How To Choose A Drill For Home Use

Best Impact Drills

If you are thinking about which drill to choose for home use, stop the choice on budget models, with which you can drill holes for dowels for installing a TV, make holes in wood, drywall, brick.

Even in such cheap models, the power is enough for homework. Such a device will be a great gift for a husband who is not a professional, but a simple home user. The most famous manufacturers will be listed below.

Advantage: the best ergonomic model.

Country of origin: Germany (assembly of China)

How To Choose A Drill For Home Use

This model of impact drill is an ergonomic and convenient tool that will be your reliable assistant in your home or country. This device has a normal power for this price (0.65 kW), in order to drill wood up to 2.5 cm / metal up to 1 cm / concrete up to 1.3 cm this is quite enough.

Comfortable work is provided by the low weight of the tool and the rubberized handle. The model also has many useful options, among which we highlight reverse, hammer drilling and speed control. Thanks to this, you can customize the device for any material.

In the kit you will find a depth gauge, and a couple of spare brushes. The drills are stored in a special compartment in the handle. All users of this model noted that it is convenient to use, and it has all the necessary functions.

Disadvantages are small. the motor gets very hot with prolonged use, and the switches are unreliable.

Advantage: the best value for money

Country of origin: Russia (assembly of China)

This model got into the top three of the best inexpensive models as a bronze medalist. This model is the most powerful in this TOP. 0.81 kW, due to which you can work even with concrete. The device has a key chuck, you can clamp drills with diameters from 0.15 to 1.2 cm. The drill has only one operating speed, but the frequency of the percussion mechanism for this budget device is impressive. 42,000 strokes / min. If you need stationary drilling, use a drilling machine.

Strengths. power, long power cord and good ergonomics. The body is made of high-strength plastic that is resistant to mechanical damage. There is a lock button against accidental activation, as well as a drilling depth limiter, which will help to obtain the specified hole parameters. The drill weighs about 2 kg, due to this, the tool is stable when working.

The main disadvantage is high noise levels and the fact that there is no case included.

Advantage: the most popular model

Which drill to choose if there are so many good models even in the budget category? We offer you the BOARD device, which took second place. The device has the lowest cost, but it copes well with the tasks. The percussion mechanism is enough for working with hard materials, and the power of 0.5 kW will cope with metal and concrete. The key chuck holds the drills perfectly. You can adjust the speed with a switch.

As advantages, buyers highlight low cost, small size and several modes of operation. The device is specially equipped with a reversible feed. For safety during use, a power lock button was provided so as not to accidentally start the drill. For ease of operation, an additional handle is provided here. In addition, the package includes spare brushes and a case.

The downside is the fragile body and not very high-quality materials of the equipment.

  • The higher the power, the more durable materials the device will "pull". But you will have to pay extra for power, but the performance will also be an order of magnitude higher.
  • Start blocking. An important point for the safety of operators, it prevents accidental start-up. It is performed in the form of a mechanical stopper.
  • Cartridge type. In inexpensive models, this is a key type, where you will have to use a special key to change the cartridge. Keyless chucks will speed up bit changes and make the process easier.
  • Additional handle. Makes it easier to work with a drill. Additional fulcrum will reduce hand stress and improve accuracy.
  • Cord length. Since many models are powered by mains only, a long cable will be important. Usually, a 4 m cord is included. other, smaller cords in length will be inconvenient, and you will need to use an extension cord.

To make construction work and repairs not a burden, many tools are used that help reduce the time for carrying out certain or other operations.

The drill is one of the most popular machines. It is used in almost all types of work, and especially in repair.

The best impact drills in terms of price / quality ratio

Hammer drills are used for large holes in concrete, stone and metal. There is a cam inside the device, which allows the chuck with a drill inserted into it to increase the impact force with translational movements.

Advantage: Best price / quality solution, lightest (1400 grams)

Country of origin: Russia (assembly of China)

The drill from Interskol received gold among inexpensive percussion drill models. It is the most popular tool in this price segment, and is popular not only for its price, but also for its set of options. The power of the device is 0.58 kW, which makes it possible to drill concrete to a diameter of 1.2 cm. The hardware speed is 2 800 rpm, due to which the performance indicator is the highest. With all this, the weight of the drill is only 1400 grams, which is the best indicator of this TOP.

Buyers note that the device is reliable, ergonomic, the quality of materials is excellent. Impact drilling helps when working with very strong materials, and reverse makes the job easier. Extra handle is added convenience and long power cord does not require an extension cord.

As the main drawback, I highlight the strong heating and the key cartridge.

