How to Check Bosch for Originality

September 17, 2018 Category: Useful information.

Do not blindly trust tips on car forums and sites. It is better to start the search from the official websites of manufacturers. It often happens that there you can find whole sections or useful tools that help protect the buyer of the brand from counterfeiting.

How to Check Bosch for Originality

How to distinguish genuine BOSCH parts from fake parts: a validation tool

So, BOSCH has created a separate authentication tool for its products. KeySecure System. Using the system, you can check BOSCH electric fuel pumps, lambda probes, air flow sensors, starters and alternators, elements of the fuel system for diesel engines:

KeySecure labels have been glued to BOSCH products since 2007. At first it was a simple 15-digit code with a hologram. In 2009, a scanned MAPP code was added to it.

In 2012, the last 6 characters of the 18-digit code began to be duplicated on the hologram.

To verify the original origin of the purchased part using KeySecure, you need to install the application for Android and iOS. Neoreader.

Then you need to point the phone’s camera to the MAPP code of the sticker. the system itself will scan the code and display the result of the check: textual and with the help of multi-colored indicators.

  • Green the indicator will indicate the original origin of the part.
  • Yellow indicator means a unique code, but often entered earlier. This may be a sign of a fake, the manufacturer recommends in such cases contact the seller and replace the part.
  • Red the code means that the MAPP code is corrupted (the system cannot recognize the code), or this code does not exist.

Another way to verify the authenticity of the valve, nozzle, fuel pump and other spare parts for diesel fuel equipment is by using the MAPP code on the label. it is to enter it manually on the site

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General recommendations

look at the inscription

As a rule, counterfeiters cheat in the production of spare parts. Your task. identify fake.

Look at the inscription: in the case of BOSCH, it should be of red color. The black color of the inscription is used only for the logo.

Please note the picture: in genuine BOSCH lettering the corners of the letters S and C are “cut off” at a 45-degree angle. In the case of a fake. they remain flat.

BOSCH should bear the brand name. rivet logo.

look at the packaging

Packaging is very important. If the bushes still make a box, then they will regret the money for a normal plastic bag in which the parts are packed.

Remember that BOSCH parts packages are made by the manufacturer. thick plastic uniform color (transparent, blue or green, depending on the part).

Do not forget check serial number details on the box and details! Any defects, abrasions, a weak imprint of the serial number for spare parts should alert you.

look at the detail

When you examine the item, everything inscriptions and logos should also be clear, well readable. Notches, cracks, rough edges (unless otherwise provided by the design of the product) should not be either.

And also original spare parts are placed on the part, which they are intended to be, like merged. Mismatches in geometry, poor thread quality, dubious clearances. Signs of fake.

see the manufacturer’s catalog

Another secret. if you are well versed in the products of a company, it’s quite difficult to deceive you.

For example, BOSCH never produced valve seals. therefore, if you come across such a part under the brand name "Bosch", this is a fake. So before choosing a spare part don’t be too lazy to look at the catalog manufacturer.

Choose well-known, long-working companies in the market that have managed to gain the trust of users, with a select catalog, corporate brand and relevant documents.

Please note that the price of products of well-known world brands is below the average figures for the market. also a sign of fake.

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