How to choose a good screwdriver screwdriver. The best 12-volt screwdrivers

How to choose a screwdriver: criteria and tips, what to choose, prices

Many of their readers still remember those times when to work with fastener elements or threaded joints had to be used exclusively by screwdrivers and conventional wrench keys. Talking about the high performance of such works, of course, does not even have to. Very often, in order to “drive” the screw at the place, it was impossible to do without preliminary drilling the hole, since the efforts of the hand in this case are not enough to overcome the resistance of solid wood, not to mention the situation where even the thinnest metal sheet was required to “pierce”. A few hours of such work-and inevitable corns in the hands, and the work has advanced barely.

The situation fundamentally changed with the advent of screwdrivers. At first they were attributed in a kind of instrumental “exotic”, causing genuine envy. But very soon, these useful tools appeared on free sale, “migrated” in the category of publicly available, and today they are included in the mandatory “arsenal” of the vast majority of houses or apartments. Those who have just thought about the acquisition of such an invaluable assistant should first figure out how to choose a screwdriver, that is, what to pay special attention to when evaluating the models presented in a wide range.

Rating of the best batteries-scourge

Category Place Name Rating
The best inexpensive batteries one Hitachi DS10DAL nine.6 /10
2 Interskol DA-18Er Home Master nine.4 /10
3 BlackDecker BDCDC18K nine.0 /10
4 Patriot Br 187UES eight.8 /10
5 Kolner KCD 14.4/2l eight.6 /10
The best battery drills with a high torque one Makita DHP481RTE nine.9 /10
2 DeWALT DCD996P2 nine.8 /10
3 DeWALT DCD791P2 nine.7 /10
4 Metabo BS 18 L Quick 2.0ach x2 nine.5 /10
The best compact drill-shurules on batteries one Bosch GSR 120-Li nine.8 /10
2 Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC nine.8 /10
3 AEG BBS 12C2 LI-202C SET1 nine.7 /10
4 Bosch Easydrill 1200 1.5ah X1 Case nine.6 /10
5 Makita DF330DWE nine.5 /10
6 Ryobi R12DD.Ll13s nine.4 /10

Hitachi DS10DAL

This drill-shuruvret looks not very interesting, but everything that is needed is in it. A two.Stage gearbox allows it to be normally drilled with thin drills. Many “state employees” have no speed switching, and they have to drill at low speeds. At the same time, torque at the first speed is good-35 Newton meters.

The selection of batteries. Low voltage (by 10.8 V) and small capacity (2 Ah) causes regrets. On the other hand, with more powerful batteries and the price would be higher, and significantly.

The grip at the handle is not bad. True, the manufacturer should put a rubber lining and in front, it would be more convenient, and holding would have become more reliable. The cartridge clamps the drill up to 10 mm in diameter and, surprisingly, is equipped with a lock. For a cheap tool, this is a rarity, and the Hitachi seems to have appeared for the first time.

How to Choose the Best Screwdriver. Klein. Snap-on. Dewalt. Craftsman

A normal thing for its money, pulls well, the cartridge is even and with a ratchet. I liked it, and there were no reasons for buying.

Interskol DA-18Er Home Master

“Our all” of the budget segment is, of course, “Intercker”. For approximately 5 thousand rubles, we are offered not only a two-speed gearbox and 18-volt batteries, but also electronic protection against overload. We will not consider a set of drills, which was also put on the case, we will not consider the serious advantage of “Interskol”. These drill are not very high.Quality drill.

choose, good, screwdriver, best

True, the choice in the store should approach more closely. Pay attention to the cartridge. Whether it is drawn well, whether the fists beat. With this, the “interca” problems were noticed. Alas, the budget is a budget.

It is also a pity that the manufacturer decided to equip this model with accumulators for only one and a half ampere hours: this is not so much.

For money is normal, the characteristics are not “for a box”. It is difficult to slow down the cartridge with your hand, it really pulls.

Blackdecker BDCDC18K

Well-assembled and conveniently sitting in the hand of BlackDecker could count on the best assessment in the ranking of the best drums, but, alas, it was brought by a single-speed gearbox: as a screwdriver it is good, and a torque of 30 Nm is very decent, very decent, But they are already worse for them to drill.

In addition, it should be noted that there is no second battery, so it actually has less gap with other participants in the rating than it seems. But by ease of work, he is ready to give a head start and “interca” and Hitachi. Ergonomics at the level.

  • Blackdecker BDCDC18K. Li.Ion Battery 1.5 A/18 V, ZU 0.4 A and case, charging time 240 min
  • Blackdecker BDCDC18. Li-Ion 1.5 A ∙ h/18 V and ZU 0 battery.2 A, charging time 480 min
  • Blackdecker BDCDC18KB. Two Li-Ion Battery 1.50 A h/18 V, ZU 0.4 A, case, charging time 240 min
  • Blackdecker BDCDC18K1b. 2 Li-Ion Battery 1.50 A h/18 V, ZU 1 A and case, charging time 90 minutes

I took it mainly for self.Tapping screws, so the lack of a second speed is not fundamentally. And so. Good Shurik, in his hand sits like a glove.

