How to choose a garden electric.

Best electric trimmers for grass

When choosing a good electric trimmer for the grass, it should be remembered that for the lawn there is a lawn mower, and a trimmer for a summer house, garden and weeds. It will not work to make an even English lawn with one trimmer. If you need to mow weeds in a summer cottage, harvest hay, then choose an electric cost of more powerful. From 1.2 kW, a trimmer line celebrate. From 3 mm, and preferably a plastic knife. If you need to tear the cut lawn, ennoble the paths, cut the grass close to the house, benches, shrubs or trees, you can buy a low.Power trimmer for 500. 700 watts. Based on the opinions of experts and customer reviews, we compiled a rating of the most successful and best electric trimmers of 2022.

The modern market offers a huge selection of models of garden technology, which helps to restore order on personal and summer cottages. The best solution for refinement of shrubs and lawns will be a light, maneuverable electric trimmer with excellent ergonomics and power sufficient to perform the tasks.

The best battery trimmer for grass: Husqvarna 520ilx;

Best trimmer up to 550 watts: Gardena Comfortcut 550/28.

Decide with the type of trimmer

The garden trimmer today is offered in three variations:

Let’s start a review with an electric model. So, it has a low price and a little weight. Such a trimmer does not need to be regularly refined with fuel or recharge. This variety is perfect for those who have a small personal territory, because this model has a low power and a limited length of electroshnuer. Accordingly, it will not be inconvenient to use in large areas, and it will not be possible to process a significant area at a time.

Those who have a significant household area, manufacturers offer gasoline trimmers. They differ in high power, have excellent mobility and can work under any weather conditions. With their help, in a matter of hours you will process the entire territory adjacent to a country house. However, stopping your choice on this version of the trimmer, you should know that it costs an order of magnitude more expensive, it needs to be regularly seasoned with fuel and from time to time to maintain maintenance. But the most negative is that in the course of the functioning of the unit, exhaust gases will be released.

As for the battery models, they are autonomous and mobile, they do not need to be refueled, it is only necessary to periodically recharge. Compared to gasoline trimmers, they are less powerful. However, their charge is quite enough to carry out work in areas of medium size.

How to choose an electric trimmer for grass

Electric trimmers are compact, easy to use, environmentally friendly. Do not give harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Due to their slight weight, it is convenient to use older people and women. In terms of power, these models lose with gasoline, but they do not work very noisy and fully cope with the needs of a small household. The radius of the action of network trimmers is limited to the length of the cable. This is their main drawback.

When choosing an electric trimmer for mowing grass, several points should be taken into account.

The head of the cutting mechanism should be standard and suitable for different diameters of the trimmer line. If it breaks, you can easily replace with the same. The head with automatic trimmer line is preferable. She will let her go as it is being developed.

The handle should be able to adjust in height and inclination so that you can fit it under the growth of the operator.

If the engine is located in the upper part, you need to pay attention to the type of shaft, which transfers torque to the head. The shaft is inside the bar and can be flexible or tough. A flexible steel cable is used on low.Power devices with a trimmer line or a plastic knife. The hard shaft is stronger, better withstands the load, it can be used with any type of knives.

The belt is needed for trimmers with the upper engine. With it, hands remain free and get tired less, vibration decreases. The belt should be wide and durable so as not to cut the shoulder, and be adjusted along the length. Light models with a lower engine can be used without a belt.

The network cord on electric trimmers is too short. Therefore, for work, you need an extension cord with a length of 15-20 m, depending on the needs. The cable should have a thick rubber braid, and the fork should be tightly fixed in the outlet.

In the summer house, a light network model Bosch Easygrasscut 23 will come in handy. The trimmer works with a trimmer line with a diameter of 1.6 mm, which is supplied in a semi.Automatic way. Each click on the start button. An additional handle is adjustable to the growth of the operator.

To care for a small lawn and flower beds near the house, an electric trimmer with a capacity of 500-1000 watts is suitable. The length of the network cord can be increased by carrying.

