How to charge a bosch trimmer battery. Several practical tips

How to charge the battery of an electric screwdriver Bosch

The full use of power tools without the energy of the battery is impossible. In this case, in the first clash with the process of replenishing the drive by electricity, a considerable number of questions arise. In the article, you will not only learn how to charge the Bosch electrical screwdriver battery, but you will also find several practical tips to extend the service life of the accumulative element.

Regardless of the type (nickel-metallological, lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium) to charge the Bosch electrical screwdriver is necessary according to the following algorithm of actions:

  • Remove the battery from electrical equipment (press the red/blue button at the bottom of the handle and, holding it, take out a jerk of the accumulative element);
  • Install the removed source in the charger unit;
  • Connect the power supply unit to the electricity source (outlet).

For charging, it is worth using the charger fully compatible in terms of technical characteristics. In the case of failure of the memory that has come complete with the device, you need to buy a new element. Choose a drive in accordance with the data specified in the technical passport of electrical equipment.

How much to charge the battery of the Bosch electrical screwdriver

Modern devices for replenishing equipment with electricity are equipped with an indicator of energy. Disconnect the power supply from the outlet must be immediately after lighting up a green bulb talking about the end of charging. The minimum time required for this process is half an hour. It can be increased depending on the type of battery. The longest period of replenishment of electricity is the bore of the nickel-cadmium type. The complete enrichment of such an element takes about 7 hours.

In the instructions for the Bosch electric screwdriver, the battery charging time is indicated more accurately. There you will also find a detailed description of the process for your battery model. When using equipment, it is worth completely following the annotation. This will extend the service life of both the device itself and the source of electricity. Therefore, before charging the Bosch Bosch battery for the first time, it is recommended to carefully read the attached instructions.

Patriot tr 235UES

Patriot tr 235UES is in the eleventh place. This is the most inexpensive model that is presented in our ranking, however, it has all the necessary characteristics to help you quickly and without much effort to put your lawn in order.

The product is made of durable plastic, the length of the bar can be adjusted at its discretion, reducing or vice versa, increasing its size. You can also configure the angle of its inclination. A wide handle makes it possible to reliably fix a trimmer for grass in the hand. The weight of the device is about 3.5 kg, which will control it even a fragile girl. The engine operates at a speed of 8000 rpm. The width of the herbs is small. 26 cm. The device works relatively quiet, the noise level reaches 86 dB.

The setting of the model includes a battery and a charger to it. The battery capacity is 2 ah. It is designed for 50 minutes of fruitful work. This time is enough to process a small area. About an hour will take its charge.

Huter Get-18-2LI

Huter Get-18-2LI is located in tenth place. Thanks to the engine with a capacity of 7000 rpm, with this trimmer for grass, you can easily cut off any grass, not only low, but also high. Speasing width reaches 28 cm. The design with the fishing line will allow you to get to the most inaccessible places, and the protective bracket will protect your favorite plants from the danger to be damaged or cut under the root.

The length of the handle of a trimmer for grass can be adjusted to your height, you can also change the angle of inclination of the working area. The battery capacity is 2 Ah, which provides models for about 30 minutes of continuous operation. At the same time, no more than an hour will take to recharge.

Users highly rating Huter Get-18-2LI. It is convenient and easy to work with it, it does not require special skills to use. The low weight of the device allows you to process the site for a long time, without feeling the fatigue of the hands. In addition, the device works quietly enough. Among the minuses, buyers note the possibility of a trimmer for grass to cut only grass. Stronger plants need to mow with caution, and best of all, get rid of them manually.

Rules for the operation of battery trimmers

So that the battery trimmer for the grass for giving shows high efficiency on the site and is completely safe for the operator, during its operation a number of rules must be followed.

  • While working on the site, the operator braid for grass should use a special protective suit, high shoes, gloves and glasses;
  • You can not use the battery electricity in the rain. this can lead to a short circuit of the tool;
  • While working on the site, the operator must ensure that there are no people and animals next to the working scythe;
  • The inclusion and use of the tool when the protective cover of its body is not allowed;
  • The braid needs to be turned off before each installation and removal of the battery;
  • To charge the battery, you need to use only the device recommended by the manufacturer of the tool;
  • For each operation of the braid for grass, its battery must be protected by a standard plastic shield.

