How to Charge a Screwdriver Battery Without a Charger

How to Charge a Screwdriver Battery Without a Charger

  • How to charge a car battery without a charger?
  • How to charge a car battery
  • How to charge a battery without a charger

The battery in the car not only supplies power to the starter, but it is also source of auxiliary power (especially at those times when the generator cannot provide the required amount of energy). Accordingly, if the battery is empty, i.e. losing all its energy, serious problems can arise. Charge the battery without a charger is not so difficult. The main thing is to correctly follow the instructions of specialists and have a number of devices necessary for this under the runes.

How to charge a car battery without a charger

The most common way to charge a battery without a special device is popularly called a “light”. Its essence is quite simple: the battery can be recharged using a working battery of another car. To do this, another car with the engine on drives up close to yours. Open the hood of both the assisting machine and yourself. Then, using special wires with terminals at the ends, connect this device to your battery, the other end to a working device of the second machine. It remains only to turn the ignition key of your car. The current will run and the car will start. You cannot turn off your car immediately after that. The battery must work in order to charge. However, after this it is advisable to charge the battery nevertheless at home on the charger or change it altogether.

Alternatively, you can remove the battery from another car and bring it to your car. Then connect them in the same way. through special wires. The car will start.

Another option, how to recharge a car battery without a special device, is only suitable for cars with a manual gearbox. It is called "from the pusher." This method is provided due to the fact that after the last trip a small charge is stored in the generator of the machine, which is enough to excite the generator itself to action. To do this, push the car, while simultaneously turning the key in the ignition, so that this charge goes and the battery comes to life. Alternatively, you can pick up a cable through another cable to another car. She should, slightly towing, pull the jammed car forward. The generator in most cases will respond. Further, to the battery is charged to the proper level, drive the car on the roads for as long as possible. But after that, it is still advisable to check the general condition of the battery. how much he is still working. Or, if possible, charge it using a special device.
Sometimes folk craftsmen manage to combine two methods at once: connect the battery and start up from the pusher.

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Another option for charging the battery without a special device involves the presence of a second operable device. To do this, first remove your battery, put it working. Then start the car. As soon as it works without turning off the car, remove the battery and put it back in its place. Further, everything follows the same pattern. ride it as long as possible.

Another option will save you if you are stuck in a wilderness where there is no help. In this case, you will be saved by an ordinary small battery with a capacity of several volts. The one that is in the flashlight and the one that is in the mobile phone or laptop (of course, also provided that it is not sunken) will do. You need to open the hood and find the wire that goes from the battery to the generator so that when you turn on the car, give a signal to excite the latter. Its approximate location. from a light bulb that indicates a battery problem. This wire must be broken and a battery inserted in its place. Then push the car with all your might, the battery at this moment should make the generator work, i.e. generate enough voltage so that it can send a signal to the battery. It is best to push the car downhill so that it accelerates faster. When you achieve the desired effect, quickly jump into the car and turn the key in the ignition. The principle is generally similar to that used in the factory machine with a pusher. When the car starts, you can remove the battery, the reception without even turning off the car.

In the event that the battery freezes in the cold, one way to make it work. just bring it into a warm room and let it warm completely. In some situations, the battery is placed in warm water. However, it is better not to experiment with additional fluids, as it is fraught with other problems that can be more serious than simply discharging the battery.

Another option is to try to shake the battery so that all liquids are distributed more evenly across it. The only thing worth considering. never try to look into the battery by lighting up your own AL-KOi. the result will be unpredictable and irreversible.

Battery Discharge Prevention

In order not to get an unpleasant surprise in the form of a dead battery, it is better to attend to the prevention of such a problem. To do this, it will be enough to monitor the condition of your car. Remember that the life of a car battery is on average about 3 years, after it is better to change it, as surprises are possible.

In addition, it is advisable to regularly check the battery level using a portable device. Such a device is inexpensive. about 500 rubles. This method will save you from unpleasant surprises at the most inopportune moment.

Another way is suitable for the cold season, especially if your car is on a joke for a long time. Regularly enough. start the car once a day or two and let it work for a while. As an option, you can ride in the surrounding courtyards. This will give the battery the necessary recharge and allow it to function longer. Alternatively, you can remove the battery and take it home. in the heat.