How to choose a chainsaw. The purpose of use

How to choose a chainsaw for their needs. Advice of specialists who will help make the right choice

In order to choose the right chainsaw to solve your problems, you need to know their classification, the main characteristics. What to pay attention to, which manufacturer to give preference and for what reason? Answers to these and many other questions are considered in more detail in this article.

When choosing a chainsaw, first of all, it is worth considering the purpose of its use, starting from this, you need to choose a tool with the corresponding characteristics and class belonging. In total, there are three main classes in the world of gasoline motorcycles and for the right choice you need to know:

  • Household. For home use
  • Semi.Professional. For permanent work
  • Professional. For work in harsh conditions for wear

There is still a non.Consonant class. This is a budget. Most often, there are either chainsaws from eminent household class brands (for example, STIHL MS 180), or Chinese saws and professional classes. The latter are well suited to perform large volumes of work and are inexpensive at the same time.

Here everything rests on the cost. After determining the scope of application and class, based on the budget and frequency of the chainsaw, it remains to choose a company manufacturer of the tool. We will analyze each of the classes in more detail.

Daws for home use (household)

The first type is a light gas.Resistant tool designed for cutting firewood and servicing a land plot. Simply put, these are chainsaws designed to cut firewood from time to time for roding barbecue or furnace of the bath, as well as with their help you can trim fine and medium shoots around the perimeter of the site, saw dry branches.

Some manufacturers position this tool as a household. The main distinguishing feature of this type of technique is engine power. It, as a rule, does not exceed 2 kW.

Daws for home and garden are characterized by small size and weight, which allows you to transport the tool without problems. A tool of this type has a limited engine resource and recommended daily operating time. As a rule, it should not exceed 1.1.5 hours a day.

We also recommend reading a more detailed article on choosing a chainsaw for a summer residence and home. In it, we examined in detail all the nuances that are worth paying attention to when buying.

Chainsaws for agricultural work and gardening (semi.Professional)

The second type of gasoline saws are models designed for agricultural work. Some manufacturers allocate them in a semi.Professional appearance. This tool is designed to work at construction sites, the production of communal work.

It is successfully used in gardening, when harvesting thin wood, as well as for harvesting firewood. The main distinguishing features of this type of tools are increased engine motorsurs and its power.

Another distinguishing feature of this type of tool, the size of the saw headset (chains, tires). Tires used in agriculture used in agriculture.

Saws for harvesting firewood and forest industry

Powerful chainsaws, with an enlarged motorcycle resource, it is customary to distinguish in a professional look. Professional models are used in the forest industry, with wood roll.

Models of chainsaws for forestry are distinguished by their endurance, the ability to work throughout the working day. Professional models can be used by cylinder chrome technology. The essence of the technology in the special coating of the cylinder, which ensures its long life.

Special gasoline saws

This is another type of tool designed to perform any special works. These models are successfully used by rescue units and utilities.

This group includes altitude, which is convenient to use for trimming trees without using a stepladder or stairs. Highways is a type of chainsaw equipped with a special extension cord, at the end of which there is a saw tire with a chain.

The device of the chainsaw and the principle of its operation

Chainsaw belongs to chain saws. This means that its working element is a metal chain closed into the ring with sawing saws fixed on it. During operation, the chain moves around the perimeter of the guide canvas. Tires.

A chainsaw is driven by a two-stroke internal combustion engine operating on a gasoline-oil mixture. A mixture of liquid fuel with air occurs in a carburetor, with its help, the amount of the air fuel mixture supplied to the engine cylinder is regulated.

The engine is launched by a manual cord starter. In this case, the crankshaft is spent. At one of the revolutions, the spark produced by the spark plug ignites the air-fuel mixture. The gas formed during fuel combustion pushes the piston. The latter through the connecting rod is connected to the crankshaft, which by inertia goes to the second revolution. The engine promotes the leading star, which in turn moves the chain.

Benzopila works on liquid fuel, which means that one of its compulsory structural elements is the fuel tank. Manufacturers try not to install too large tanks for saws, since this would lead to a significant increase in the dimensions of the tool (and in the seasoned state and weight). Most light domestic models are equipped with a tank volume of 0.2 to 0.5 l. Powerful professional chainsaws requires more fuel, so their volume of the tank can reach 0.8–1.3 l. The volume of the tank determines the duration of work without stopping for refueling.

