How to choose a garden trimmer for grass electric ships or lawn mower. How the trimmer for grass differs from the lawn mower?

trimmer for grass or lawn mower. what to choose?

To care for a land plot, which is planted with high grass and different vegetation, you need to have a special device. It can be a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower. The difference between devices for some can be insignificant, but each of them is intended for specific purposes. Below we will talk about the features of the devices, which of them is better to choose and present the rating of proven models.

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Features of the lawn mower, pros and cons of

The lawn mower is a cart with handles. It moves on wheels and has an electric/gasoline engine. As a cutting element, a system of blades or a rotating knife acts. In order to make it convenient to cut the grass, the owner’s height can be adjusted in height.

Fast processing of large areas.

Edging Beds Landscape

Small load on the body, thanks to a special drive.

A flat haircut.

Independent tuning of the height of the cut.

Special functions that expand the list of actions of the device.

Inability to use in uneven areas.

Impressive dimensions that require the allocation of a special place.

The lawn mower can be processed in a short time

Black & Decker MTC220 12 Inch Lithium Cordless 3 in 1 Trimmer Edger and Mower, 20 volt Review

Pros and cons of gasoline trimmer for grass

The gasoline trimmer for grass is a device that contains great functionality, it has recently enjoyed very popular among users. He copes with his tasks with his special head, as well as fishing line. This device is equipped with an internal combustion engine, additionally equipped with plastic disks or special metal knives.

Benzotrimmer can be of two varieties: with a motor of 2 and in 4 tacts. The first performs his work on mixed combustible fuel. oil and gasoline in the tank. The second variety is considered more powerful, oil and gasoline have to be refueled separately. Another feature of it: the first can work with a stronger noise than the second.

It will be quite difficult to fill a two.stroke trimmer for grass due to its special size, but it weighs a little and is quite easy to move.

  • Ease of maintenance and use. The internal device and the method of functioning of special difficulties do not carry itself. absolutely everyone is able to understand this.
  • Reliability. A gasoline mower can work without stops for 24 hours. At this time, it will not heat up much and will be able to guarantee the owner the perfect fulfillment of all tasks in completely any application conditions.
  • High performance. The power of the device provides its owner with the opportunity to mow the lawn even in the inaccessible area in the shortest possible time and with a high quality indicator.
  • Unhindered movement of the device from one point of the site to another. The gasoline trimmer for the grass does not depend on the presence of a socket in it, which means that you can freely move with it throughout the site.
  • Noise while using. Lawn mowers vibrate very strongly and publish increased noise, which, of course, does not like some consumers.
  • Environmental pollution. Such a device that operates on fuel can form a large number of exhausts during its work, which at this time negatively affect nature, polluting it.
  • Increased cost. The gasoline trimmer for the grass is quite expensive, which can be explained by increased performance and positive technical characteristics.

Trimmers for grass on gasoline can be completely different in modification and configuration. A set of a set with a trimmer can be of various types of knives and nozzles: for grass, for stronger branches, as well as for snow cleaning. You can advise the buyer to take a closer look at manufacturers of devices such as Kawashima, Kasei, Dolmar.

Advantages and disadvantages of an electric trimmer for grass

An electric braid for grass is a rather compact equipment that does not need additional fuel. It has a considerable number of grateful users who leave only positive reviews. What is this type of trimmer for grass so attracts summer residents?

  • Multifunctionality of the device. The device was created specifically for the implementation of various tasks and use in different fields. It can be successfully used for the implementation of garden, as well as earthwork.
  • Special environmental friendliness. Electric types of trimmers do not form products of processing products harmful to nature and humans.
  • Easy operation of the device, as well as the possibility of quick repair. The unit is very easy to use. After a thorough study of its structure and basic elements, it will be very easy to fully figure out what’s what. Details requiring replacements throughout the time of use of the device are always available in free sale in the construction market, and you can easily and simply replace them yourself.
  • Noiselessness in work. Such an electric braid for the grass works almost silently. you definitely do not bother your neighbors, and you will also work much more pleasant.
  • A good performance indicator. The electric motor, which, by power, will, of course, will significantly concede the internal combustion engine can cope well with the main responsibilities.
  • Large selection of models for purchase. The buyer will be able to choose the best option for himself, depending on the purpose of using the device, as well as on the level of financial freedom.
  • Restriction of the device in movement throughout the site. The ability to get to the most extreme points of the lawn with such a device will directly depend on the length of the network cable.
  • Work at the expense of the mains. If your garden plot has a voltage or a complete absence of light, and this is a frequent phenomenon, then most likely the acquired electric shock will dust inside the barn.
  • A small power indicator. In this case, the electric ships lose to gasoline. But if you have a rather small area, then the power indicator in this case is not needed at all too large.
  • The inability to carry out work in extreme conditions. It is strictly forbidden to use an electric device in rainy weather, while gasoline with this work easily cope.