Advantage: light weight (1,600 grams)

Country of origin: USA (China assembly)

This model is the third most powerful hammer drill for the home. She is a strong mid-range, since for a nice price you will get excellent performance that can compete with the TOP models.

The model is powerful (0.65 kW), and this is enough for working with steel and concrete. The design of the key chuck is proprietary, and allows the process of changing drills, while teeth are not grinded on the lock nut. Impact mode will help you quickly and accurately make holes even in very strong materials.

Customers highlight strengths such as the durability of the case and the well-rubberized and long cord. The reverse mode helps with difficult jobs, and the mechanical interlock helps you not worry about safety. In this TOP, this is the lightest tool that facilitates the long process of work.

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The disadvantages include the lack of low revs and overheating during intensive drilling.

Advantage: Better price / performance ratio

Country of origin: Japan (assembly Romania)

In second place we have a drill from Makita. This model has good performance and reliability. Such a drill has a key chuck, in which you can clamp drills from 0.15 to 1.3 cm.Powered from a 220 V network, which means you can use the device in any room.

The power is decent for this price (0.65 kW), which makes it possible to drill concrete up to 1.6 cm in diameter.Rotation speed at a maximum of 2800 rpm gives good performance indicators.

On the plus side, users include light weight, good ergonomics, and excellent assembly. In addition, the manufacturer has provided an additional handle in the kit. There is also a depth stop for drilling, and you can mount the drill on a drill stand for stationary work. The downside of the model is the ill-conceived arrangement of switches and an unintended case.

Advantage: Keyless chuck

Country of origin: Germany

This model from Bosch is a great value for money electric hammer drill. This unit has a vaunted German reliability, and despite the price, it is popular.

Unlike the competition, this tool has a keyless chuck that reduces drill change times. The power is an order of magnitude higher. 0.75 kW, and this is the best indicator so far. The maximum torque gives us 10 Nm, thanks to which the device will perfectly come out of even the most durable and difficult holes.

Buyers note that the grip is ergonomic, the build quality is some of the best, and comes with a large carrying case. Thanks to the ability to adjust the speed, you can choose the optimal parameters just for yourself. In the form of a metal pin, you will find a drilling depth stop in the device. this will allow you to set the exact size. Convenient spindle lock for quick drill change.

The downside is overheating and unreliable reverse mechanism.

Which drill to choose for home and work. TOP-10 best models

All types of drills can be divided into two main categories: hammer-equipped and non-impact drills. The former are somewhat more powerful and can be used for heavy work where a lot of force is required, while the latter is more suitable for use in the walls of the house.

Impact principle. additional impact on the chuck, which helps to improve the efficiency of the drilling process.

In our TOP-15 rating, we will consider only the best models from manufacturers such as Bosch, Board, Makita, DeVolt and Metabo, as well as the Russian Interskol.

The best models for professional use

Advantage: good performance

Country of origin: USA (China assembly)

This powerful model of an electric impact drill for repair is the fourth in the TOP among models for professionals. This tool is of high quality, has a power of 0.95 kW and can easily drill holes up to 2 cm in concrete and up to 1.3 cm in metal. SDS keyless chuck will help you install drills with diameters from 0.15 to 1.3 cm.

Drilling with hammering improves the working efficiency. By the way, about the striking mechanism: at maximum speed, it produces up to 56,000 beats / min, which makes the device highly efficient. The drive of the device is equipped with a safety clutch, which, if the drill is jammed, will separate the gearbox and the spindle, and thereby help prevent destruction.

To the pluses, users attributed the power, build quality and case included. The additional handle makes the drill comfortable to hold. Rotation speed can be adjusted with a dedicated rotary switch.

The minus of the model is a short network cable and poorly thought out ergonomics.

Advantage: excellent value for money

Country of origin: Germany (assembly of Russia)

The best combination of price and quality is in this model. The device is designed for use in professional activities, therefore, it is equipped with a 0.85 kW motor, a two-speed gearbox and a safety clutch. You can also work with this tool from the machine.

The maneuverability of the network cable gives you a swivel mount. For continuous drilling, there is a switch lock button. Thanks to a comfortable handle with a soft grip, work will not be a burden, especially since the model itself is lightweight.

Professionals attribute the advantages of the model to excellent quality, a reliable cartridge, a durable cord and a convenient case.

The disadvantages include the Russian assembly, since the gearbox often fails.

Benefit: Highest power rating, operator protection

Country of origin: Japan (China assembly)

An excellent professional impact drill with high productivity and good operator protection. With this model, you can easily drill holes in stone, plastic, ceramics, metal and concrete.

