How to Change Shock Absorbers on a Chainsaw

How to Change Shock Absorbers on a Chainsaw

If today you need to purchase a chainsaw, then from a wide range of such devices you can easily get lost. Our parents and grandfathers simply had no such choice. If you ask them which chainsaw comes to their mind first, they will probably answer: "Of course, Friendship."
Frankly speaking, at that time there was simply no special choice in the Union. True, today chainsaws in this series still serve. And they do it with dignity. Since 1955. Demand for such saws is quite stable today. over, the characteristic of the Friendship chainsaw has been significantly improved since the middle of the last century. Today it can be sold under the name “Ural-2T-Electron”, but it’s the same kind Soviet friendship, with only a few upgrades.

Advantages of the modern Friendship-4 saw

In order to compete with other models of similar products, domestic development must be superior in some way or at least not inferior to foreign counterparts. So, about the advantages:

  • Saws of the Friendship series have sufficient convenience for carrying out work on felling;
  • Their construction, if not primitive, is certainly very simple;
  • Repair of such units does not cause special difficulties even for non-specialists;
  • Sometimes the decisive argument in favor of acquiring Friendship is its low cost.

This saw also has one constructive solution that can be written down to its merits. We are talking about mounting the gearbox using a clamp. Thanks to this, the saw itself can be deployed at almost any angle. Because of this, the saw bar is easily located horizontally. Torque is transmitted using a simple centrifugal clutch.

The disadvantages of some Friendship drank

Such negative aspects also include the device Friendship chainsaw, which reduces the safety characteristics of working with this unit. For instance:

  • The design itself provides absolutely no protection against vibration during operation.
  • A person working with a chainsaw cannot abruptly stop its work with the usual stop button, which is simply absent.
  • Also there is no auto brake.
  • A negative design feature is the removable starter, which is very easy to lose.
  • Spare parts for the saw do not “sparkle” with quality.
  • The saw itself weighs quite a lot.

However, it is worth noting that in newer models some of the shortcomings regarding safety issues have been successfully eliminated. For example, a chain mechanical brake is installed that protects against accidental chain dropping. There are rubber shock absorbers that reduce vibration. Some craftsmen themselves modify the old models of such saws and turn them into multifunctional devices.

Friendship-4 Characteristics

The choice in favor of such a device for felling and other works is, of course, based on some indicators that are important for such work. If you are interested in the “friendship” saw, its characteristics are as follows:

  • 45 cc two-stroke gasoline engine cm.;
  • Refuel with A-92 gasoline in a tank with a capacity of 550 ml;
  • The chain is lubricated automatically, special lubricant is poured into the tank with the fuel;
  • Separately refuel the oil tank. 260 ml;
  • Chain pitch. 1.5 / 0.325 inches.

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The Druzhba chainsaw has an excellent weight distribution, which affects the usability of it. And as a result. on the duration and quality of the process itself.

Over such a long period of operation, the Druzhba series saws have accumulated enough questions about its work, as well as positive answers to them. And for the Friendship chainsaw to work well, the adjustment and tuning for it must be appropriate. Therefore, it is worth considering some common problems with such devices.

For example, during some work with the carburetor of the saw, it becomes necessary to replace coils, capacitors, seals and other things. After that, usually there is no problem with starting a saw. But for many, it can only work without idling. Even after cleaning the carburetor. If the spark is quite bright at the same time, but the saw still does not start, then it is worth trying to blow the valve under the membrane itself.

There are questions about preventive work with the Druzhba saws. They may be as follows:

  • Tightening the hinge sleeve with its pre-lubrication;
  • Tightening the fasteners of the frame and springs;
  • When worn holes in which the sleeves are inserted, it is worth replacing the hinge;
  • The hinge springs, if they have kinks, it is also better to change;
  • If the silencer is destroyed, it is recommended to replace it if restoration is not advisable;
  • Sludge is often formed in the muffler, which is preferably removed periodically;
  • Inspect the saw bar more often. If too many chips in the guide grooves appear on it, then change it;
  • Many devices or parts of the saw on which your safety depends, it is also advisable to change depending on the degree of damage or wear.

If a saw with non-contact electronic ignition often cannot work for more than a quarter of an hour, then, most likely, replacing the magneto in which the thyristor burned will help. It is worth replacing it with an imported one.
If you have been working with the Druzhba single saw for quite some time and gradually notice that during operation the tire seems to go in one direction and at the same time gets jammed, then perhaps sharpening the chain with your own hands may not help. The fact is that 5 teeth with two cutting edges at each participate in the process. Therefore, you can easily sharpen the chain incorrectly. It is much more rational to replace asterisks and acquire a calm or Ural chain.

Quite often, in the Friendship chainsaws, you have to adjust the carburetor. Especially in the case when the candles are filled with fuel. After eliminating such troubles, you can begin to work with the carburetor itself. It is important to do everything strictly sequentially:

  1. Turn the fuel screw to the full stop;
  2. Then unscrew it exactly three turns;
  3. The air hose must be firmly twisted;
  4. He is unscrewed strictly two turns;
  5. The adapter sleeve is wrapped with thin sheet metal or sealed with high-quality sealant.

The quality of your future work with such a chainsaw directly depends on the strength and tightness of all joints. Sometimes it happens that the chainsaw refuses to work when a certain number of revolutions is exceeded. In this case, the malfunction may be a clogged muffler. This is due to the use of second-rate oil, its high concentration in the fuel mixture. And, of course, it’s commonplace to use the wrong oil.

Homemade from "Friendship"

As you can see, there are no special problems with the work of this wonderful saw. Therefore, the characteristics of the Friendship 4 chainsaw are so attractive. Other successful design moments. compact clutch, engine layout. allow you to use it as a good power unit for many home-made devices.

Back in 1973, on the basis of the engine from the Druzhba chainsaw, several modifications of the ultra-light helicopter were created, which, unfortunately, were not brought to mass production. However, the MAI X-3 flew.
Creating devices based on engines from Druzhba that move around the earth turned out to be much simpler. When creating a kind of moped, however, I had to use a rather large driven gear and an intermediate lowering shaft.

Motor cultivators and snow removal units are considered the most effective devices. But here, the installation of a system responsible for reducing the speed is required.

In conclusion, we can recall that the Druzhba saw was sometimes equipped with a system with hydraulic wedges. All this construction was very effective at work on felling. By the way, it turned out quite simply to establish the direction of the fall of the tree.