Patriot Br 187UES

This screwdriver is sold in several trim levels, but even the most complete one, with a spare 18-volt battery and case, is still inexpensive. And on the cardboard package, partially the case, you can also see the inscription “Brightless engine”. Yes, this is just some kind of festival of generosity, not?

Naturally, the manufacturer could not but save, and still saved. First of all, on the batteries-“banks” in them are the cheapest, the resource of batteries is small (fortunately, with elementary skills, they can be changed by using any high-quality lithium-sizes 18650 like the good old “chocolate” LG, so beloved by repairmen of screwdrivers). Over, since the assemblies are consistent, the failure of one of the “cans” kills the entire battery: the screwdriver suddenly refused to spin? It’s time to get a soldering iron! And, of course, the cartridge is cheap here too.

In general, this is quite pleasant in the hand and a light screwdriver with a torque of up to 25 Nm and a two.Stage gearbox. Typically “domestic” class, but after all, such budget models are taken only for episodic work (except that in addition to people who do not understand the word “completely” in the power tool).

With the selected batteries and pulls better, and the charge is longer than the charge. And there are no complaints about the screwdriver for all the time.

Kolner KCD 14.4/2l

Outwardly diligently mowing under the “German” up to O-umlaut in the name “Chinese”, of course, attracts: on the yellow background, the black cutting of the handle is sharply distinguished, in a separate nest on the case the bat is conveniently accommodated, the switch of a two-stage gearbox is immediately visible, and on The battery has an indicator of the charge. At the same time, they ask not so much money. But, whatever one may say, the screwdriver gives up to 27 nm of torque.

The best screwdrivers with power from 18 in

Bosch GSR 180-Li

In the category of the best 18-volt screwdrivers wins Bosch GSR 180-Li. The equipment with two batteries of 2 amperes of the capacity, of course, will make them change more often on a charger, but the hand will get tired less than with more capacious, but also more weighty batteries. At the same time, a 1.6-kilogram screwdriver cannot be called weakly: having a torque up to 54 Newton meters at the first speed, it is able to “master” quite hard work.

The screwdriver engine, unfortunately, is not brilliant (albeit with the possibility of quick removal of brushes for control or replacement, which at least facilitates operation). But, on the other hand, in the current “Boshevskaya” line, thanks to this, it is the most affordable of the 18-voltovs-the cheapest brilliant GSR 18V-50 in a similar configuration with a case, ZU and two batteries costs almost one and a half times more, and at the same time It also loses a little in the torque. If we take into account that the capabilities of the GSR 180-Li can be called the “golden mean” for standard scenarios for working with a screwdriver, then we can, in combination, assign it to him today first place.

Wipes with good effort, and the car service has been working daily for two years without problems, only one battery was replaced.

Dewalt DCD791D2

Fifteen steps of adjusting the torque are not made for beauty: the maximum moment can reach 70 Newton meters, so that a large number of intermediate steps are not superfluous. Lovelist Scurgery in moderation, at least with regular batteries for 2 amperes. The batteries and charger, by the way, are “Smart”. If you try to charge a “frostbitten” battery (which is extremely undesirable for lithium.Ionicists), the charger will block the current, until the battery “thaws”. The engine of the screwdriver, of course, is brilliant.

For ergonomics, we put the DeWALT four and a half: in general, the screwdriver has a good weight, conveniently lies in the hand and is well controlled during operation, but noise is noisy, and the reverse switch does not always translate to the end, interfering with a trigger (you need to press the reverse with a small interception or second hand that is not very convenient). In addition, there have been some complaints recently about the build quality. It is worthwhile to carefully inspect the screwdriver in the store for the backlash and beat of the cartridge, which at this price is at least inappropriate. Therefore, a good screwdriver in general, alas, could not get into the leaders of the rating.

  • Dewalt DCD791D2. 70 N m, two batteries (2 Ah), without add. Accessories
  • Dewalt DCD791P2 70 N m. Two batteries (5 Ah)
  • Dewalt DCD791NT 70 N m. Without a battery and charger, but with a case

Powerful and moderately heavy, I really liked it, I even have enough for unscrewing the nuts and bolts, if you squeeze the adapter on the head in the cartridge.

Makita DDF485RF

The screwdriver equipped with a browned engine from all the well-known Japanese company is not cheap, especially taking into account the fact that it is equipped with only one battery with a capacity of 3 amperes. The maximum torque in the “hard” mode is 50 Newton meters, in the “soft”. 27 Nm.

The rubberized handle lies well in the hand, the weighting does not cause excessive tension of the hand-but, however, with prolonged work, the weight of the screwdriver is already felt (after all 1.7 kg without battery). But the backlight was nevertheless placed in vain on the case under the cartridge, and not on the handle: if on compact screwdrivers (especially when working with a long drill in the cartridge), this works even more or less, then the cartridge is already noticeably shading the working area.

And yes, about the cartridge is, to be honest, the most controversial place in the design. The complaints about the beating of the fists “from Novya” are frequent. But this is not about the budget model at all. For this, we inevitably reduce the final score. And Makita, unfortunately, falls to the lower position of the rating.

