How to check the screwdriver engine by multimeter. Connection cord

How to check the screwdriver engine

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How to repair

Having found the cause of the malfunction, you need to know exactly how to solve the problem. The next information will be enough to understand how to repair a screwdriver with your own hands.

Charged block

The charging block breaks due to constant skewing of the wire. A cliff occurs. It is required to solder the wires and restore insulation.


Typically, nickel-cadmium batteries are used in screwdrivers, which must only be charged after complete discharge. They cannot be recharged, since the service life is reduced.

Solving the problem (does not always work): completely discharge, it is advisable to charge with a low current. Such an operation should be carried out about 5 times to get rid of the so.Called memory effect (about the wrong charge).

Battery and screwdriver

Problems with the button

Very often contacts on this node are oxidized and they need to be cleaned.

  • Remove the red pressure mechanism with a rotational movement.
  • Dismantle the lid, pushing the latches with a small knife.
  • Using a soldering iron, disconnect two metal elements from the side.
  • Remove the lid.
  • Holding the spring, remove the mechanism from the body.

Brave or oxidized nodes must be wiped with cotton wool moistened in alcohol. If the dirt cannot be removed, you need to rub it with a knife.

Electric motor

This is the most expensive part of the tool. Usually problems begin due to erasing brushes. It is impossible to repair them, therefore, a replacement should be made. The anchor is changed if a break in the winding is found.

Replacing brushes

To get to the node, you have to disassemble the engine, pulling the “antennae” located on the end part.

  • Hit the hammer on the shaft to knock the rotor out of the case.
  • Now the lid will be easily removed.
  • Next, you need to remove the remaining parts.

If collectors are black, then they are polluted by the remnants from the brushes. This causes power loss and sparking. The collector must be wiped with cotton wool moistened in alcohol, and clean the grooves with a small needle.

The brushes themselves cannot be restored, so you need to purchase new ones and install them.


If extraneous sounds are heard in the gearbox, then the guilt of the gear of the mechanism. It is necessary to disassemble the gearbox in the places where the teeth have worn out, put a small bolt, which is worn to the desired size. The place where you need to put the bolt need to gently tap.

In the intended parts, you need to drill holes to place bolts there. As soon as they are in place, you need to place more grease in the gearbox.

Fasted cartridge

  • Putting a piece of wood, hit with a hammer on the protruding part in the center.
  • Place the bolt in fists and hit it with a hammer.
  • The inside of the device is removed from the case.

Now you can see a nut with two halves. In most cases, it is she who is the cause of all problems. Most likely the thread has worn out there. If there is no similar node in stock, you have to buy the entire cartridge. It costs within 300 rubles (according to data for 2021).


Features of performing an anchor of the Bulgarian by the tester

The diagnostic procedure will help to accurately determine the malfunction of the electric motor part. The testing of an armature of the Bulgarian by the test will allow the device that is available in the arsenal of the tools of many amateur electricians. With the help of a tester, you can check not only the anchors of the Bulgarians, but also the stator windings of other electric motors. In the video below, you can see one of these home.Made measuring devices in action.

When the tester is included in the network, the indicator lights up. Red light without applying a technical device to the anchor means the readiness of the device for checking. The working active surface of the measuring device has two points of contact with the studied. One of them is the generator coil, the second is the coil of the curls of communication. During the test of the armature of the grinder, the tester must be substituted for this surface to the studied groove. Make sure that the sensors do not go beyond the anchor plate simultaneously on both sides.

If the electric deeum is proper or rewound, then during its verification by the tester opposite each of the grooves, the indicator will burn with green light. If there is a malfunction in the anchor of an angular grinding machine, in particular, an interval circuit, in the place of its localization, red light will be noted on the instrument indicator. Be careful when performing a diagnostic procedure to achieve the correct contact of the surfaces when checking the anchor of the grinder with a tester. Do not exclude from the reasons for the failure of the corner grinding machine, mechanical damage, which can be visually seen without calling by a multimeter. They can be both significant and small. You may notice a breakdown when examined by dismantling the grinder. Diagnose such malfunctions is necessary before checking the anchor for interespilment close.

If you do not have the experience of disassembling the power tool or preparing for working with measuring devices for calling the anchor with a multimeter and are not confident in your own abilities, you should not interfere in the design of the grinder. Do not experiment so as not to damage the angular grinding machine. In this case, in order to detect the cause of the breakdown of the power tool and perform the testing of the armature, the tester is better to contact the service center or to qualified locksmiths that specialize in the repair of equipment.

