How to choose a fishing line for a trimmer. What you need to know about consumables

The choice of trimmer line for a trimmer is what you need to know about the consumables

Electric and gasoline trimmers are designed to mow grass, for which a trimmer line (cord or rope) is used. The cord is used to cut the grass, and it would seem that there is nothing complicated in choosing this consumable. Just go to the store to buy a twine and you will find a large selection. You can find out how to choose a cord for your trimmer or chainsaw. In this material you will find out what types of consumables are, how they differ and what you need to know to choose the right.

If you pick up the line of trimmer line, you will find only two main parameters on it. The total length and cross section. There are no instructions on how to choose a trimmer line for a trimmer, so you need to contact a specialist. It is not easy to find a good specialist, especially since every year not only new lines, but also coils are produced every year.

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The first thing to solve is the diameter, thickness or section of the string. It is these parameters that must be taken into account when working with trimmers, chainsaws, braids and mowers. Which section should be purchased for a trimmer? In order not to make a mistake, take a piece of the old cord and give it to the seller. Based on a piece of the cord that you gave him, the seller will give you a cord with the same section.

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This is a certain option, but it is not correct. Why not? Because the choice of trimmer line depends not only on the head used, but also on the power of the tool used. First, you should decide which line diameter you can use on your trimmer or chainsaw, depending on their power:

  • Electric trimmers up to 500 W. Use wire with a diameter of up to 1.6 mm. These machines are suitable for mowing young grass in personal plots.
  • Gasoline and electric models with a capacity of 500 W to 1000 W. Cords are used with a thickness of 2 to 2.4 mm. They are used to mow thin, thick grass and cutting weeds. Trimmers up to 1 kW can be equipped with a thread from 1 to 1.6 mm, but it quickly wear out.
  • Trimmers and chainsaws with a capacity of over 1 kW allow the use of a thread 2.4-3.3 mm. This thread can be used to cut thick, dried shoots and dense undergrowth. If a thread of more than 3 mm is not capable of cutting grass, metal disks with blades, teeth and knives are used.

Types of section

There are a lot of views of the trimmer line, you can not pay attention to the color of attention-as such general standards “color-characteristics” do not. An important factor is the type of cross section of the string, it is chosen depending on the type of grass.

  • Circle. Universal fishing line. Smooth when mowing is characterized by an increased noise level, twisted, on the contrary, mows quieter, but is consumed faster (like any type of twisted trimmer line).
  • Square or polygon. Such a trimmer line is more effective than round. Sharp corners cut the stems faster and better.
  • Asterisk, ribbed or twisted square. Has maximum efficiency and haircut speed.

What is the trimmer line from

Raw materials for the production of trimmer line for a trimmer served as nylon (polypropylene or polyamide). Durable, light, wear.Resistant and inexpensive material. To reduce the cost of production costs, some manufacturers add polyethylene to the composition. Such a trimmer line wear out faster, is less resistant to overheating. This is one of the key differences between the cheap and expensive string of the same type.

A graphite or steel rod is added to the trimmer line with a thick cross.Section (3 mm or more), which increases the effectiveness of the haircut of grass of any kind at times. The metal base improves the aerodynamic properties of the trimmer line, so it cuts stems better. A reinforced trimmer line is also found, where steel particles are evenly distributed throughout the string. Adding metal fractions gives the trimmer line additional strength and wear resistance. A two.Component string is more expensive than a conventional nylon, but it is mainly acquired for specialized work on the improvement of streets, for example, utilities.

Semi.Automatic coils and how effective they are

The most popular among mowers are heads for trimmers of a semi.Automatic type. From the name it is clear that the trimmer line is leaving the coil in a semi.Automatic mode. For this, the head is equipped with a mechanism through which the trimmer line is submitted. Kosarya for supplying the cord must be touched by the lower part of the earth’s head in order to bring the mechanism into effect. This is very convenient, since it is not required to jam the tool motor and stop the grass of the grass.

Lengthening of the cord is carried out due to centrifugal forces. Working with a tool with a head semiautomatic device is very easy and convenient. Many masters recommend using this particular option, but do not indicate the following information:

  • If you plan to use semi.Automatic coils, then exclusively branded models
  • Buying cheap devices is irrational, as they do not serve even several months
  • Rationally buy coils of a semi.Automatic type, which are designed directly for a specific brand and model of a trimmer, since universal are often distinguished by low build quality

Based on the foregoing, it should be noted that it is far from always rational to buy coils for trimmers of a semi.Automatic type, especially if there are models more perfect and no less reliable. Automatic.

