July 6, 2019

How To Build A Warm Dog House

How to build a warm dog house

How To Build A Warm Dog House

How To Build A Warm Dog House

How To Build A Warm Dog House

If you build a small box, the dog will be uncomfortable in it. If it is too high and wide, it will not be able to warm the booth with its heat and it will freeze. If you have your own home, then all buildings, including a dog booth, should be designed in the same style. And do not forget that the dog needs not so much beautiful))), but a warm booth, protected from the weather, winds and rain.

-dog body length:
-dog chest width:
-dog height:
-the distance from the ground to the dog’s lower sternum.



And now we take a sheet of paper, a pencil and a ruler. Choose a booth design that you like and customize it for your dog.

What should fit? What size should a doghouse be?

But such:
1. The width of the box should be equal to the length of the body of the dog (better lying on its side with legs extended)
2. The depth of the box is the length of the dog’s body.
3. Height of the booth – height of dog at withers 10 cm.
4 The roof can be made gable, shed or flat, then the dog will lie on it.
5. Enter the booth try to make the side, not in the center.

The size of the opening should be equal to the width of the dog’s chest. The upper edge of the hole should be at the height of the withers. The lower edge at the level of "clearance" of your dog.

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It is necessary to build a booth such that it keeps the warm air from its breath as best as possible. And did not miss drafts and precipitation.

How To Build A Warm Dog House

Therefore, too spacious booth is also not suitable for regions with cold winters, as well as close, in which the dog will not be comfortable.

Very good to do in the booth platform for walking. For a large dog, the walking size can be from 3×3 to 3×5 meters.

In regions with a harsh winter, it is better to warm the dog box. Insulation should be chosen taking into account that the dog box is low and in winter it can be flooded from below.

Therefore, be sure to put a booth for a shepherd at a height from the ground, about 20-30 cm. In winter, remove snow from the booth.

Below the booth can be insulated with insulants not susceptible to moisture absorption, and the upper part can be insulated with mineral wool.

The roof of the booth is also better to warm and cover with roofing material, metal tile or other material that will be in harmony with the design of your house and buildings on the site.

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