Diagnostics of the battery

The principle of the device of batteries for screwdrivers is the same for all brands and from all manufacturers. This is a set of sequentially connected components. The total capacity of the battery is obtained as a result of the addition of the capacities of individual elements. All at once they will burn out or can not be damaged. Therefore, when one part fails, the whole chain stops working. The first message to this is that the battery of the screwdriver is not charged. Or is quickly discharged, a short period of time works.

Initially, we will establish the performance of each component of the battery.

To do this, prepare a multimeter and an incandescent bulb with a capacity of 12 V if the battery has the same value. Then we perform the following actions:

  • We connect the battery to the network and wait for its full charge. A sufficient period of time has passed, and the battery of the screwdriver does not charge-it means something is wrong inside the device.
  • Turn off the device from the network, try the measure of heating the casing, open it. How to disassemble a screwdriver battery? Nothing complicated. Just gently open the body and put the consistent chain of battery elements on the table. Check:
  • The presence of oxidized contacts;
  • Is there a wire break.

These troubles can be easily corrected by cleaning the oxidized places and fixing the wires. If swollen banks are found, they are replaced with new ones equivalent in capacity. In the absence of obvious violations of the integrity of the chain, measurements are made on each bank of the battery. For this they use a special device. Multimeter. You can read in detail about working with it in the article “How to use a multimeter”.

The voltage on each element of the nickel-cadmium battery must correspond to the value of 1.2-1.4 V, for lithium-3.6-3.8 V for lithium. Those banks on which the device shows smaller parameters have become unusable. They are reanimated or replaced by new.

To check the performance of the battery elements as a load, you can use a 12-volt bulb. It needs to be connected to the output contacts of the battery and measured measurements on batteries. Where the voltage drop will be tangible, and there will be a weak place.

Causes of malfunctions

The reasons for the rotor breakdown may be improper operation of the power tool, which is represented by the following factors:

  • The permissible time of continuous operation has been exceeded, which is one of the main reasons for the failure of household Bulgarians;
  • Carrying out work in conditions of aggressive environments with the presence of sand, moisture, abrasive dust and other similar materials;
  • Work in conditions exceeding the permissible load;
  • Some mechanical malfunctions affect the imbalance of a rotating rotor, which ultimately affects the normal functioning of the rotor electrical circuit;
  • Network voltage instability during operation by the electric tool.

Wonderful rotor for Bosch Ushm GWS6-100/GWS 850 Max. Photo 220 volts

The operation of the power tool, associated with the action of these factors, leads to the occurrence of the following faults:

  • Cliff of coil conductors;
  • Short circuit between turns due to burnt insulation;
  • Isolation loses its properties, which can cause a break in the winding to the core body;
  • Violation of collector contacts;
  • Parts of charred insulating varnish or melted solder that have fallen into the gaps that come into contact with a rotating rotor, can cause mechanical damage to the elements of the grinder: cracks, carcasses, deep scratches.
  • The collector’s lamellas wear out unevenly, a short.Circuit is formed on them.

This is mainly happening with prolonged operation of the collector engine of the grinder without a break to rest. The insulation of the winding from heating loses its characteristics, is melted, which leads to a short circuit of the turns. The contacts connecting the anchor winding with the collector lamps can be soldered, the electric current is interrupted and the electric drive stops.

How to repair a screwdriver with your own hands?

One of the most popular devices of home masters is a screwdriver. However, this device sometimes breaks, like any other. If this happens, in some cases you can replace this tool with an electric drill. If you cannot perform work using an electric drill, you will need to take a screwdriver to the service center so that the specialists repair the tool. However, this may take a lot of time and money. Therefore, you can use another option. To repair a screwdriver with your own hands.

Screwdrivers are usually used to assemble furniture both at home and in production.

Before carrying out repair work, you will need to familiarize yourself with the design of this device. In Fig. 1 you can see this instrument disassembled.