How to store a fishing line or increase the service life

Many give advice on how to choose a trimmer line for a trimmer, but almost no one reports how to store this material. Incorrect storage leads to the fact that the equipment quickly wear out when the grass is excreted. When a coil is bought at 15 meters, then only a few are asked about how to store a trimmer line for a trimmer. When a bay is bought for 250-500 meters, then it is very important to understand the observance of its storage conditions.

What will happen if you do not comply with the storage conditions of the nylon trimmer line for the trimmer? The consequences are as follows:

  • Loss of its properties, therefore, from high.Strength material, the equipment becomes fragile and quickly wear out
  • The performance of work is reduced
  • Accelerated wear leads to the fact that it is required to buy and refuel a string in a trimmer more often

The loss of the initial properties of the trimmer line is a definitely unpleasant phenomenon, so we will find out what to do in order to increase the life of the material during its storage. Most of all nylon material is afraid of ultraviolet radiation. The longer the cord is stored in the open sun, the faster its technical properties are lost. Instructions on how to extend the service life of trimmer line for a trimmer, has the following view:

  • At the end of the season, when a long break is made, you should pack the equipment in polyethylene, having previously saturated it with fat (glycerin). A tightly packed and impregnated trimmer line must be stored in a dark place with a temperature with 5 to 20 degrees (best in the refrigerator)
  • It is impossible to store the cord on radiators and batteries, since the excessive effect of heat leads to a violation of the technical properties
  • To exclude the full hit of the light on the trimmer line, it should not pack it in transparent, but black polyethylene. Instead of a package, you can use special plastic sealed containers

When the season is on, you need to get a bay, and uniting the required amount of material, wipe it from fat, and charge it into a trimmer coil.

Which form is better

Also, do not forget about the shape of the trimmer line. It affects the cost and efficiency of work. So, let’s talk about the main forms of section:

  • Circle is the most common, easy to manufacture and therefore cheap trimmer line. Perfectly suited to mow thin, young grass. However, when working, it is very noisy that it will hardly like the user of the trimmer and others. As a result, manufacturers released a round trimmer line with a twisted cross.Section. It is a little more expensive, mows tangibly quieter, but it is consumed faster.
  • A polygon or square is characterized by higher efficiency compared to round. Thanks to sharp corners, even rather thick grass will be cut off instantly. A square trimmer line costs a little more than round, thus, thus, a successful compromise between value, comfort and efficiency.
  • A twisted square or asterisk boasts the highest speed of mowing, and even dried or hard grass will not become an obstacle. Sharp edges will easily deal with it. Noise level is relatively low, but the cost of such a trimmer line is the highest. This scares away some potential buyers. In fact, the “Asterisk” fully justifies its cost when mowing hard grass, saving a lot of time to the user.

In addition, you can see a trimmer line of different sections on sale, but with special zazubins. They increase the efficiency of work, but at the same time they increase the cost of the material.

As you can see, it is quite easy to deal with the cross section. Remembering these simple rules, you will probably easily decide which trimmer line on a trimmer will be the best choice for you.

Materials used in production

The most common material from which a trimmer line for trimmers is made is considered nylon. It has a solid set of the necessary properties. Sufficient flexibility and strength, as well as elastic, which, under certain conditions, avoids the gap (nylon simply stretches). The material is resistant to temperature differences and tolerates the load well. At the cost of nylon fishing lines are quite democratic, but this does not mean low quality, in terms of the ratio of characteristics (price/efficiency/quality), the nylon cord shows a very good result. There is a nylon trimmer line reinforced with aluminum shavings. If you believe the statements of manufacturers, which is confirmed by some reviews of the owners of the motorcycle, reinforcing with chips gives an increase in strength of about 25-30%.

The greatest strength and reliability is two.Component (coaxial) fishing line for a trimmer. The idea is quite simple. On a tough and very strong core is a flexible outer layer. Such a combination of properties makes it possible not to lose operational properties for quite some time, such a cord wear out gradually, much slower than other types. Initially, a trimmer line with a steel core was developed for professional use. Work in complex areas, mowing grass from roadsides of roads, near railway embankments. The restriction is only the power of the tool. To use the cord with a rigid core on benzocos with a capacity of less than 1.5 kW by specialists is not recommended. The disadvantage is also the price. Due to the complexity of manufacturing, the cost of a two.Component trimmer line is noticeably higher than a conventional nylon.

How to tuck a trimmer line into a trimmer coil?

How to choose a trimmer line for a trimmer

Trimmer is a truly correct solution for mowing grass in places that are inaccessible to wheels, in particular around trees, shrubs, along fences and paths. The performance of the unit directly depends on the correct choice of trimmer line for the trimmer. The cutting equipment requires flexibility, stiffness and non.Content. It should have a high level of wear resistance and be strong to break. What is first worth paying attention to when choosing a trimmer trimmer line?

First, to the thickness of the thread. In the individual instruction manual to the trimmer, you can find out the necessary diameter of the trimmer line. It is important to note that you do not need to FOCUS only on the inscriptions on the bobbin of the lawn mower, since the set of trimmers, as a rule, includes universal spawn, suitable for forests of various diameters and engines of different power. For each trimmer model, we will assume its own individual trimmer line diameter. So, when installing a trimmer line, the diameter of which exceeds the limit value indicated in the operation manual, the resistance of rotation increases, the load on the engine increases, which inevitably leads to its overheating and breakdown. Of course, the use of a smaller.Based fishing trimmer line will not lead to a breakdown, but will significantly increase its wear. Currently, the most common thread is with a diameter of 1.2 mm to 4 mm. Variation of the diameter of the trimmer line depends on the engine power. For example, for electric or battery trimmers, which are characterized by low power, a trimmer line with a diameter of 1.3. 1.6 mm is suitable. For stronger electric or gasoline trimmers that can mow any herbal vegetation, a thread with a diameter of 1.8. 2 mm is suitable. On professional benzo and electric cosecs use a thread 2.5- 4 mm thick. Such a trimmer line will be quite enough to clean the area from a small shrub.

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Secondly, on the section of the section. In most cases, there is enough trimmer fishing line of the round section. It is most common and affordable in price. The main drawback of the trimmer line of this section is a high noise level produced by a trimmer during operation. But here, modern technology does not stand still. Fishing manufacturers were able to reduce noise with a spiral trimmer line. Also, there are stellar, rectangular or square varieties of sections. Such sections have sharp edges, which makes a more even cut of grass. The figure shape of the fiber increases the performance of technology. However, at the same time, fishing line consumption increases, and when using such a thread, problems of serving from the coil often arise. For the best mowing of the grass, there are options for execution with notches and teeth. The trimmer line with notches is designed to mow weeds and hard vegetation. The main disadvantage of such a fishing line is the poor extraction of semiautomatic spool, so it uses the wheels in which it is inserted in small pieces. The two.Component round trimmer line is more resistant to ruptures and is most suitable for dry and hard grass.

Thirdly, the service life depends directly on the composition of the trimmer line. Most often a trimmer trimmer line is made of nylon. This thread has a high degree of wear resistance, and also provides effective work at elevated temperatures and loads. In addition, at low temperature does not lose its qualities, and does not properly relax with prolonged storage.

The main advantage in favor of the choice of trimmer line, and not another cutting equipment, is the opportunity to use its delicate haircut of vegetation, for example, near young trees or small shrubs.

Universal characteristics of trimmers for grass

The main characteristics that affect the performance of the trimmer for grass and the convenience of its use:

The greater the engine power, the higher the performance of the trimmer. A powerful tool is not needed to care for a flower bed or a small lawn, a 500-watt motor is enough. But when mowing high dense grass, it will overheat and will fail. Here you need a trimmer more powerful. From 600 to 1500 watts. Devices with the highest capacity, up to 3500 watts, are used for a professional extract of grass or in areas overgrown with weeds with thick rigid stems and shrubs.

In electric models, the motor unit can be located in the upper or lower part of the bar. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

With the lower engine location, it is combined into one block with a cutting mechanism. This design is simple and convenient, it is easier to manage women and adolescents. In addition, it allows you to change the position of the knife at any angle to cut the grass in narrow places, for example, between the rows of flowers in the flowerbed. But such trimmers cannot be mowed wet after dew or rain grass. If water gets into the motor unit, a short circuit is possible. In addition, the ventilation holes of the engine are clogged with grass and dust, but this problem can be removed by installing a nylon mesh filter.

The trimmer with the upper location of the engine is not afraid of wet grass. It is more productive and durable, but harder and harder is held in the hands. For him you will need additional shoulder straps.

The width of the cut is a strip of capture of the cutting mechanism. It depends on the length of the knife or the extending part of the trimmer line. In an inexpensive trimmer for grass with a cut width of 200-230 mm is suitable for a flower bed or planting of roses. For a large lawn with plants of different densities, it is better to choose a tool with a mowing width from 230 to 255 mm. Some models have a stepping adjustment of the capture strip.

They differ in several signs.

In form: straight or curved. The choice depends on personal preferences.

