How to charge a Bosch s5 005 battery

Battery tips from Bosch Auto Service

Here is a small overview of the Bosch S-series battery packs. They are most suitable for passenger cars. All models are of very high quality and have a wide range of advantages that drivers appreciate.

Since the manufacturer uses innovative technologies in the manufacture of batteries. The high quality of this brand of batteries is matched by their excellent performances. The “s” indexed range offers powerful, reliable and in-demand units.

What to look for when buying a battery?

Ever-increasing amounts of electronic equipment in automobiles and new technologies, such as start-stop systems and brake energy recovery systems, require high-performance batteries.

Frequent engine starts quickly deplete any conventional battery.

By comparison, Bosch specific battery models, such as the S5A (AGM) and S4E (EFB), produce much more energy and endure more charging cycles.

Every Bosch battery contains all the expertise of the automotive technology leader and original equipment supplier.

EFB applications

The original reason for developing improved batteries was the emergence of cars equipped with a “start-stop” function. In these cars, stopping the car causes the engine to shut down and all you have to do to start the power unit is take your foot off the brake pedal. In the interval between these moments, the entire load of car electrics falls on the battery, which without increasing the reception of the charge physically does not have time to charge to its normal capacity.

EFB batteries are also used in other types of cars. For example, this type of battery is often used to power a powerful car audio system.

Where Bosch batteries are used

Bosch has three hundred subsidiaries and about 13 thousand service units. There are official representatives in 140 countries around the world. Batteries of this brand are supplied to assembly lines of the largest car manufacturers for the initial assembly of cars. New developments are being done with the help of these companies.

Bosch batteries are used in cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, as traction and lighting. Also makes its own chargers.

Where Bosch batteries are used

Bosch has three hundred subsidiaries and about 13,000 service locations. There are official representatives in 140 countries of the world. Batteries of this brand are supplied to assembly lines of the largest car manufacturers for the initial assembly of cars. New developments are made with the participation of these companies.

Bosch batteries are used in cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, traction and lighting. Our own chargers are also available.

Advantages and disadvantages

Some 20-30 years ago a battery charger for trucks and buses was associated by specialists with something large and, as a rule, stationary.

A real powerful battery charger was thought to be a heavy box with a transformer inside, all sorts of switches, a voltmeter and an ammeter outside.

And everything small and portable belonged to the category of amateur equipment, able to cope at best with car batteries.

Today the situation is different. A modern professional charger is a pretty automatic box with a minimum of controls and everyone understands the interface. So what are these devices capable of??

Improving the range of service equipment Bosch company has presented on Russian market professional devices Bosch BAT645 and BAT690. “Autopark took the opportunity to get a closer look at these new products.

The Bosch C7 is one of the few entry-level models for charging 12- and 24-volt batteries.

Easy cable replacement is an advantage of the BAT645.

Today’s trucks are much more reliant on electronics than their predecessors. advanced power supply systems require new maintenance approaches. Service equipment is now required to have a different, broader functionality.

As one of the market leaders in this segment, Bosch today provides clear answers to the needs of technicians.

The range of fully automatic battery chargers includes two versatile professional devices Bosch BAT645 and BAT690 with charging currents of 45 and 90 A, respectively. Both are designed for operation with on-board 12V or 24V.

In addition to conventional lead-acid and gel batteries, these battery chargers are suitable for batteries with new AGM technology (with electrolyte distribution in porous glass fiber separators) and for advanced lithium-ion batteries (LiFePO4, or LFP for short) with energy management system (BMS).

With these devices, you can charge the battery as installed on the car, and in the dismantled state. Novelty provides for operation both in portable and stationary position. For example, the charger can be mounted on a wall using the optional bracket.

Putting the BAT645 to the test. Externally the charger is a green metal box, which is protected from the sides by rubberized frames. The module is equipped with a heat sink and fan.

On the front side of the device there is a TFT display, mode selection buttons and three status LEDs. On the smaller side are connectors for power and power cables, the ease of changing them is an additional advantage of the model.

On the body of the charger is also a plug-protected USB port, it is used to download updates.

The ability to load charging characteristics and algorithms for new types of batteries that may appear in the future maximizes the useful life of the equipment, Bosch engineers explain. By the way, the end customers will get the latest version of the firmware at the dealers where the equipment was purchased.

