How to Change the Asterisk On a Husqvarna Chainsaw

How to Change the Asterisk On a Husqvarna Chainsaw

The chain sprocket guides the chain in continuous motion along the shaft. Sprockets may be worn, chipped, or damaged due to high stress, friction, and normal wear. If the chain sprocket is damaged or frayed, the chain may slip off and break off the sprocket, causing the chain to not spin at all. A reduction in chainsaw performance may also mean the need to replace sprockets.

Chainsaw sprocket and its functions

Before you figure out how to change the asterisk on a chainsaw, it is worth understanding how the stars look and the problems associated with them. Sprockets have star-shaped teeth that guide the chain outside the sprocket to ensure smooth operation. Ring sprockets: Ring sprockets have a rim that moves freely around the spline to guide the chain around the shaft with internal teeth.

Drive sprocket. This is a very important and often overlooked part of chainsaw maintenance. The drive sprockets are selected according to the length of the chain that you are using. They should be replaced every 2 to 3 times a chain change. Try to determine which rim or sprocket you have. Installing the rim and sprocket means that it is easier and cheaper to change the rim, which is part of the chain. They wear out faster, but they are cheaper. The bezel must be replaced if it is worn by 0.2 mm.

Changing the rim on Stihl chains is easy. On chainsaws where the rim is inside the clutch, such as some Husqvarnas chainsaws, you must first remove the clutch.

Spindle sprockets drive the chain directly from the star-shaped teeth on the sprocket itself. When they are worn out, the entire sprocket must be replaced. They tend to wear out slower, but cost more when you replace them.

Side sprockets and rear clutch sprockets change easily. Removing the built-in sprockets is more difficult since you must first remove the clutch assembly. This requires you to pull out the spark plug and turn on the tool to stop the piston.

If you continue to use a worn sprocket, it will begin to damage the drive links, which, in turn, expand the groove, which then gives poor cutting, which further accelerates the wear of all parts! This is a particularly serious problem for longer rods.

Sometimes the sprocket bearing needs to be replaced. This is a simple case of removing the sprocket, extending the existing bearing and replacing it with a new one.

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Husqvarna Chainsaw Sprocket Replacement

Husqvarna chainsaws drive the chain with two types of sprockets. The key sprocket requires replacing the drum and the drive sprocket, as the sprocket is welded to the drum. Saws that use a rim sprocket have a removable drive rim that can be replaced separately from the drum.

Husqvarna recommends replacing the drive rim on the saw every time you replace the chain. Painted or flattened areas of metal on the drive rim or the drive sprocket are common signs of wear indicating that the drive sprocket is ready to be replaced. Even a small amount of wear can adversely affect the performance and durability of the saw. If you are interested in how to change an asterisk without problems on a Husqvarna chainsaw, then this is not so difficult.

The drive sprocket and other parts of the saw that drive the chain are located under the sprocket cover on the right side of the saw. Two bolts on the saw side secure the cover and guide rod. You can use the tool supplied with the saw or the socket wrench to remove these bolts and the cover. The chain must be loosened with a chain tensioner and removed. The drive sprocket is in direct contact with the chain and is located behind the drive rim.

Everyone who works with high-quality chainsaws should look at a review of the popular Husqvarna 137 chainsaw, the characteristics are indicated in the article.

To understand how to replace an asterisk on a chainsaw you need to have access to the asterisk. The sprocket is removed only when the engine piston is stationary. You can access the piston through the hole that the spark plug enters. The spark plug is located on the top of the engine under the engine cover. This cover is secured with screws or clips on most models. The spark plug is covered with a rubber cap that you can remove manually. Remove the plug with the tool supplied with the saw or socket wrench. After the spark plug is turned off, you can immobilize the piston using the piston stop tool inserted through the hole of the spark plug.

Delete asterisk

When the piston is stationary, turn the clutch scale clockwise to loosen it. Clutch weight is a piece of metal inside the rim facing you. Once you remove the clutch scale, you can pull the drive rim and sprocket located behind it and replace one or both of them with new parts. The small ribbed cylinder remaining on the output shaft is a needle bearing. Inspect this part for wear when replacing the drive sprocket. Husqvarna recommends lubricating the needle-shaped cage weekly.

Sprocket replacement

A new sprocket or drive rim is mounted on the output shaft in the same position as the worn parts that you removed. Install these parts on the output shaft and turn them counterclockwise until they are tight. The clutch engages inside the sprocket drum on the output shaft. Turn the clutch counterclockwise on the output shaft to tighten it. After the drive sprocket and clutch are assembled again, remove the piston stop from the spark plug shaft and install the spark plug and spark plug cover. Replace the engine cover with the screws or clamps supplied with the saw before installing the guide bar and chain.

Since the sprocket on the chainsaw tire is an important part of it, knowing how to replace it correctly can save time and money on professional maintenance. Although the steps for replacing the chain are simple and may take a little time, it is important to know all the parts in order to replace the part correctly and reliably.