During operation, electric ships must be remembered that there is an aggressive liquid inside the battery, which, in case of flowing, can cause burns or irritation of the operator’s skin.

Bosch Easy Grass Cut 18-230. review

In early spring, we purchased a battery trimmer for Bosch Easy Grass Cut 18-230 grass

In general, I am satisfied with his work, but there are also small flaws that prevent me from 100% enjoying the work in the country.

Charging a Bosch Ebike Battery. Part1

I will tell you about everything in order in this review.

First I will show what a trimmer for the grass is, and then I will share my impressions.

So, a trimmer for grass was sold in a relatively small, oblong cardboard box-chatter.

Here are the excerpts of information from the packaging:

On the front side of the package, a trimmer for grass is drawn, information is applied from below that its battery is suitable for the entire garden equipment of the company

As well as brief technical characteristics of the battery, the diameter of the grade of the grass with fishing line and the weight of the trimmer itself for grass.

On the side of the package, a trimmer for grass in the collected form and charger are also depicted.

In the back on the box in different languages, information is written that this is a battery trimmer for grass,

The battery is universal, suitable for the entire line for the garden and at home,

Trimmer for the grass is lightweight, which favorably affects long.term work in the garden,

Semi.automatic fishing system for feeding,

Signs with technical characteristics, pay attention to the duration of the battery in meters (up to 400 m) and the battery charging time (more than 2 hours). These characteristics later I will indicate the shortcomings later. And I will explain why.

And also a Russian.speaking label with the name and address of the manufacturer is glued to the box.

And in the corner of the box information is indicated about a 3-year guarantee (with a tricky indication, which, subject to registration on the official website).

A branded label of primary opening of the package is glued onto the box. On the sticker serial data of the trimmer for grass.

Having opened the box, you can see documents for equipment and in the literal sense of three deaths a folded trimmer for grass.

The operating instructions and two applications to it, as well as an advertising booklet with the terms of a three.year guarantee, were invested from the documents.

This is what an electric trimmer just removed from the box looks like. He has not yet been collected. Black-green color.

This is a handle of a trimmer for the grass, for which you need to hold on to kosbe.

The handle is rotary in different directions, adjusts to a person.

The control button is on the bar, by pressing which a person will supply a fishing line for a trim for a bevel of grass.

Pros and cons of the battery trimmer for grass

But now it’s time to talk about whether it is worth buying a battery trimmer for grass. The question is far from idle, because doubts still remain, and reading the reviews does not clarify the situation. rather exacerbates: some are delighted with such devices, others say that this is discarded money. Who to believe?

In fact, everything is simple here: there is no and cannot be a single opinion and is correct for all solutions. And there are pros, and disadvantages; And this technique is not suitable for everyone, not for any conditions and tasks; And the models are far from the same in their parameters in a word, as in any other business, you need to listen to everyone, but choose yourself.

By the way, there was a curious video. a test of a low.power battery trimmer for grass in various conditions, on different types of our real vegetation. Interesting, I recommend:

Well, we will return to the problem of choice. I tried to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the battery trimmers in the hope that this will help to find the answer to the question whether it is worth acquiring such a technique.

  • small weight (depending on the model!);
  • lack of wires (and, accordingly, higher security);
  • lack of gasoline exhausts (as a result. environmental friendliness, and just working more pleasant);
  • quite low noise level (in comparison with gasoline models);
  • simplicity of operation (in comparison with gasoline models);
  • the ability to process places (around trees, under benches, etc.P.).
  • low power (there are quite powerful models, but they are heavy and expensive);
  • relatively high price (everything is relatively, see.above);
  • For a short time on one battery.

Thus, a light battery trimmer for grass (which is the purpose of my search):

Good or bad. everyone decides for himself.