Two-stroke engines do not work on pure gasoline, but on gasoline-oil mixture. The oil coming along with the fuel lubricates the piston group and other “insides” of the engine. Nevertheless, the chainsaws have a separate oil reservoir. It is filled with a fairly viscous mineral lubricant designed for the chain and tire.

The chain needs constant lubrication, when I work “dry”, it abrasions itself and abrasions the tire. The faster the chain rotates, the more intense it should be lubricated. On the other hand, when the engine works idle and the chain is amiable, it does not need lubrication. That is why the lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw is carried out in automatic mode.

One. Tire.2. Chain.3. The inertial brake of the chain.4. Cylinder cover.

Starter handle.6. Safety trigger.7. Gas trigger.Eight. The lever of the drill damper.

Nine. The back handle.Ten. Oil tank cover.Eleven. The front handle.12. Fuel cap.

Ribbon rating in quality and reliability

Husqvarna (Sweden)-Garden and professional saws of Khuskvarn, designed using unique patented technologies: X-TotQ (low fuel consumption), electronic tuning of the carburetor (Auto Tune), quick launch (Smart Star). Equipped with a powerful vibration protection system.

STIHL (Germany). The most famous manufacturer, in the market for more than 85 years. The assortment contains models for both amateurs and professionals. There are special-purpose motoropeils: for emergency rescue operations, carving, saws-high cutters.

Echo (Japan). The manufacturer offers a wide selection of inexpensive household, semi.Professional and professional chainsaws. All of them are characterized by a balanced design and low weight, which provides maximum accuracy of cutting and comfort when working. The long service life is guaranteed even with intensive use.

Professional chainsaws

Professional chainsaws are the most powerful and are designed for maximum loads during operation.

The most basic advantages of this tool are the greatest performance and maximum power.

Such chainsaws have units and nodes made of the most durable materials that can withstand even the largest loads during the day. These saws are ideal for specialized enterprises.

The service life of a professional chainsaw is quite long, despite the fact that it can work from 10 to 12 hours a day.

Of the shortcomings: not the lowest price and some difficulties in use, since the saw has a fairly strong vibration.

How to choose a chainsaw?

Realizing what functions the chainsaw should perform, you can start choosing, based on more accurate characteristics.

choose, chainsaw, purpose

Power: It is not always worth choosing a chainsaw with the greatest power. Sometimes you can save a little and buy a less powerful option if it is enough to perform the required work. The maximum saw capacity is 7 kW or 9 horsepower.

If such a saw only needs to process several trees, then the purchase will become a meaningless overpayment of money, since household chainsaws will also cope with such a task. But for a large amount of work, it is worth choosing a more serious device.

Low.Power saws, as a rule, are the lightest and create the least vibration.

Fuel use: the most economical in terms of fuel consumption are household chainsaws, while professional are the most costly in this regard.

Each chainsaw has a fuel tank with a capacity of up to 1 liter and a container for oil, which allows both fluids to add simultaneously.

The best chainsaw for a summer residence is a tool that combines a small fuel consumption and the power required for certain types of work.

Operation safety: one of the most important criteria for choosing a chainsaw. Manufacturers most often take care of security using a special anti.Vibration system or inertial brake.

There are frequent cases when, with a strong press on the saw tire, a reverse blow occurs. In this case, the saw can bounce and injure a person. It is for this that the protective system is needed. It is important to consider when buying a chainsaw.

Saw a headset: includes 2 stars (driven and leading), a chain and a guide tire. For the tire, the most important indicators are the length and width of the groove. The longer the tire, the more complex materials the saw can cope.

However, long tires in low.Power saws will lead to their Rapid damage and high fuel consumption. In addition, such a saw requires great efforts to work.

Choosing the Right Stihl Chainsaw for Your Needs. Size, Power, Gas vs. Electric

The width of the groove is associated with the use of a particular type of saw. The chain has a certain step that directly affects the vibration of the tool in the work.

To date, a huge number of chainsaw manufacturers often are at a standstill, which brand to choose. Do not spend money on a professional tool for performing simple procedures in the country.