This type of trimmer for grass does its work through the cable. In some cases, it has several additional nozzles at once. The most optimal in terms of price-quality ratio will be such models as SKL, as well as BlackandDecker.

As you can see, both the first and second trimmer for grass contains both special advantages and noticeable disadvantages. Which of them should be purchased?


These models work on gasoline, which is poured into a special tank. You also need to pour oil so that all parts of the mechanism work.

Types of engines

  • Two.stroke. Such models are cheaper. For work, you need to add a certain amount of oil to gasoline. The engine design is simple. The quality of gasoline and oil does not affect its work. Power is less than the four.stroke.
  • Four stroke. These models are more expensive. Gasoline and oil are poured separately into different containers, which facilitates the work. There is no need to measure the right amount of oil to add it to gasoline. Unlike two.stroke models, the engine design is complex, since the device is more powerful. When crashing, the mower will be difficult to fix it yourself. Gardeners prefer models with such an engine.
  • Gasoline models are more powerful than electric;
  • Last longer;
  • Do not depend on electricity;
  • Do not have a cord;
  • These models can be transferred to any place and mowed grass in remote places, even outside the country site.
  • It requires filling gasoline and oil;
  • Noise level above;
  • Exhaust gases are released;
  • Gasoline trimmer for grass is heavier than electric;
  • You can mow grass without frequent breaks;
  • Are more expensive than electric models.

Choosing a trimmer for grass

Before you go to the store, you need to decide which trimmer to choose for the grass. electric or gasoline. It is also necessary to determine what amount of work it will perform. An important condition. is there an electricity on the territory. It is necessary to pay attention to which grass grows on the site (lawn, meadow, weeds).

What should be guided by when buying:

  • Select the type of engine: electric or gasoline.
  • Decide on the power of the device.
  • Select the device with the location of the engine (from above or below). For electric models.
  • Find out the volume of the fuel tank (gasoline).
  • Select the shape of the handle (there are T-shaped or D-shaped).
  • Determine the type of cutting tool (fishing line for a trimmer, metal or plastic knives, discs). Model with fishing line is cheaper, but the purchase of coils is required. Metal discs and knives last longer, do not require frequent replacement.

The quality of work and its convenience also depends on the following functional details:

  • The width of the strip that the device mopes;
  • Cord length (electric);
  • Ease of use of the device;
  • The weight;
  • Safety;
  • Appearance;
  • The presence of additional nozzles (if necessary);
  • The choice of the manufacturer;
  • Price.

Before buying, you can see reviews about popular models on the Internet. It is better to choose a model of a trusted manufacturer. Powerful devices are more expensive, but they will last longer. Gasoline trimmers for grass are more expensive than electric, but they have many advantages. You also need to decide whether additional nozzles are needed. If they do not need, then do not overpay, it is better to choose a simple model.

Benzotrimmers do not depend on electricity

Outside the garden plot, benzotrimers are used. They are more powerful. from 1 to 3 horsepower and weigh from 5 to 10 kilograms. Their task. cope with large areas, thick grass and shrubs outside the garden area, for this, both a knife and a disk are additionally used in them, while in electric trimmers only a fishing line for a trimmer is mainly used.

Many farmers and holders of livestock use trimmers for grass for mowing grass in the fields for feeding, as well as for compost. In the field of housing and communal services, management companies and TSN use gasoline trimmers for grass for tearing grass along residential buildings, in parks and green areas. Employees of transport infrastructures mow grass and shrubs along roads and railways. Benzotrimmers do not depend on electricity. They installed 2x or 4x-stroke engine on them. The 2x-stroke uses a mixture of oil and gasoline in strict proportions, in 4-tact oil and gasoline do not interfere, but are poured separately into a crankcase and a gas tank.

