in the aviary, or under a canopy, you can make a normal ceiling, which smoothly passes into the roof. If no additional weather protection is expected, then the kennel should have a separate ceiling and roof, and between them remains a space in the form of an attic. The ceiling is made of plywood of the right size and 40×40 mm bars.

It can be warmed, using mineral wool or foam for this purpose, and laid with glass mat. Top need to strengthen another plywood sheet. It is better if the ceiling is made removable – it will be easier to clean the booth and provide veterinary assistance to your guard. If an additional roof is not provided, the ceiling should be closed with roofing paper and lay shingles.

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How To Build A Dog House Yourself - Instructions And Recommendations

Recommendations for the assembly and arrangement of dog booths.

Waterproofing and warming dog booths

To do this, turn the design upside down. To process the bottom with the help of antiseptic impregnation, cover with roofing felt and nail on it an additional 100×50 mm bars, which are also impregnated with means of the type "Senezh".

Then the structure turns over again, the bottom of the booth is covered with glass asphalt, the insulation is laid, and the asphalt is laid on top of it. After the work done, it remains to lay the floor clean. Similarly, the walls are insulated and sheathed from the inside with a wank. The frame for manhole and the threshold for the booth are made.

We make a roof

First we do gables for her. For the manufacture of the perimeter is necessary to use the bars 40×40 mm. Inside it is attached the glassine, and the top of the structure is sheathed with clapboard.

Equip manhole

It is best to close the entrance hole with a canvas curtain. So that it does not open and do not tear the wind, wash small plastic pockets on it from the bottom and fill them with sand.

Cover the top of the booth with pinotex to extend its service life and give it aesthetics and beauty.

It is necessary to use antiseptic and waterproofing impregnations, since they protect the booth from the natural conditions that can make it unusable after a year.

Often, asphalt is used as insulation, but it is possible to use for this purpose and other material that you prefer.

The batten made of clapboard is covered with roofing felt and shingles – this is considered the easiest and cheapest option.

How to care for a doghouse

After you have built a dog house, you should know what kind of care it needs to organize:

  1. Removable ceiling will facilitate the cleaning of the room and the provision of help to the dog.
  2. A kennel must be regularly and thoroughly cleaned at least once a month.
  3. House disinfection in the summer should be carried out every month, and in winter and spring – once a season.

How To Build A Dog House Yourself - Instructions And Recommendations

Properly courting a home for a four-legged friend.

Cleaning includes the removal of leftovers, bones and other similar items, and the treatment of the room from parasites. To do this, use Lysolol, formalin or three percent creolin. As long as the solutions with which the booth has been treated do not dry out, the dog should not be allowed into it.

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