Weigh and choose

To avoid disappointments, you need to immediately understand that the ideal option does not exist. When making a decision, you should first correctly prioritize and clearly determine for yourself what is really important, and what are you ready to find out.

So, I realized that I could come to terms with the low power of the battery trimmers. simply because I still can’t do with powerful models physically. And the absence of wires is more important for me than the opportunity to work for a long time without a break: it is better to mow 20 minutes every day than once a week “before losing consciousness”.

The next step is the choice of model. There is no point in repeating here. I have already stated all my thoughts on this subject. I will only add that there are several models to look at. and then read reviews about them in different sources. Some options after that immediately disappear.

By the way, about reviews. I will be grateful to everyone who already uses batteries and find time to share their opinion about them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. The opinions of acquaintances and relatives are also welcome. the more reliable information, the more reliable the choice, so after all, is? Published by

If you have questions about this topic, ask them to specialists and readers of our project here.

Bosch C3 charger

Peace for everyone! With the purchase of a car with the AGM battery, the question arose about the purchase of a charger to charge the battery of this type. Examined ZU BMW, based on CTEK 5.0 Polar, but scared the price 10-12t.R. According to the recommendations of snokens and positive reviews on the global Internet, the choice fell on the automatic charger Bosch C3 (Article: 0 189 999 030).

Technical characteristics: input voltage: 220. 240V ~ 50/60HZ.Output voltage: 6/12V.Current charge: 3.8a or 0.8% ± 10%.Type of battery: 6V 12V lead batteries (WET, AGM, Gel, VRLA).Battery capacity: 6V = 1.2 a/h.14 a/h, 12v = 14 a/h.120 a/h.

Modes: mode 1 “6 V”. charge (7.3 V/0.8 A; capacity from 1.2 a/h to 14 a/h); mode 2 “12 V”. charge. motorcycle batteries (14, 4 v/ 0.8 a; capacity 1.2. 14 a/ h); mode 3 “12 V”. charge. cars (14.4 V/ 3.6 A; capacity from 14 A/ h to 120 A/ h); mode 4 “12 V”. charge. cold. time of year/AGM (14.7 V/3.8 A; capacity from 14 A/h to 120 A/h).

The Bosch C3 charger is recommended for use when charging starter batteries with a voltage of 6 volts and a capacity of 1.2 to 14 a/h, and a voltage of 12 volts with a capacity of 1.2 to 120 a/h/h/h.

Bosch C3 charger provides 4 charging options for various types of batteries depending on their condition. The device automatically selects the mode option, which provides more efficient charging of the battery.

Functions and properties:. standard charging: to restore the operability of the battery.- pulsed charging: for optimized charging of the battery with deep discharge. automatically activates at the voltage of the battery between 7.5V and 10.5V.- charging the battery in cold.

Short circuit protection: the device is equipped with automatic protection against short circuit if you join incorrectly. In the event of this situation, the signal LED lights up and the charger is automatically disconnected.

But there is one minus. does not charge deeply discharged batteries.There is an interesting overview of this device: link.Buying through for January 2018 cost 3100r.Operating input:. half.dead AKB BMW (Varta) AGM 70ah charged 24h.- Simple acidic Bosch 70ah charged 3-4 hours (preliminary at the beginning of winter, the battery was fully charged).- Fresh battery Exide AGM 70AH by car at.12C charged from 50% to 85% for 7-8 hours. For AGM type AGM 85% is a working charge, it should not go to 100%, because the battery resource will be reduced.

Bosch ISIO operating instructions

Indication: The battery is supplied not with half a charged. To ensure the full power of the battery, charge it with half-capacity before the first use.

The lithium-ion battery can be charged at any time without reducing the service life. The cessation of the charging process does not harm the battery.

Lithium-ion batteries are protected from deep discharge by the Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) system. With a discharged battery, the garden tool turns off thanks to the protection scheme: the cutting knife no longer moves.

After automatic shutdown of garden

do not continue to press the switch. You can damage the battery.