Elements that are needed in order to make a screwdriver:

The design of an ordinary screwdriver

The main element is the start button, which performs several functions: turning on the power supply chain and a speed controller. If you press the button to the end, the engine power chain is closed by contacts, as a result of which the maximum power will be provided. The number of revolutions in this case will also be as possible. The device has an electronic regulator, which consists of a generator PWM. This element is located on the board. The contact that is placed on the button will move along the board depending on the pressure on the button. The level of adjustable pulse to the key will depend on the placement of the element. As a key, field transistor is used. The principle of action will be as follows: the stronger the master clicks on the button, the larger the value of the pulse on the transistor will be and the more it will open and increase the voltage on the electric engine.

The reverse of rotation of the electric motor will be carried out by changing polarity on the terminals. This process is carried out using contacts that will be transferred to the master using a reverse handle.

Charger device for battery screwdriver.

In most cases, single.Phase collector electric motors of continuous current are installed in the screwdrivers. They are reliable, they simply make them make and maintain them. An ordinary screwdriver consists of the following elements:

The gearbox will convert high speed of the electric motor shaft into low speed of the cartridge shaft. The screwdrivers can be planetary or classic gearboxes. The latter are used quite rarely. Planetary devices consist of such elements:

The solar gear works due to the anchor shaft, its cloves drive satellites that rotate driven.

A special regulator is used in order to adjust the efforts that will be supplied to the screw. Most often, 15 adjustment positions are applied.

Do.It.Yourself screwdriver repair: malfunctions of the electric part

The main features of the malfunction in this case will be:

The diagram of the device gearbox of the battery screwdriver.

First of all, you need to check the screwdriver battery. If the tool was put on charging, but this did not help, then you will need to prepare a multimeter and try to find a malfunction with it. First you need to measure the voltage on the battery. This value should approximately correspond to the one that is indicated on the body. If there is a low voltage, then it will be necessary to identify a faulty element: a battery or a device for charging. To do this, you need to use the multimeter. This device must be included in the network, and then measure the voltage at idle on the terminals. It should be several more than that indicated by the design. If the voltage is absent, then you will need to carry out the repair of the charging unit. If there is no knowledge in the field of electronics, then it is recommended to purchase a new.

If the battery is faulty, you will need to disassemble the block, inspect all the wire fastening places and check their quality. If there are no damaged connections, you need to measure the voltage on all elements by a multimeter. The voltage should be 0.9-1 V or more. If there is a part with a lower voltage, then you will need to replace it. The capacity and type of element must comply with the installed details.

Scheme of the internal device of a screwdriver.

If the charger and the battery are working, but the screwdriver does not work, then this device should be disassembled. There are several wires from the battery terminals, you need to take a multimeter and measure the voltage at the input buttons. If the voltage is present, then you need to remove the battery, with the help of clamps, shake the wires from the battery. The device should show the resistance value that strives for zero. In this case, the element is working, the problem is in brushes or other details. If the resistance is different, then the button will need to be replaced. To carry out the repairs of the button, in some cases it is enough to clean the contacts on the terminals with sandpaper.

In the same way it will be necessary to check the reverse element. Repair is carried out by cleaning contacts.

What to do if a screwdriver smokes?

To disassemble gearbox, it is necessary to produce some simple manipulations: in the opened case screwdriver Disconnect the engine and gearbox, dismantle the plate; we extract the details; We promote the bolts fixing the components of this unit.

The main causes of malfunctions

Screwdrivers are network and battery. Their main malfunctions are almost the same, and the differences are associated with the type of nutrition.

Network screwdriver

If the device does not turn on, first check the condition of the outlet, and then, if it is working, inspect the fork. Often the screwdriver does not start, because the contacts are burned. If both nodes are intact, you should inspect the cable, make sure that it is intact, is not interrupted or not overheated. Also, possible reasons may be a faulty button for turning on, wovered electrographs or a burned.Out engine winding.

If the technique sparkles, you need to look for a defect in anchor, electric shock or a motor collector.

The starting screwdriver independently reports that there was a breakdown of the inclusion button.

With the backlash of the cartridge, the reason for damage to the gearbox shaft. If the cartridge is jammed and it is impossible to extract a drill or bit, this means that the clamping fists are chopped. The reason is the lack of lubrication or breakdown of the internal nodes of the cartridge. If this mechanism is scrolled, it is a malfunction of the gearbox.

With a defect, the rattles examine the petals of its lock, a spring and pin.

Battle screws

If the technique does not turn on, check the charger and the serviceability of the battery. With quick discharge, its condition is diagnosed using a special tester.

Other faults of the battery type screwdriver are similar to network technique.