The fuse in the power cable is uncomfortable.

The BAT645 comes with a three-meter 6 mm2 charging cable with powerful alligator clips. A 5 m cable is available as an option.

Thanks to its low weight (approx. 4 kg) and size (height 120 mm, width 220 mm) it offers a high level of mobility. For example, in the process of repair the charger can be placed even under the car.

This way it certainly won’t interfere with the mechanics’ work.

If you compare the new product with its predecessor. the well known Bosch BAT430, the “six hundred forty-fifth” will bravely wrestle with it not only in technical characteristics (“old boy” produces maximum 30A), but also in the variability of settings. Here, for example, you can manually set the desired voltage level. The following will make it clear how important this is.

In charging mode, the BAT645 recognizes automatically which battery is connected: a 12 V or a 24 V one (two 12 V batteries in series).

In the first case the threshold for the correct identification is 3V (7V for LFP), in the second. 17V.

Even deep discharged batteries can be recharged, but the unit will by default take them as 12 volts and the two batteries must be connected separately.

The Fronius automatic has already been used for 8 years and has received good reviews from mechanics.

The charging mode will depend on the type and capacity of the battery (these parameters must be selected manually from the menu). The interface is multilingual (22 languages), Russian is programmed by default.

Fully automatic charging of all battery types, thanks to the versatility of the units. In addition, the user can select specific charging characteristics for each battery type, taking into account the characteristics of different technologies.

BAT645 features various graphic characteristics and charging cycles.

As a rule the whole process consists of three phases: basic (charging current is about 20% of the installed capacity of the battery), intermediate (current decreases to 2% of the capacity) and final (active mode is connected only if the voltage on one battery drops below 13.5 V).

This is interesting: What is good about “Kursk battery”?

For deeply discharged batteries the BAT645 uses firstly gentle charging. The mode is connected automatically, the message “soft charging” appears on the display, the flashing rhythm of the LEDs changes. Additional modes of operation are also provided: the BAT645 can operate as a backup (standby) or a buffer power supply.

In standby mode BAT645 provides power to consumers in the car instead of the battery.

Usually this is done not to confuse the current settings of power-sensitive devices (for example, onboard multimedia systems) when replacing the battery. Charger output voltage is stable and constant, but current is limited to 15A.

Charging procedure

For successful charging of the maintenance-free battery the primitive chargers made in the Celestial Empire or in the garage by your own hands from an old transformer will not be suitable. Ideally, you need a device that supports these functions:

  • automatic maintenance of the charging voltage at the level set by the user;
  • the current voltage and current should be indicated by the instrument or on the digital display;
  • work in cyclic mode charge / exposure / discharge, contributing to the desulphation of lead plates.

If you plan to work with the battery in the garage, it is not necessary to remove it from the car. Before you can charge a maintenance-free car battery with a battery charger, you will have to disconnect the on-board power terminals. This will zero out controller errors and user settings. This is not a big problem, just a slight inconvenience. Then according to recommendations:

  • Connect the leads from the charger to the power source, observing polarity. Usually the “” and “-” are stamped right on the crocodiles on production units.
  • Check the voltage delivered by the battery. If it turns out that it is below 11 V, then you are dealing with a useless and completely discharged battery, and it is practically impossible to restore it.
  • Begin by setting the battery voltage to 12,6 Volt, switch on the charger and monitor the process for 30-60 minutes. Jumping readings of ammeter, as well as rapid boiling of electrolyte indicate a high probability of internal short circuit in a battery. You have to stop charging and think about buying a new source.
  • If you see none of the above negative effects increase the voltage to 14.4 volts. The current will gradually decrease while charging. Orient on the lower limit of the ammeter reading 0,5-1 A, after reaching which the charge must be stopped, otherwise the electrolyte will boil. That’s the end of the recovery procedure.