Insert the plug of the charger into the outlet, and the charging plug 14 in the nest 13 on the back of the handle (only one connection is possible).

The charging process begins as soon as the charging plug 14 charger is inserted into the nest 13.

The indicator of the battery charge of the battery 2 displays the promotion of the charging procedure. When charging, the indicator flashes green light. If the battery charge indicator shines 2 constantly green light, then the battery is fully charged.

In the process of charging, the handle of the garden tool is heated. This is fine.

With a long simple, please disconnect the charger from the network.

АККУМУЛЯТОРНЫЙ триммер BOSCH. Достоинства и недостатки

A garden tool cannot be used in the charging process; The fact that it does not work in the process of charging does not indicate its damage.

F Protect the charger from

charge, bosch, trimmer, battery, several

Telescopic handle with wheels (accessories and a set of delivery for “scissors for grass, v. telescopic handle with wheels “)

Telescopic handle with wheels, intended only for use on Earth.

handle with a bush or at a distance from the ground.

Dismantling of a telescopic handle with wheels (see. rice. AT)

Installation of a telescopic handle with wheels (only scissors for grass)

Comers the guide grooves of the garden tool for the holder of the running mechanism 12 and insert a garden tool.

Insert the switch plug on the telescopic handle 10.

Handle length adjustment (see. rice. FROM)

Position for cutting the edges (see. rice. D)

or to the right to install it vertically for cutting the edges.

running mechanism 12, shift it in the depicted direction.

Bosch IXO operating instructions

Sve. The charging device included in the delivery set for the lithium-ion battery of your power tool.

 Consider the network voltage! The voltage of the current source should

correspond to the data on the factory sign of the charger. 230 V charges can also operate with voltage 220 V.

Indication: the battery is supplied not completely charged. To ensure the full power of the battery, charge it completely before the first use.

The lithium-ion battery can be charged at any time without co-coloring. The cessation of the charging process does not harm the battery.

Lithium-ion battery is protected from deep discharge. When the battery is discharged, the power tool is turned off by the protective circuit: the power tool does not move anymore and the faint whistle emits. After automatically turning off the power tool not on-

burn more on the switch. The battery may be damaged.

If the accumulator of the battery 5 with a half-compressed switch 8 is a cloth 8, then the charge of the accumulator is less than 30% of its capacity and it should be charged.

The charging process begins immediately after turning on the cord of the line-up device in the plug outlet and the subsequent installation of a battery electrical screwdriver for charger 12.The charge state indicator 5 shows the course of the process. When charging, the indicator shines with green light. If the Co-Called indicator of 5 rotten, then the battery is fully charged.When charging, the electric tool handle heats up. This is fine.

With a long simple, please disconnect the charger from the network.

Intelligent charger Bosch C7. First meeting.

