How to check a STIHL chainsaw by serial number

Complete STIHL chainsaw reviews: features, model range, repairs, how to distinguish fakes and price range

30.11.2019 Renowned manufacturers have been building their image for years, improving products, raising their ratings in a particular market segment. The German company STIHL is a world-renowned manufacturer of power tools. The chainsaws of this company are known for such technical features as:

  • high power, maneuverability and cutting power;
  • Special anti-vibration system. the effect of minimal vibration thanks to the precisely calculated buffer zone;
  • The Bosch FD is a special safety and protection system based on an additional braking system which ensures that the saw chain stops in one second;
  • comfortable adjustment. the unit has been designed down to the smallest detail to ensure comfortable work for the operator;
  • smooth running. an exceptional feature of the device;
  • quality components and assembly;
  • long service life.

Not surprisingly, counterfeit power tools have appeared on the world market. Counterfeit units often imitate the original STIHL models, but the quality of performance, reliability, safety, power output and other features of the “left-hand” products are not the same as the original STIHL models.

About Manufacturer

Headquartered in Germany. For a long time the country of manufacture was the USA, but later it became impossible. The saw is now manufactured in the STIHL factory in China. The build quality has not deteriorated, which confirms the great popularity among not only amateurs but also professionals. You can still sometimes find American-made tools.

Original STIHL parts for every STIHL machine are always available from STIHL Moscow. All STIHL diagrams, parts and layouts are available on our website. Especially for your convenience made the original site to find and find parts.

Let’s look at how to use our spare parts locator by STIHL chainsaw serial number.

Here is the STIHL MS 250 chainsaw with serial number 811792581:

We need one for this STIHL chainsaw. carburetor. Then you go to the STIHL parts search link here. On the page that opens, type the serial number in the line.

We show you the full spare parts listings for this particular chainsaw, based on the year of manufacture, taking into account all the changes in parts.

Flipping through the diagram pages we find a diagram with a carburetor. Click on the number next to the carburetor and see the part number. Copy it. Back to our website, product catalog. In the search line of the catalog insert copied earlier article? Don’t forget to remove any extra spaces!

And then click find. And see the price of the part. Unfortunately all our parts do not have pictures, but we promise you that you will get exactly the part you ordered. Click on the buy button and fill in your details.

If the serial number gets worn during use and you can’t read it, just look for the part number by following this link: Visit the STIHL general parts manual here.

If you find the STIHL FS 38 brushcutter for example, click on it and see the full spare parts list:

find and select the part you need, remember the part number, and following the instructions written above find the part you need on our website and place the order to buy it on the official website of your STIHL dealer.

Parts availability

The canister is never included in the original kit. If you find a plastic canister, it is a fake.

The chain packaging is similar, the differences are in the markings on the chain itself. The original product carries the company’s logo. This is missing on the fakes.

The original protective boot also has the STIHL logo. Counterfeit chainsaws are missing the logo and have a different sheath.

The original bar has no holes near the chain sprocket. A fake is distinguished by obvious holes for sprocket lubrication.

Original STIHL saw comes with only a screwdriver and a spark plug wrench, also engraved by the company. Forgeries have extended tool kit and put it in a special bag.

Complete set

One of the main telltale signs that the STIHL MS 170/180 chain saw is a counterfeit today is that it comes with a dedicated fuel gauge. This accessory is very uncommon on original chain saws.

By the way, read this article too: How to tell the original Marathon 3 Champion

The fake STIHL chain saw comes with this type of container

In addition, chainsaw boxes are available:

Tire cover

The original has the original “STIHL” lettering;

Original (top) and fake tire cover

The inscription “STIHL” can be read on the original chain links, the fake chain has no words;

The cutting chain boxes look very similar

Genuine cutting chain links are always marked with “STIHL” on the chain

Chainsaw guide bar

The original tire most often comes in a cardboard cover. The fake one comes in a cellophane bag. They are also available in slightly different colors. The main difference between the tires is the lack of an extra oil supply window for the sprocket on the original tire.

The original bar (top) lacks an additional window

over, Chinese bars are often 40-45 cm long, while original STIHL MS 170/180 chain saws are equipped with 30-35 cm long bars.


The instruction manual of a fake chainsaw is almost exactly the same as the original. Except for the fact that the space for the company logo is blank.

The fake manual (right) bears no “STIHL” inscription

Tool case

The original chainsaw only comes with two tools: a multi-purpose screwdriver and a wrench marked “STIHL” with no packaging. All.