How To Buy The Proper Chain For A Chainsaw

Particular attention should be paid to the manufacturer: you can choose, for example, a chainsaw of calm, or you can also cheaper options that will be less high.Quality and efficient.

In any case, each buyer may well satisfy his needs, correctly determining the purpose of the future purchase.

CHARBICLY for giving what to choose

There is no single answer to this question, since there are no two identical people and two identical dachas. Everyone has their own needs, their own list and volume of planned use. The best choice of a chainsaw will be its own in each case.

Using a chainsaw for sawing forest

To choose a chainsaw for a summer residence, it is required to decide what types of activities in this country will be carried out. Good chainsaw will not necessarily be the most powerful or the most expensive. It is more important that it in its resource corresponds to your tasks and physical capabilities.

Work performance is important when you have a large amount of labor. And with periodic trimming of trees and shrubs, the small weight of the device will be more important, which will come to carry throughout the garden, saw from the stairs and on outstretched hands.

Device and principle of operation

A chainsaw is an autonomous tool that is equipped with a built.In engine operating on gasoline. Its purpose is cutting wood (forests, firewood), the construction of houses and baths from a log house.

The device of gasoline saws is simple and includes the following elements:

  • Two.Stroke internal combustion engine.
  • Fuel tank.
  • Shine (guide/asterisk).
  • Chain.
  • Tank for oil supplied to the bus as lubricant.
  • Auxiliary elements. Motor casing, trigger, fixing handles.

The engine shaft transfers to the guide rotation. The moving tire clings the links of the chain, rotating it. The number of revolutions at the same time reaches 9 thousand. The outer edge of the chain is equipped with sharpened teeth, which directly saw the wood.

As a guide for the legs of the chain, the groove of the tire acts. If the chain sags, it jumps off the tire. The operation of such equipment requires a clear observance of safety precautions. Therefore, before work, the tension of the circuit is checked without fail. Too strong tension is also bad because it enhances chain friction. If necessary, it can be adjusted with a screw.

The oil tank is used to supply lubricants to the chain. When the chain rotates along the guide due to high revolutions, a strong heating of the metal occurs. Remove friction just helps oil supply. The tank should always have a sufficient amount of lubrication to avoid the failure of the equipment.

Types of chainsaws

Productivity affects the class class, chainsaws are:

The first option is used mainly for firing forests or at construction sites, when the work is carried out in large volumes, under ordinary domestic conditions, its use is not justified. For housework, household or semi.Professional models of chainsaws are usually used.

Professional chainsaws

Manual chainsaws with high power engine are considered professional. Usually they are equipped with a 0.6-1.2 liter engine, which is equivalent to 6 kW. Tire length in such models up to 60 cm. Autonomous operation reaches 8 hours continuously and up to 16 hours with interruptions.

The advantages of professional chainsaws include:

  • For a long time of autonomous work.
  • High motor power.
  • The ability to work with a large volume of wood of different thicknesses, including cuts of thick trunks.
  • The chain is equipped with an emergency brake.
  • Long service life without wear.

But a professional tool is not without flaws:

  • Large mass and impressive dimensions.
  • Light noise during use, significant vibrations. Not everyone can work with such a saw.
  • High price.

Most often, high performance of professional chainsaws is needed only with a roll of forest or when harvesting large volumes of firewood, for example, for sale. For ordinary household needs, the choice of such capacity of the equipment is excessive.

Semi.Professional chainsaws

The choice of this type of instrument is necessary during construction from houses and baths of log house, but also relevant for use in everyday life. The engine power is 2-3 kW, and its volume is usually up to 40-60 cm 3. In semi-professional options, the length of the tire is usually up to 45-50 cm. The service life of timely maintenance and intensive work is up to 6 years. The choice of this option is considered optimal for giving or work in a private house.

The advantages of the semi.Professional chainsaw include:

  • For a long time of autonomous work.
  • The presence of a built.In regulator of the chain tension.
  • Emergency chain brake.
  • A wide range of use.
  • Available price, mainly determined only by the manufacturer of equipment.

The disadvantages of such models include:

  • The characteristics of models of different brands differ, often the scatter of parameters is great.
  • Compatibility only with original components in most models.
  • The width of the groove sometimes does not correspond to the power of the equipment, which makes the risk of bending the tire when biting.

