How to Change a Nozzle On a Screwdriver

It often happens that you cannot do without a screwdriver. A screwdriver is an indispensable assistant in the manufacture of a suspended ceiling, the installation of drywall. Repair work is complicated if there is no screwdriver at hand with which you can easily tighten the screws and fasteners. In the domestic sphere, it is in demand no less than in professional activities.

How to Change a Nozzle On a Screwdriver

However, not all tool owners know how to use a screwdriver correctly. There is nothing difficult in this; the main thing is to adhere to some rules and recommendations for beginners.

Varieties of the tool: characteristic features

The screwdriver can be classified into the following varieties:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Wrench
  3. Cordless screwdriver
  4. Standard screwdriver

The working principle of the tools is similar to each other, but still there are differences in functionality.

A drill / driver is able not only to tighten the screw, but also to drill a hole. The wrench specializes in bolts and nuts. The third representative is a cordless screwdriver, designed exclusively for twisting / unscrewing fasteners with a Phillips head. The latter species is characterized by low power, in contrast to the above.

What does a screwdriver consist of? Device setup.

In the plastic case there is an engine and a gear mechanism that drives a bit, which is installed at the end of a screwdriver. The device is provided for by the presence of a start toggle switch, a direction and speed switch, diode illumination and a tightening time regulator.

The principle of the tool is very simple. The nozzle, previously fixed in the cartridge, moves with the help of a shaft, which starts moving from the motor through a gearbox. Before using a screwdriver, you should find out if the battery is charged, and whether the correct nozzle is installed.

Immediately before doing the work, you need to look at such a nozzle so that it matches the head of a self-tapping screw or screw.

Video: How to Change a Nozzle On a Screwdriver

To install the desired nozzle, you should select it by the size of the cap of the fastener element and fix it in the magnetic holder of the cartridge. First, the cartridge with the coupling must be removed from the device, and after fixing the bits, the cartridge must again be secured to the body of the screwdriver.

Then you need to assign a suitable bit speed. Adjustment is carried out through a special knob. The required mode is set in the off state of the tool.

Before using a power tool, it is necessary to adjust the screwing depth of the fastener. After some time, you may need to replace the magnetic holder. To change it, the cartridge, magnetic mount and coupling are removed. Further chuck sleeve secured back to block screwdriver housing.

How to change / insert / pull out the nozzle (bit), drill (Video)

After you select the right nozzle (bit) for the drill, taking into account the size of the screw head and the configuration of the recesses (straight, cross), it must be installed in the center between the open cams, and secured in the cartridge by turning the sleeve clockwise. If the key type cartridge is selected, then the key is installed in the recess on the cartridge, and then it is turned clockwise until the nozzle is fixed. The end of the nozzle is placed in the groove of the screw. Before the device is started, check the accuracy of the installation of the direction of rotation, the direction should coincide with the screw tightening.

Increasing the pressure on the start button controls the optimal rotation speed. When the screw is completely immersed, the force limiting mechanics are activated, and then the drill stops.

How to work with a screwdriver (Video)

After completing all the settings, you can take up the use of a power tool. Having studied the operating instructions of the screwdriver, it is possible to prevent possible malfunctions in the process of handling the device, thereby increasing the tool life.

It is not allowed to adjust the frequency and direction of rotation of the nozzle in the on state of the device. Do not touch the grounded objects with a power tool, otherwise a person may be shocked. Do not use the appliance for a long time, as it may burn out.

The room in which it is best to use a screwdriver should be well lit, and the power supply network should be constant, without jumps, this will avoid equipment malfunctions. Work should take place in specialized clothing and only with serviceable tools.

Can I use a drill as a screwdriver

A screwdriver can also be used as a drill. The mechanism of the cartridge makes it possible to firmly fix the drill with a cylindrical tail. To get started, you need to install a drill in the chuck.

Be careful, as the design is not intended for making holes, especially for hardwood, metal or concrete, because there is a high probability of damage to the planetary gearbox.

Screwdriver Service (Video)

There is nothing remarkable in the maintenance, since today modern models have increased strength and can withstand even falls from a small height. The cartridge should be regularly lubricated and cleaned. Avoid getting moisture, dirt, sand in the middle of the tool. Watch the overload of the screwdriver, if you feel that the screwdriver starts to work with effort, lower the speed of revolutions.