The fakes chainsaw tool comes in a carrying case

The original chainsaw tool kit is much more modest

The knockoff boasts a greater variety:

The look of the device

The original STIHL chainsaw used in the comparison took on its current appearance in 2015. Up to this point, it looked exactly like a fake.

As is often the case, replica manufacturers are not quick to react when it comes to redesigning their copied products. Their copies have been around for years in an older design. The same thing happened to the copy involved in the comparison. It still lives in 2015.

But the original STIHL MS 170/180 chain saw now has a different shape for the starter motor, the air filter mount and the smooth curve of the air filter cover.


Note the screws. in the original chainsaw, they are made to “star”.

The fakes most often have screws for a flathead screwdriver or hexagon.

However, our copy is very close to the original, so its screws are also made for “star”.

Fuel and oil tank covers

The lids in the copies are made very accurately, except that they do not have the “STIHL” inscription.

The nuts are

On the left side of the chainsaw there are two large nuts. The original nuts have an “S” on them. All is clean on the fake ones.

The back of the saw

The original unit has a sticker with a 9-digit serial number glued to this spot. It should match the one on the box.

The fake chainsaw has no such sticker.

Muffler cap

The original muffler cap is engraved with “STIHL” and the model number. The muffler of the copy is completely smooth.

Air filter

The air filter of the original chainsaw’s modern design is very tight. It is white on top and brown on the other side. The filter holder has the part number engraved on it.

In the fake, the filter is very primitive. a piece of foam. The holder is dark colored, no part number is engraved.

Sometimes it’s also easy to take a good look at the details. For example, how well the plastic cover of the product is made without any burrs. Of course in the original it has to be made in good condition.

The original muffler cap even has the factory number and company logo on the inside.

Of course, an experienced STIHL sawmaker with several real STIHL saws in his hands shouldn’t need such advice. And here those who are just beginning to conquer the heights in this business, this article will be handy.

There has always been interest in good tools, both from the customer and the counterfeiter. Chainsaws have long remained uninteresting for counterfeit production because of the complexity of manufacturing, but demand has “birthed” underground industries.

There are a lot of imitations and fakes of original STIHL saws on the market. In the article we will discuss all the features and subtleties, how not to run into a fake, and whether there is any difference in quality.


It is difficult to distinguish the packaging, because of the high level of printing. Counterfeit saws are packaged in exact replicas of the original boxes. You can tell them apart by the information plate affixed to them. If you have several saws in front of you, compare these plates and the numbers on them. At the very least they should be different. Each number is unique.

Pay attention to the unique serial number on the box. All saws are made in factories in China.

One visual difference between a knockoff STIHL saw and an original is that the knockoff has no distinctive white stripe around the logo and along the length of the box.

Overview of popular models

The STIHL MS 180 is in high demand among amateur or farm models of chain saws. It weighs only 3.9 kg and is very comfortable to handle. It is used with 35 and 40 cm long guide bars. Engine output 1.5 kW with a displacement of 1.38 cm3 makes the STIHL chain saw ideal for gardening, cutting wood, sawing up building materials and much more. It has ergonomic handles with anti-vibration inserts, automatic chain lubrication system, and an inertia brake that protects the operator from kickback.

You can tell if the STIHL 180 is a knockoff and identify the original.

Using the STIHL 180 as an example to distinguish an original German chainsaw from a dud.


The original necessarily has a sticker with the number of the device that is inside.

It also happens that the color of the brand (orange) in the copy is less bright. It is dim and closer to yellow or red.

There has been a noticeable improvement in the quality of packaging in recent years. That’s why the packaging material often looks just like the original.


You can open the box in the store. If the seller doesn’t allow this, then there is a reason to wonder about his honesty.

check, stihl, chainsaw, serial, number
  • On the tire cover there is a branded inscription with the name of the manufacturer;
  • there is always STIHL lettering on the chain cutting links;
  • The tire itself is packed in a box;
  • The bar is 35 cm long as standard for a 180 model;
  • There are no holes in the bar for the oil supply to the sprockets;
  • The original key is included, as well as a screwdriver for adjusting the carburetor;
  • STIHL brand name tools are marked with the words STIHL.

If you see discrepancies with the original, then there are reasons to suspect that before you a fake.

  • In the package there is a measuring container for filling the fuel;
  • the bar is 40 or 45 cm long;
  • There’s a toothed stop;
  • tools are not included;
  • Or low quality instruments with no inscriptions.

