How to Change a Fishing Line On a Huter Petrol Trimmer

Cleaning of a personal plot or house area is a very important component that gives a certain place, whether it is a summer house or the territory of a multi-storey building, a pleasant appearance and color. For a long time, classic devices like a normal braid are not considered effective. They were replaced by such a thing as a lawn mowing, or as it is also called a lawn mowing. Such a gas trimmer is an effective device that allows you to mow grass quickly and easily. If we talk about the best solutions for grass, then the models that are released by the manufacturer Huter are considered among the highest quality among consumers.

How to Change a Fishing Line On a Huter Petrol Trimmer


If we talk about the features of the models of this manufacturer, for a start it should be said that this company from Germany was founded in 1979. All equipment that is produced under this brand is created by qualified engineers and developers and is tested at each stage of creation. In general, lawn mowers of this German company are powerful and fairly productive models. Their use allows cutting grass literally in any conditions. Very often, the best models of this company are used precisely for professional purposes. One of the important features common to all models of the manufacturer is that the lawn mowers from Huter are equipped with a two-stroke engine with air cooling and electronic ignition. This option makes it possible to ensure high power of the device and high-quality performance of the task.

Advantages and disadvantages

A little should be said about the strengths of the petrol trimmers of the manufacturer. The main ones are the following:

  • The presence of a two-stroke engine with a capacity of slightly more than 3 horsepower, having air cooling and electric ignition;
  • A tank made of translucent plastic, which allows you to know exactly how much fuel was consumed during operation;
  • The opportunity for a person to work comfortably – this is achieved due to the presence of an ergonomic handle like a bicycle and a special mechanism for damping various kinds of vibrations;
  • It uses a high-quality cutting set in the form of a cutting knife and fishing line of high strength;
  • It also uses a wide grip when mowing – 25.5 centimeters, which makes it possible to efficiently and quickly mow grass, shoots and other greens;
  • A protective cover that protects a person from getting mowed grass, stones and various debris;
  • A shoulder strap that allows the operator to work for a long time and not feel tired;
  • Ease of maintenance and operation – the operating principle and arrangement of models from Huter are very simple, which will make it easy to understand even their ignorant person;
  • Reliability – such a gasoline trimmer can work for a long period of time without stopping, while it does not heat up due to the peculiarities of the air cooling system;
  • The possibility of unimpeded movement around the site – given that gas trimmers, unlike electric ones, are completely independent of the availability of an outlet, which guarantees a person freedom of movement.

At the same time, there are a number of drawbacks that cannot be ignored, namely:

  • Noise during operation – gas trimmers not only from Huter, but generally vibrate quite a lot and make a lot of noise, which creates uncomfortable working conditions;
  • Environmental pollution – fuel-powered models form various types of exhaust gases during operation, which harm the environment;
  • High cost – trimmers of the described type have a high cost due to the fact that they have high performance and good technical characteristics.

Popular models

If we talk about the most popular models of this German company, then you should first name GGT 2500S. This equipment is considered one of the most productive models and has excellent technical characteristics. Its use makes it possible to process large areas and apply it both in everyday life and for professional purposes. Its features are as follows:

  • Two-stroke engine with air cooling mechanism;
  • Electronic ignition;
  • Power – 2.5 kW;
  • Has a vibration suppression mechanism;
  • Can bevel at a width of 25.5 centimeters.

Another interesting model that may interest many – GGT 1000S. It can be used for professional purposes. It has such basic features as:

  • Two-stroke motor, as in the previous model;
  • Electronic ignition;
  • Performance – about 1000 watts;
  • Can produce a bevel across a width of 25.5 centimeters;
  • Its speed is up to 9.5 thousand per minute.

Video: How to Change a Fishing Line On a Huter Petrol Trimmer

GGT 1300S It will also be of interest to many, because it is a powerful and productive trimmer that can cope with any type of vegetation. It is equipped with a vibration suppression mechanism, as well as a lock button and a gas pressure handle lock. It has the same features as previous models, except that the power here is higher – 1300 watts.

Another gasoline trimmer from Huter that deserves attention – GGT 1500T. High power allows you to perform almost any task. The model works on one of the most productive engine models, which allows for simple cutting of literally any thickets, young shoots of trees, as well as thick weeds. It has an anti-vibration mechanism, a convenient shoulder-type strap, as well as a manual trigger mechanism. This model differs from the previous ones in the presence of a more efficient 1500 W motor model, as well as in that it produces less noise.

