How to Choose a Gas Trimmer For a Cottage

During universal general automation, every person with a summer cottage or summer cottage, I would gladly replace the usual traditional braid with a trimmer: electric or gasoline (gas trimmer). With the advent of this equipment on the farm, the forces spent on combating hated grass and various weeds both in the garden and in the garden will need much less. But due to the fact that most of the people are conservatives, news is somehow accepted with an interference.

How to Choose a Gas Trimmer For a Cottage

So, all the pros and cons were weighed in terms of acquiring an electric trimmer or gas trimmer. Since the territory that needs to be maintained in proper form is simply huge, the choice fell in the direction of the second option and the Taiga gas trimmer was purchased from a Russian manufacturer. The goods came fully disassembled with instructions for assembly and operation. As it turned out, they assembled a gas trimmer surprisingly easily and quickly (detailed drawings helped). They refueled A-95 gasoline, added special oil at the rate of 40 grams per liter of fuel and started this gas trimmer almost immediately. As stated in the instruction manual, after starting the petrol trimmer, it is necessary to leave it idling for 2-3 hours. However, "Russian impatience" took its toll and after fifteen minutes, the gas trimmer valiantly carried out the tasks assigned to it. Enthusiasm knew no bounds: without much effort, the gas trimmer “mowed down” bushes and grass, as they say, left and right.

Complete with a gas trimmer are both an iron nozzle (or knife) and a nozzle for using special fishing line. So, in practice, the fishing line is much more practical: the grass is completely mowed, while the knife in some parts of the territory simply laid it down, which, as they say, “is not buzzing”.

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gas trimmer: its pros and cons

However, “happiness” was short-lived and after about 45 minutes of active work, the gas trimmer died out. As usual, first and foremost we checked the fuel supply, everything seems to be normal. Then they removed the candle and checked for the presence of a spark, which, as it turned out, was not there. Fortunately, a chain saw was purchased a few months ago, with which a candle was removed and put into a gas trimmer. But he never wound up, although a spark appeared. Conclusion. the new candle supplied with the gas trimmer failed.

However, the quality of the product as a whole is completely satisfactory.

Back to the breakdown. They decided to remove the carburetor and blow it with a conventional pump. After that, put the carburetor in place and, lo and behold, a gas trimmer still wound up. But the following problem appeared: after a few minutes of idling, the gas trimmer engine was muffled again. When the candle was twisted, it became clear that it was being thrown with oil, that is, it did not have time to burn with the fuel mixture. On forums, the owners of such a gas trimmer also faced such a problem and advised to add 20-25 grams instead of the prescribed forty grams of oil per liter of gasoline: the gas trimmer works more steadily.

We tried this advice in practice and got a positive result. Plus, they recommend using A-92 instead of A-95 gasoline, although in practice changing the brand of gasoline with a lower octane rating did not bring tangible results. The disadvantages include the fact that the so-called "shmorgalka" often flies from the spring. Unfortunately, a solution to this problem has not yet been found.

Based on all this, we can conclude: the acquired gas trimmer greatly facilitated the work of caring for the summer cottage and the garden. There was more time to relax with the whole family in the country on a beautiful lawn and in a well-kept garden. The plans appeared the acquisition of a cultivator or any other equipment for giving, have not yet decided. Do not refuse new inventions, you need to keep up with the times.