How to choose a chain for electric saw. Chain

How to choose a chain for electric saw

The chain, like the motor, is considered the most important detail of the tool, therefore, with frequent use, it must be repaired, sharpened or completely changed. A strongly worn part should be replaced, and for this work you need to know the rules for choosing a new product:

If you need to replace any part, you should know about the compatibility of the units of electric and gasoline saws. In other words, buy spare parts only the company that has manufactured the product. For example, a Makita power chain is suitable only for the tool of this company. You need to choose a chain for a saw depending on the type of work. If you need high power, it is better to buy a chain with a step of 0.37 inches, and with small loads, 0.32 inch is enough

The total volume of the cylinder in this case is not very important. It is worth paying attention to the angle of sharpening. This can help in the future maintenance, repair or other cases

With a large amount of work, an angle of about 30 degrees is optimally suitable, which quite easily perceives large loads. But in case of heavy processing of a tree, it is worth choosing a sharpening angle of 10 degrees. The total chain length should correspond to the factory dimensions of the tire. With long work, the chain is able to sag or stretch, but this problem is solved by the usual removal of several links.

And also you need to take into account the material and the method of sawing. For example, for longitudinal cutting, it is necessary to use a chain with a small sharpening angle. The executed volume of work will be slightly smaller, but the cutting element will serve for a very long time.

When you need to change the chain

The need to replace the chain mainly arises with its wear and excessive stretching. If you can’t take a stretch of equipment using an adjusting screw, then it should be replaced. But installing a new part on an old, worn star and the same tire is not recommended, since this will lead to its Rapid wear.

Many electric saw owners know that the circuit wear is 2-3 times faster than the production of the tire and sprocket resource, and resort to small cunning.

  • Having a new electric saw, you should buy 3 saw chains at once.
  • Having worked with one chain for several hours, it should be replaced with a new. Further, the second chain changes according to the same principle.
  • After each replacement of equipment, you need to turn the tire for uniform wear.

Performing these simple manipulations leads to uniform wear of all parts and extends their service life.

The main choice parameters

Before starting a conversation about technical characteristics, you need to decide on the goals and frequency of the use of the saw. After all, it is one thing. To cut a couple of dry trees in the garden, it is completely different. To prepare several cubic meters of firewood or perform openings under the door and Windows in the log house. We also recommend that you think in advance about the maximum diameter of the blanks with which you plan to work. If the saw is designed for sawing logs up to 250 mm thick, it can not cope with large blanks. You have to do it in several visits. Buying a tool that is not suitable for the specifics of tasks is a useless waste of money. So that this does not happen to you, compare the parameters of the electric saw with your needs.

Power. Defines the productivity of the tool and its purpose. Models with an engine up to 1000 watts are perfect for infrequent work in everyday life. With their help, you can cut off branches, harvest a small amount of firewood, perform simple carpentry work. For construction, the needs of the workshop or large farm, powerful electric saws are required. Up to 2000 watts and above. Has a long tire and can work with large blanks. Designed for high loads.

Tire length. It depends on it with which the technique can deal with logs. The optimal value will be 30 cm. Such a tool is suitable for trimming branches, drilling over the overgrown of young trees, as well as a number of carpentry, for example, sample grooves and figured sawing. For firing trees, harvesting firewood and building it is better to take a power saw with tire length up to 40. 45 cm. You can work with logs up to 30 cm thick!

The step of the chain. For most models, it is 3/8 inches, which provides neat cut, safety and the minimum probability of a reverse shock during operation.

The location of the engine. The models With a transverse location there is no corner gearbox of an electric motor. This, on the one hand, simplifies the structure and increases the efficiency, but on the other, it makes the case wider and worsens balancing, as the center of gravity is shifted to the left. This layout is well suited for sawing in a vertical plane. For the harvesting of firewood what you need! But the technique is not suitable for complex tasks, for example, groove sampling. In addition, due to a bulky design, it is inconvenient to work in a limited space. Electric saws With a longitudinal location engine have a narrow case and good balancing. The tool does not take aside even when turning and sawing at an angle. They can work in hard.To.Reach places. Due to this design, it is much easier to get a clean and even drink, which means that the technique is suitable not only for the rolling of trees and the harvesting of firewood, but also for carpentry and construction work. However, she also has one drawback. The presence of a conical gearbox, which complicates the design and affects the price of technology.