REPAIR OF THE WORkens engine

With long work with a screwdriver, bearings can be worn out or clogged.

Before the assembly of the screwdriver of the screwdriver using a thin wire that serves as a clamp, each brush is diverted in the brush holder, the lid is installed in the same place. At the same time, brushes release and envelop the housing at the edges, which contributes to the best pressing of the back cover.


If the screwdriver has been working for a long time, then this may be accompanied by the process of curvature of the shaft related to the gearbox due to strong loads and pressing the tool. The cartridge, blaming the shaft, sometimes causes a strong beating during the operation of the device. Supporting sleeve or shaft bearing can be very worn out. As a result of damage to the sleeve or only the bearing, and not only them replace the shaft.

Sometimes the engine is not possible for a certain fraction of a second, that is, its sharp stop occurs. This reason may be the failure of the gearbox. Often a malfunction occurs due to a breakdown of a pin that serves as a mount to satellite. It is possible to replace the drive or entirely a gearbox that may fail if the teeth of the gears are worn out.

If, after all the above operations, the malfunctions were not detected in the device, then it is necessary to verify the anchor condition and the serviceability of the engine brushes. In this case, the engine should be disconnected from the switch button, and then measure the resistance by attaching a tester of any kind to the engine wires. If the resistance in the circuit is completely absent, then this may indicate that the brushes are worn out. The malfunctions in the anchor of the engine are not excluded, which may be associated with the gap of the winding. At the same time, such types of problems can rarely meet.

If the engine anchor is completely burned out, then the device engine is subjected to the full replacement. If only the engine brushes occurred, then it is better to make the repair of the device yourself. Before starting the repair, it should smoothly open the body of the screwdriver engine so as not to damage its edges. All stages of work related to the replacement of brushes are indicated above. It is possible that the anchor’s bushings were worn out at the expense of the magnet, which came off and began to contact with the anchor. Dripping a drop of special oil to the sleeve, you should turn off the engine to wait until the oil has dispersed through all the bushings. At the same time, he still requires replacement over time.

How to make a screwdriver repair with your own hands

The most popular device for any home master is a screwdriver. But it happens that the device fails. Naturally, if efforts are allowed as an alternative, you can use an electric drill. However, when performing delicate work, where the electric drill cannot be used, you will have to give a screwdriver for repair to specialists. But to save time and home budget, it is most optimal to repair a screwdriver with your own hands. To do this correctly, you need to study its device and get acquainted with the principles of the operation of each individual tool unit.

All screwdrivers have almost the same design. The following functional nodes are used for their manufacture:

  • Turning/disconnection buttons (“Start”);
  • Latitudinal-pulse regulators;
  • Electric motors;
  • Transistors;
  • Planetary gearboxes.

Durable and aesthetic housing allows you to securely fix each component of the device. It has a rubberized handle, a regulator (control button) and a connector for connecting a battery. Source for screwdrivers. A battery with various power in the range from 9 to 18 V. At the same time, the screwdrivers operating from the network of 220 V, the battery does not have.

Electric motor. Is the main element of the device. In this tool, as a rule, single.Phase collector engines of direct current are used. They are characterized by reliability, simplicity of production and maintenance. The design of such an engine is as follows: the case on which the magnets are located, anchor and brush are located.

The operation of the electric motor is carried out due to direct current, which comes from the mains or battery. The engine has a cylindrical shape, it has an anchor consisting of brushes and magnets. This electrical circuit provides for redirecting the voltage flows to the node with the brushes. Changing the nourished polarity, the tension contributes to the reverse movement of the motor.

Start button. Through this key, a screwdriver is launched. It is necessary to turn on the power chain in the electric engine. When you press the button, the power circuit in the engine begins to close with contacts, which leads to the occurrence of maximum power. Thanks to it, the speed of revolutions for selecting optimal speed of rotation is also controlled. A more powerful press allows you to increase the number of revolutions. That is, with a more intense press, the number of engine speeds increases, and with reduced pressing, the power weakens.

Reverse. The function of the reverse switch is to carry out operations of changing rotation of screwdriver engines. The convenience of this functionality is the possibility of not only to tighten the screws, but also to twist them.

Effort regulator. Allows you to set the value at what speed should be pulled by screws. Actual models provide for a 16-speed adjustable gradation that allows the most accurately and conveniently determine the protracted speed that is necessary when working with various materials.