Oil and gasoline refueling. Power 1. 3 l.With. (one.6. 2.2 kW)

Engine power from the 220V power power 0.four. one.2 kW.

Belt and handle

Due to the large weight and vibration in gasoline trimmers, a belt is used, since the processing of large areas gives a load on the hands and back of the operator. The belt facilitates the work, since the trimmer for the grass is already not on weight, but is fixed evenly on the back.

Included: a head with a fishing line, a knife, a belt, a mixture container

The gasoline trimmers mainly use the U-velop pen-rol. This design feature is important for uniform load distribution. Electric trimmers have lower weight and they are often used in places where accuracy is required. Therefore, for a point direction in the design, a D-shaped handle is used.

U-wound-bush-wheel handle for uniform distribution of the load on the hands and shoulders.

D-shaped handle for more subtle guidance on the target for mowing.

Trimmer selection parameters for grass for grass

Understanding the key features of the garden tool, you can choose a model that is well suited for specific tasks and will not cause unexpected problems. Here are the main parameters of the choice of trimmers for grass.


The power of the trimmer power for the grass is indicated in the KW and affects the performance. The higher this value, the faster the cutting element will rotate and the greater the area will be processed.

A garden tool can have a small indicator of 0.25 kW and reach 1.8 kW.

For utilities to care for the house territory in quarters and along roads along the roadsides, where you have to work all day and mow large volumes of grass, it is advisable to purchase models of 0.9-1.8 kW.

For giving and caring for a small lawn there is enough engine with parameters of 0.25-0.7 kW.

The width of the cut

The knife length and the possibility of the maximum line of fishing line affects the width of the cut. The last parameter is limited to the size of the protective casing. There are various models of the range of which can be from 200 to 420 mm.

For continuous lawns in a large territory, trimmers for grass with a cut width of 300-420 mm are suitable.

For a summer cottage and caring for high-rise quarters, 250-270 mm is enough.

The mass of the apparatus affects the convenience of its use and operator fatigue. The weight of the tool varies from 1.5 to 9 kg. Of course, it is logical to take the model easier for long.term employment, but often this is associated with remote operation from the mains, which requires gasoline models that are the most difficult.

If it is possible to connect to the mains, you should buy electric devices weighing 3-5 kg.

If it is impossible to connect to the mains, you should buy gasoline trimmers for grass with a weight of 7-9 kg.


Another performance indicator is the speed of the cutting element in one minute.

In low.power versions, this parameter is not prescribed because there they are below 7000 per minute.

professional models have a run of 7.500-12000 rpm.

For a summer house or a small enterprise, 6000 rpm is enough.

For large volumes of work, 9000-12000 rpm is required.

Fishing diameter

This indicator varies from 1.4 to 3.3 mm and indicates the ability of the cutting element to cut a certain thickness of the stem and branches of the bush.

1.4-2 mm is enough for a summer house, which will remove grass and maintain a neat type of lawn.

Employees who monitor the condition of the roadside, where thick grass often grows, must purchase 2.4-2.7 mm.

To ennoble the advanced site, a strong fishing line for a trimmer is required 3.0-3.3 mm, capable of dissecting the stems and bushes.

Cutting system

Trammers for grass work by rotating the cutting elements that can be dense knives (metal, plastic) or a soft fishing line for a trimmer (cord).

Dense knives are more suitable for an even open landscape and thick grass with solid stems. The tool will be able to create an even cut. This species is practical to care for lawns along enterprises and near a private house.

A trimmer fishing line is necessary in case of work on a tuberous area and next to the fences. The beating of solid obstacles will not cause damage, and contact with the soil will not stop the process. But such trimmers for grass are poorly coping with thick vegetation and get confused.

Type of fastening

To operate the device, it is hung on the operator housing. For this, one or two belts are provided.

The use of a trimmer for grass with one belt is used to give or ennoble a small territory of the company.

In the case of extensive area, you need to fasten with a satchel, evenly distributing the load and reduces vibration.

Ease of retention

The form and number of handles are responsible for this, as well as the balance of the device.

The main and auxiliary pens are convenient for short use in the garden or small company. For work throughout the day it is better to purchase models with a cross frame and two equivalent handles.

The position of the engine below the cutting part increases the load on the back and is suitable for mowing only within a few hours. If the engine is installed at the top of the bar, then this allows you to easily control the tool and is suitable for professional use.