EASY! How to change a Husqvarna chainsaw chain in 1 minute

The weight. It depends on how convenient it is and how long you can work without rest depends. Models of low power and with a short bus weigh 3. 4.5 kg, and more productive electric saws can reach a weight of 7 kg.

Signs of possible malfunctions

Incorrect tension, poor sharpening, lack of sufficient lubrication. All this can quickly bring the chain into unusable.

There are several signs that may indicate the replacement of the chain.

  • The chain cuts slowly and roughly, after the saw, the acute cut of the cut is not formed.
  • The chain leads to the side, as the cutting links on one side are damaged.
  • Connecting/cutting links are noticeably worn out, broken or crack.
  • The connecting nodes became too tight.

Not all of this speaks about the breakdown of the chain. Problems may arise, including due to a malfunction of the asterisk or the tool tire of the tool. If you notice something was wrong, it is worthwhile to search for the cause and not pull with the replacement of equipment or parts.

Main characteristics

Any tool used to carry out wood requires constant sharpening, lubrication and replacement. This applies, among other things, the chains of the chainsaw

When acquiring such a part, it is very important to pay attention to its compatibility both with the device itself and with the upcoming work that needs to be done

Manufacturers of chains’ chains use certain standard technical characteristics when designing these products. This allows customers much easier to choose these devices.

The main characteristics of the chains’ chains include such parameters as:

In addition to the above technical characteristics, chains of chainsaws are distinguished by some other features. These include overall dimensions, thickness and length of these products. They distinguish in such parameters as:

  • The distance between the cutting elements is the so.Called chain step;
  • The full length of the chain is the amount of its links;
  • The thickness of the guide shanks relative to the tire of the device.

Before acquiring the chain of the chainsaw, it is necessary to pay attention to all of the above technical characteristics. It is they who affect the features of the use of the device and its performance

The depth of the cut

When choosing a chain, take into account the depth of the saw. You can get this indicator by measuring the profile height. It also affects the performance of the electric saw. By the way, the depth of the saw can be reduced, streaming limiters that are near each cutting link. According to this parameter, consumables are divided into 2 groups.

Figure out what size chain you need without stampings on the bar. Chainsaw Chains 101

  • Low.Profile. The profile height is 0.025 inch or 0.635 mm. Chains are used to equip electric saws.
  • Highly profile. Profile height. 0.03 inches or 0.762 mm. Installed on professional units, usually equipped with a gasoline engine with high power rates.

Chains with a higher profile are able to quickly and qualitatively cope with the cut of trees of large diameter.

How to choose a chain for electric saw

The working characteristics of electric saws are largely determined by which you use the saw chain. Even the best professional tool will not show the tenth share of its abilities if a fake is installed on it.

In addition, such an approach to the case is fraught with the complete failure of the mechanism out of order. So how do you choose a chain for the electric saw and what nuances to FOCUS on?

Firstly, you need to look at the following important characteristics:

Regrettable, but our fellow citizens do not consider the last point important. This leads to the fact that a high.Quality chain for an amateur class electric saw is put on a semi.Professional tool. And as a result it quickly fails. The result is spoiled nerves and not only. Remember that if the manufacturer has put the instructions in the package, then this already speaks in his favor, and it should definitely be studied.

Let’s get back to our chains. So, the number of links. This parameter is calculated by internal teeth located on the back. The more of them, the greater the electric saw chain is suitable for “subtle work”.

However, the step is much more affected by the step. It is calculated as follows: take three rivets located one after another, measure the distance between them (in inches, as it may seem) and divide by two. There are chains of the following sizes: 1/4 ’’, 0.325 ’’, as well as 0.404 ’’ and 3/4 ’’. Often come across chains for 3/8 ’’.