How to choose an electrimmer for mowing grass?

If you plan to purchase an electric cost for trimming the Luja near the house, but do not plan the fight against thickets of weeds, then give preference to low.Power models with the lower location of the motor.

To perform such work, you do not need powerful models equipped with a disk or knife, so Take the device in minimum configuration.

choose, garden, electric

If finances allow, give preference to well.Known brands, their products will cost more, but below the risk that it will quickly fail.

Which device is better for giving?

In the country, unlike the house of permanent residence, you often have to use an electrimmer to mow high or thick grass, therefore Give preference to the most powerful and maximum equipped models.

If the electric coser under the reliability of the brand in the maximum configuration is too expensive, then for the cottage we advise you to opt for the same model, but equipped with only a trimmer head, and buy a knife and disk separately, they can be taken under another brand.

Trimmer power: what depends on it?

Lines or knife in the trimmer is spinning to high speeds, in which the grass and stems of weeds are cut off. The thicker the grass, the thicker the stems. The higher the load on the cutting tool. And, therefore, on the engine.

ПРЕМИУМ Умные настенные выключатели Aqara H1 EU WS-EUK02 и Aqara H1 WRS-R02 ЧАСТЬ 2 подключение

If the engine power is not enough, the speed of its rotation under load falls, while the cooling quality (it is usually air) will sharply decrease and overheating will occur. At best, the lock will work, and the device will turn off. But powerful motors will work without problems at the same speeds, so they can easily cope with dense thickets.

There is still an important point. Low-power models, firstly, will only work with fishing lines, with knives-they will not be able to. But restrictions will appear with fishing lines: thick ones will not work, because again they will create an additional load on the engine.

How to choose an electric trimmer for mowing grass?

When choosing a specific model, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

Type of cutting system. There are two different cutting systems. A trimmer line and a knife. Field. The system with a trimmer line consists of a head, inside which is a spool with a wound kapron trimmer line. The ends of the trimmer line protrude from the spool at a certain distance, and when rotating the head, mow grass. The trimmer line easily copes with small weeds and high grass. In some cases, she can mow even a small shrub

Over time, the trimmer line wears out and needs to be replaced. Depending on the model of the trimmer, it changes in automatic or semi.Automatic mode. Automatic replacement is carried out directly when the trimmer is turned on, the semi.Automatic. When the trimmer’s head is hit on the soil.

Knife. A cutting system with a knife is installed on models with a powerful engine. The knife can be equipped with two, three or four blades. It is convenient to mow a thick shrub and shoots of trees. For mowing small trees of the knife is not enough: in such cases, a metal disk with teeth is used like a disk saw.

The location of the engine. In trimmers, the engine is located at the top or below. The upper location is more convenient for the following reasons:

  • The engine is protected from moisture,
  • Trimmer can be used for mowing wet grass,
  • The trimmer is well balanced and is comfortable in the hands,
  • A powerful engine is located at the top, which can work with a trimmer line and a knife.

At the bottom of the trimmer, simple low.Power engines are usually placed. Their capabilities are enough only to work with the trimmer line.

Engine power. This characteristic affects the functionality and performance of the trimmer. Domestic models up to 500 watts are used to cut small lawns and cosmetic work after using the lawn mower. 500-1000 watts models are more practical. With their help, you can cut lawns, grass in parks and care for personal plots. Models with a capacity of more than 1000 watts are the most universal. They can work with a knife and trimmer line, differ in a long service life, quality and reliability. Their purpose is to cut the lawns, destroy the thickets of weeds, saw young trees.

Electric Van Gardening Set Up.

Type of drive. In trimmers, the transmission of torque is carried out using a cable or shaft. Models with a drive shaft more reliable. Due to the hard design, they can work with both trimmer line and knife. Models with a cable can only work with trimmer line, and therefore this type of drive is used in low.Power household motorcycles.