The scope of the semi.Professional chainsaw is the same as in household, the difference is only in performance. Continuous operation is possible for 2-3 hours, if you take breaks-up to 6-8 hours. During the day, using such a tool, you can prepare firewood in the amount sufficient for heating a house.

Household (for home use)

The power of household chainsaws is up to 2 kW with an engine up to 40 cm 3. In such models, the tire most often has a length of up to 35 cm. The choice of such a tool implies a short time of use, it is advisable to give a proportional time to rest every hour to rest.

The advantages of household chainsaw include:

The disadvantages of the tool can be considered:

  • Autonomous use time.
  • Diameter of the sawn tree up to 40 cm.
  • Not suitable for hardwoods.
  • Low service life with intensive workload.
  • A complex chain tension mechanism in many models (using a special key).

Household chainsaws are suitable for clearing the garden from trees, circumcising old branches, cutting firewood or fireplaces. The tool should be chosen for small construction work, but frequent operation will quickly disable it.

At the end

Chainsaws are a very powerful tool that makes it possible to cut thousands of times rather than using a hand saw. If you feel the need to saw the logs lying on the goats, then this should not cause great difficulties. But to fill up, to cut a tree, to disassemble the wind. A much more difficult task. In case of lack of skills, you can even jam the saw tightly, hang a cut tree on others, get injuries.

Basil in case of careless circulation is dangerous. A light touch of a spinning chain is the cause of a serious wound. This is most often happening in the case of the so.Called reverse blow, when the saw bounces sharply back. A reverse blow occurs when the upper or front side of the saw is in contact with something solid: a pebble, a knot.

Do not try to learn error and trial. If you cannot attend special courses, then at least ask for helping someone who has the right skills. In addition, simple instructions for a chainsaw with the presentation of the basics of safety precautions will also help you. One way or another, be most careful, vigilant, never work alone!

choose, chainsaw, purpose

TOP-10 of the best chainsaws for a summer residence and at home, among which it makes sense to choose

There are a huge number of chain gasoline saws on the domestic sawing market of a saw instrument. In addition to the name of the manufacturer, they differ in the power of the engine, the length of the saw canvas and the cost. Also, the quality of execution plays an important role in choosing. To help decide on the choice of a suitable tool, we made a rating of the 10 best chain chainships that are suitable for household and professional use.

Based on the technical characteristics of the tool, as well as analyzing the reviews of real users and the opinions of specialists, we compiled a rating of the best chain gasoline saws.


Compact chain gasoline saw of a professional class. It is used when pruning knots, branches and small trees. The layout of the saw elements, rubberized ergonomic handles and light weight allow you to use the tool using one hand. The well.Thought.Out system of extinguishing vibrations reduces fatigue from work and increases productivity.

Gasoline chain saw||gasoline saw||best chainsaw||ingco tools||electric chainsaw||petrol chainsaw

As a power plant, a two.Stroke internal combustion engine with a power of 1.7 liters is used.With. Together with a professional saw blade with 3/8 ″ pitch, it provides a high speed of work. A manual primer of fuel pumping and a quick start system are responsible for the convenience of starting. The oil pump oil pump with the ability to adjust the oil supply level provides constant grease of the saw canvas.

choose, chainsaw, purpose

Echo CS-260TES-10

Professional gasoline saw of the Japanese company Echo. It is used in garden and park work for sawing small trees, as well as when pruning individual knots and branches. The use of modern materials and a low center of gravity made it possible to hold the saw while working with one hand. Additional comfort is achieved thanks to well.Located handles and anti.Vibration system.

The dual drive key and emergency brake of the saw canvas are responsible for the safety of operation. The location of the emergency brake handle additionally protects the user from random injuries during wood sawing. The guide of the saw chain is made of an alloy of iron and silicon, which allows us to significantly extend its service life.

We recommend reading a detailed review about the Echo CS-260TES-10 saw.

Oleo-Mac 941 CX-16

Gasoline. Designed for sawing trees of medium size, boards and woodwork. A two.Stroke internal combustion engine with a capacity of 2.45 liters is used to drive a sawing chain of a chainsaw.With. The crankshaft is made of forged iron, which, in combination with a double compression ring of an aluminum piston, ensures high reliability and durability.

