How to choose a grass trimmer for cutting grass

Selecting a price range

Before looking at the technical details, it’s worth talking about the cost of a grass trimmer. Today it is rare to find models, the price of which is unreasonably high. There are small fluctuations, but they are formed by changes in demand within a certain price range:

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Up to 3,500 rubles. cheap Chinese products that are not able to cope with a large volume of tasks. They have almost zero maintainability, however, can be used for irregular mowing of small lawns or edging after a lawn mower.

From 3,500 to 7,000 rubles. the most interesting cars for an ordinary buyer, made in China. Repair is usually carried out by replacing individual units, components are inexpensive and available on a wide market. This grass trimmer will effortlessly cope with heavy weeds and thick stems, but it is best to limit continuous work time to avoid accelerated wear.

From 7,000 to 15,000 rubles. this category includes grass braids from well-known European and East Asian brands. Although the products are manufactured in Chinese factories, they are subject to stricter technical supervision and quality control requirements, which is why the percentage of service calls is extremely low. These are reliable “workhorses” that, in domestic use, are unlikely to require serious maintenance during operation.

Over 15,000 rubles. professional grass braids for commercial use. