How to Charge a Bosch Screwdriver Battery

The article describes how best to handle a cordless screwdriver in terms of charging and storage. The manual also tells you how to recharge a power tool without a complete charger (charger).

How to Charge a Bosch Screwdriver Battery

Screwdriver battery device

The main components of battery power tools:

  • the housing on which the contacts are located;
  • thermistor, which is needed to protect against overheating (not all models have it);
  • battery.

The main types of batteries and their features:

  1. Nickel cadmium. are cheaper than others, are lightweight. Minus. in the effect of memory. They need to be discharged to zero and charged to the end. If this is not done, the capacity decreases.
  2. Nickel metal hydride. This type of memory effect is not so pronounced, therefore, such devices are more expensive. When the Ni-MH type battery is idle for more than 30 days, a full recharge is required.
  3. Li-ion. One of the most popular types. They work poorly in frost: they discharge faster, and with regular use and storage at sub-zero temperatures their service life is reduced. But otherwise, such batteries are better than others. The high cost of Li-Ion is fully justified by the speed of charging and impressive capacity, as well as the absence of the aforementioned memory effect.

General battery charging rules

If everything is done as it should, the battery will last a long time. Here are the basic principles for properly charging a screwdriver:

1. If the battery is being charged for the first time, it must be fully discharged before use and then fully charged.

2. The temperature in the room should be between 10 and 40 °.

3. To prevent the unit from overheating, it is necessary to disconnect the battery (battery) from the charger as soon as it is charged.

4. If the screwdriver is not used for a long time, it is necessary to recharge it once a month for preventive purposes.

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The nuances of charging various types of batteries

Most of the features that need to be considered are described in the first section. Here it’s about how long you need to keep the power tool on charge.

How long does it take to charge a screwdriver

The indicator is individual. It varies from 30 minutes to 7 hours and depends on capacity. Usually time is written in user manuals.

Most memories are equipped with indicators, so you can see how much more percent is left until the end of the charge.

Charging methods without using a special charger

If for some reason the memory of the kit is out of order, you can use a third-party device.

It is important to consider the characteristics of the battery when selecting such a memory. Voltage and capacitance must match. Otherwise, the battery may be damaged.

Interesting: Included with the DF457DWE impact screwdriver is 2 batteries. If one is discharged, you can simply insert the second and continue to work.

If there is no charger at all, there are three alternative methods.

Car charger

You do not need to use this method all the time due to mismatch of parameters. An automobile charger is suitable if it is equipped with voltage and voltage adjustment elements. It is only necessary to set the indicators correctly: the current is set as 0.5-0.1 of the total battery capacity.

Universal Charger

An option that is suitable for almost any battery. Usually this is a model with crocodile clips. Often the user has the ability to set the required values. The method will not harm the battery, since the charging process will proceed in the same way as with the complete charger.

External power sources

The option described above also refers to the category of external devices for charging a battery. In addition, you can connect the instrument to another power source, for example, an old battery, which will play the role of a power bank. The main thing is that it be working and have identical parameters. But it requires remarkable knowledge of electrical engineering: it is necessary to create a circuit with the help of crocodile adapters. You will need a 10 amp fuse, and you also need to use wiring with an increased cross section.

Tip: If a power tool is needed to work for a long time, it is better to choose a model among professional options. Their batteries are much more powerful than household models.

Battery Storage Recommendations

For the battery to last for a long time, it is necessary to store it correctly:

  • Do not leave the battery in the instrument.
  • Place must be dry. Dampness negatively affects battery components.
  • Sudden temperature changes should be avoided.

These were general requirements, details are in the table.