  • Makita DDF485RF. 1 battery 3 Ah, without case
  • Makita DDF485RAJ. AKK. 2 pcs 2 ah, case
  • Makita DDF485RFJ. Akk. 2 pcs 3 ah, case
  • Makita DDF485RF3J. Akk. 3 pcs 3 ah, case
  • Makita DDF485Z. Without a battery and case

On the construction of the cottage, he helped greatly helped out. I even had to work a little with a stirrer. Nothing, pulled out.

What to pay attention to when choosing a drummer drill?

Adjustment of torque

This function allows you to adjust the torque to specific tasks. For example, to screw the screws into dense wood, you need a high torque, and to attach drywall. Low so as not to damage the material.

Note that the adjustment of the torque is in absolutely all drummer ditches, since with the help of the cuff, in fact, the drilling mode is exhibited. The difference in models can only be in the number of provisions. If you have to work with many different density of materials, you should take with a large number of modes, which will make it possible to configure the device as accurately as possible. If you need a device, bought for banal home repairs, you can not pay attention to the quantity.

Shock mode

In drums-shutters, the shock mode can have two varieties: drilling with a blow and twisting with a blow. When twisting, the impulse blow increases strength, and the self.Tapping screw enters faster and deeper, even if the material is very dense. In drilling mode, the blow increases the force of pressing the drill, so the drilling of metal and wood occurs faster. The demonstrative work of the shock mode can be seen in a powerful model DeWALT DCD996P2, which is able to drill holes in the metal with a diameter of 15 mm, and in wood up to 55 mm.

True, the shock mode is not needed in all works. For example, it is extremely rare to assemble furniture, so the carpets will not be needed. But for drilling interior walls it will really come in handy.

Engine brake

In some devices there is a mechanism that brakes the engine immediately after turning off the power button. Thanks to this, the cartridge with the nozzle stops almost instantly and the device does not have to keep it on weight for a long time. It is especially important that heavy models weighing 2 kg have this function, since with prolonged work, such “expectations” of the cartridge stop can greatly tire your hand.

Surprising coupling

The safety coupling is a mechanism that protects the engine from damage with a sharp increase in the load, for example, as a result of jaming the drill in the workpiece. With such a critical load, the safety coupling disconnects the shaft of the cartridge from the engine, thereby protecting it from breakdown.

The safety coupling is quite rare, and even then only in battery models. For example, she is in Bosch GSR 18V-60, over, reusable use. Please note that in some models there is a safety coupling, but in the characteristics of the goods it is indicated as “electronic engine protection”. If the reliability of the device and the durability of the engine are important to you, take a model with a safety coupling.

Brighting engine

It is also called the Bingle.Injective Engine. The main feature of such an engine is a higher efficiency in comparison with the brush, that is, lower energy consumption with the same useful power. If energy consumption is not so important for network models, because there is always power, then for batteries this is a significant indicator. Devices with a bronnial engine consume less energy, but give out excellent power. A bright representative of browned devices is a powerful German drill-shuruvrete AEG BSB 18CBL, which can drill not only metal and wood, but also concrete.

Another advantage of brilliant engines is the lack of sparking, which is useful when working in fire hazardous rooms. Crimeless engines are equipped with expensive models, so if your budget is limited, it is better to take a closer look at models with a collector engine.

How to choose a battery screwdriver and what you need to take into account

Which screwdriver is better and what are they. A detailed description

Just say that one device is bad, and the other is good, you can’t. Each type has its own task and is intended for a certain sphere of application. There are universal models that combine many functions, help solve many problems when using special nozzles. All varieties have an engine, cartridge, the same gearbox structure, a similar body shape, however, they are completely different. In order to choose the necessary tool for solving your problems, we will consider in more detail what devices and advantages of each type are.

Depending on the scope of application and technical characteristics, 2 main groups of the tool can be distinguished:

  • Professional screwdriver screwdrivers. Their main advantage is increased power, a large number of revolutions per minute, 7-10 times higher than torque, braid bushings. All these opportunities give many advantages during the performance of work, but only for a professional, and not for an ordinary ordinary user. Over, a professional screwdriver will be a solid blow to your material condition. Such a device is expensive, moreover, it consumes much more energy, so that it plants the battery faster. It will become unusable after 1-2 years of use. The repair of the device will be much more expensive than the “ordinary” model, the spare parts for which are available everywhere, and any master will be able to fix.
  • Household apparatus. They perform exactly the same functions, but have some differences from the professional series. Firstly, they are weaker regarding power, but plus it is or minus-you decide, since they plant a battery much longer-you can work for several hours on the facility. The torque does not exceed 15-20 nm, and the number of revolutions, as a rule, is 400-500 per minute. These parameters are enough with the head to repair the house or in the country, so do not overpay more-a household tool is 2-3 times cheaper.

There are some differences between domestic and professional models that are not so important, but provide the user with many advantages, provided that work is carried out in a constrained space. Professional screwdrivers have interchangeable handles, an ergonomic shape of the handle, lightweight, reinforced cartridge and other trifles that may come in handy during the implementation of complex installation or repair of objects. It makes no sense for an ordinary user to overpay a lot of money for such additions, but they will make the work even more pleasant, and the goods are more functional.