If you bought a chain for electric saws with an index of 1/4 ’’, then in front of you is typical products for cheap amateur tools. A step of 0.325 ’’ and 3/8 ’’ can most often be found among famous manufacturers, as this is a typical size for high.Quality amateur and semi.Professional (some) models.

Speaking about the size of 0.404 ’’ and 3/4 ’’, you need to immediately state that these are professional options. So, the Makita electric saw chain with one of these indices is designed for difficult operating conditions for a long (as far as possible for electric models) time.

But here it should be a retreat and say that such saws themselves are rarely used for professional felting forest. Their main purpose is carpentry and carpentry, in which they have no equal. For such work, a small step of the saw chain is best suited, since such a working surface leaves the most even and neat cut.

A large step provides a quick and light saw, but the edges are very decomposed. Therefore, such chains are suitable only for black processing of the material.

Once again, let’s say about the instructions, which often refers to the purpose of the purchased products. So, it may have a “carbide” marking in it. Seeing it, do not be surprised at the cost of the goods. The “Oregon” carbide chains for electric saws allow you to easily cope even with the hardest, knotted and fermented wood. They are extremely durable, but for this you have to pay at a price and maintenance: in domestic conditions it is almost impossible to sharpen them. But for the period, while one such chain is worn out, you will change two or three ordinary ones, so not everything is so scary.

Design features of the chain

There are also several features in chains. There are round and square teeth. The former are capable of sawing more often, but effectiveness below. But it is possible to get an even slice, which is important when performing construction work. Sharpening is required infrequently.

The order of the links

The square tooth has a larger area of ​​the working surface. He can cut wood at right angles faster. The cut is not very neat, but there will be a lot of sawdust. With square teeth, sharpening will have to be carried out more often.

Excessive chain tension is not allowed. Then it can break, and the load on the engine engine will also increase. This negatively affects its wear resistance. However, it should not hang much either, otherwise it will subside. It is required to determine the correct tension. To do this, just tighten the chain in the center of the upper part of the tire. One link should be located above the edge, and the other two barely touch it. Over time, the chain stretches. When it is not possible to achieve optimal tension, its replacement occurs.

How to choose a chain for electric saw

These are the main nuances that you need to know about when choosing a chain for an electric saw or chainsaw. There is no difference, since they are necessary for both tools. Only one works on fuel, and the second on electricity. When choosing a chain, it is required to take into account the features of operation. If it will be used a couple of times a year, you can buy an inexpensive Chinese. But with periodic operation, it is better to overpay a little and purchase a product from a high.Quality alloy. This will save money in the long run.

Each manufacturer has a wide product line. It is required to take this into account to buy a chain of not only the necessary characteristics, but also the class. Professional models have increased strength, requiring rare sharpening. But their price is higher. Clocks are supplied with bays or in a box.

How to find out which headset on a chainsaw

Determine the type of chain that is installed on a chainsaw can be in several ways. If the saw is new, only purchased, then the type and size of the chain are indicated in the documents (user manual, in the characteristics section). If the saw has already managed to work and it is not known whether the headset has changed during operation, then the following actions can be determined: the following actions:

  • Remove the headset and calculate the number of links.
  • With the help of a caliper, measure the width of the shank.
  • Visually determine the type of cutting tooth. Sharp side faces. Pier, smooth edges. Chipper.
  • Ruler or caliper to measure the chain step.

Important! The incorrectly removed sizes can lead to the fact that the new chain will not be installed in the tire of the chainsaw or will have a step different from the step of the stars, so when conducting measurements you need to be more careful.

Another option to determine the size that does not require the use of a measuring tool is to see the marking. The width of the shank is indicated from the outer side of the limiter tooth. The width values ​​on the teeth are shown without a unit, t.E. If the tent has a number 3, then the width of the shank is 1.3 mm, the remaining dimensions are similarly.

Some manufacturers, for example, Oregon, apply model number to the shank of their products. Knowing the number, you can easily determine the characteristics of the chain by finding information about the model in the catalog.