Powerful 1,010 kW motor and electronic controls work well at any speed level. The body is made of shock-resistant plastic, and there is also a protection of the internal mechanism from dust, which has a good effect on the service life. The drill is universal, it will be convenient to work with both right-handers and left-handers.

Installers and professionals say they love the high performance, versatility, durability, ease of use and safety.

Buyers were dissatisfied only with the anti-jamming safety clutch.

Advantage: Work in a drilling machine, the best functionality

Drill Metabo has become the leader of all electric impact drills. The device perfectly harmonizes the functionality, thought out to the smallest detail, power (0.85 kW), which allows working with steel and concrete. The speed of the torque is also pleasing, which at the maximum gives out up to 36 Nm, which is the merit of the electric motor.

A two-speed gearbox and a switch for hammerless and hammer drilling will help you to find the optimum drilling mode. The tool can be used like a screwdriver thanks to the pulse mode. The internal mechanism is protected by a safety clutch.

As the advantages of this device, they highlight reliability, cord length, wide functionality and a comfortable handle.

The downside is not a very high-quality cartridge and the price.

In the end, I would like to note that if you want a device that is smaller in size and weight, you should pay attention to hammerless drills. They are used for drilling in almost any material.

Interskol, BOSCH, MAKITA, DEWALT have shockless devices.

How to choose a hammer drill for home use?

In the life of every man, and sometimes a woman, there comes a stage in life when in an apartment or in a house you need to hang a picture, a shelf, a mirror, or even just fold a cabinet or a rack, a table or a stool.

In order to perform these actions efficiently, reliably and without hindrance, you need a high-quality and reliable tool, namely a hand tool (screwdriver, pliers, tape measure, level) and a power tool (drill, screwdriver, wrench, perforator).

In this article we will look at drills, namely an impact drill, and give the characteristics that you need to pay attention to in order to choose an inexpensive and high-quality impact drill for home use.

An impact drill is a type of drill with the category of power tools designed for drilling holes in various materials (wood, plastic, concrete, brick, metal). An impact drill differs from a simple one in that an impact drill is designed to work with hard materials (concrete, metal) and during drilling, an impact drill performs reciprocating movements that help to quickly and efficiently drill a hole. The hammer drill function can be disabled on many drills.

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Impact drills are classified into hand drills and electric drills. Half a century ago, our grandfathers used hand drills. To meet in those days an electric drill was very rare. However, with the development of science and technology and in connection with the collapse of the USSR (transition to market relations), a large number of power tool companies came to the territory of Ukraine, representing well-known world brands (DWT, Makita, Stern, Interskol, Proton and others). World giants present a variety of home drills, which differ not only in characteristics, but also in price and quality.

Now let’s move on to the characteristics that you need to look for when choosing a hammer drill for home use.

The main characteristics to look for when choosing an impact drill are:

2) drill rotation speed;

3) maximum drilling diameter;

4) impact frequency.

Power is the main characteristic for smooth drilling of hammer drill holes. Most drills have a power rating of 50 to 3000 watts. The more power, the faster you can reach your goal, drill a hole. For home use, 500. 800 W is enough.

Another important characteristic is the rotational speed of the drill, which is measured by the number of revolutions per minute. The rotational speed of the drill can reach from 200 to 18,000. Please note that the most powerful drill does not always produce the maximum number of revolutions.

The maximum drilling diameter tells us what the maximum hole we can make. With a modern electric impact drill, you can drill from 6 mm to 250 mm.

The impact rate is the number of impacts that an impact drill can make in 1 minute. The average number of strokes reaches 40,000. 50,000 rpm.

Also, what you need to pay attention to when choosing this power tool is weight. If the tool is heavy during operation, your hands will quickly get tired and it will be difficult for you to continue working.

In this article, we have only briefly covered the work of the impact drill. For more detailed advice, please contact our managers who will be able to choose a tool that will satisfy your needs.

How to choose the right hammer drill for home use?

Assess the specifications correctly

In the process of choosing the most suitable drill, pay attention to three main characteristics that will help you determine for which types of work this or that model is suitable.

Electric motor power. The larger it is, the correspondingly more difficult and serious work you will be able to perform in the future. But, as a rule, high power is the main reason for significant weight, which is important to consider if long, uninterrupted periods of use of the tool are planned. Therefore, you need to choose the best options for the power / weight ratio.

Rotational speed. The more revolutions the drill makes in a certain time interval, the higher the rate of drilling holes. High speed is important when many small holes are planned in wood, metal or concrete.