  • Solid. More often used in simple models;
  • Collapsible. More convenient during transportation;
  • Telescopic. Their length can be adjusted by the growth of the operator.
  • Plastic. Lightest and cheapest, but not reliable enough;
  • Steel. Durable, but weighing the entire structure;
  • Aluminum. The best combination of weight, strength and price.

Most often, it is on the handle that controls are placed. Buttons and switches. The handles are of different shapes:

  • D-shaped handles are used on low-power models with the lower engine;
  • The T-shaped option is more convenient on powerful bush cutters or trimmers for grass, in the process of the hands get less tired;
  • J-shaped capture is considered the most convenient and safe, especially when working with knives.

A handle of any type can be moved along the bar and adjust it to your height.

Learning to properly wind the trimmer line on the coil of the trimmer and benzo.Coat instructions for installation

Owners of private houses know how necessary such a type of tool as a trimmer is. It can be gasoline and electric, and they differ in the design of power units. For injection of grass in areas where there are stones, trees and other obstructing objects, trimmer line is used as a cutting device. This consumable in the process of use wears out, therefore, how to wind the coil of the trimmer, we will consider in detail in the material.

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Fishing lines is called consumable, which consists of nylon, and serves as a cutting device. Through this equipment, the grass grows, which is ensured due to rotation of the instrument head with a high frequency. This material has a different thickness, which depends on its use on the corresponding tools of low-power (from 1 to 1.6 mm), electric from 500 W (2-2.4 mm) and gasoline trimmers with motorcycles (from 2.4 to 3. 2 mm).

The more powerful the tool, the accordingly there should be a cutting equipment. This affects not only the quality of the injection of grass, but also on the life of the material. If you ask the question of how to wind a trimmer coil, then it’s time to change the reload of the tool. With the onset of spring, this issue is becoming more and more in demand, so it’s time to understand the step.By.Step instructions for replacing the trimmer line in the coil of the trimmer.

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The main parameters of the trimmer trimmer line

Fishing lines can be classified according to the following parameters:

The thickness of the thread

You can find out about it by reading the operational characteristics of the trimmer or focusing on sizes and inscriptions on a universal bobbin. Typically, threads with a diameter of 1.2-4 mm are used for trimmers. True, for each device you will have to select a fishing line of a certain diameter.

The thread for the trimmer, thinner than the required, the engine will not disable immediately, although it will significantly increase its wear. If you use the thread thicker than necessary, the resistance of rotation will increase, the engine will operate more intensely, overheat and, as a result, will break. True, a lot depends on the engine itself.

choose, fishing, line, trimmer, need

You can find out the approximate diameter of the trimmer line for the type of engine. If the trimmer works from electricity or battery and its power is 1 kW, you need a cutting thread with a diameter of 2 mm, and if its power is less than 500 W, you use a trimmer line not more than 1.6 mm.

For a gasoline trimmer, the trimmer line is chosen with a certain diameter. 2.4. 3 mm. The choice of such a thick trimmer line is associated with the features of gasoline units. They are more powerful and productive than their electrical counterparts. You can operate a thick trimmer line for a long time, in addition, it will easily overcome a long.Term dry.

The shape of the section

The most commonly selected trimmer line for electric ships with a round section. It is inexpensive and the most popular, sprinkles fresh grass well. Its main disadvantage is in the published level of noise, which is heard during the work of the trimmer. The noise of the trimmer line is close to the engine hum. For the best noise use, manufacturers offer to use a spiral trimmer line.

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Today also produces a trimmer line for a trimmer. Of other forms, quite often rectangular and starry. Particularly productive fishing lines with zazubins and sharp edges are. Such faces cut the grass more evenly.

There are also options for trimmer line with notch and dents. They can download large weeds. The noise level published by such a trimmer line is low, and due to the increased properties of aerodynamics, the trimmer is given additional power. Such a cutting element is installed on powerful trimmers, which are planned to carry out work in overgrown, neglected areas.

To work with a trimmer line of this type, special heads are installed on the motorcycle. The trimmer line is wound on them. She copes with herbs of any kind (especially weeds) and shrubs. But its cost is quite high. The consumption of such a fishing line is also high, since when serving from the coil, difficulties can arise with its extraction. It is usually used with disks in which it is inserted in small segments.

There is also a two.Component twisted trimmer trimmer line. Its purpose is a high.Quality mowing of dry. It is distinguished by a round section, resistance to ruptures and increased strength. It comes with the core produced from other material. Twisted trimmer line is suitable only for gasoline trimmers. She is able to cope even with small shrubs. Its main drawback is the high cost. For daily work, purchasing a twisted trimmer line is quite expensive.