It is already possible to identify a fake by these features.


Now take a look at the chainsaw‘s exterior.

The genuine tool has such features:

  • The oil and fuel tank cover is marked with STIHL lettering;
  • To open the air filter cover you need a flat-blade screwdriver and to turn the thumbwheel;
  • On the nut there is the S-shaped logo;
  • There is a sticker on the body and on it a serial number of 9 symbols;
  • The muffler is marked with STIHL lettering and has a part number;
  • there is a part number on the air filter holder.

The situation is different for a fake. There’s an external resemblance. But there are little things that give a fake away.

  • For starters, all screws are designed to fit a flathead screwdriver or hexagon;
  • You don’t need any key or tool to open the air filter cover;
  • No stickers or part numbers on the housing.

What’s inside

I also recommend that you look under the air filter cover. First of all, it must be removed.

  • The cylinder has a light color;
  • The original STIHL filter is used;
  • There is a part number on the filter holder;
  • The air cleaner cap has the part number and the logo.

Fakes have a dark-colored cylinder, and the filter itself is made of cheap foam rubber.

Another thing that gives the non-original cap away is the burrs. This is a sign of poor craftsmanship of the STIHL 180.

STIHL 180 How to Tell Fakes

This article will be of great interest for dacha owners, gardeners and fans of active lifestyle such as hiking and picnics. I will tell you how to elect a chainsaw.

precisely, the choice here is not particularly great, but how not to puncture in this matter of principle. If you want to skip the lyrics to the second subtitle. For others I will tell you.

I used to have a chainsaw. Wore the proud name “Energomash”, cost once (2010) 5300 and went down in history as the first in my hands similar unit.

What can I say about it?? By and large, it’s worked for the money. However it was China, though the Russian name on the body. That’s where I bought it. And later, poking around on the forums found that Russian it only title, the rest is “Padrobka”, as they say our neighbors Belarusians.

The time of life to it was defined almost 20 refills of the tank, although mine had worked much more than simply. And after that, a ridiculous death without the ability to rebuild. Practically what remains to be done to our client and it came out. Only I do not know that it would have died, or even worked, if not shoved there his naughty hands local craftsman, conditional uncle Vasya. It did it while I was still in the service, and when I arrived the fact was clear. the saw does not work. Dead is dead. Especially the idea in my head that it has worked two, that it saved and three resources was not warm enough. Yes, and the hands of Uncle Vasya to discourage the same, and to sell it came. Particularly when I had to cut something and didn’t have any tools to do it with.

It is written, but this is our motherland, where fences are written, but the form in most cases does not correspond to the content. Armed with these doubts I went deeper on the web. Visit the STIHL homepage. Here I will show you in a concise and clear form the features of a proper STIHL chainsaw. First the picture:

And now the signs of how to distinguish STIHL from a fake:

How to tell the difference between a STIHL copy of the 180 and the original

Basically these 5 signs are enough to distinguish a fake. However, there is one more.

And I’m honestly surprised at this fact. When you think about buying, you want to achieve the best value for money. If I even thought to go for a chainsaw in Bryansk. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the of STIHL machines are the same everywhere at the company’s request to the dealers!

Any STIHL dealers should sell the machine at the you find on their own website. If there is a special offer, it will be in your town. And I felt it for myself.

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On my own website From September 1 to November 15, 2013 there is a special offer for which the price has been reduced to 7,690. Exactly for that amount and I bought it.

What to say? The formidable tests with a half-meter lime tree my 35 cm chainsaw passed with flying colors! When I started sawing I did not believe in the finale, but in vain. It is an industrial scale, I will not cut down the forest with it, alas, there is no compulsion to respect the German quality.

Plus the chain oil consumption is amazingly low. At first it seemed to me that it is not lubricated, but no. Just our client is chin-chin, as well as written by the forum participants. So far, only positive emotions.

This post is not an advertisement. I do not sell STIHL products, I stand for quality! If something goes wrong, I will write. However a year warranty on such equipment is a harsh quality statement, in comparison with my “Energomash” the warranty was given for three months.


Original saw is twisted with screws “star”. Fakes are 90% flat or Phillips head screwdriver.

There is a logo on the tank lid. No logo on counterfeit. Also consider the logo on the screws on the back of the tank.

On the muffler/tire side, the original must necessarily have an identification plate with the serial number, which must match the number on the box. The fake has no or poor quality decal and shows signs that will fade over time.