How to choose a chain for electric saw

Chainsaws are widely used in industry for SPIL, as well as processing the trees fallen during the harvesting of forests, and in the private farm to care for the garden, construction or harvesting of firewood. In our country, professional saws produced by Husqvarna, Oregon, STIHL, Partner are most common in our country. The chain is an important working detail of the chainsaw, on the quality of which the performance of the saw depends. This article will tell you about the main characteristics of this saw set. From it, readers will also learn how to determine the desired size of the chain for the chainsaw.

Daws with a gasoline engine are used for longitudinal and transverse sawing of trees trunks, as well as finished lumber. However, in order to correctly install a chain of the required size on a motorope, you need to find out its design, which was invented in 1947 by Joseph Cox and since then has not changed significantly. At the enterprises, the worker should find out the safety rules when sawing lumber with a professional tool. After passing the introductory briefing, admission to work is put. The correct selection of the chain increases the performance of the chainsaw. The saw chain consists of three types of links:

All links are made of highly alloyed steel and are connected by rivets. In good quality chains, cutting elements are made of winning or other alloys of increased hardness. They can saw different rocks of wood, concrete, thin metal and other materials. Incisors are right.Handed and left.Handed and located and stand on the chain in turn. They have a cutting edge and a limiter that regulates the depth of the cut.

The purpose of the leading links, which are called shanks, is the transfer of rotational movement from the saw engine to the chain through the leading stars. This ensures its stable position on the removable bus. For reliable fastening of incisions and shanks, the design provides for connecting links.

The chain is stretched

With incorrect or long.Term operation of the chain, it can be very stretched. This is due to the fact that the metal can be deformed over time. Very strong wear becomes a prerequisite by which you have to get a new version of the execution, but there is the opportunity to use the old during the short period. You can avoid brisk stretching only if the operating advice is observed. For work, it is required:

It is not difficult to wear a stretched version of the execution, but with the restoration a lot of troubles appear, because the metal is characterized by high strength. With all this, the main elements are attached with rivets. The work is carried out in the subsequent way:

  • The product is attached to Teski.
  • If the work is carried out when using a grinder, in other words, the possibility that the surface will be damaged because this tool is difficult to keep under control.
  • After grinding, rivets are knocked out. No need to throw it out due to the ability to re-implement.
  • Chain manufacturers do not produce spare elements that are required when servicing.
  • You can make a rivet with your own hands, but the work is quite complicated.
  • The product is divided into two parts. It is worth considering that the number of guides and the distance between them should remain constant.

When solving a problem with a large length, one should not forget that a very small chain cannot be pulled anymore. Apart from this, it is not recommended to apply oil to the electric saw chain.

How to choose a chain for electric saws-TOP-11 best manufacturers Rules for choosing chains

The market has a wide range of electric saws and each has its own characteristics. Therefore, the chain for them should be special. It is worth considering the rating of the top 11 manufacturers of circuits for electric saws. The user needs to pay attention to its length, tension level and other characteristics. Some tool manufacturers also specialize in the sale of a saw set and chains. But not all companies went so far. These are usually eminent brands that have been working on the market for a long time. Therefore, it is required to understand how to choose the right chain for electric saw.

How to choose a chain for electric saw

Main settings

It is customary to distinguish the saw chains by:

  • Direction of the saw (longitudinal and transverse);
  • Dimensions (length and size of the elements of the chain headset);
  • Constructive features;
  • The order of the cutting links.

Cut wood along the fibers causes greater resistance than across. In view of the demand for both types of cutting, two types of saw chains are produced. Longitudinal and transverse. They are distinguished by the angle of inciting incisors. As a result, with a longitudinal cut, the performance of the saw increases, and with the transverse, the “aggressiveness” of the tool is smoothed out. Well, together with the latter, reduces the level of vibrations and the load on the engine decreases.

The tires of chainsaws presented today on the market have various dimensions. One of the main parameters of the saw chain is the number of links, t.E. The length of the chain. In addition, chain systems have a certain step. It is measured by the distance between the three sequentially connected links, divided into two.