Before you choose the right screwdriver, you need to decide whether you will have enough tool that performs only one function or is universality mandatory. Depending on the configuration, they are the following types:

  • Basic model. Equipped with a standard cartridge, in which a cross.Shaped nozzle for screwing screws is installed. These are the simplest models that cost from 400 rubles. They are bought definitely under the existing task, for example, to screw drywall or profile. It will be problematic or unrealistic to install another nozzle, depending on the structure of the cartridge.
  • Universal. They have a large number of nozzles and a complete, high.Quality cartridge. With the help of such a product, you can perform a large number of tasks, save on the purchase of an additional tool, but the price of a universal apparatus will, of course, be much higher than usual. Which screwdriver is better. Only you choose.

Depending on the sphere of application and the nature of the cartridge, there are the following varieties:

  • Battery screwdriver. This is the weakest tool, the power of which does not exceed 120-150 watts, it is intended to tighten small screws, self-tapping screws. Its main advantage is compactness. Such a screwdriver will allow you to perform actions in the most inaccessible places.
  • Gaykowert. Simplified Drill model with a “square” nozzle, designed to work with heads. A very compact and convenient tool for an employee collecting light metal structures. Allows you to quickly and easily make all bolt compounds.
  • Impulse. This is a rare type of battery screwdrivers, its advantage is the presence of special vibrations for maximum delaying power. This is especially useful when working with self.Tapping screws and screws of large length, diameter, which cannot be reached with a standard device. There are very few such models, since they are not practical. They will quickly put the battery, less durable.
  • “Rowing”. Standard class of devices that perform ordinary progressive screw.

If you have not decided which battery screwdriver to choose, it will be best to purchase 2 simple than 1 universal, since its price will be higher than. Interchangeability when performing work is a very important factor that should affect your choice.

Which company is better?

Do not know what manufacturer should be a battery drill, how to choose it and whether it is worth overpaying? We will figure out more in the main manufacturing companies. AEG. One of the most famous manufacturers. The German brand has gained immense popularity, especially its battery screwdrivers with excellent efficiency, moderate energy consumption. The entire AEG tool has an ergonomic shape, high.Strength materials. The only negative is the high price, but it is quite reasoned. That is why this manufacturer is the choice of many.

Bosch. This is one of the most common manufacturers of this product. It has the optimal price ratio in budget models. As for professional ones, the manufacturer is inferior to AEG, but far exceeds domestic companies in the manufacture of this kind of products.

Chips on the choice

They wondered which battery to take a screwdriver? It is recommended to pay attention to important criteria regarding the operation of a particular type of battery and tool as a whole.

Best Screwdriver Set For The MONEY? Tekton | Kobalt | Snap On | Klein | Craftsman | Stanley

Bitzing cycles

  • Lithium-ion batteries are designed for 1-2 thousand recharge. They are recommended to be charged when the energy level is reduced to 50%. The deep discharge can disable the battery.
  • Nickel-metallhydrid batteries withstand from 300 to 800 charge cycles. It is recommended to store them completely charged.
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries are able to withstand from 300 to 1000 recall. Connecting to a charger and storage makes sense only with full discharge.


The cheapest screwdrivers on nickel-cadmium batteries are considered the cheapest. Ni-MH batteries have the average cost, and lithium-ion have the best technical characteristics and cost more.

Full.Power work

The more complicated the task and firmly material in which the screws will be tightened, the higher the required power. This aspect affects the amount of charge consumed. High returns that compensate for energy costs is observed in batteries Ni-MH and Ni-CD. Li-Ion loses to them according to this parameter.

Memory effect

Nickel batteries have a memory effect. If you put them on charging with the remaining unspent energy, the supply of the latter is perceived by the battery as zero (although in fact it is!), which leads to a decrease in the battery capacity.

Independent category

With a screwdriver turned off, the battery charge will start drying at any time if the tool is not used for a long time. The smallest percentage of self-discharge is characterized by lithium-ion batteries-5%. In the Nickel (especially NI-MH) batteries, this indicator is increased.

Form factor

The dimensions of the battery affect its weight. The ability to work on weight with a screwed, in particular, its application in hard.To.Reach areas depends on it, in turn.

Temperature resistance

For the correct and efficient operation of the screwdriver, the stability of the battery to temperature differences is important. All types of batteries support warm, room temperature, as well as higher (up to 55 degrees). However, Only nickel batteries are able to work in the cold, What is the best of the best lithium screwdriver. Therefore, builders prefer to use them.

Life time

Thinking about the question of what parameters to choose a battery screwdriver, buyers pay attention to the life of the battery. It is affected by the stability of the battery to various conditions and the number of permissible recharge. However, the service life depends on the correct use of the battery.

Where screwdrivers are used and how they are arranged

This tool is actively used by the owners of cottages and those who live in their own apartment. No matter what construction or repair work is carried out, you can not do without a screwdriver. Any home master who is accustomed to rely on his strength and skill will say about this. And professional builders also certainly have a screwdriver in their arsenal. It is convenient for them to fix plasterboard sheets during finishing work. And furniture without this tool is completely impossible to collect.