The last model I want to say about is GGT 1900S. She is the second most powerful in the lineup of this manufacturer with an indicator of 1900 watts. The engine installed here was specifically designed for the GGT 1900S. Its other features are the presence of an anti-vibration mechanism, as well as the ability to adjust the position of the handle for a more comfortable grip. In addition, a special protective cover is included in the package.

Terms of use

Before starting to use the petrol trimmer, its owners must ensure that grease is present in the gearbox. In addition, in order to use this device correctly, you should read all the rules contained in the instruction manual. There are also safety standards, tips are given on skills and techniques for effective work, as well as proper maintenance of the lawn mowers.

When the user has familiarized himself with all this, he can start a lawn mowing and start running in the device. It should be carried out during the first 3-4 hours of operation. At this time, the lawnmow should be operated very carefully. This is best done in a gentle mode on soft grass. In no case can it be used idle for more than 10 minutes. These periods should be alternated with breaks and progazovka for 20-30 seconds. During this period, adjustment and adjustment of the operating modes of the gas trimmer are also carried out. It will not be superfluous to have a spare fishing line, so that in case of damage or unsatisfactory work of the standard one, you can change the fishing line to a better one.

Possible malfunctions

A gas trimmer is a technically sophisticated device. Before use, read the operating instructions very carefully. But this is often neglected, for which reason the product can quickly fail. As a result, it stalls, gets too hot and fails. Or simply does not start due to the fact that a person has not read the operating rules, and refuel it with low-quality gasoline.

Review the gasoline trimmer Huter GGT 1900T see in the next video.

  • What types of woods are
  • How to remove or refill a fishing line in a trimmer

Since we considered the choice of the trimmer in the previous article, today we will tell you how to properly trim the trimmer with a fishing line, and which is better to choose based on the working conditions.

After you bought a trimmer and began to use it actively, sooner or later the question will arise about replacing the fishing line, since this is the most wearing element in the tool, then intensive use of the trimmer will lead to frequent replacement of consumables.

What types of woods are

The most common type of fishing line, which is suitable for almost all types of coils – round cord. This is an ordinary fishing line suitable for mowing juicy grass, but mowing dead wood with it will be much more difficult, and even more so it can not cope with the bush.

As a rule, the diameter by which young grass can be mowed does not exceed 1.6 mm. The thicker the thread, the more coarse grass it can overcome.

There are fishing lines with sharp edges in the form of an asterisk or square, this option is more suitable for mowing dry grass just due to the existing sharp edges, but its disadvantage is more wear and tear and is inferior in strength to round cord.

There are fishing lines with improved aerodynamics with characteristic dents, scales and notches, such a product makes less noise, but they are used only on lawn mowers, since the exit of such a thread from the reel is difficult, it is used most often with discs into which segments are inserted. The disadvantage of this product is its fragility.

Most often in gas trimmers with an engine power of more than 1.5 hp apply cords with a metal cable inside.

This thread is ideal for mowing dry grass and small bushes. The presence of a core positively affects the wear resistance of this material.

The disadvantage of such a cord is its price, which is significantly higher than the listed opponents.

How to remove or refill a fishing line in a trimmer

It takes about 10-15 minutes to wind the line. What is a trimmer coil? Plastic case with a cassette inside, on which there is a special hook for convenient winding of fishing line.

Almost all trimmer coils have a similar mounting principle, this is the central screw-button, when pressed, it becomes possible to pull the fishing line of the required length. The photo below shows some examples of different coils for trimmers.

The bobbins of the trimmers, the motor of which is located near the ground, have a different mount to the axis of rotation, they have two buttons on the spool located on the sides that need to be pressed, otherwise the thread replacement is no different from other cassettes.

The principle of the correct winding of the fishing line is similar in all of the above cases, so for example, consider the standard version with two antennae.

To remove the reel with fishing line, it is necessary to unscrew the screw located in the center, but note that the thread there is left, so you have to turn it clockwise, this is done specially so that during operation it does not open under the influence of centrifugal force.

Next, using a screwdriver, disassemble the head and take out the reel, on which the fishing line is directly wound.

Having measured the necessary length and folded in half, you need to fill the fishing line into the reel, removing, in the end, its ends opposite each other (for this there are special slots for fixing).

After this, it is necessary to assemble the head in the reverse order by threading the ends of the cord into two corresponding holes.

If you have doubts or it’s not entirely clear how to charge the fishing line to the trimmer, we recommend watching the video: how to wind the fishing line into the lawn mowing properly.

In this video, the instructor will open the trimmer head in steps, measure out the required amount of fishing line, usually from two to four meters, and demonstrate assembly and installation on the trimmer.