Chain. An important element of gasoline and electric saws. The cutting qualities of the device depend on the qualitative characteristics and the correct selection of the saw. Let’s figure out what parameters the chains are classified by, how to choose the necessary saw set.

The classic headset is made according to the scheme: 1 cutting link. 2 leading. In order to reduce the cost of a saw set, some companies offer structures with a grocery floor, when a connecting element is installed at the third link site. An even cheaper option is the production of a cutting headset with a pass. The connecting link is installed through one cutting link. The minus is obvious: performance decreases, the wear of the headset increases, and the saw itself suffers.

The main characteristic is the chain step. This is the distance between three rivets that go sequentially (in a row), divided by 2. The value, as a rule, is indicated on the box in inches. There are common sizes: 3/8 (or 0.375); 0, 325; and also 0.404. For low.Power gasoline units, you should adhere to an exclusively recommended manufacturer step and size. An increase in the load on the saw may affect the decrease in the performance of the unit. The choice for professional chainsaws is wider, as there is a reserve for power.

How not to make a mistake when choosing a chain step? The headset is available under the equipment of the installed power, it varies in performance and quality of the saw. Step is increased performance, but it is more difficult to hold the tool. Less step. Lower efficiency, but more precisely and easier to cut. On low.Power equipment, setting a lesser’s headset, increase the service life of the saw itself and increase the convenience of using.

These chains are equipped with domestic use or for carpentry, the power of such saws usually from 1.2 liters. With. Up to 3 l. With. They are used for sawing in country farms or in carpentry work. The device works smoothly without jerks, the cut is neat and even.

These chains equip devices for semi.Professional use.The power of such saws usually from 2 liters. With. Up to 3.7 l. With. They are used for sawing in farms with the average volume of woodwork. The device works smoothly, the cut is neat.

When marking a step of 0.375, the fractional value of 3/8 is also used. This designation is convenient, since characters are 0.325 and 0.375 often confused. 3/8 circuits are available for medium.Fitting and powerful devices from 3.5 liters. C to 6.3 l. With.), they easily cope with trunks of any diameter.

This size is available for a professional high.Power chainsaw from 6.5 liters. With., or as part of saw forestry complexes Harvester. Saws are characterized by high performance and durability.

The width of the groove of the tire and the leading link should perfectly coincide. Five sizes are available: 1.1; 1.3; 1.5; 1.6 and 2 mm. They are also marked in inches.

How To Buy The Proper Chain For A Chainsaw

1.1 mm. The chains with a minimum tail thickness 0.043 ″ are designed for the weak power of household electric saws.

1.3 mm. This size is most popular, a headset 0.05 ″ is equipped with both household devices and professional saws.

1.5 mm. The size of 0.05 ″ and chains 0.058 ″ are more common, installed on semi.Professional and professional devices.

1.6 mm. Cutting headset 0.063 ″ is installed on professional chainsaws.

2 mm. Equipment 0.08 ″ only high.Power saws or logging complexes are equipped.

By the height of the profile, it is determined what will be the depth of the cut and accuracy. The formula is simple: above the profile. More depth of cut, better performance. Less profile. Less drank, but less load on the saw, the accuracy of the cut increases.

Saws are equipped with a manufacturer with different tire lengths. It is impossible to install a long tire on a household saw, originally equipped with a short bus. On the contrary, it is allowed. Each power provides its own length of the tire. The approximate criterion is power 2 for a saw.5 l.With. Corresponds to 15 “(38 centimeters). With an increase in power, you can install longer, less power of the saw reduce the length.

This characteristic is important when selecting a saw set for professional saws. Clocks of two options for cutting links are produced: cheese and chipper. Chisella

Similar in geometry to the seven. Almost all professional saws are equipped with such a chain. The advantage of such saws is high performance during transverse sawing. Chipper

Differs from a cheesel form similar to a sickle. The cutting characteristics of the chain with this type of cutting links are more universal. Such a chain does not lose its working qualities during pollution and is easily sharpened. It copes well with transverse and longitudinal sawing. The choice of the type of chain (chipper or cheese) depends on the type of work, the masters often use various headsets.