The original design of the ICE Device air filter prevents the formation of ice on the air filter. In combination with the fast starting system, it facilitates the start of the engine at low temperatures.

We recommend reading a detailed review about the Oleo-Mac 941 saw.

Oleo-Mac GS 370

Small garden chainsaw of a professional class, Italian company Oleo-Mac. Great for firing small and medium trees, as well as billets of firewood for the winter. The Burn Right two.Stroke gasoline engine has high power and complies with emissions according to the EURO2 standard. In addition, its use made it possible to facilitate the start in cold weather, as well as increase the interval of maintenance compared to analogues.

Convenient ergonomic handles with rubber inserts and low weight reduces the load on the user and reduces fatigue from work. The OREGON saws and the compulsory lubrication system of the canvas provide high performance and durability.


Practical gasoline saw of a professional class. It is used for cultivating and thinning the crowns of trees, as well as for the cut of building materials. The use of modern materials and constant quality control of the assembly made it possible to increase the reliability of the tool.

The use of a chrome cylinder.Piston group made it possible to reduce fuel consumption, as well as increase continuous operation time to 20 hours. Design features allow the use of a saw in conditions of extremely low temperatures. For this, the function of changing the place of air fence is provided.

Read more about the advantages and disadvantages in the STIHL MS 260 chainsaw review.

STIHL MS 180 C-BE-16

Practical and productive chain gasoline saw of a professional class from the German company STIHL. Used in garden work when pruning branches and trees of medium size. Equipped with an economical two.Stroke engine of its own development. This factor, combined with the constant control of the products, made it possible to increase the reliability of the model and increase its performance.

Nowadays, a huge number of different models of chainsaws are presented in the markets. Conventionally, they are divided as professional, domestic and semi.Professional, they are also distinguished in the field of use, constructive features.

  • Professional chainsaws. Used for such work when it is necessary to work a lot, and use the tool every day. They are used, for the most part, lumberjacks. A similar type of chain chainsaw can be characterized by the largest resource, high performance. Such chainsaws have a good level of vibration protection. Due to the fact that they perform daily functions, their body is well balanced, and the handles are ergonomic. The advantages of this type also include the fact that they are comfortable in repair and maintenance.
  • Household chainsaws. When the use of a saw passes from one case to another, household chain chainships will come in handy. Such a chainsaw is simply perfect for the performance of a small working volume. The power of saws of this kind is small, but the moment, pleasant, reduces the cost. The design of this variety of chainsaws is also quite simple. They FOCUS on small work volumes with a slight continuous cycle. The only thing to save is not worth saving when choosing this type of chainsaw is safety.
  • Semi.Professional chainsaws. The people of such chainsaws are better known as farmers. Their main orientation is the activity of average intensity. Characteristics of the chainsaws of this type in level, closer, to professional, and the working resource is slightly less. In some of the models of such saws, manufacturers specially embed a simplified type of anti.Vibration system. For the price, they are in the average price range. They are bought for professional needs (city landscaping services), as a tool for households. In the first case, the choice is determined by the fact that the saws of even small power are far from always profitable, and the households have a very low resource, power.
  • “One.Handed” saws. This type of chainsaw is an excellent tool for caring trees. According to the technical level of execution, they correspond to quite professional tools, but are designed for professional use by both landscapers and employees of garden farms. Of the features of this type of tool, it is worth highlighting the arrangement of the handle precisely under the right hand. From above, and not from behind, just over the center of gravity. A similar design of a chain chainsaw makes it possible to work with it with only one hand, which is considered a useful quality.

By lightness and compactness, such chainsaws do not have equal. In this regard, they found a very wide range of use, are in demand not only by professionals-adolescents, but also by hunters, tourists and fishermen. Such categories of owners like small weight, the modest dimensions of this tool. For those who decide which chainsaws are better, it is important to know about the small shortage of these mini-benzopil. Such chain chainsaws, such as the entire instrument of the professional plan, bite a little in price.

Reliable chainsaw for giving

All reliable chainsaws are in the middle and high price range. The cheapest chainsaws by definition cannot be high.Quality. Cheap price means radical savings at the cost of materials, components and assembly quality. The cheapest materials are often used, which are not suitable for these purposes for their properties.

