September 16, 2019

How To Build A Warm And Reliable Doghouse

To please your little dog, you can help her housewarming. It doesn’t matter if you just got a pet or decided to change the old kennel to a new one. The box for your favorite dog with your own hands is a wonderful gift for a four-legged friend. The article will direct the hands and head in the right direction and tell you how to make a home properly.

Features doghouse

The place for the booth is not chosen, pointing with a finger at random. And the choice of dog house location is the first step on the way to a good-quality kennel. Calculating the position, keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • zero mark, and even more, lowland – not the best place for the booth; place the building on a height so that precipitation and groundwater do not flood it;
  • the booth should not be blown by the wind – consider the most powerful "petals" of the wind rose;
  • it is desirable to place the kennel closer to the main entrance to the house;
  • the place should be well lit, but do not forget about shady areas;
  • being on a leash, the dog should have an excellent overview of the territory.

Some caring owners, not deprived of finances, tend to make the doghouse look like a mansion. Individuals build pets almost palaces. It is not right. A kennel must first be comfortable for the animal, and the semblance of human housing rarely reflects the needs of dogs. Do not overdo it with the decorative component.

How To Build A Warm And Reliable Doghouse

If the climate of your region is contrasting in temperature, it is better to make a universal kennel, designed for both summer and winter. Such a kennel for a dog is divided into 2 parts: a warm berth and a vestibule, in which it will not be hot in summer.

Understanding how to build a booth with your own hands is not enough. You need to know what material to make a dog house with your own hands optimally. The best material for the kennel is softwood. It "breathes", thereby providing excellent air circulation, and hence an excellent microclimate. The service life of the conifer booth is about 7-8 years.

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How To Build A Warm And Reliable Doghouse

With the place, format and basic material sorted out. Now we will determine the size of the dog’s home. The booth must comply with the parameters of your animal. Obviously, a tight kennel is unlikely to attract a pet, but excessive spaces are not needed – the dog in the “castle” will be cold.

  • the height of the kennel is equal to the height of the dog at the withers, plus 10-15 cm;
  • depth equals the length of the pet from tail to tip of the nose plus 5-10 cm;
  • the width is usually calculated based on the height of the booth, adding 5-10 cm to the result; talking about the width of the bed – the size of the vestibule is determined depending on the size of the dog and the intended design of the building; often the vestibule makes more of a “bedroom”;
  • The height of the manhole is approximately equal to the height of the dog at the withers, width is equal to the width of the chest plus 5 cm.

These figures are not taken from the ceiling. In the northern regions, it is important to adhere to these sizes. In the southern areas, the recommended parameters can be slightly increased.

How To Build A Warm And Reliable Doghouse

If you have an adult dog, you must take measurements from it. If a purebred puppy, you need to use the help of reference books. You can refer to the approximate size.

So, the booth for shepherd dogs and other large breeds must meet the following parameters:

Medium sized dogs will benefit from the following kennel sizes:

Well, for a small pet enough of these options:

A booth for two dogs will require double the performance.

How To Build A Warm And Reliable Doghouse

Next on how to make a dog house.

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How to build?

A few more recommendations. If you do not have the skills to work with your own hands, it is better to make a dog shed with a lean-to roof. Although, of course, the gable looks more beautiful, and it is more practical. Having golden hands, you can experiment and make, for example, a roof with an attic. A very convenient solution – you can store your pet’s belongings: food, dishes, toys. It will be possible to supplement the kennel with a canopy, which will add aesthetics and allow the animal to leave the house in any weather.

Tools and materials

Tools will require standard. All of them are available to any more or less masterful master. Use a hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, pliers, nippers, a hacksaw

As for materials, even at home a kennel can be made from anything. From pallets, bricks, gas blocks or chipboard. We offer a standard and simple, but at the same time, a good option.

Our scheme assumes the availability of the following materials:

  • bars, mm: 40×40, 100×100, 50×100;
  • plywood;
  • lining boards;
  • decorative slats;
  • floor boards;
  • polystyrene or mineral wool;
  • ruberoid;
  • glassine;
  • tarpaulin;
  • shingles;
  • polyethylene;
  • galvanized nails;
  • antiseptic.

Treat antiseptics "interior" booth is not necessary. Do not forget about the dog smell – the smell will constantly irritate the pet.

Step-by-step instruction

  • Frame The bottom is assembled from 40×40 bars. After that, nail the floor board – tightly, avoiding gaps. If the dog is dimensional, the bottom is additionally reinforced with a pair of bars of the same section. The vertical frame is assembled from parts 100×100, nailing them to the bottom corners. Between the verticals, symmetrically to the bottom, the ceiling frame is nailed.
  • Walls We use clapboard as exterior cladding. Unlike plywood, it will serve for a long time and not threatening with stratification. The lining is fixed with galvanized nails with small caps.

How To Build A Warm And Reliable Doghouse

  • Ceiling. If the kennel is under a canopy, the ceiling will be at the same time a roof. Otherwise, these structures must be made separately, leaving an attic space between the roof and the ceiling. The ceiling is assembled from 40×40 bars and plywood, warming from above with foam plastic or mineral wool and laying asphalt. A second plywood sheet is installed on top of the insulation. “Pie” is recommended to be made removable in order to have access to the inner space of the kennel and to the animal itself in an emergency. If under the project of a roof will not be, the ceiling "is crowned" with roofing material, and then a bituminous tile.
  • Warming and waterproofing. Next, you should turn the future kennel "upside down", process it with an antiseptic, insulate with roofing material and beat the 50×100 bars from above. Additional bars also impregnate with antiseptic. The next step: you need to return the booth to its original position, cover the bottom with glass arch, heat insulation and again glass scarf. After that, you need to install a clean floor, insulate and sheathe the clapboard walls from the inside, arrange a threshold and make the entrance frame.
  • Roof. Simplified, lean-to, option will require a frame of 40×40 bars, located under the slope. When installing a gable design, first install gables that serve as a support and guide slopes from the same bars. At the end of the inside lay asphalt and lined with clapboard on top.
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How To Build A Warm And Reliable Doghouse

It is advisable to treat pinotex on the outside of the constructed kennel in order to increase the operational period. It is recommended to cover Laz with a tarpaulin curtain to protect the animal from the wind. Tarpaulin can be weighed down with sand poured into pre-made pockets of polyethylene.

Dog box with her hands ready.

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