Planetary reductor. Also attributed to important elements of the power tool. They convert movements from high.Frequency fluctuations in the electrical shafts into low frequencies on cartridge shafts. Often for the manufacture of such parts, wear.Resistant metal or plastic is used. Many screwdrivers have two.Speed gearboxes. So, for example, to tighten the self.Cut through the first speed. To drill a wood, plastic or metal base, they follow the use of the second speed.

It is worth noting that planetary and classical types of gearboxes are used to make screwdrivers. The latter are rarely used, in connection with this, special importance should be given to the planetary type. The components of the planetary gearbox:

  • Ring gear;
  • Solar gear, which is attached to the engine shaft;
  • Satellites and drive (their number will be determined by the number of steps: there may be 2 and 3 steps).

According to the principle of action, this functional element is quite simple. The work of the solar gear is carried out due to the fact that the anchor shaft sets it in motion. Satelites begin to rotate through the teeth of the gear, transmitting the impulse of the driver. The two.Stage gearbox of the cartridge shafts are connected to the second head, in three.Stage gears. With the third.

Cartridge. The fastening of this element is carried out to the Reducer’s output shaft connector. It is equipped with three jacket fists that allow you to effectively hold the part.

How to call the electric motor multimeter

Today we will discuss how to call the electric motor by a multimeter. A skiller of the skill is suitable for the ability to use. One nuance: by enlisting the help of a tester, we evaluate the parameters, distinguish the starting winding from the working value of resistance (in the first case, the value will be higher). A screwdriver-indicator is miniature, convenient, you will purchase the ability to use, if necessary, paying 30 rubles you will find a new.

The device of the electric motor

There are plenty of varieties of engines. Compiled by a moving part. Rotor. Motionless. Stator. First of all, let’s see where copper wire is wound. Three answer options:

How to Test and Troubleshoot a Starter Problem

The rest of the asynchronous electric motor will be no more difficult than collector. And vice versa. The difference is limited to the principle of action, without affecting the methodology for assessing the performance of the design. To correctly call the electric motor, stop disassemble the features.

Rotor of the electric motor

In this and the next subtitle, we will teach how to call a three.Phase electric motor. If the coils (regardless of the quantity) are available on the rotor, look, the design of the current collection. Replying options at least two.

Graphite brushes

We see the rotor drum equipped with pronounced sections. Comrellers are graphite brushes. Collector engine. You need to call all sections. The conclusions of the coils are the opposing sections of the circle.

We take the tester, we begin to alternately evaluate the resistance: in each case, the answer (in the ox) is the same plus minus error. When fixing the breakdown, cleaning the drum does not help. The fact of infinite resistance or short circuit indicates: the coil has burned down. In some engines, the resistance of the coil is close to zero.

Told what to do in this case. Take a normal crown 12 volts, connect the rotor coil sequentially low.Power resistance (20 Ohms). Measure the voltage drops on the coil, an additional resistor, using the proportion, calculate the value (R1/R2 = U1/U2). Please note: high.Precision resistor (row E48 or higher) so that the calculations have a low error. It is possible to measure relatively small resistances.

Please note: the current reaches 0.5 A at a power of 7 W. Instead of a battery, it is better to take a computer power supply, or a battery.

Continuous rings

The current collector is made in the form of one or more continuous rings. Indicates eloquently: the synchronous engine (the number of phases by the number of sections), or asynchronous with phase rotor. Actually, there is no case before that, because they were going to call the electric motor by the tester, to determine the purpose of the device to be lazy. We look at the number of rings: the number is laid within 1. 3. The latter means: the engine is three.Phase. We begin to call.

The windings are connected by a star, as a result, the resistance between each two contacts equal. If there are equipment on the hands of the voltage of 500 V, the electric motor should be rang with a megammeter to the case. The standard insulation value is 20 MOM. Please note: windings may not withstand tests. With an engine for 12 volts, such actions should not be taken. As a result, with a completely good rotor, an equal resistance between the contacts will be obtained. If a short circuit is found on the case, check whether a technical solution is to create a system with a deaf.Posed neutral.

It’s time to mention that such a system for power is characterized by stresses below 1 sq. However, with resonant compensation (if you manage to find the engine in nature), something similar can be used. According to the wool with labeling, you can quickly solve the issue (neutral exit to the case).