According to statistics, the chain wears out faster than other removable elements become unusable. If a strong stretch of the headset is noticed, it is recommended to change all the elements, including the tire and the star. Experts advise: operate the chainsaw often. Have three chains at once. So you will increase the life of the tire, as well as the stars, seeking uniform wear upon stretching of the chain. Second advice: for uniformly growing the edge of the tire of the tire, periodically turn it over in relation to benzo- or electric saw.

How such equipment is different? The longitudinal purpose of the headset is used to saw the barrel along, the transverse. Respectively across. The chains differ in the angle of sharpening. For longitudinal sawing, the angle of sharpening is 10-15 degrees, universal sharpening 25-30 degrees. Most cutting tools are designed for universal sawing. Longitudinal appearance devices. A rarity, circular saws cope with such work.

Features of choosing a tire for electric saw

When buying a tire, the first thing you should pay for is the material from which it is made. If it is strong enough and reliable, then the part will serve for a long time and regularly. In addition to the material, when choosing a tire, you need to study the following parameters:

How to Sharpen Chainsaw Chain. Ozito Tool Tips [PXCCSSS-018]

  • Saar. With its help you can determine the correspondence of the tire with your power plant model. It’s all about the location of the tensioners of the electric saw and the openings for supplying oil to the chain. Most of the famous brands produce branded shanks for their models of electric saws. In this case, the shanks from different companies can replace each other;
  • PAZ width. In today’s market, you can choose tires whose width of which is 1.1 and 1.3 mm for household power saws of low power, as well as 1.5 and 1.6 mm for more powerful electric saw models;
  • The length of the electric engine tire is one of the most important when choosing a part. To determine the length of the electric engine tire, you will need to measure the distance between the extreme point of the tire toe and the gear emphasis. Most often it is 12–20 inches. It all depends on the model of the electric saw. The longer the chosen tire will be, the larger the tree you can cut.

Correctly selected and compatible tires, chain and electric saw will allow you to work efficiently and calmly without unnecessary costs of money and time.

How to choose

In the case when it is necessary to choose the optimal step of the chain for the chainsaw, it is best to take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer and already based on them to choose the type of saw.

If the manufacturer’s recommendations are not known, then you need to choose by engine power. The recommended values ​​corresponding to a certain step, we provided a little higher.

It is also worth selecting the thickness of the link, the type of cutting tooth, the number of links. Productivity is more dependent on the angle of sharpening, the depth of the cut and the shape of the tooth of the limiter. The more acute the restrictive tooth, the higher the cut rate, and below its quality.

Below we suggest watching a video about choosing a chain of a chain of a chain. The video tells and shows how to determine it for which chainsaws, which chain step to use.

Chain does not spin on the electric saw. Causes and methods of repair

Most often, the cause of this breakdown is the factory defect or wear of the plastic sprocket of the gearbox, to which the tire for the electric saw is attached. During operation, the drive star was the first to assume the load that transfers the power unit of the saw. Over time, her teeth are licking. After that, the motor and other important mechanisms of the electric garden tool begins to overheat.

If the first signs of a saw malfunction are found, you must immediately replace the star. To do this, you need to disassemble the tool and gently extract the worn part. Then you need to clean the place under it from the remnants of the old liquid, and install a new star. At the end, the part will need to lubricate abundantly with thick oil.

In some cases, not a built.In asterisk is out of order, but the elements located next to it. The elements subject to high loads include a clutch cup, a spring, a bearing and a fist. As a rule, these details are not amenable to restoration, so the operator will need to replace faulty spare parts, without waiting for the failure of other elements of the electric saw.

In order to prevent increased wear of the drive parts in the future, you need to constantly monitor their condition and the amount of lubrication. The user of a garden saw must inspect the gear and gearbox at least 1 time a month and, if necessary, clean them and change their lubricants.