The composition of the trimmer line

It is the composition that determines the life of the fishing line. Often it is made of nylon. It slowly wears out and increases the efficiency of performance at high temperatures and high loads. The material retains its working properties for a long time, low temperatures do not affect it, as well as prolonged work.

The trimmer line of the coaxial group for trimmers is considered one of the strongest. It has a dense core, and therefore wears out gradually. Such a trimmer line is difficult to cut with a knife and when working creates little noise. There is also a trimmer line now, which includes intersperses of aluminum.

Selection of trimmer line for motorcycle

What trimmer line to choose for a trimmer is conceived by each of its owner. You should choose it based on the following parameters:

  • The diameter of the trimmer trimmer line should be suitable for engine power. According to the parameters, it should be combined with the possibility of a trimmer.
  • The type of trimmer line should be selected on the basis of which vegetation is to pump. If the lawn is planned, a thin trimmer line is suitable, to destroy perennial weeds. A thicker.

Basic errors when choosing a trimmer line

The main oversight of customers of trimmer forests is the destruction of the packaging. It indicates information about what tool this thread is used. In this case, problems may arise:

  • Selection of fishing line that does not correspond to the power of the trimmer engine. The incorrectly selected cord leads to its wear or to overload the unit.
  • Incorrectly selected diameter. The opening in the trimmer through which the string is passed, has a different width. Therefore, if you buy an inappropriate trimmer line, then it simply will not be possible to refuel it into the device.
  • Inaccuracy in selecting a section. For various working conditions, you need different trimmer line parameters. If their form does not comply with the requirements, then the quality of cutting will decrease and its service life will decrease.

For cultivated lawns with soft grass, you should not use a thread for a trimmer with a twisted, multifaceted or figure shape of the section. Such fishing lines can easily cope with a harsh, but the costs in this case are unjustified since there is a round cord, which is cheaper and perfectly mowing fresh grassy cover.

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The better to mow grass

Before proceeding with the choice of equipment for a garden tool, you should answer the question: “What grass will be pumped out by them”? If it is fresh, then the choice is definitely. The trimmer line is ideal for performing such work.

The trimmer line is a thread made of nylon. Speasing of grass occurs using 2 ends of trimmer line rotating at high speed. Over, the higher the speed of rotation, the higher the effectiveness of the tool.

The width of the nobility can be in the range of 40-50 cm. How quickly you can do this indicator. The larger the width of the mowing, the faster the lawn will be mowed.

Working with a garden tool, it must be placed in such a way that the string is located in parallel to the grass. The mowing head should not be pressed too much to the ground. This will lead to an increase in the load on the engine, which, in turn, can cause its failure to fail.

The product can be used to cut any grass, regardless of its height. She will cope with both low and very high grass perfectly. It is worth noting the fact that it is impossible to say the same about the lawnical mower. In addition, a motokos with a string will perfectly cope with cutting grass in those places in which the lawn mower does not pass.

Wire will be an ideal option for mowing grass in the garden. She is not able to harm trees in any way. The trimmer line neatly slides along their trunks without damaging the crown.

Flacks is one of the best options for cutting grass, which will be further prepared for hay. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that she cannot cope with hard and thick grass. For a mowing of this kind of vegetation, it is necessary to install a knife.

How to tie a trimmer line in a trimmer?

To change the trimmer line on the trimmer, it is necessary to disconnect it from the network and turn off the engine. Then remove the mowing head, open it and pull out the coil on which the trimmer line will be wound. You can wind the trimmer line on the coil of the trimmer in two ways:

  • Charge a trimmer line into a single.Section coil. The harvested thread must be folded in half and put into the spool. Following the indicators of the arrow, it is necessary to wind both ends in the indicated direction.
  • Winding for a two.Section trimmer line. The prepared thread is seasoned in the same way as in the first version, only the ends of the thread should be fixed to the grooves on the opposite sides. After that, the thread is inserted into the reel and placed in the mowing head, closing with the lid.

There is no difference how the process will be carried out. The thread refueling is carried out by one of the proposed options. The difference is that when using a gasoline braid there are no restrictions on the cable that is present on the electric.

To date, in free sale, you can find fishing lines of different quality, cross.Section, individual properties. On sale, they can be seen both in the form of holes and segments of the desired length. We will leave the volume of volume for the reader, and the rest of the selection criteria and the best models can be read in the review. The choice should be treated with special responsibility, because the trimmer line will facilitate the process of mowing the grass and extend the life of the trimmer.