How To Build The Stihl 180 Correctly

How To Build The Stihl 180 Correctly

A chainsaw is supplied in a box. I note right away that the tire in the package for the 180th is not included in the box, so it is either given separately, or bent and tamped.

Assembly Manual Stihl MS 180

Sthil MS 180 chainsaw delivery set

Scope of delivery Stihl MS 180

Options Stihl MS180 is as follows:

  • Chainsaw
  • Tire for chainsaw length 35 cm.
  • Plastic Case for Chainsaw
  • Chain tension wrench

Assembling a Sthil MS 180 chainsaw (Stihl MS 180)

  • Turn off nuts of fastening of a cover of a chain and remove it.

Bolts of fastening of a cover of MS 180

  • Turn the chain tensioner towards the sprocket (left) until the tensioner aligns with the recess in the housing.

Video: How To Build The Stihl 180 Correctly

chain tension Stihl 180 1

  • Put the chain on the bar. Pay attention to the direction of the teeth!

tooth direction MS 180

  • Install the chain bar on the saw. The drive links must match the teeth of the sprocket.

Stihl 180 chain and tire mounting

  • Tighten the chain screw until the chain links begin to fit into the groove of the tire.

chain tension Stihl 180

  • Then lift the tire at the very beginning and tighten the nuts.

[important] A little tip: you can check whether the chain is tensioned correctly in the following way:
Raise the saw by the middle of the tire until the casing begins to come off the surface.
Leading links should half come out of the grooves. In this case, the chain is neither overtightened nor weakened.
And of course, the method described in the instructions is valid. Manual for Sthil MS 180
[/ important]

Chainsaw assembly video

I bring to your attention a video on how to assemble a chainsaw. True, another saw on the video, but the general principle is the same.

Watch a video on the Stihl 180 chainsaw chain tensioner.