Standard design and material. In electric trimmers, the bar is direct and curved. In a curved rod, torque is transmitted using a steel cable. In a straight line. Using a gearbox and shaft. The straight bar is more reliable, so it is used in powerful trimmers. The curved bar is unreliable, so it is used only on low.Power household motorcycles.

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In trimmers with the upper location of the engine, the construction of the rod is of collapsible and solid. Models with the lower engine of the engine telescopic rod. The telescopic bar is more convenient: its length can be adjusted to the growth of the operator, it is also easier to wear, store and transport it. The bar is made of plastic, aluminum and metal. Plastic. Light and fragile material. The metal is more durable, but heavy. Aluminum is the most successful material. It combines the slight weight of plastic and metal strength.

The shape of the handle. The handle of the trimmer is D, J and T-shaped. D and J-shaped handles give the trimmer maneuverability. They are best used to process complex areas. To work on large and even sites, a T-shaped handle is used, since it can be kept with two hands. Due to the uniform distribution of the load, the hands are less tired, and the operator can work longer without rest.

Broadcast belt. Facilitates work with a motorcycle, transfers the load from hand to shoulders. For light trimmers, there is enough belt on one shoulder, for heavy models you need a backpack belt.

Speasing width. Depends on the type of cutting system, affects the performance of the trimmer. The width of the mowing with a trimmer line reaches 440 mm, the width of the discharge disk is usually up to 250 mm.


The design of the trimmer provides for a handle of a certain form. It can be j, d, t-shaped. It is also worth paying attention to this parameter, deciding which trimmer to buy for a summer residence. Reviews of specialists will help you choose the best option.

Braids with a J-shaped handle are used on the most powerful models. They allow you to safely mow thick grass with thick stems. The conical gearbox of such units is located as far from the user.

The T-shaped handle is considered very convenient if it is necessary to process the site with a complex relief. For a long time the hands will not get tired. Such handles are also installed on powerful models.

D-shaped handle is present in the design of low-power models. They are suitable for plots with a small area. This design of the handle allows you to achieve greater maneuverability.

TOP-5 light and powerful electrimmers

In this section you will find devices whose engine power exceeds 1 kW. Thanks to this motor, they cope with higher and thick vegetation, including various weeds and weeds.

However, they cannot compete with really powerful electric or gasoline analogues, so perceive them as an additional tool for ending the grass in a small area, then they will last you for many years.

Greenworks GST1246

This electrimmer with a direct collapsible bar and a 1.2 kW engine took first place due to the highest estimates (4.7 VI, 4.6 pits), Many disputed solutions are used in its design.

The rod connector is fixed with two bolts, and one is made in the shape of a lamb, and the other is a regular, under a regular key. Many users consider the belt supplied with the trimmer to be inconvenient and prefer to immediately change to a more convenient analogue or suspension system.

But, despite all the shortcomings, the vast majority of reviews about the model are positive, Users note the effectiveness and reliability of the apparatus, which turned out to be extremely tenacious and often serves 7-10 years.

The delivery kit includes a saw disk, thanks to which electric carcass can be used even to cut out non.Weed branches of trees or cutting shrubs. The average cost of the model is 8 thousand rubles, and its weight is 4.6 kg.

EFCO 8110 E

This device took second place due to the high estimates of customers and users (4.4 pits and 4.1 VI) and a large share of positive reviews.

The bulk of the negative is associated both with high expectations and the acquisition of counterfeit from an unknown manufacturer.

Trimmer Equipped with a curved indiscriminate bar, Therefore, it only works with a coil under a two-millimeter trimmer line, and a loop-shaped handle is fixed with a rifle-bar, due to which it can be moved to a more convenient position.

Owners note the high efficiency of electrocos, which even cope with grass knee.Deep, although it has to be cut into 2-3 approaches, as well as its exactingness to proper maintenance and use.

Here are the characteristics of the tool:

Oleo-Mac TR11E

Third place is another device with a curved bar, suitable only for haircuts with a trimmer line. It is a copy of the previous model, coinciding in all parameters. The difference is only in a lower rating (3.8 VI, 4.0 pits).