Tank volume and battery capacity

In the case of autonomous trimmers working on fuel, a tank capacity plays an important role. It happens from 0.3 to 1.5 liters. Manufacturers calculate its volume based on the engine capabilities to work continuously for a certain amount of time.

With a minimum tank, it will be possible to mow 20 minutes, after which you will need a stop for a break for cooling the motor and refueling.

It is possible to work with the maximum indicator for more than an hour, which is convenient for commercial use in large territories.

In battery battery, the battery is measured in amperes/clock. 1st unit of a/h is enough for 15 minutes of work. Charging will require three times more time.

For cosmetic care for a small lawn far from the outlet, 2 A/h is enough.

To care for the territory of the kindergarten or a small company will require 3-4 a/h.

Which trimmer for grass for grass to choose

To work on an uneven landscape along the fence, you will need a device with a 2.7 mm fishing line with a thickness. For performance, there is enough cutting width of 250 mm and a speed of 7500 per minute. It will be more convenient to control the device with two equivalent handles. If the size of the territory allows the use of an extension cord, it is better to purchase a model with an electric motor.

In utilities, on the balance sheet of which there is a large territory with paths and yards, as well as road services, you will need a trimmer for the grass working on gasoline with a tank of 1.5 liters, 12,000 rpm, with a capacity of 0.9-1.6 kW, width with 300 mm width and fishing line 3.0 mm.

For a large private territory or enterprise with green areas, it is necessary to buy a garden tool with an internal combustion engine for 1 kW, a speed of 10,000 per minute, an iron blade or a fishing line of 2.4 mm and a width of the cut 420 mm.

In a small courtyard to the country is enough an electric model with a capacity of 0.25 kW, 6,500 rpm, a fishing line thickness 1.4-2.0 mm, and a zone with 250 mm width of the cut. The mounting method is suitable for one belt with the lower engine location.

To care for the territory of kindergartens, boarding schools and recreation centers, it is practical to buy battery versions that silently perform their functions in an extensive territory. A model with a capacity of 0.7 kW, a battery with 3 a/h capacity, 7500 revolutions per minute and a fishing line by 2.0 mm is suitable.

The number of revolutions

An indicator of the effectiveness of the tool is the number of revolutions of the cutting organ (fishing line or knife) around its axis. The faster this element rotates, the sooner you will be able to cope with the mowing of the grass on the site. In this parameter, electric trimmers for grass win, as their speed reaches 13 thousand. revolutions per minute, and in gasoline at the same power-only 11-12 thousand.

Ergonomics and mobility

The ease of operation of the tool depends on weight and dimensions. Electimimers weigh less. They are more compact compared to gasoline units, since there are no containers for working fluids. If a trimmer for grass with ICE weighs about 9 kg, then electric. half as much.

When buying a tool, pay attention to the location of the engine. Not only comfort depends on this, but also the safety of operation. Models with the upper location can be used for mowing wet grass, and tools with the lower are more ergonomic and productive, but you can only work with dry vegetation.

Tools with adjustable rods are considered very convenient. So the operator will be able to configure the height of the trimmer for grass under his height. For uniform distribution of the load in the design, a belt equipment is provided, which can be made in the shape of a shoulder belt or a satchel. The latter option is more preferable, because in this case the load is distributed evenly on the shoulders and body of the operator, the hands remain free and are responsible only for the correct direction.

Which is better to choose?

When deciding what is better to choose. a trimmer for electric or gasoline grass, we must proceed from the principle of expediency. It makes no sense to buy a powerful gasoline braid for mowing grass in a small summer cottage. An electric trimmer for grass will make this work no worse and even be able to get to the most secluded corners thanks to compact sizes.

It is convenient to use a tool working on gasoline for processing a site far from an electricity source. It is also used in cases where there is no time to care for the lawn, as a result of which it overgrows weeds and unnecessary shoots. Working with a benzocosa is only for men. But a fragile woman will also cope with an electric tool.

Choosing a trimmer for gasoline or electric grass, which is better. everyone will decide for himself. In the calculation, you need to take the area and attendance of the site, its condition. A light, maneuverable model working from electricity should be purchased for mowing grass on a well.groomed lawn. If the lawn is constantly overgrown with weeds or has an extensive area, it is better to choose a benzotrimmer for caring for it.