The muffler body on the original saw has the product part number engraved on it.

Differences in filter elements. Remove the cover covering the filter and compare with the photo:

Every original STIHL saw is marked with a part number, every part is perfect. Imitations show mold remnants, imperfections in plastic molding, missing part numbers.

In addition to the differences of the original saw, the following video shows the distinctive features of the chain and bar:

How to recognize a genuine STIHL chainsaw from a counterfeit

Only original tools, made in accordance with production quality and safety standards, are able to

  • perform their functions effectively;
  • Demonstrate the technical capabilities declared by the manufacturer;
  • Ensure safety during operation.

Often non-original saws have low performance, break down quickly, do not cope with the work tasks, and some counterfeit and even dangerous to health and life.

Purchasing from an authorized dealer is a guarantee of quality, safety and affordability. STIHL authorized dealers have a special STIHL certificate and provide a warranty certificate along with the product.

In addition to the warranty certificate and warranty card, there are a few factors that help to distinguish between a genuine machine and a counterfeit product.


The company monitors its products, which are thoroughly inspected.

The following external signs may indicate counterfeit:

  • No stamped company logo or part number on the muffler.
  • No part numbers on the parts.
  • Uneven, dull paintwork on the housing.
  • Unclear, blurred markings.
  • No logo on fuel filler cap and screws.
  • No firm engraving on each link of the cutting chain.
  • Defects and irregularities on the surface of plastic parts.
  • Low-quality labels that can be easily rubbed off or peeled off.
  • No sticker on the box with serial number, barcode, country of origin.
  • Incorrect spelling of the STIHL name.


If after examining the product there are doubts in its originality, then you should look at its accessories. Often counterfeiters go to great lengths to make a fake as similar as possible, but they overlook such features as:

  • Length of bar. on left-hand models the bar is usually longer than the original.
  • Instruction manual. If the manual is missing in the box and it does not have a quality Russian translation, the product is most likely not a real STIHL saw.
  • The presence of a sprocket lubrication hole on the bar also indicates an imitation of the original product.
  • Lack of company logo on protective covers and additional packaging.
  • The plastic canister and wrench in the box also indicates a counterfeit, because the original STIHL saw is only packed with a screwdriver and combination wrench.

Identification number

Each tool has its own serial number that contains information about the country of manufacture, batch/goods number, and additional information. The first digit represents the product’s manufacturer. For example: 1. Germany, 2. USA, 3. Brazil, 8-9. China.

The identification number on original products is duplicated in three places:

Original product has the same serial number. If the numbers on the box and the case do not match or are absent altogether, it is a counterfeit product.

How to tell a fake STIHL 180 from a real one

Chainsaw MS-180 today is a favorite model not only for consumers, but also counterfeiters who have learned to reproduce the external resemblance of the device. But the technical capability and safety of fake MS-180 models is still very questionable.

How to distinguish genuine STIHL bars from fakes:

  • Length of an original MS-180 tool bar is 30-35 cm. Fake tires are considerably longer (40-45cm) than the factory products.
  • On the body of a counterfeit model may be visible minor defects in the form of rough edges, uneven seams.
  • The air filter must have the part number and company logo.
  • The markings on the tire of the fake product are blurred, while the original has a clear laser marking.
  • The rivets of the counterfeit are painted in the same color as the tire.
  • The original MS-180 has no lubrication holes in the sprocket bar.

STIHL MS-660: How to spot a fake

STIHL MS-660. A machine for professional use. The tool has protection from rain and snow, carburetor heating function for winter conditions. Its price is more expensive, but the technical specifications are significantly different from gasoline-driven tools for household purposes. This model is capable of working in the most extreme conditions, coping with the most difficult tasks.

How to recognize a counterfeit STIHL 660 and how not to pay a high price for a product with questionable specifications? The answer is: pay attention to the details:

  • The dimensions of a fake MS-660 are less than those of a real one.
  • A real tool always has a serial number, which must match the information on the warranty card.
  • The color of the cordless tool body does not match the genuine product.
  • The oil and fuel tank caps of counterfeit products are bulging and of poor quality.
  • A real saw has the air filter cover screw located on the back.
  • A combination screwdriver is supplied with the genuine product, while the counterfeit versions have wrench and screwdriver sets.
  • Original products always come with detailed user manuals.