Collector brushes are more often located perpendicular to the surface of the drum, while the tooks are pressed at some angle. The question arises. Where is the neutral. Does not go to the case. They do not use in the diagram. Often found at stresses over 3 kV. Here the neutral is isolated, the currents go through the phase, where in this case there is zero (or negative value).

In high.Voltage chains, a common wire can be grounded through an ardent reactor. With a short circuit of one phase, a parallel circuit between the capacitive resistance of the line and the inductance of the reactor is formed on the soil. Actually, the type of impedance gave the name to the device (imaginary, reactive parts of the resistance). At the industrial frequency, the resistance of the contour is close to infinity, as a result, the break is blocked before the arrival of the repair group.

The stator of the electric motor

After calling the rotor of the electric motor, take care. Part of a simpler design. If we have a generator, some of the windings are exciting, in the general case, you should just find the resistance of each. Windings are launching only single.Phase circuits. The resistance of the coil will be greater. Suppose there are three contacts, then the distribution between them is as follows:

  • The total wire of both windings, where zero is fed (land).
  • Phase entrance of a working coil.
  • The end of the starting winding, where the voltage of 230 volts is supplied, bypassing the capacitor.

The difference is made in terms of resistance: there is more nominal value between phase entrances, therefore, the remaining end is the zero wire. Further, the division is carried out, as indicated above. The resistance of the starting coil is the greatest (the difference between zero and this contact), the remaining ends will indicate the working winding. The rating of the active part of the impedance is reduced, reducing thermal losses. Please note: 230 volts also exist models of electric motors, where both windings are considered workers. The difference in the resistance between them is small (less than two times).

For three.Phase engines, the stator windings are performed by different number of poles, always equivalent. Strict symmetry is confessed. Association is carried out according to the scheme of the star. In the collector engines of high power between the poles of the main coil, additional (additional) can be placed. Wound with one layer, therefore they demonstrate more resistance. Intended to compensate for the reactive power of the anchor. It is clear that the number of additional poles is equal to the number of main. The difference is limited by geometric sizes.

How to check the winding of the electric motor on the status: General recommendations

The three.Phase stator has three built.In windings. Six wires come out of it. In separate designs, you can find 3 or 4 conclusions when the connection of the triangle or star is collected inside the case. But this is rarely done.

Determine the belonging of the withdrawn ends to the windings allows the call of their multimeter in ohmmeter mode. You just need to put one probe on an arbitrary withdrawal, and the other. Alternately measure active resistance on all the others.

A pair of wires on which resistance will be detected in Oma will belong to one winding. They should be visually separated and marked, for example, with the number 1. Similarly come with other wires.

Here we must well imagine that according to the law of OMA, the current in the winding is created under the influence of applied voltage, which counteracts complete resistance, and not the active, measured by us.

We take into account that the windings are wound from one wire with the same number of turns that create equal inductive resistance. If the wire in the process is short of or cut off, then its active component, like the full value, will be violated.

Interpretation close also affects the magnitude of the active component.

Therefore, the measurements of active resistance of the windings and their comparison allow us to reliably judge the serviceability of the stator circuits, to conclude that their integrity is not violated.

Single.Phase asynchronous engine: Features of stator windings

Such models are created with two windings: working and starting, as, for example, at the washing machine. The active resistance of the working chain in the vast majority of cases is always less.

Therefore, when only three ends are removed from the stator, this means that between all of them it is necessary to measure the resistance. The results of three measurements will show:

How to find the beginning and end of each winding

Testing Accelerator Pedal Position Sensors in a very professional way

The method allows only to identify the general direction of the navigation of each wire. But for the practical operation of the electric motor this is more than enough.

The stator is considered as an ordinary transformer, which in principle is actually: the same processes proceed in it.

For work, you will need a small source of constant voltage (ordinary battery) and a sensitive voltmeter. Better switch. He more clearly displays information. On a digital multimeter, it is difficult to track the change of a rapidly changing pulse sign.

A voltmeter is connected to one winding, and the voltage from the battery is briefly supplied to the other and immediately remove it. Assess the deviation of the arrow.

If, when the plus is submitted to the first winding in the second, an electromagnetic impulse was transformed, which rejected the arrow to the right, and when it is disconnected, its movement is observed to the left, then it is concluded that the wires have the same direction, when the “” device and the source coincide.

Otherwise, you need to switch a voltmeter or battery. That is, change the ends of one of the windings. The next third chain is checked similarly.