Judging by the reviews, This is caused by the use of fragile plastic and high expectations In terms of performance and ability to cut high grass.

In addition, almost half of users consider the cost of this model strongly overstated and not corresponding to reliability and real possibilities. Nevertheless, almost 2/3 reviews are positive, that is, the device effectively copes with its task and serves in neat hands for many years.

Patriot et 1200

The fourth place is occupied by another controversial apparatus with a direct collapsible bar and a 1.1 kW engine equipped with a trimmer head and a three.Lobed disk. The coupling connecting both halves of the rod is recorded by two bolts, One of which is equipped with a three.Lobed head, and the second will have to be unscrewed with a regular key.

This model received rather low ratings (3.3 all.Tools, 3.9 Yandex Market). Despite the fact that most reviews are positive, about a third of users are unhappy with the reliability and performance of this model.

To some extent, this can be attributed to high expectations, but even representatives of stores recognize a high percentage of marriage. The average cost of a trimmer is 6 thousand rubles, and weight 4.5 kg.

Caliber ET-1600V

Despite the fact that the power of this electrimmer is the highest (1.6 kW), it occupies the last place of the rating due to small sales and the lack of rating on the pits, and in the store the all-score was set by 4 points the only buyer.

Elektokos Equipped with a direct collapsible bar with fixation two bolts and an additional limb pen.

A three.Blade knife supplied with a trimmer easily copes with the thickets of weeds. It is impossible to objectively evaluate the reliability of the apparatus due to the extremely small number of reviews. The device weighs 4.6 kg, and its average price is 8 thousand rubles.

Solar powered electric fence installation around garden

Summary table

Model Power. Kw Weight, kg Technical features Equipment The price of thousand rubles
GreenWorks GST1246 1.2 4.6 Direct collapsible shaft with fixing with two screws, an inverted U-shaped handle on two screws Trimmer head, belt, saw disc eight
EFCO 8110 E 1.1 4.5 Curved indispensable bar, loop-shaped handle with fixation screw-bar Trimmer head, belt 12
Oleo-Mac TR11E 1.1 4.5 Curved indispensable bar, loop-shaped handle with fixation screw-bar Trimmer head, belt 12
Patriot et 1200 1.1 4.5 Direct collapsible shaft with two screws, loop.Shaped handle on two screws Trimmer head, belt, three.Lobed knife 6
Caliber ET-1600V 1.6 4.6 Direct collapsible shaft with two screws, loop.Shaped handle on two screws Trimmer head, belt, three.Lobed knife 6

Electric trimmer: which is better to choose for cutting the lawn in the country

Many owners of private houses and cottages carefully care for the personal plot. When the active growth of grass begins, then there is a need for special technology. The modern market offers a choice of lawnmands, benzocouses, electric trimmers.

The latter are favorably characterized by an affordable price, so they maintain sustainable demand. Electric trimmers in small areas are especially effective, where it is easy to stretch the extension cord. But difficulties arise at the purchase stage.

The lineup of the power tool is very diverse, so several tips from experts will be relevant and appropriate. What parameters should I pay close attention to?

  • First of all, it is necessary to decide on performance. It depends on the power and reserves of the motor. For well.Groomed areas where you will have to cut growing grass, there will be enough power to 1,000 watts. It is not worth chasing high performance and for another reason. The stronger the engine, the greater the weight of the trimmer.
  • The price of the engine affects the price and ease of use. Cheap low.Power models have the lower location of the electric motor. But in this design there are serious disadvantages, for example, clogging with grass and poor cooling.
  • For models with the upper location of the engine, the necessary equipment will be shoulder belts. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers complete trimmers with these accessories.
  • Electric braids differ and handle shape. Light devices are equipped with D-shaped holders who give maneuverability to the trimmer. And more powerful units are controlled using a bicycle rifle handle.