The amount of torque. It characterizes the ability of the drill to overcome resistance when the spindle rotates. High torque is especially needed when working with fasteners: the more it is, the larger the screws you can handle. This characteristic is also significant when choosing models for mixing mortars, mixtures, paints and varnishes, since mixing large volumes requires a high torque from the drill.

Decide on the type of drill

The nature of the proposed housework will help you fully determine the type of drill you need. If, for example, you only plan to drill holes in wood and metal, then the best option would be a traditional hammerless drill, equipped with an excellent powerful electric motor and high rotation speed.

To carry out work in the absence of a continuous source of electric current (for example, in the country, in the garden), a cordless drill-screwdriver will be needed. These tools are equipped with multi-speed gearboxes and a reverse function, which allows you to drill material at high speeds, and at low speeds, using a large torque, work with fasteners. They will be very useful when assembling furniture, when installing interior fittings in an apartment or in a country house, when carrying out finishing work in buildings on a personal plot (sauna, gazebos, etc.).

When working with concrete, stone or masonry, it is rational to opt for impact drills. The design of such devices is such that, together with the rotational movements, the drill is also capable of performing reciprocating blows, which makes it possible to obtain holes in a material with high density. However, you should be aware that such drills are not designed for intensive work on reinforced and heavy concrete due to the increased wear of the impact mechanism. The hammer drilling function is not the main one and is used for irregular (i.E., in case of urgent need) making holes in hard materials (installing curtains, drilling walls for dowels and screws for hanging shelves, paintings, carpets, cabinets and much more).

The main advantage of such drills is their versatility in use, that is, they can be used both for ordinary drilling in metal and wood, and for periodic drilling with a blow to concrete, stone and brickwork. Angle drills and drill-mixers are purchased for home use if a large amount of construction work is expected, for example, during a major renovation of a private house or a large apartment.

Explore additional features carefully

Each model, without exception, has a certain set of functions that make it easier to work with a drill and expand the range of its use. When choosing a tool, carefully read what functions it performs, and then evaluate their usefulness in the future use of the tool. For example, the presence of the reverse function allows you to rotate the drill spindle in the opposite direction. This will be very helpful in removing a jammed drill. In cordless drills, the presence of a reverse is simply necessary, since it is, first of all, needed for unscrewing screws and self-tapping screws.

The presence of the spindle auto-lock function will allow you to change equipment relatively quickly. For the same purpose, it is more rational to purchase a drill with a keyless chuck, which will significantly save time for replacing drills and nozzles.

Many models are equipped with a wide variety of electronic control and regulation systems that allow you to monitor the speed and continuous rotation of the spindle, the temperature of the electric motor, the load on the gearbox and much more.

Compare the ergonomics of one model or the other for ease of use. Pay attention to the shape of the handle, its location, the presence of rubberized pads and inserts.

Professional models for household chores

Drills for domestic use are distinguished, as a rule, by a plastic case, light weight and low power, excellent ergonomic performance, functionality, and most importantly, low cost. But, despite all this, many people prefer to choose products belonging to the professional class for the home. Such drills have a stronger motor, partially or all-metal body, are optimally resistant to overload and long-term use. Tools of this class will fit in when carrying out full-scale home construction, major repairs, when erecting homestead buildings and laying communications inside residential premises.


Low speed is 300 watts. A tool with this power can handle a small amount of work.

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Household tools power 300-800 W, professional 800-1500 W.

Drill power. determines its operational potential.

Shaft rotation speed

For any device, all parameters are registered in the passport. The quality of the work performed depends on the speed. The higher the speed, the better the polish.

To screw in the bolt, a high speed is not needed, 400-500 rpm is enough. To drill into concrete, you need to pick up a drill with 3500 rpm. Rotation speed is needed not only for high-quality, but also fast work.

Drill diameter

When buying a device, a man must know exactly what holes he needs. With a large breakdown of a fragile surface, there is a chance of breaking it. Therefore, in order to choose the right drill, you need to know the properties and structure of the coating.

By scope

The device is divided into three main types. Division by scope:

  • Professional use. Such tools are intended for the professional field. They are used by masters of their craft, for example, builders.
  • Household use. The drill is intended for home use. They are low cost and easy to use, often have additional features.
  • Semi-professional. They can withstand heavy loads. They have average power.

Professional use devices serve much more, can perform impressive volumes of work.