Consider the elements that make up the screwdriver:

  • Electric motor rotating at a certain speed.
  • Planetary type gearbox transfers an effort to a spindle, which is equipped with a clamping cartridge.
  • A clutch is attached to the gearbox, which regulates the torque.
  • To attach the nozzles called bits to the shaft of the engine, there is a clamping cartridge.
  • The electronic control system is equipped with a button for starting the device, as well as the reverse switch.
  • The battery is usually used as a power source. Therefore, this type of device is convenient to use where there are no electrical outlets, as well as in places where the cord will not reach.

Now let’s list for what work it is advisable to use a screwdriver:

  • Screwing and unscrewing a variety of fasteners. These are self.Tapping screws, bolts, and screws, and, of course, screws.
  • When installing this device, you can tightly tighten dowels and anchors.
  • The tree, both soft and solid, is perfectly drilled with screwdrivers.
  • They can and the metal surface can be drilled.
  • This device is quite possible to cut the thread in metal (and not only) details.

Indicators of torque and rotation speed of the battery screwdriver

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is a clutch that could block the tool when there is an increased load or the maximum torque that begins to work at 5. 10 nm. Such an option does not interfere with working, but additionally also protects the tool from high load

If there is an option of this type, then you can safely work both with steel and concrete, and there is no question of less durable materials.

If a screwdriver has a high value of torque, then professionals classify it as a universal category. Such tools will provide you with the opportunity to work with both screws and self.Tapping screws, and at the same time drill fairly solid materials.

Video batteries

During the choice of a suitable tool, it is important to pay attention not only to the indicators of torque, but also to its rotation speed. Beginners constantly make the same mistake when they try to find a screwdriver with maximum indicators. You should not do this, especially if you are not going to drill very solid materials

You should not do this, especially if you are not going to drill very solid materials.

The best screwdrivers for work

Which screwdriver is better to buy for work in regular mode? A professional tool for construction should have sufficient power and durability.

Metabo PowerMax Bs 2014 Basic 2.0ah

Suitable for work in limited space. Lightless and convenient tool with a removable cartridge and magnetic holder fits in a voluminous case with a large set of nozzles. Cost: 5 300 rubles.

Advantages: high assembly quality, spare battery.

Disadvantages: During work, you have to tighten the cartridge, weak backlight.

Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC 2.0ah X2 L-BOXX

Suitable for masters employed in construction. The standard set has an angular nozzle and two batteries. Light and convenient model for working at altitude. The time of full charge of the battery is 40 minutes. Cost: 15 350 rubles.

Advantages: Light weight, charging speed, reliability.

Disadvantages: insufficient speed for working with metal.

Stanley SCD20S2K

The tool is equipped with a 13 mm cartridge, which allows you to prepare a large diameter. Cost: 6,500 rubles.

Advantages: fast battery exercises.

Disadvantages: shifted focusing of a lantern, a small backlash of a cartridge.

TOP-22 battery rating: review and characteristics of the best models of 2021

Battery screwdriver. Review and rating of the best models. Features, technical parameters, advantages and disadvantages of power tools of this type. What to look for when choosing a battery screwdriver.

When fastening drywall, furniture assembly, installation of a suspended ceiling and others Installation and construction work You can’t do without high.Quality and reliable screwdriver.

Today there are many drums and unstressed models on the market, with a reverse and adjusting the torque.

In this review Consider what key features to pay attention to when choosing a battery screwdriver, We will analyze the best models presented on the market.

How to choose a screwdriver, and which is better to buy

There are advice of “experienced” how to choose a battery screwdriver, which should be followed. They are in the study of 6 criteria.

Battery or network cord

You can select two types of screwdrivers or drills: which work from batteries, and those that need to be connected to the network through the cord.

The second option on modern days has become extremely unpopular, since it limits the scope of application. The user only works at a distance depending on the length of the cord, which is very inconvenient. As a rule, a fixed cartridge is installed on such samples, which must be unscrewed with a special key. The tool is usually used to install drywall or to fix sheets to a metal profile.

Who makes the best screwdrivers? Snap on or Wera or wiha or Stanley

To create greater comfort in work, the home master will have to additionally buy a carrier to lengthen the radius of the screwdriver. Despite the presence of additional wires, mobility and ease of work are greatly lame compared to a screwdriver on batteries.

The batteries on the battery provide autonomy of the work and are deprived of the above inconvenience. However, they also have their own characteristics.

Power and battery capacity

The duration of working with the device depends on the capacity of the battery. Household electrical units equip the battery with a parameter of 2 ah. Professional devices will work longer, since the container reaches 6 Ah.

Important! Experienced users buy two batteries at once to connect one for charging while working with another. This is the right and good advice for all newcomers.

2 Ah battery will lose the charge after about 4 hours of use. That is, the screwdriver is suitable for household needs.

The power of the device depends on the torque. This indicator varies depending on the model. From 450 to 705 W. The minimum value will be made only for minor household needs.


This parameter is measured in Newton meters. It means efforts that the tool can create for work. The higher it is, the “stronger” the screwdriver. The minimum value of the device is 15 nm, it is suitable only for household use and irregular work. The indicator from 15 to 40 nm indicates an easy tool. There are screwdrivers, the torque of which reaches 59 nm (professional), and more powerful tools are also found.