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Requirements for recovery systems

Battery charging operations are hazardous and require special conditions to be met:

  • Do not use the device without an emergency stop switch.
  • It is recommended to use a voltage regulated charger, based on the IUoU profile.
  • Charging to prevent acid stratification (not required for AGM).
  • Use it with IU characteristics and higher voltages for a shorter period of time to avoid water evaporation.
  • Circuit voltage after charge provides 2, 12 to 2, 13 V in each cell.
  • Connect the battery terminal to the same terminal on the charger, and the negative battery terminal to the corresponding terminal on the charger.
  • Do not apply voltage to the charger until the battery is fully connected to the charger.
  • When charging is complete, the charger should be the first to disconnect.
  • Stop the process if the battery is hot or if there is acidic fumes.
  • Ventilation must be provided during charging.

Technical progress does not stand still

Just 10-15 years ago car owners had to regularly service the battery (check the density of the electrolyte, refill distilled water and so on).

Nowadays, serviceable batteries are a thing of the past. They have been replaced by more modern and reliable (according to the manufacturers) maintenance-free power sources.

All that is required from the motorists is to control the voltage level and make charging in time. The only question is how to do it correctly.

Technical progress does not stand still

Still 10-15 years ago motorists had to service an accumulator regularly (to check electrolyte density, to top up with distilled water and so on).

Serviceable batteries are becoming a thing of the past. They have been replaced by more modern and reliable (according to the manufacturers) maintenance free batteries.

All that is required from the motorists is to control the voltage level and make charging in due time. The question is how to do the job right.

What is the difference between maintained and unmaintained batteries?

Today, all power supplies can be divided into two types:

The first serviced batteries were of the lead-calcium type. Their main advantage. the ability to work for two years without refilling the electrolyte.

But there was a disadvantage. a deep discharge turned out to be “fatal” for the battery. Just a few charge and discharge cycles, and the battery could be taken to the trash.

At the end of 90-s more modern. lead-calcium products appeared. Their peculiarity was the great resistance to discharges and no need to refill with distilled water.

The next step was the emergence of lead-acid batteries (still in use today).

An externally serviced battery is a monoblock that has several outlets with covers on the edges (for topping up).

How to charge Bosch batteries

Maintenance of Bosch batteries is minimal, but like all batteries, they do require periodic recharging. It is best to charge with a special charger from the same manufacturer that requires at least one push of a button.

When using a different charger, some nuances must be adhered to. Serviceable batteries must be charged to within one-tenth of their capacity and must be carefully monitored for voltage. AGM batteries can be charged with any current, but the voltage must not exceed the recommended.

Any battery can be charged at positive temperature if you bring it in from the cold. Allow it to warm up to room temperature. Clean the case and terminals before charging. You need to connect the charger and observe the polarity. For batteries where you can open the lid, you need to keep an eye on the volume and density of the electrolyte, supplementing it if necessary. Also keep an eye on the temperature of the case during the charging process. When it gets hotter than 40-50 degrees Celsius, you need to stop the process and let it cool down.

Important! Never store the battery in a discharged state.

How to find out the release date and decode the code

The marking is on the battery cover and consists of a set of numbers and letters. How can you tell the year of manufacture from it? First character. letter. Indicates country of origin.

AddedFor more discussion in a separate article, read HERE.

The issue date is coded with the numbers following it. Fourth digit. the last digit of the year of manufacture. Fifth and Sixth. Encrypted release month. 17-18 January, 19 February, 19 March, 20 March, 53 April, 54 June, 55 July, 56 August, 57 September, 58 October, 59 November, 60 December.

Do you have, or have had, a Bosch battery?? Then tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев about your experiences with it, it will help other motorists and make the material more complete and accurate.

Details on how to charge a maintenance-free battery

In modern cars the manufacturer more and more often begins to install maintenance free batteries. There are a lot of recommendations on how to charge the battery, but they are all too complicated and an average motorist can not always get into the essence of the process of charging the battery. In this publication we will consider a simple and yet effective way to charge a car maintenance-free battery, using the example of the Bosch silver S4.

Before proceeding with the charging process, it is worth determining the age of the battery. Unattended car batteries that are more than five years old are a waste of time to charge or reanimate. Even if you manage to do something with it, it will not last long. It is better to bring old batteries to the recycling department.

And now for the technical aspects of charging. The charger you use should be set up to charge the battery fully automatically, i.e.е. The program you choose must control the process of charging. This program will automatically control the charging current and provide the proper charging voltage at all times. It is also worth paying special attention when connecting the charger to the battery terminals. Always connect the red terminal to. black to minus.

If the terminals are not color-coded, look directly at the charger sockets and make the correct connection.

And one more nuance, if you charge from time to time only the battery of your car, then buying the necessary charger is an unjustified waste of money, because charging a maintenance-free battery in a specialized center will cost you much cheaper than buying a device.

Information on maintenance free batteries

Maintenance free batteries must only be recharged by automatic chargers. The peculiarity of such batteries is that the degree of battery charge at the end of the charge is directly dependent on the magnitude of the charging voltage provided by the charger. For example, with a voltage of 14, 4 volts, a 12 volt battery in 24 hours can be charged to about 75%. 85%, if the voltage of 15 volts in the same time to 85%. 90%, and at a voltage of 16 volts. 95%. 97%.

So you can charge a maintenance free battery at 16.3 to 16.4 volts for about 20 hours at the most.24 hours.

In our case the Bosch silver S4 maintenance free battery we used a common battery charger, with the voltage set at 14,4-14,5V was charged for 24 hours at 90%, It should also be noted that at the beginning of charging current reached 40-50A. You still had to leave the battery for several hours to get a full charge.

How to open Bosch S4 battery

How to open a Bosch s4 battery


The high bar that the Bosch car battery makers raised years ago is, as before, an unattainable limit for many other manufacturers. Auto batteries of this brand have perfectly proven themselves in the world and Russian market. How to add water to a maintenance-free bosh s4 60 amp hours battery. Thanks to modern technology Bosch offers the possibility of easy starting even of a cold engine, the self-discharge rate is very low, which allows using the battery after long idle time, a large power reserve (the electrolyte volume is increased by reducing the thickness of the grids), and a special structure of lead grids ensures fast battery charging. And this is only a small fraction of the advantages of Bosch car batteries, which are recognized by experts as the best for use in urban areas. Bosch s4 silver/12v car battery. Technical. Due to the high quality, number of variations and series, these batteries can be matched to any vehicle, including the JIS standard. That is why buying a Bosch battery means to provide your car with a reliable power source for five to seven years.

How to fill up the BOSH S4 battery

How to add water into the maintenance-free accumulator BOSH S4 60 amp hours.

Bosch S4 Asia 70 Ah battery

Disassembling the non-disassembled Bosch S4 battery. The battery has been in use for almost 6 years. Bosch and Varta still.

Services of the Internet-shop

Our Applications Manager in the Bosch online-shop will help you get acquainted with the range of Bosch batteries. Purchase will not cause you any troubles, but only happy experiences, because our experts will not only deliver the battery at your request to the specified address, but also will install it. Bosch s4 battery the company electromotor cues. Contact phone how to choose. As a result, you get a high quality certified car battery at a reasonable price and in addition. the guarantee of two years for it.

All Bosch batteries offered in our online store are certified, have excellent technical characteristics and are designed for both foreign and domestic cars. In addition, batteries are recommended for Asian cars.

In the hustle and bustle, as it always happens: Quickly, it turned out to be a Bosch s4 silver line (004). 560 409 054 (vin). Now you can not worry about long idle time: the engine with a new battery starts instantly, the battery has a large potential capacity and such a variety of models that the optimal battery can be matched to any car. with the maximum compliance with the level of power consumption. Increasing demands, which are made to the car batteries, can be explained simply: the load of modern car power grid with appliances that increase the comfort and safety. After all, it is so important for us to be not only safe in the car, but also comfortable. And discharged battery, you must agree, can completely break plans for the dayAlmost a hundred years ago, Robert Bosch, the founder of Bosch, said the words that still define the corporate culture of the world-renowned company today, he said: “I would rather lose money than trust.”.

I recently encountered such a problem my wife put the Mercedes in the garage and forgot to turn off the fog lights :aggressive: as a result. the battery is dead and it is impossible to open the electric. Bosch s4 silver battery.

Our online store also values the trust of customers, so we offer you the best quality product. car batteries Bosch.

S4 007 s4007 Bosch Silver 72 Ah Reverse 572409068

Car battery: Bosch Silver Model: S4 007, 572409068 Battery Capacity: 72 Polarity: Reverse (0) Cold cranking current: 680 Clip: Standard Size: 278x175x175 (low) Weight: 16.99 Kg. Warranty: 2 yearsProducer: Germany