STIHL 362: How to tell a fake from a real one

MS-362 saw is an all-purpose tool that can be used both for professional and domestic purposes. The machine is known for its efficiency, reliability, ergonomics.

How to distinguish STIHL-362 chain saw from a fake:

  • The serial number must be the same on the box, body, and under the muffler.
  • Hole for drive sprocket on bar indicates counterfeit. genuine STIHL chainsaws do not.
  • The presence of a spark plug with STIHL logo also indicates a counterfeit. the company does not produce spark plugs.
  • Counterfeit models often have air filters made of low-quality plastic.
  • Uneven parts, defects in the edges and seams of the housing, low-quality assembly. all these are features that are not inherent in the products of a well-known manufacturer.

How to spot a fake STIHL chainsaw

STIHL MS-660: How to spot a fake

Russia and other CIS countries have a lot of petrol saws of unknown quality from China. What’s more, counterfeits disguised as well-known brands are being used. Starting a STIHL chainsaw. How to start a STIHL chain saw. that first STIHL chainsaw startup. Accordingly, and the cost of cheap in fact the tool increases by a factor of two. How to distinguish a counterfeited STIHL chainsaw? Basic rules. Ukrainian market often sells tools that imitate the popular STIHL brand, but are actually made by. How to spot an unusual STIHL MS-660 saw? How to spot a fake? Here we should focus on certain items, which are fully realistic to find a copy of this or really a German saw.


If you need a chainsaw, which will not often be involved in the work and is not purchased for industrial scale, copied chain saw STIHL MS-660 is quite suitable. Although the Chinese copy is inferior in quality to the original, but it fully copes with the processing of domestic wood species.

Tool is not sorry to exploit the wear and tear, saw problem areas, etc., as fuel can use different types of gasoline, and after breaking the unit can be thrown into the closet without pity and buy a similar cheap model.

Disappointing in this situation is the fact that the fake “STIHL MS-660” is often passed off as the original at an inflated price. The saw under consideration is very comfortable to copy, as it has a corresponding color scheme and authority among users.

Characteristics of the original modification

STIHL MS660 chain saw: how to spot the fakes? This is the question many consumers are asking themselves. In fact, the tool under consideration is a powerful unit, which is very durable to significant loads.

The full program can be tested during operations with thick and tough wood. Designed for extreme conditions and professional use. Normally suitable for work in forests of significant density for efficient processing and logging of thick and hard wood.

Technical features of the licensed chainsaw:

check, stihl, chainsaw, serial, number
  • There is an anti-vibration unit.
  • Chain tensioning. side type.
  • There is a compensator, a revolving valve for decompression.
  • Controller. one-handed version.
  • Preheating of carburetor is provided for.
  • Oil pump. adjustable type.
  • Ematic chain lubrication system, unique fuel tank cap.
  • ElastoStart rubber-coated handle.

Other features

If you want to know how to recognize a counterfeit STIHL chainsaw, here are the usual features of the MS-660. Below are the features of the tool made in Germany:

  • Classification group. chain saw of the highest power for professional activities.
  • Power train displacement (cc). cm). 91.6.
  • Power rating (kW). 5.2.
  • Engine power (l. с.). 7,1.
  • Weight (kg). 7.3.
  • Weight to power ratio (kg/kW). 1.4.
  • Working chain type. Oilomatic Rapid Micro in 3/8 pitch.
  • Bar size (mm). 500.

How to tell the difference between a STIHL replica 180 and an ORIGINAL

I made this video for people who are going to buy their first chainsaw

check, stihl, chainsaw, serial, number

How to tell the difference between a STIHL knockoff and an original! Let’s take the STIHL ms 180 chain saw as an example. How to distinguish STIHL chain saws because of their high quality and reliability. Look out for the model.

How to distinguish a genuine STIHL chainsaw from a fake. Personal experience.

and original STIHL chain saws. How to tell a fake STIHL chainsaw from a real one. forum. How to spot a fake STIHL saw. YouTube. If this video was helpful to you, please click here.

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If you have decided to buy a STIHL MS 660, how do you know when it comes to counterfeiting, which sometimes costs just as much as the original?? First, it is a heavy tool in every sense, weighing more than 7 kilograms and with more than seven horsepower. The chainsaw can be used in industrial workshops, if it operates continuously for a long period.

This machine costs at least 45,000 at retail. A fake has a similar size and weight, but the power output is half as much, and the continuous operating time is significantly lower, plus the lack of strength of the body and working parts.

STIHL MS-660: How to tell a fake from a real one?