You can buy the cheapest chainsaw in the calculation that she will have to work only a few hours a year, so it will serve. But this is not so. Such low.Quality chainsaws can collapse over time, even if they just lie and do not work at all. What exactly happens to them:

  • It dries and loses the plasticity made of inappropriate plastic membrane inside the carburetor. Chainsaws are out of order.
  • The fuel lines of the fuel line become fragile and brittle, when the engine is launched, they can crumble from vibration.
  • Gasoline remaining in the chainsaw (in the tank, hoses and carburetor) can dissolve cheap plastic. Even if the tightness remains, the chainsaws when launch on fuel with an admixture of plastic will fail.

Even the plastic of the case on such poor.Quality chainsaws can over time change the properties and become fragile from UV radiation (sunlight).

In addition to breakdowns in passive mode without work, such chainsaws will surely present the owner with many unpleasant surprises during work. Any knot can break at any time.

Most often, such obviously defective chainsaws are counterfeit, fakes for well.Known brands Husqvarna, STIHL, and others, as well as a chainsaws of unknown origin with unfamiliar brands.

Reliable chainsaw for cottage should be sold in stores certified branded brands and cost from 5 thousand. Rub. And higher.

For a summer residence, you can confidently recommend the chainsaw of Husqvarna 135.

At a power of 2.0 liters.C (1.47 kW) Husqvarna 135 weighs only about 4.4 kg due to the inclusion in the aluminum alloys of the engine of a certain amount of ultra.Light magnesium. Therefore, it is more convenient to work with her at a height when cutting twigs or during the construction of roofs.

It is more economical than many analogues in capacity by about 20 %, which over time affects saving on gasoline and oil.

However, in practice, the Husqvarna 135 chainsaw can be left in the barn in the shed at the cottage with gasoline in the tank, and in the spring it will easily start and will work properly, as if it was used only yesterday.

This is a reliable chainsaw. With small volumes of work, it can serve for decades. But like any even the best chainsaw, Husqvarna 135 has disadvantages. The carburetor does not provide for the adjustment of the idle speed. Factory adjustment is displayed at maximum low speeds. From this:

  • Husqvarna 135 can stall at idle, which interferes with work.
  • Any chainsaw is started at idle, and since the Husqvarna 135 is extremely low, it can be started not from 2-3 starter jerks, like others, but from 3-4.

The position of the thrust and lever of the throttle can easily be adjusted on your own and increase minimal idle speeds, but this is a separate topic. And this should be the problem of the manufacturer, not the user.

Nevertheless, Husqvarna 135 is a proven in practice by many users, reliable and hardy chainsaws with the best technical characteristics for giving. However, this is not the only option at all.

Which chainsaw to choose: views

Buyers often ask a question, how to choose a chainsaw And How select a chainsaw according to parameters. First you should figure out what purposes you will use and study it, what types of chainsaws are generally existing on the market.

So, let’s start from the fact that all chainsaws are divided into three groups:

The former is used almost always only for infrequent home, or summer cottages. There is no need to choose a chainsaw of the greatest power and it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on its purchase.

In many specialized forums you can find the answer to the question, which budget chainsaw to choose. But, nevertheless, you need to figure it out yourself and study all the parameters of the tools before such a purchase.

The next type of chainsaw, semi.Professional, can be found, both in their hands in lovers of country work, and professionals in their field. Such saws already have much more power than household and withstand long loads.

Accordingly, the professional type of chainsaw is used by people who have extensive experience using such tools and work with log cabins, or in this field of activity.

But still, the question remains, how to choose a chainsaw for woodwork. If we draw conclusions based on the above parameters, then for non.Mass harvesting of firewood, both domestic and semi.Professional chainsaws can be suitable.

If you still think, how to choose a tanker for wood, then the ideal option for such work is the YATO chain chain of the YT-84895 model.

For beginners and infrequent users, such a chainsaw is equipped with systems that increase safety and comfort during operation. Among them are the function of light starting and anti.Vibration handle.

Also, the parameters present increase the effectiveness of the tool and allow you to use it in the current garden work.

The Yato model YT-84895 is ideal for cutting trees, and with this branches and bushes. The power of such a tool is 1.7 liters.With., with engine volume 37.2 cm 3.