As a rule, in the most expensive devices, you can independently adjust the value of the torque, depending on the processed material. For example, working with wood, you can set a minimum indicator, and when processing concrete, you need to set the maximum value.

The purpose of use

It is necessary to choose a screwdriver depending on the purpose of its use:

  • When assembling furniture, if you need to carefully drill a hole, it is advisable to choose a tool with the function of the instant brake of the engine, in which case the turns will begin to decline immediately when the user releases the trigger. For such work, there is enough device with a torque within 40 nm.
  • If you work with particularly durable materials, it is necessary to choose a screwdriver with a shock drilling function and a large torque.

Important!For domestic use there is no need to buy the most powerful devices, since all their potential will not be involved. Enough screwdriver with average parameters so as not to overpay.

Functions and options that facilitate the use of a screwdriver

For ease of use, modern screwdrivers are supplied with additional options that simplify work with the device.For example, an addition was very convenient. The charging indicator. Using light bulbs on the side panel, you can control the duration of work depending on the specific type of battery.

Some devices are supplied with a pulsed mode, with which you can without effort to unscrew the metizes from solid surfaces. Modern screwdrivers often supply a bronnote engine, which significantly increases the life of.

If the user has to work in a dark room, he can choose a device with a built.In LED backlight, which illuminates the working area.

Company manufacturer

To choose a high.Quality screwdriver, it is necessary to choose devices among those companies that have been producing such products for a long time, and have established themselves among consumers.

Popular in Russia (and all over the world) manufacturers:

These firms produce screwdrivers (professional and household) of good quality and at an affordable price.

Less popular firms: Ice Bur and Impact, Resant.

What criteria are evaluated when choosing a screwdriver ?

Just take it and buy a model that you like outwardly and that arranges at a price is probably not the best way to spend money. The tool is always purchased with the expectation for a fairly long service life, for convenience and reliability in work. Therefore, the choice of a screwdriver should be approached wisely, evaluating it from various positions.

One of the first selection criteria, since we are talking about battery models, are precisely the characteristics of power sources.

Types of batteries used and their main characteristics

Useful information about batteries

So, you should first pay attention to which AKB is the device. This is easily explained. Even the most remarkable mechanics will be “dead” if it is not given the necessary nutrition. And, by the way, experienced masters will not allow to lie. Very often it is the condition of the batteries that determines the performance of the tool. A frequent picture is a quite suitable screwdriver, but with “killed” batteries is forced to become a trash, since choosing the right power source becomes an intractable problem. Apparently, the difficulties with the acquisition of spare power sets are artificially created by manufacturers to force consumers to purchase new models.

Without a high.Quality power source, any battery screwdriver turns into an unnecessary “pile of metal”. That is, the issues of choosing the battery should be given close attention

So, evaluating the power sources, you should pay attention to the type of battery, power voltage, battery capacity and some other nuances.

Type of batteries

On sale you can find screwdrivers with nickel-cadmium (Ni-SD), nickel-metallhydrid (NIMN) and lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it makes sense to consider them in some “approximation”.

This popularity of such batteries is due to a number of them advantages:

-Nickel-cadmium batteries are not afraid of discharge until complete zero. This, rather, is even good for them.


However, disadvantages Such batteries have a lot:

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Therefore, only fully discharged batteries must be put on charging. To do this, it is better to “plant” it to the end with a light bulb or a flashlight (often, by the way, included in the set of a screwdriver). Alas, not all observe this rule. It is understandable. The owner of the tool in the course of work feels that the battery is sitting down, and considers it completely logical to take the charged, and the removed. Immediately put in a charger. And “logic” fails it. Thereby he “kills” the power source.

-Nickel-cadmium batteries gradually lose charging during storage. That is, if you put in a pantry of a screwdriver with a completely seemingly infected battery, it is not at all the fact that in a couple of months it will remain.

-The production and disposal of nickel-cadmium batteries is the most unsafe for ecology.

However, manufacturers are in no hurry to curtail the use of such batteries. And their shortcomings are either justified by a moderate price, or minimized by compliance with the operating rules.

  • Nickel-metallhydrid (nimn) Battery batteries are to some extent an attempt by developers to leave the shortcomings of nickel-cadmium. Judging by the fact that such power sources did not gain popularity, an attempt can hardly be called successful. Judge for yourself…

To advantages Such batteries include:

But these improvements were nevertheless achieved at the expense of the “to the fore” of the whole series disadvantages:

-reduced the number of charge-discharge cycles (rarely, which battery withstands more than 500). That is, durability. Low.

-expressed even more than the Ni-SD effect of self-discharge. Over, already in the first hour, the loss of potential can reach 10%.

-And all this-against the background of an unjustifiably high price compared to their “predecessors”, nickel-cadmium.

By the way, such batteries did not receive great distribution, and you can meet them on sale infrequently. But they still come across, and therefore. Be careful. Simple logic suggests that it is better to take either a cheaper, reliable and “predictable” version with Ni-SD, or an already more perfect lithium-ion.