Which trimmer for grass is better: electric, gasoline or battery

The summary table will help to simplify the choice that allows you to simply compare the functional features of each option.

Parameter Electric Battery Petrol
The weight
Comfort for prolonged use
Simplicity of service
Working hours Depends on the load on the electric engine 15-30 minutes Limited by the volume of the fuel tank
The ability to install a cutting knife Optional
Noise level 85-95 dB 80-93 dB 100-110 dB

When choosing a garden tool, it is important to look not only at technical characteristics, but also to take into account the peculiarity of the site, the owner’s preferences. For private use, an electrical device with a capacity of 600-900 W is enough. If weeds with a thick stem regularly grow on the lawn, it is better to take a model with a motor at 1000-1200 watts, which includes a steel knife. Pensioners, women are recommended to buy an easy option with an electric motor up to 500 watts.

Owners of large lawns simply can not do without a gasoline trimmer for grass. This is a high.performance tool that allows faster, and most importantly, to cover the extensive space, without attaching to the power source.

To work in quiet areas, where there is no way to connect to the network, to use DIS-COS, a battery trimmer for grass is suitable, having its advantages and disadvantages.

Types of trimmers

The main classification of the garden tool is carried out according to the power source. Among the possible:


An interesting, but low.power type of manual lawn mower, which has all the advantages of an electrical tool. The battery trimmer for grass does not emit carbon monoxide, unpleasant odors of gasoline, oil, has a reduced noise level, is easy to maintain and operate.

The device is powered by the battery, which allows you to use the tool without linking to the outlet. The operator does not need to constantly pull the extension cord, remove the cord from the mowing zone. He will also be able to work freely outside the garden, for example, when it is necessary to cut grass along the fence from the side of the street.

In its mobility, the tools with the battery can be compared with gasoline, though with some reservations. Due to the features of the power, in order to provide long-term work, manufacturers complete the battery trimmer for grass with a rather modest engine. Its capacity is enough to care for an unfinished lawn, where the main task is pruning young shoots. Also, the motor will successfully cope with the put in order of the front garden of the flowerbed. Most models support the installation of a bobbin with a fishing line up to 1.6 mm thick.

choose, garden, trimmer, grass, electric

Having selected a battery trimmer for the grass, the owner must understand that over time the standard battery will degrade, accordingly the duration of work, the capacity of the mowing as it discharges is reduced. If the task is to cover a large section, it will be necessary to buy an additional power element of an increased capacity or break the process into several stages, taking breaks for recharging (on average energy replenishment takes from 60 to 300 minutes, depending on the battery trimmer model).

Among the best models that will help maintain the lawn in perfect condition:


An electric trimmer for grass on a cord is an affordable option that is ideal for compact households, where it is not required to mow large areas. The cutting element that is a disk or a fishing line for a trimmer is driven by an electric motor. Engine power depends on the modification. Both low.power options suitable for caring for a small flower bed are presented on sale, and professional motorcycles capable of cutting not only grass, thickness, dryness, but also shrubs, and even young trees.

The absence of a battery, fuel tank positively affects balancing, common weight. As a result, an electric trimmer is really convenient to work. The tool is comfortable to go to the brush, does not overload the hand with prolonged use, so it can be recommended for elderly people, women. The only drawback is the attachment to the power source. Most models are equipped with a short network cord, which requires an additional purchase of an extension cord. The area of ​​possible use depends on its length.

If you need a trimmer for entry.level grass, we recommend:

Among powerful models, with a good price-quality ratio:

lawn mower

Gasoline trimmer for grass is a powerful manual instrument for mowing grass. It can be used both in small areas and on an industrial scale. Like other types, the lawn mower has its advantages and disadvantages. The main trump card is an increased engine power that allows you to care for the lawn, garden, without thinking about the type of mowed vegetation. The device can easily cope with young grass, branches of shrubs, dried, shoots of trees.

Unlike the network analogue, the gasoline trimmer for the grass is not tied to the power source, can be operated in places where there is no centralized supply of electricity, there is no diesel generator. The time of mowing depends only on the volume of the mixture filled into the tank. Owners of two.stroke models will have to prepare fuel on their own, mixing gasoline and oil in certain proportions. In four-stroke AI-92 units and lubricant are poured into isolated containers, so such a tool is easier to equip to work. In addition, a 4-stroke unit generates less noise, which is important when mowing in quiet areas, for example, on the weekend, when neighbors rest in the dachas.