It is impossible not to note that the chainsaw of this model is equipped with a transparent tank cover so that you can easily control the amount of liquid and automatic lubrication of the chain. What will make the use of a chainsaw is much more pleasant.

The best semi.Professional chainsaws

Such chainsaws in the rating of the best were due to their universality. They are powerful enough to be used for a roll of small and medium trees, light enough so that the carrying does not create too much inconvenience. If you periodically give such a saw to rest, then without fear it can be used within 4 to 5 hours a day.

These devices can already be applied to economic services or those who are working on their own with the provision of services for trees or wood sawing services. On such tools, a 2-3 kW engine is installed, with a working volume of 40-60 cm³ and a tire 50-60 cm long.

STIHL MS 211 Husqvarna 450E
Power, l.With. / kW 2.3 / 1.7 3.2 / 2.4
Tire length, cm 35 38
Engine volume, cube. Cm. 35.2 50.2
Pase width, mm 1.3 1.3
Chain step, inch 3/8 0.325
The number of links fifty 64
Fuel tank, l. 0.28 0.45
Oil tank, l. 0.18 0.26
Noise level, dB 113 115


Semi.Professional tools from the manufacturer known to the quality of its products. The saw is equipped with protection systems, light (in use and weight) and practical.

  • Reliability, quality of components and assemblies.
  • Engine power is more than enough for everyday work.
  • The weight of the chainsaw is the same as that of household models.
  • A well.Thought.Out system of damping engine vibration. It is almost invisible even if you put the saw on a hard surface.
  • Convenient location and method of opening containers for gasoline and oil.
  • Thoughtful mechanism for pulling the chain.
  • Quickly disassemble for cleaning or transferring to “marching” position.
  • Only original oils for fuel and chain lubrication are recommended for use.
  • The output of exhaust gases is directed up, so they often fall into the face. If prolonged work is planned, it is better to put on a respirator.
  • The plastic case, although it looks quite durable, it seems that a random fall may not survive.
  • The factory air filter will soon have to be changed. You need to take the spare.
  • Little tanks for fuel and lubrication. For long.Term work, you need to take additional containers with you.

Husqvarna 450E

Smart Start and Primer technologies are used to simplify the start of a engine with a capacity of 2.4 kW. The anti.Vibration spring mechanism is responsible for comfortable work, and safety is provided by emergency braking system.

  • Powerful engine. It works without problems with a native bus length 38 cm.
  • Reliability and durability. When using high.Quality consumables, the already rather big motor resource increases significantly.
  • Good ergonomics. It is convenient to hold the saw in your hands from any angle.
  • Roomy fuel tank and oil container, which lubricates the chain.
  • Economic fuel consumption. Its level in the tank can be monitored through a transparent wall.
  • The spring anti.Vibration system reduces the load on the operator’s hands during prolonged operation.
  • Convenient tire assembly and adjustment of the chain tension. Is made without tools.
  • There are few original components on the market. Even at official dealers they often have to order in advance.
  • The power enlarged compared to household devices is proportional to the mass of the saw. It is felt with prolonged operation.
  • Bad protection of oil supply to the chain. Requires periodic cleaning.
  • It is difficult to access the adjustable screw, which tunes the oil supply.
  • The chain that comes with the purchase, you will have to replace it quickly enough.

The models discussed above are produced by well.Known firms, which cannot be doubted as tools. Their main disadvantage is the price. That is why below we brought a selection of the most proven cheap semi.Professional chainsaws from Asian brands.

Reliable equipment for long.Term work in difficult conditions. Price category. From 14,000 rubles

Husqvarna 135. 13990 rub.

Husqvarna 135 energy efficiency is due to patented air movement technology and fuel mixture in the engine. That with proper care, it allows you to count on an unlimited resource in domestic conditions. Exclusively for which this is quite easy and comfortable in the work of the saw and was developed.

Among the standard useful functions (from the anti.Vibration system to anti.Slip linings) the developers were involved:

  • Switch with auto.Return;
  • The possibility of operational extraction of an air filter;
  • Additional centrifugal cleaning of air flow.

A 40 cm long tire, sufficient power and torque (2NM) of the power unit do seasonal work in a summer cottage or personal plot safe, quite comfortable and does not require exclusive possession of repair methods.