Types of screwdrivers

Manufacturers always try to take into account user needs and therefore constantly improve their models, come up with new and new work technologies and release a variety of types of tools suitable for performing certain works. If we talk about screwdrivers, then two types can be distinguished-these are electrical office and device devices, which were mentioned above. Let’s get acquainted with them.


So, electrical offices are devices that are designed only for twisting and unscrewing fasteners. They are equipped with a cartridge in which you can put a suitable bat, fix it and start working. The speed of its rotation is not more than 500 about. For one minute.

Makita electrical office

On the market you can find special drills for such screwdrivers that will allow you to drill a hole in, for example, a tree, but in this case you will have to drill each hole for a long time and persistently. So it is better to perform this task for a drill.

  • Low price;
  • Small size;
  • Low weight;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Easy to perform fasteners with small elements.

Such a screwdriver is ideal if you need to collect and disassemble office equipment, assemble furniture from parts with already made holes for fasteners. It is also suitable for work at altitude and with raised hands (for example, when installing a stretch ceiling), since due to low weight the master simply does not get tired in a short time.

choose, good, screwdriver, best

The batteries in electric screwdrivers are small and not different power. Often they are not removable. The charger is usually connected directly to the device in the corresponding connector.

In a word, if there is a drill in the house, then you can buy only an electric screwdriver that does not differ in high cost. This is a very convenient, fast and useful assistant.


Those who do not have a drill at home should take a closer look at such an option as a drill-shuruvret. This device can immediately solve two problems: make a hole and tighten/unscrew the fasteners.

Such a model has a fist or rapidly lean cartridge and usually several speed modes that allow you to change the rotation level from 500 to 1500 about. That is, by installing a drill instead of a regular bit, you can quickly inhabit the right number of holes in wooden materials. The device mode is easy to change with twisting for drilled and vice versa. It is this option that is more often acquired: at home it is easier to have a model that has two functions at once than two different devices.

Hammer Drl420A drill-shuruvre

As a rule, such screwdrivers always have a pistol form as an optimal option for drilling and twisting work. On the handle, there are often special rubber linings or a coating that will prevent the sliding of the tool in the hand. The battery is usually installed in the lower part of the handle and most often removable. It is necessary to charge it using a special charger included in the model of the model when buying it.

The obligatory element of the device is a special mechanism that will allow you to limit the level of torque if necessary. When drilling, the rotation is transmitted to the cartridge without restrictions. For the convenience of working, almost all models have a small bulb in the working area, which will make it easier to perform work in slightly lit places.

Rating of batteries

In this segment of power tools to ignore the brand irrational. Branded tools, of course, are more expensive, but when buying them do not have to worry about compliance with security standards. The best manufacturers of battery screwdrivers use only high.Quality materials, and in strict adherence to the rules (regardless of where the factory is located). Currently, three obvious leaders in the field of boot production can be distinguished:

  • Metabo offers 3 years of guarantees for almost all its screwdrivers. It is worth noting a fairly wide range: from budget, to professional models with various equipment (with cases, without charging and others). The collection includes an unit for nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries.
  • Makita offers a huge assortment of household appliances with voltage of up to 7.5V and professional screwdrivers up to 18th solutions to a wide variety of problems. Even the budget models of this brand have backlight, as a rule, a good set and a long service life. Often the kit includes an additional battery.
  • Bosch produces reliable screwdrivers with voltage from 10.8 to 18V. In the assortment you can find many practical, high.Quality models for domestic use and professionals. Each tool implements protection against overvoltage, discharge, it is possible to control the level of discharge.

Which battery screwdriver is better

How to choose a good battery screwdriver for home and work? There is no universal model: for periodic use, expensive equipment is not required, and savings on professional equipment leads to low performance. Team Vyborexperta.Ru advises to take into account the scope of application and recommends the following brands:

  • Metabo PowerMax BS 2014. A station wagon for a home workshop;
  • Bosch GSR 120-Li-the choice of repair teams;
  • Stanley SBI201D2K. For screwing long metizes;
  • Dewalt DCF620D2K. For large.Scale projects;
  • Bort BAB-12X2LI-FDK-selection of furniture collector;
  • AEG BTS 12C LI-202C-for gypsum plating brigades.

All the screwdrivers presented in the review are worthy of the attention of customers, but only the most reliable and functional received the status of the best tools in their categories.

The best screwdrivers for 10.8-12V price-quality

The TOP includes the following models of screwdrivers: 1st place-Makita DF333DWAE, 2nd place-Metabo Power Maxx BSIC 600080500, 3rd place-Bosch GSR 120-Li 601.9G8.000, 4th place-bison Dshl-121, 5th place-intercol DA-12ER.

Popular and affordable models of screwdrivers for home.