And then I just took my working asynchronous engine with a multimeter and show photos on it the methodology for evaluating it.

Personal experience: checking stator windings of an asynchronous electric motor

For the article, I used my new multimeter Mestek MT102. At the same time I continue to identify the shortcomings of its design, which have already shown in the article earlier.

check, screwdriver, engine, multimeter, connection, cord

Electric inspections were performed on a three.Phase engine connected to a single.Phase network via capacitors according to a star scheme.

General assessment of the state of insulation of windings

Since all windings have already been collected together on terminal conclusions, the measurements began by checking the resistance of their insulation relative to the housing. One probe stands on the termination of zero assembly, and the second. On the nest of the screw for fastening the cover. My Mestek showed the lack of leaks.

I did not expect any other result. This method of measuring the state of isolation is very inaccurate and it simply cannot identify most damage: power batteries 3 volts are clearly not enough.

But it’s still better to do at least so than to completely neglect such a check.

For a full analysis of the dielectric layer of conductors, it is necessary to use high voltage, which is produced by megommeters. Its value usually starts from 500 volts and above. The home master has no such devices.

You can do with an indirect method using a household network. To do this, the windings and the housing supply a voltage of 220 volts through the control lamp with a capacity of about 75 watts (current.Limiting resistance, which excludes the supply of the phase potential for short circulation) and the sequentially turned on the ammeter.

The expected leakage current through normal isolation does not exceed microamers or their share, but you need to count on emergency mode and start measurements within the amperes. Having measured the current and voltage, calculate the insulation resistance.

However, such work produced under the current voltage. She is dangerous. It can only be performed by employees who have good practical skills of an electrician, having a minimum of a third security group.

  • A full.Fledged phase is supplied to the engine case: it should be located on a dielectric base, not have contacts with other objects;
  • Even a temporarily collected scheme requires reliable insulation of all ends and wires, strong fastening of all clamps;
  • Lamp flap can break: it must be kept in a protective cover.

ATV no start fix.

check, screwdriver, engine, multimeter, connection, cord

Checking a collector electric motor

Now let’s move on to the aforementioned nuances, because engines are of different types. How to call a collector electric motor multimeter? The scheme of its verification is as follows:

  • Turn on the device per unit ohm and measure the resistance of the collector lamellas in pairs.
  • Then measure the resistance between the anchor body and the collector.
  • Check the stator windings.
  • Measure the resistance between the body and the stator conclusions.

Interpretation circuit is determined only by a special device. There is a way to measure the anchor resistance. Remove the brushes from it and bring the voltage to 6V to the plates, measure the voltage drop between them.

To check a single.Phase engine, call the working and starting winding. The resistance of the first should be one and a half times lower than the second.

For example, take a single.Phase motor with three conclusions, used in washing machines (often the old model). If there is a very large resistance between the ends, then the coils are connected sequentially. It remains to find the middle point and thus determine the ends of each of them separately.

Since electric motors are found in every house in household appliances. This is a refrigerator, a vacuum cleaner, and much more. And they periodically break, know how to check a single.Phase electric motor with a multimeter, it is simply necessary. If the breakdown is not too serious, it is impractical to carry the device to the repair workshop. And you will have the opportunity to gain experience and get skills, working with engines of different types and modifications.

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One of the most popular devices of home craftsmen is a screwdriver. However, this device sometimes breaks, like any other. If this happens, in some cases you can replace this tool with an electric drill. If you cannot perform work using an electric drill, you will need to take a screwdriver to the service center so that the specialists repair the tool. However, this may take a lot of time and money. Therefore, you can use another option. To repair a screwdriver with your own hands.

Screwdrivers are usually used to assemble furniture both at home and in production.

Before carrying out repair work, you will need to familiarize yourself with the design of this device. In Fig. 1 you can see this instrument disassembled.

Elements that are needed in order to make a screwdriver:

How to fix the screwdriver button if it does not work. Detailed instructions

You will need the following tools for the diagnosis and repair of the screwdriver:

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As a result of the active use of any power tool, dirt inevitably accumulates inside his body.

If cleaning the control unit does not work, you must replace the entire buttons block.

It is very important to choose a button for a specific screwdriver model, because with all external similarities and visual accordance, the part may not be placed in the grooves. As a rule, new buttons are sold complete with battery terminals and transistor.