By type of food

According to this criterion, drills are divided into 2 types. Power is supplied through the network or through the battery:

  • Electrical. It has an electric motor that is powered through the network. A socket should be at hand when using the tool. They are cheaper than a battery-powered device.
  • Rechargeable. It is convenient to drill with such a drill in places where there is no electricity. The cord does not hinder movement, it is very convenient to work. The tool has great mobility.

Cartridge types

Drill chucks are of two types. The chuck plays an important role in the tool. May be:

  • Quick-release.
  • Key.

The key cartridge is essential for powerful and percussive instruments, but it has one drawback. You must keep the key with you.

Final verdict

Knowing the principle of operation of both units, the difference becomes obvious. Due to its design features, the electric drill has a low shock impulse. When working with hard material such as concrete, the reaction has a significant effect on the ratchet teeth. This leads to their heating and accelerated wear.

Perforating machines are efficiently used for:

  • Drilling holes with a diameter of more than 3 mm in stone or concrete, starting from grade 400;
  • Large diameter hole preparation, heavy models paired with a crown are capable of drilling passes with a caliber of 100 mm or more;
  • Removing plaster or tiles, as well as for chipping walls.

The listed operations are not feasible for a drill, but making a hole in a cement-sand screed or brickwork is quite feasible. At the same time, the price of a household model is at least three to four times less than that of a hammer drill.

To make the necessary choice, it is important to determine the type of work planned, as well as their scale. In other words, if you only need to perform minor repairs or periodic installation operations, then a universal electric drill will be the best option. In the case of a serious restoration involving chipping or chiselling of hard materials, you will have to get a heavy perforating unit.

Doing it right: how to choose a hammer drill for home use

The power of electric drills offered in construction markets usually ranges from 500 to 1200 watts. Powerful machines are always heavier and larger, but in our case this factor is not particularly important. we do not purchase a tool as a screwdriver. The 800-1000 W powerplant is able to provide the solid torque needed to drill through tough materials.

In household models, you should pay attention to the spindle speed values. The higher they are, the more opportunities a low-power device has. Therefore, before choosing a good drill for home use, you need to look at the product passport and check the functionality of the speed controller. High rpm is just needed for an electric impact drill.

Professional rotary hammer or impact drill: what to choose for a personal workshop

If you do not delve into the technical nuances, then you can dwell on the features of the formation of a blow in these two types of tools. In order to work effectively with an electric drill, the operator will have to make some effort to apply pressure. But the perforating unit does not need to be pressed, this not only reduces the quality of work, but also guarantees quick wear of the mechanisms.

Principle of operation

Craftsmen who know how to choose a drill with a chiseling option for home use recommend paying attention to the design of its percussion mechanism. It differs significantly from perforating:

  • At the base of the knot are two ratchets, which are pressed against each other.
  • During operation, the ratchets slip, thereby creating a reciprocating motion.
  • The mechanism is quite simple, so the cartridge travel is small.

In rock drills, a pneumatic design is mainly used, which in turn is divided into two types: with a crank mechanism (vertical engine layout) and an oscillating bearing (horizontal engine layout). Manufacturers prefer to use the first option in medium and high power rotary hammers.

Briefly about the rationality of using a household electric drill

  • Not every owner needs a machine to work for 12 hours. Most of the time it sits on a shelf in your garage or closet until you need to fit a painting or kitchen cabinet to the wall. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy an expensive special model.
  • Tools from the amateur line at least have drilling and punching functions. In addition, companies offer to optionally purchase "gadgets" for many operations, which significantly expand the functionality of the machine. For example, for a small fee, an electric drill can turn into a mixer or jigsaw.

The main feature of the household unit is that it can be operated no more than four hours a day. over, the scheme should be "one to one". we work for twenty minutes, and take a break for the same amount. The fact is that it uses a simple design, less powerful motors and less wear-resistant materials. When solving the dilemma of an impact drill or hammer drill and what to choose for ordinary household purposes, it is not only the factor of favorable price that should be considered. The technological capabilities of a household electric drill are no less important:

  • Decent ergonomics. the presence of lightweight elements and less powerful motors makes construction easier. The handle of the machine has soft rubber pads for a secure fit in the hand. Keyless chuck and original design will bring a lot of fun in the process.
  • Broad functional abilities. an amateur unit can work not only as a percussion or drilling tool, but also capable of performing the functions of a screwdriver and mixer. The presence of a reverse mode cannot be disregarded, and professional machines are designed for a much narrower profile of work.
  • Safety for beginners. limited power and high operator protection.
  • Luxurious equipment and a long warranty period. many manufacturers offer a set of drills and a spare chuck. The warranty period for most models is at least two years, while the professional tool is provided for a period of one year.