Only authorized dealers have the right to sell official STIHL products on the market. It is therefore not possible to buy a genuine STIHL chainsaw at flea markets or from unscrupulous dealers. Officials have a gray certificate, which must be presented at the customer’s request.

The machine has a sticker with a serial number which is duplicated on the plastic case under the muffler. In addition, this index is marked on the packing box. It is also quite common to counterfeit the brand name STIHL ms 180 chainsaw cylinder and to distinguish the fakes. All three numbers must match.

There is one big hole on the bar. Counterfeit saws often have a small additional socket that is intended as a lubricant reservoir. However, this is a deception. the manufacturers of the original modification provided a lubrication unit with a reserve of oil, which is quite enough for the entire period of use.

In addition, the standard chain has the letter S on each link, unlike the fake copies. The original model has a minimum of stickers (there is one on the handle, where the safety instructions are written). The basic STIHL logo may not be glued.

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Interesting facts

The above-mentioned differences between a counterfeit and an original STIHL saw allow you to choose the right tool without overpaying for a “counterfeit” copy. But there is one more subjective aspect, which can be used to additionally verify that you’re buying a German-made original.

Unique developments in STIHL chainsaws

STIHL produces a full range of petrol chain saws. from lightweight hobby-style models for occasional use in the backyard to semi-professional and professional machines that can operate without interruption for engine cooling and do a tremendous amount of work. The whole range of STIHL chain saws is based on the company’s patented technology which has proven its efficiency over many years of operation:

  • The unique STIHL 2-MIX motor for complete combustion, minimal exhaust emissions and high efficiency;
  • Catalytic hydrocarbon afterburning muffler as optional equipment;
  • air filter with cyclone pre-cleaner;
  • Intelligent adjustment of the carburetor, allowing you to automatically adjust the quality of the air-fuel mixture when operating conditions and external conditions of the unit change;
  • Decompression valve for easy cold starting;
  • Heating system for carburettor and handles which allows to use STIHL chain saw in extremely low temperatures.

How to Know the Chain Size of a Chainsaw

STIHL-counterfeits, country of origin and bar code check

STIHL motorcycles are probably the most popular among the population. It appeared in our country in the mid-90s and became a worthy competitor to the famous company Husqvarna, which was known years before. Good quality and comparatively low have made STIHL more and more popular. But there are a lot of known fakes of STIHL products.

When buying a chainsaw or grass trimmer you should contact the dealers at a special site: http://www.STIHL.By/ Here you find the nearest STIHL dealer who will offer you a genuine product. So, for example, in Minsk there are several such stores.

In addition, you can find out the place and country of manufacture of the chainsaw or grass trimmer, as well as other equipment, by the first digit of the serial number. It is clear that products made in Europe will cost more than those in China. Here is a table of manufacturing countries:1. STIHL Germany2- STIHL USA3- STIHL Brazil4 VIKING Austria5 STIHL USA6- reserve7- reserve8- STIHL China9- other manufacturers, e.g. ALTO

However, after purchasing a saw, grass trimmer or other products, you will need other related products. Among them, two-stroke engine oil, which is for STIHL engines, is available in red. The oil, dealers’ oil comes to Belarus in big 200-liter drums, and the oil packed by STIHL-manufacturer, is likely to be unavailable. But the oil, spilled in Belarus, will be packaged in ordinary containers with branded stickers.

As for the brand-name packaging, this is described in the article Unfortunately you will not find the oil in such sealed bottles in Minsk, but you can buy a similar oil for motor vehicles Husqvarna, also 2 XT, packaged in Sweden.

For the same reason, you can’t buy a STIHL saw chain riveted in Germany or another country because it is more economical to bring the chains in coils and have them assembled at your dealership. But the chain will be folded into a branded package, though without the name of the species and designation of the tooth. The barcode will also be missing. You can be sure, though, that the chain will last as long as you expect it to, because STIHL dealers are responsible for this.

It’s worth going into detail on the barcode to be able to calculate not only the STIHL barcode, but also the barcode for other manufacturers’ counterfeits, because it is necessary to do the math. First add up all the numbers in the even positions (2,4,6, etc.д). Then multiply the sum by three. Then add up the odd numbers except for the last one.

Add the two sums of the resulting numbers in the even and odd places. Subtract the first digit from the obtained sum. Then from 10, subtract the resulting number. It must match the last digit of the bar code. If you do not match, this number, you are dealing with a fake.