All the disadvantages of the benzotrimmer are associated with the characteristics of the internal combustion engine. Such a motor weighs more electric, even with a hung battery. Equipped weight of motorcycles reaches 8-12 kg, therefore, for comfortable work, the supply kit, as a rule, includes a parallel belt that evenly distributes the load throughout the body of the body. But even such a solution does not allow you to work comfortably physically unprepared people. For this reason, a gasoline version cannot be recommended to women, pensioners.

Electric trimmer for grass

The engine is also used here, but already electric. Typically, such trimmers for grass are used for begging grass in gardens and on private land plots. Electric trimmers for grass are simple and environmentally friendly. In addition, they emit less noise than their gasoline counterparts.

Electric trimmers for the grass in the following parameters differ:

Engine power

Electric coslins can have both a low engine power from 250 watts, and a higher engine from 800 watts. It all depends on the model and its cost.


On the upper part of the braid for the grass is an electric motor (in some models it can be at the bottom), a cutting element below. Connects their bar. straight or curved.

Cutting element

Similarly with a gasoline trimmer on a spit, various cutting devices can be used. Some are better suited for complex, overgrown sites, others for cutting the lawn. The problem is that the weak electric motor is in principle not designed for serious loads, so you will have to work mainly with the fishing line.

Duration of work without recharging (for trimmers working from the battery)

Battery braids are convenient, since you can work with them away from the outlet, and it is not as difficult to transfer as gasoline. However, here everything rests on the battery of the battery. Keep in mind that the battery is 2 A h for about 30 minutes of work.

Features of an electric trimmer for grass

The weight. Since an electric engine is easier than gasoline, it does not create a large load on the back and hands.

choose, garden, trimmer, grass, electric

Simplicity in circulation. An electric trimmer for grass does not require permanent maintenance and a special place for storage, so even elderly people and adolescents can use it. However, do not forget about the safety rules.

Environmental friendliness. The electric motor is the least harmful to the ecology, since it does not throw harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Comfortable operation. The electric trimmer for grass makes less noise, which makes it more comfortable in using.

The need for an extension cord. For models without a battery, you need a constant connection to the outlet. The length of the cord in any case is not enough, so you need a large extension cord.

The danger of a short circuit. You can not use an electric trimmer for grass in rain or with abundant dew, as the likelihood of a short circuit increases.

Fragile design. Electric trimmers for grass have a less reliable design compared to gasoline. A weak spot can be both a bar or engine.

Power. The engine of most models has small power, which seriously limits the capabilities of the mowing.

Comparison of gasoline and electric trimmers

To understand which trimmer for grass is better for you, you need to compare them in the main parameters:


Gasoline trimmer for grass is much more mobile for electric. It does not require a constant connection to the power source.

The battery trimmer for grass also does not need to be constant to connect to the mains. However, it has a fairly large weight compared to the network, so it is recommended to wear it on a special shoulder belt.


For cutting complex areas, where there are many weeds and shrubs, it is recommended to use a gasoline trimmer for grass. It has great power and will better cope with such work.

An electric trimmer for grass is suitable for cutting areas of medium and low complexity.

The number of revolutions

Not the most important indicator for mowers. It indicates the effectiveness of work, but it should be considered only coupled with the power of the motor.

The number of revolutions of electric and gasoline trimmers is approximately the same. on average about 12 thousand revolutions per minute.

Ease of use

The electric trimmer for the grass has less weight compared to gasoline, so it is more convenient to work and is not so tired. In addition, the gasoline engine operates louder, giving out about 105 dB, while the electric noise production of about 89 dB.

Care and storage

Since the gasoline trimmer for grass works on flammable fuel, it cannot be stored in places where there is a risk of overheating and fire. The engine itself needs to be regularly service, before and after the season.

The electric trimmer for grass in this regard is less demanding, but still it cannot be stored in places with high humidity, since there is a risk of short circuit. It is also necessary to serve an electric engine from time to time, but it is not as difficult as in the case of ICE.

You can’t choose one winner, since each of the trimmers is good in its own way and is suitable for different tasks. Before buying, determine the specific goals for which a mower is purchased.

If you do not have a complicated area and a trimmer for grass is needed just for cutting the lawn, buy electric. If you cut a large and overgrown site, take gasoline.