Characteristics Meanings
Weight, kg 4.4
Power, l.With. / kW 2.0 /1.5
Tire length, cm 40
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.37 /0.25
Development / production Sweden / Europe, USA
Cost, rub 13990

Watch the video review of the saw Husqvarna 135, with a detailed description of the design features:

Choosing the right Chainsaw for the job

The purpose of EFCO 137-41 is limited by the manufacturer by the boundaries of the owner of the owner. But due to the fact that professionals very often use an easy, productive and economical tool for systematic trimming of branches and branches of fallen forest, among compatriots there is a common opinion on the profile of this tool.

And it’s hard to argue with them. Because all owners indicate the presence:

  • Anti.Vibration system,
  • A perfectly balanced case,
  • Inertial brakes,
  • Chain capture,
  • Automatic supply of oil to the rubbing elements of the saw part,
  • Air flow heating to carburetor,
  • Fast.Removable air filter cover and lateral access to the screw that regulates the tension of the circuit.

At the same time, the exceptional quality of the implementation of the noted functions is confirmed by professionals.

Characteristics Meanings
Weight, kg 4.One
Power, l.With. / kW 2.2 /1.6
Tire length, cm 35
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.32 /0.22
Development / production Italy / Italy, China
Cost, rub. 15790

View a short review of the capabilities of the EFCO 137-41 saw:

Fourteen. Oleo-Mac 937-16-15990 rub.

Thanks to Oleo-Mac 937-16, each amateur gets the opportunity to personally evaluate the potential of a professional tool. Which is fully facilitated by a set of technological solutions involved by the manufacturer. Judge for yourself:

  • The duration of operation is ensured by an advanced piston group with forged connecting rod and crankshaft;
  • The economy of the equipment is due to electronic ignition, a system preventing icing of the carburetor cavities in winter conditions and an automatic plunger pump supplying oil per tire;
  • Ease of work and a high level of security. The merit of the ergonomic arrangement of controls, anti.Vibration system, inertial brake and chain pod.

And the insignificant weight, sufficient (to perform common work in the private sector) dimensions of the cutting part and acceptable power. Additionally contribute to strengthening a positive idea of ​​a qualitative tool.

Characteristics Meanings
Weight, kg 4.One
Power, l.With. / kW 2.2 /1.6
Tire length, cm 41
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.32 /0.22
Development / production Italy / Italy
Cost, rub. 15990

This video shows the real work of Oleo-Mac 937-16:

Fifteen. Echo CS-350WES-14-16210 rub.

Contrary to the widespread opinion, the Echo CS-350WES-14 belongs to the amateur tool segment, not indicate

  • Short tire,
  • Average power indicators,
  • Slight weight,
  • Fuel and lubricants, with indicators characteristic of short work.

After all, none of them is a barrier for professional operation.

While the low.Profile chain (the characteristics of the consumables are indicated only on their individual packaging), which is not alternatives when configuring a household tool, it is given by its main purpose with the head. And for amateur exploitation, this is another small trifle, which is included with

  • Lightweight start,
  • Multi.Point anti.Vibration system,
  • Balanced case,
  • With a latch on the air filter lid,
  • Simple and convenient management,

Will do your work in the garden, in the personal plot and in the forest as comfortable as possible. Without binding to volumes and weather conditions.

Characteristics Meanings
Weight, kg 3.58
Power, l.With. / kW 2.0 /1.5
Tire length, cm 35
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.37 /0.23
Development / production Japan / Japan
Cost, rub. 16210

St place. Villager VGS 460 Prime: characteristics and price

The well.Deserved first place of the rating is occupied by the Villager VGS 460 Prime chainsaw, which is highlighted in high.Quality assembly and assembly materials, a tempting ratio of price/quality, guarantee support for three years. Regarding the brand itself, it is based in Europe and is a leader in the Balkans. We also note that smooth start and innovative anti.Vibration system.

Engine’s type 2-stroke gasoline
Power 1800 W/2.5 l.With.; 12.000 rpm
Number of speeds one
The step of the chain 0.325 inches
Tire length 44 cm
Engine capacity 45.8 cubic meter.Cm
The weight 5.5 kg
Price 12 400 ₽