Readers of my BZ know that in the year before last, just before the New Year, in the fourth year of my life, I “ended” the batteries. I then traveled on business trips all autumn and the car stood without movement for a long time. The result was the first major purchase of 2021: two new Solite batteries in the maximum possible standard size 105D26L, T.e. capacity 95 a/h, scrolling current 710. Not serviced. In general, there are a year, their function is performed.But there is always a worm of doubt: what if they are also gradually covered? I really go a little now, almost all the work on the remote. There are only two large trips for the whole in Crimea in the fall and Perm-Ufa spring. The car costs a lot and for a long time. But the monitor by signaling and it seems like it shows the normal 12.6th charge.But in the summer we have “died” a battery on an eclips wife. That’s right really just took and “died”. She was redrawn with an athermalka (a gift from her son) and the guys listened to music. And then the car did not start. Despite the fact that she travels more than mine and once every two weeks to inter-near a 200 km back and back. I then recharge him, but literally a couple of weeks later, he sat down again at OD. Did not suffer, just went and changed to a new.Therefore, this whole year was pursued by the idea that buying for charging batteries? My Orion or Rotor of the 501st model somehow uncertainly works with CA/CA batteries. I certainly charged them, but I didn’t have 100% confidence as a charge. The device is very simple, only the current strength can be adjusted, and the maximum voltage that it produces 14.4 V. It seems to be recharging normally. But on the Web I met different opinions on this subject and often read that for swinging sa/sa batteries, the voltage should be about 16V. Then you can remove such a battery from a discharged state. As far as this is true, I will not argue, the opinions of diametrically opposite.And here is another moment. In the summer we bought a mini-keemper nomad-1, he is a wagon, he is just a booth. It has an autonomous power supply system based on the 180 W solar panel and the Ventura GPL 12-65 battery. This battery is made using AGM technology, and it definitely cannot charge it, There is a completely different mode. And if in the summer the battery has been charged from the panel, now the camper has been standing in the garage for three months, and there at least there is a window, but the panel does not work and the battery must somehow be recharged so that in the spring not to go behind the new. And he stands like two mediocre sports batteries. Now I measured the voltage on it and it is 11.7v. In the manual, these batteries say that they have an average monthly self.discharge of 3%. Something like that. That is, it will stand still a couple of months before the heat, and will be discharged below 11V. And this is already bad, you need to charge.In general, life itself pushes in the right direction. And then they decided to make a present on occasion and asked what I would like. You understand the answer yourself did not slow down to wait: charger for the battery. But what? I in my topic, and then in the discussion of other similar topics, advised to take the pennants 55 or 57, the coast, the pendant 720 or 820, etc. I read a lot of information about these chargers and realized that, firstly, I don’t understand the nifig and I don’t understand this topic and I was simply killed by all these schedules, settings, etc., And secondly, I absolutely do not want to sit next to the battery and monitor how much and how he poured into himself and pr. I just want to turn on and everything to work. But also some toy for the conditional 1.5 thousand allegedly charging batteries, I don’t want either. Too much pleasure to buy a new one, especially agm.And therefore, the gaze fell on automatic chargers with intellectual operating modes. I probably read a week. Passing Favorites pendant-405, Golden Eagle SN-8, Bosch C3 and C7, CTEK. All are located in an increase in the price. The cheapest pendant, the most expensive stack (by the way everyone liked it more, but the price is from 11 thousand and above, mom do not grieve). But buying in the city is not real, everything is via the Internet. But again, I wanted here and now, and to return with a guarantee, and to return if that. Accidentally in the city stumbled upon two options Bosch C3 and C7. The first photo is they.Of these two, C7 remained an unconditional favorite. Before this, I read a lot of reviews about this model and came to the conclusion that it suits me in all respects. Many with this charger are just charging AGM, but the CA/CA according to reviews also well takes.In general, meet the hero of today’s review Automatic intellectual charger BOSCH C7.

I will not rewrite characteristics, descriptions and reviews are full on the Internet. In the photo, the back of the box, which describes the main modes and parameters: the main charge of 12V, charging AGM batteries or at a temperature below.5, recovery mode, power source mode and two 24V batteries. Battery capacity from 14Ach to 230Ach. The main difference from the C36 model is the presence of a pulsed automatic charge mode (when the device itself recognizes the low charge of the battery) and the recovery mode. Because of this, many C3 users who expected them to revive old or discharged batteries were disappointed. And vice versa, users C7 precisely this regime of battery restoration causes the greatest satisfaction.

The kit also consists of a block of chargers in the form of a sort of weighty brick (it really thought it was smaller). The case of good quality plastic, has IP65 protection, which means you can leave on the street and work with sediments. An important aspect: the device can work in the charge of the charge for an unlimited time, which means, coupled with water and dust protection, this allows you to connect the battery for a long time and leave the charger under the hood. It is very relevant, especially since the manufacturer allows the main charge and the subsequent transition to the charge maintenance mode without disconnecting the battery from the machine. For me a suitable option, The garage is used as a large pantry and now still a storage for the camper, and the cars stand near the porch under a canopy where 220V is brought. It was dangerous to take the old rotor 501 to the street, not protected, and then you can put it under the hood, since there is a lot of space there and leave the car at least for the end of the vehicle.