1st place Makita DF333DWAE

  • Battery voltage: 12 in
  • Maximum torque: 30 N m
  • Max. Diameter of drilling (wood): 21 mm
  • Max. Diameter of drilling (metal): 10 mm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Battery capacity: 2 A h
  • Number of batteries: 2 pcs.
  • Makita battery system: 10.8/12V CXT
  • Design features: spindle fixation, button button lock, point lighting lamp
  • Magic diameter: 0.8. 10 mm
  • Functions: reverse, engine brake, rotation frequency adjustment
  • Type of cartridge: fast.Packed
  • Max. The number of idle speeds: 1700 rpm
  • Charger

Opens the rating of the best updated model of the legendary screwdriver from Makita, where the manufacturer got rid of the backlash of the cartridge. Equipped with LED backlight to improve visibility in the working area. The spindle blocking function and the ability to replace equipment without tools allow you to change the bats and drills with one hand. The reinforced spindle bearing will live the entire life of the tool. The start button provides a smooth launch of the electric motor. The removable hook for wearing on the belt is installed on the left or right side.

Two.Speed metal planetary gearbox allows you to drill and screw/unscrew the fasteners. Thanks to the durable alloy in the home workshop, this drill-shuruver will last at least 8-10 years. The cartridge works with cores and hexagonal nozzles with a diameter of 0.8. 10 mm. Twisting the moment in the second gear of 30 nm allows you to screw the screws with a diameter of up to 8 mm, on the first-to drill 10 mm holes in steel and 21 mm-in solid wood. Batteries sit in 40. 50 minutes, charge. About half an hour.

2 place Metabo Power Maxx BS Basic 600080500

  • Battery voltage: 12 in
  • Maximum torque: 34 N m
  • Max. Diameter of drilling (wood): 18 mm
  • Max. Diameter of drilling (metal): 10 mm
  • Weight: 0.95 kg
  • Battery capacity: 2 A h
  • Number of batteries: 2 pcs.
  • Battery system: Metabo 10.8V / 12V Insert AKK.
  • Design features: using bit without a cartridge, spindle fixation, button button lock, point lighting lamp
  • Patron diameter: 1. 10 mm
  • Functions: reverse, adjustment of the speed of rotation
  • Type of cartridge: fast.Packed
  • Max. The number of idle speeds: 1400 rpm
  • Charger

The compact and one of the cheapest scores in the price category-Metabo Power Maxx BS Basic 600080500 continues the rating. It is equipped with a removable fast.Packed cartridge, under which a seat for hexagonal nozzles is hidden. Thanks to a shortened design, it can work in places where competitors will not get. A powerful two.Stage gearbox and a coupling with 201 Regulation of torque adjustment allow you to accurately select the mode of operation. Backlight will improve visibility in the working area. The removable bracket for wearing on the belt is installed in the right and left position.

The battery with an outgoing voltage of 12 V is capable of stretching up to 50 minutes under load. The container indicator signals the exhaustive charge. Thanks to the technological solution of Ultra-M with the charge of balancing the charge, the screwdriver battery is charged quickly, but carefully for prolonged service. The model is able to work with higher.Voltage batteries. Sets with a couple of batteries. The manufacturer gives an extended three.Year guarantee that applies to power sources.

3 place Bosch GSR 120-Li 601.9G8.000

  • Battery voltage: 12 in
  • Maximum torque: 30 N m
  • Battery capacity: 2 A h
  • Number of batteries: 2 pcs.
  • Magic diameter: 10 mm
  • Type of cartridge: fast.Packed

Universal and hardy screwdriver for the home. Two.Speed planetary gearbox allows you to drill and screw fasteners. A 12-volt Li-Ion battery with Electronic Cell Protection technology has an increased service life, it is more powerful than its predecessors who do not support it. A two.Speed gearbox is designed to work with fixed threaded elements with a diameter of up to 8 mm at the first speed and for drilling a variety of materials at the second at 1500 rpm. Shurovyrt allows you to make 10-mm holes in steel and 20 mm-in wood.

A multi.Stage coupling with 201 position will help to quickly choose the effort of screwing both for drywall and for solid wood. Shurovyrt is supplied in a spacious case, where there is full of space for additional equipment: bats, core. Batteries are able to work for 40. 50 minutes, charged for half an hour. They provide continuous operation with a screwed. Backlight will facilitate the work in slightly lighting places.

4th place of the bison Dshl-121

  • Battery voltage: 12 in
  • Maximum torque: 25 N m
  • Battery capacity: 1.3 A h
  • Number of batteries: 1 pc.
  • Magic diameter: 10 mm
  • Type of cartridge: fast.Packed

High-quality screwdriver with a universal 12-volt battery, which is suitable for other tools. The battery is equipped with a charge indicator, so you will not forget to recharge it in time. The pulse charger is quickly and carefully restores the capacity of the power source. It is enough for ~ 1 hour of work of the screwdriver depending on the load. A quick.Packed cartridge takes equipment with a diameter of 0.8. 10 mm. Backlighting and built.In magnetic bits holder increase the convenience of work in conditions of insufficient illumination.

Which is better. Makita, Bosch or Metabo?

All three brands are considered leaders in the production of power tools, and there are both home use devices and professional devices in the ruler.

Speaking briefly, the devices of all these companies are quite worthy.

The German brand Bosch came up with many useful varieties of power tools, like a punch, and pays high attention to the quality of the products.

Makita screwdrivers are considered optimal in terms of price/quality ratio, and Metabo provides a three.Year guarantee for all its products.