How to Charge Nickel Cadmium Screwdriver Batteries

How to Charge Nickel Cadmium Screwdriver Batteries

So, you have some kind of battery technology equipped with nickel-cadmium batteries and you want to learn how to charge them so as not to spoil them. Let me tell you this.

This type of battery is considered to be outdated, since it was fully replaced by lithium-ion analogues, which are both lighter, easier to charge, and last longer, and the price for them today is no higher than for nickel-cadmium, so most manufacturers switched to them.

So, what makes charging nickel-cadmium batteries more difficult? And it’s more difficult in that you always need to remember such a thing as a memory effect. Because of this thing, it is necessary to observe these two main rules for charging such batteries:

  1. The battery can only be charged when it has reached its full charge. You can’t put it on charge with only a partial discharge, since the memory effect will do its job and the battery will “remember” that it started to be charged at this point, at which it was not yet fully discharged, and subsequently it would be discharged below this point will not, and this means that you will lose a certain amount of battery capacity. At the same time, by full discharge you need to understand the moment when your instrument simply started to work at full capacity as a result of a battery discharge. that is, you do not have to bring it to the point where it completely ceases to show signs of life. Thus, put a fully charged battery on the instrument, work with it until the instrument gives out full power, and when you feel that the power has fallen, remove the battery and put it on charge, but not before.
  2. After you have set the battery to charge, you must wait until it is fully charged, and until this moment it cannot be removed from charging. Otherwise, the battery will “remember” the mark to which it was allowed to charge, and subsequently it will only be charged to it, and again, you will lose capacity. At the same time, you need to keep in mind that there are chargers with indicators that show whether the battery is already charged or not, and there are no indicators. such charges need to be guided by the charge time. How much time is required is indicated in the tool manual. Typically, for chargers with an indication, it is no more than an hour, but those that are without an indication charge in 3-5 hours. This is due to the fact that the first devices usually supply a current of a higher value than the second, therefore, they also have less charging time. But in any case, it is better to refer to the instructions.

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Thus, if you follow these rules, your nickel-cadmium batteries will be able to work out their full life.

It is also worth mentioning how to properly store nickel-cadmium batteries for screwdrivers. The rule here is that when stored for less than 30 days, you need to leave them in that storage with a full charge, that is, after use. fully charge. If it is supposed to be stored for more than 30 days, then the charge must be left at the level of 30-50%. If the storage period exceeds 6 months, then you need to recharge the battery and discharge it to the level of 30-50%. Interest is approximate. if it is a little less or more, then this is not scary.

In general, therefore, lithium-ion batteries are much more convenient. They do not have all these problems.

Well, if your nickel-cadmium batteries still fail, then you can try to repair them yourself. How to do this, you can read, for example, in this article on our website. True, you have to work hard, but you can save a lot.

Well, I will end this article, since a completely comprehensive answer has been given to the question posed in the title.