The best electric trimmers got into our review. When compiling the rating, criteria were taken into account as:

If you want to mechanize your work, but are constrained in the means, electric trimmers from this category are needed. All of them cope with the task, but have their own characteristics. Let’s look at three popular budget models and decide which one is the best.

Rating of the best electric trimmers

When creating the rating of the best electric trimmers, reviews of the owners of lawn mowers, the recommendations of specialists and their own observations were taken into account.

The following characteristics of the models were studied for the formation of the top:

  • Type of cutting element and its length. Trimmer line, disk, knife;
  • Performance. Number of revolutions per minute;
  • Engine location;
  • The shape and design of the handles affecting the convenience of use;
  • The presence of additional options;
  • Price;
  • Equipment.

Also, when writing the rating, the rating of the price and quality of each electric braid was taken into account.

Comparison table

In this section, we have collected all the main parameters of models from the top 10 rating in one table:

Model Weight, kg Price t. R. Power. Kw Technical features Equipment
Huter Get-1700b 5.7 6.7 1.7 Upper motor, bicycle handle and handle on the case, straight collapsible rod Three.Lobed knife, semi.Automatic head, belt
Stavr TE-1400R 4.8 6.7 1.4 Upper motor, straight collapsible bar, loop.Shaped handle Three.Lobed knife, semi.Automatic head, belt
Huter Get-1000s ZMD 5.2 4 one Upper motor, curved collapsed bar, loop.Shaped handle Semi.Automatic head, belt
BlackDecker Besta530cm-QS wheel 4.5 eight 0.55 Lower motor, wheelbase, loop.Shaped handle Semi.Automatic head, wheelbase (can be purchased without it)
Denzel TE-1400

The best manufacturers of trimmers

The following manufacturers of garden equipment have proven themselves in the market:

  • Oleo-Mac. Italian manufacturer of household and semi.Professional trimmers. All models have a high protection class from voltage drops and are equipped with a high.Quality engine cooling system.
  • Makita. The company from Japan offers a line of professional models of electrimmers with an engine that is located on top. The role of equipment is played by a thick trimmer line. Elektokos are equipped with protection against random launch.
  • MTD.The American brand is one of the leaders in the global market of garden equipment. Semi.Professional models of trimmers are characterized by high power, cutting equipment are sawing wheels, trimmer line and knives.
  • Bosch. Under this German brand, high.Quality technique is produced. Trimmers are distinguished by an ergonomic design, equipped with a telescopic bar, with the possibility of changing the angle of inclination.
  • Al-ko. The oldest German company produces high.Tech equipment. In the brand line, powerful models of trimmers with the upper and lower motor location.
  • Gardena. Another German company whose electrimmers are popular among gardeners around the world. They are reliable, comfortable and made of high.Quality details.
  • Black Decker. A garden technique with an ergonomic design is available under the North American brand. Electrics are small in power, convenient to use.
  • Elitech. Chinese manufacturer of a professional powerful power tool that is not inferior in terms of efficiency of gasoline models. Trimmers are equipped with an anti.Vibration system. The sliding rod is regulated for the needs of the operator.
  • Greenworks.The headquarters of the concern are in America and Europe. Garden technique combines stylish design, high performance, low vibration level.
  • Denzel. Another German manufacturer, whose products have a solid assembly, attractive design and optimal technological solutions.

How to choose a battery trimmer and what to pay attention to?

The criteria for choosing a battery trimmer in 2021-2022 are as follows:

  • Power. Battery models do not reach gasoline and electric colleagues a little. The larger the power of power, the more productive the model you get, and the harder it is.
  • Type of battery. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the trimmer will work without recharging. It must be borne in mind that the capacity of nickel-cadmium options decreases with the duration of use. Lithium-ion batteries do not lose anything over time.
  • Charging time. Can reach up to 24 hours, so ask the manufacturer in advance with this parameter.
  • Weight and dimensions. In general, the batteries are quite light in weight, but sometimes heavyweights come across, so it is better to choose some models in stores where you can hold them and check for severity.
  • Equipment. Pay attention to the availability of battery (battery) and ZU (charger). If this is your first model, then it is better to take a complete set, and if the trimmer is re.Purchased, check whether accessories are suitable from the previous device to the new.
  • The design of the bar. Can be straight or curved. The direct option is more reliable, since they are equipped with a hard metal shaft. In curved torque, it is transmitted using a cable.
  • The shape of the handle. The battery models, as a rule, have two options: bracket and curved. The first is suitable for mowing a small area, even a beginner can easily cope with them. The second option is more suitable for experienced professionals for the bevel of a large territory.
  • The location of the engine. Can be from above or below. In the first option, you can use the model even on raw grass.
  • Noise level. In general, the battery trimmers are small, but you need to remember that the noise level increases in proportion to power.

How to choose a trimmer for a summer residence?

At 2021-2022, the selection criteria are as follows:

  • Power. For cottage and small lawns, there is enough power of 250-700 watts, and battery analogues of 20 volts.
  • Source of power. Trimmers are gasoline, battery and electric wires. Batteries have significant advantages: minimal noise, there is no binding to the outlet, ease of maintenance and compactness. Electric trimmers can also be compact, easy to maintain, but there will be a minus a wire in which you can get confused. For him, extension cords may also be needed, and it can be torn. Gasoline models are the most difficult, they are used to process large areas.
  • Cutting element. In its quality you can use knives or trimmer line. Most of the models will be equipped precisely by trimmer line. The thicker she is, the more thick stems she will cut. Varieties like a “cross.Section” or “star” increase the effectiveness of the device and do better with thick grass and weeds. The trimmer line protects the remaining elements of the trimmer from breakdowns, since when in contact with the obstacle, it breaks. Models with knives are best used where there are no stones and logs in the grass, since vibration occurs from the impact inside the device, which can subsequently lead to breakdown.
  • The weight. The greater the power of the device, the greater its weight. It must be borne in mind that with too much weight you may be inconvenient to work with a trimmer.
  • Speasing width. For summer cottages, the width of the mowing is 250-270 mm is quite sufficient.
  • The location of the engine. In gasoline models, the engine is located on top, because it is more convenient to wear and use them. Electric low.Power options may have a lower location.

The best electric trimmers with trimmer line

One. Elitech ET 800

Reliable electric trimmer Elitech ET 800 is suitable for mowing grass in personal and summer cottages, in parks and gardens, roadsides and similar areas with herbal coating. The shoulder belt allows you to comfortably transfer the device from place to place.

Engine winding-100%copper. The engine itself is located in the upper part of the trimmer case. Spindle rotation frequency. 8000 revolutions in 60 seconds. D-shaped handle helps the owner to hold the device tightly during operation, fixing it in a position convenient for you.

A durable casing prevents the release of grass and other objects to the user. Trimmer provides stable operation with t ° air from 5 ° C to 35 ° C and relative humidity of no more than 80%. Cable length: 0.035 m. The manufacturer’s warranty is given for a year. Speasing width. 35 cm.


  • Collapsible shaft;
  • Balanced;
  • Lack of harmful exhaust gases;
  • Low noise;
  • Semi.Automatic trimmer line.

Greenworks 21217 GST5033 230V BASIC

Student at first glance, but high.Quality and reliable, judging by the user rating, the GST5033 230V BASIC trimmer from the international concern Globe Tools Group. The model is equipped with a rotary cutting head, very light and compact, due to which it will become your assistant in restoring order on a garden plot. Do you need to bring the lawn into the shape or trim the grass near the fence. The device will complete its task quickly and without complaints.

The cutting element in it, as in many, a trimmer line with a diameter of 1.6 mm. It consumes a little electricity, so you will not have to pay large electricity bills. The electric motor is located in the lower part of the device, which positively affects the weight. D-shaped trimmer handle, folded and regulated as necessary.

The casing is dense, a protective bracket is installed: so there is no question for the safety of operation. The manufacturer tried. The device is delivered in a stylish box (not ashamed to present as a gift).