How to Choose a Chain Electric Saw

Today’s consumer has the opportunity to purchase any electric chain saw that meets his needs, the benefit is that there are many models on the market that have different characteristics. Naturally, you should not focus only on the brand and recommendations of friends. It is very important to correlate your choice with the tasks that the saws should perform. Considerable help in choosing you can provide the advice of professionals.

This article will be devoted specifically to electrical devices. Once you find out what technical characteristics these units have, it will not be difficult for you to understand how to choose a chain saw so that it serves you for many years.

Chainsaw design and principle of operation

Among the entire range of chain saws, the following can be distinguished: with an electric drive and an engine running on gasoline. Considering the device of a chain saw, the following main elements can be distinguished in it:

  • How to Choose a Chain Electric Saw


  • electric motor;
  • chain;
  • guide tires;
  • compartment for the oil pump and the oil itself;
  • protective shield; chain brake lever;
  • tire mounting screw and chain tension.

The saw body serves panel for buttons, which control the inclusion and locking of the tool. Also there is a convenient handle and a protective shield. Some differences are present in more modern and improved models, in which you can find a special handle that allows you to control the degree of chain tension.

This tool works as follows: the first action is engine starting, As a result, a torque is created that extends to the gearbox, sprocket and chain, and this leads to the rotation of these elements, thereby starting the sawing process.

Note that a chain equipped with cutting edges has wide width in comparison with the fixed tire, during the operation of the tool, the risk of jamming in the processed material is excluded.

In the process of sawing a saw onto the cutting surface of the chain, oil enters from the container located in the housing, which provides its lubrication.

Having become acquainted with the principle of operation of an electric chain saw, you can proceed to consider the main parameters that must be considered when choosing this tool.

What are the criteria for choosing a chain saw

It is the technical characteristics that make it possible to understand how to choose the most suitable sawing tool. These parameters give an idea of ​​the conditions under which a particular model of the selected tool can be used.

The first thing I would like to start considering chainsaws is the companies that produce them. Particular attention should be paid to this point, since this directly affects the quality of the selected tool.

Today most famous received electric chainsaws offered by the following companies:

Choosing a saw of any of the above brands, the consumer can be sure high quality products and its reliability. However, on sale you can find models of other brands, which, despite the lesser fame, are still worthy of attention because of their compliance with European standards.

First of all, they are able to attract consumer attention thanks to more affordable price. The most prominent representatives of this list are the following companies:

In light of the foregoing, we can conclude that today such a tool as a chainsaw is available to almost every consumer, regardless of the level of income.

If you are interested in a model of lesser-known manufacturers, keep in mind that, by purchasing such an aggregate, you get a tool that will have not quite attractive properties. Say, some saws can be quite bulky, while others have a plastic surface, thanks to which it will not be convenient to work with such a tool.

In addition, for such products, not everything can be in order with ergonomics. Some manufacturers’ products may do not provide service.

For this reason, it is recommended to consider products from well-known manufacturing companies if you want to purchase a tool for frequent use. And do not be afraid of the higher price of such products, because all this will be offset by high quality saws.

Having decided on which brand saw is more suitable for you, you can proceed to consider the technical characteristics.

Saw motor and its power

You need to consider this parameter directly with reference to the tasks that electric saws should perform. If you need a tool to engage in long-term sawing of thick wood, it is recommended to opt for saws with great power.

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In the event that you are interested in the model so that it can be used to prune garden trees, then you can limit yourself to the aggregate with lower power parameter.

In the first case, it is recommended to consider models whose power indicator is from 2.5 to 4 kW. In this case we are talking about a professional tool, used at industrial enterprises for timber harvesting.

But those who need a saw, which will be convenient to work in the country, should choose units from 1.5 to 2 kW. These indicators correspond to the model of electric chainsaws for domestic use.

If you follow the recommendations of experts, it is advisable to opt for saw models that have a small power reserve. An alternative here is the option of sharing a tool with special voltage stabilizer.

The need for this is due to the fact that often where the cottages are located, there is a voltage mismatch with accepted standards. In addition to everything, from time to time in such territories its decrease is observed.

When such situations occur, certain changes in the operation of the engine occur, which is expressed in an increase in the current strength in order to compensate for the decrease in voltage. However, such situations do not benefit the engine, which is why its resource decreases.

Engine Location Features

If a saw is necessary for vertical cutting, it is best to choose a model that has transverse motor.

Such an aggregate will be the most suitable tool for cutting wood at an angle of 90 degrees in the direction from top to bottom.

If we consider this parameter, we can distinguish two options:

  • the first involves the placement of the power unit across the body;
  • the second is placement parallel to the motor.

On sale there are many models in which out of balance, because of what it will not be so simple to work with such a chainsaw. However, there is no guarantee that by placing the tool in a different position, it is possible to achieve improved conditions for the operation. Say, difficulties can arise if you need to cut the branches of a tree at an angle above the level of the head.

Saws that include longitudinal engine placement. Such saws can be used to perform almost all types of work. Naturally, such versatility determines the high cost of such tools.

However, nevertheless this does not prevent them from remaining in demand in the market. A similar device has proper balancing, and therefore, having placed it in any plane and at the necessary angle, the owner will not experience problems in solving many problems.

In this regard, even before purchasing an electric tool, you should decide for what tasks you purchase it.

In the event that you only need an electric chain saw for sawing wooden building materials, then you should not choose a unit with a longitudinal position of the electric motor, which in addition to everything will cost more than other models with similar capabilities.

When the issue with the manufacturer, engine power and location is resolved, other characteristics can be considered.

Tire length

With regard to tire length, several options can be distinguished. This characteristic is determined by the purpose of the model. In other words, it depends on the length of the tire for sawing what diameter of the tree the tool in question can be used.

If you have to deal with thick trees, then it is best to give preference to an aggregate in which the tire is long.

If an electric chain saw is purchased for trimming trees in the garden or sawing wood, then you can stop the choice on the tool with minimum tire length. Most often, a saw with a tire size of about 30-40 cm can perfectly cope with such tasks.

Chain brake

When working with an electric saw, the owner may encounter a phenomenon such as a back strike, which occurs as a result of contact of the working part with high hardness material. All this leads to the fact that the saw sharply leans to the side the location of the worker with a shift up.

All this creates a risk of injury to the hands of the worker. To avoid negative consequences, manufacturers use a special device. chain brake.

In its execution, it looks like a lever, having the form of a disc, which is located directly in front of the handle. During the return strike, the worker, unwittingly, shifts his left hand mechanically to this lever, and this leads to turn off the electric motor. In practice, all this happens in a very short time. about 0.1 second.

Power On Lock Function

This add-on is implemented in a power tool in the form of a button, which is located on the body. Its presence allows you to be sure that nothing will threaten health during the operation of the electrical system.

Given that a power tool can cause serious harm to human life and health, each manufacturer must install a lock button on their product, so that guarantee safety working person.

If you neglect it, then this can lead to the following consequences. At the most unexpected moment, the saw may turn on, and this will already create the danger of serious injury.

According to experts, should refuse to purchase a power tool that is not equipped with a similar element. If the saw does not have a lock button. this is a clear sign of a violation of production technology or you are offered a fake.

An electric chain saw is a popular tool among summer residents. That she really was a reliable assistant and significantly simplified the implementation of many works, it is necessary to choose the right tool.

First of all, they deserve attention saw specifications, since it depends on them how effectively the tool will cope with the tasks assigned to it.

Also necessary focus on security, since the saw is a traumatic tool and can cause serious harm to human health if it does not provide for special locking mechanisms.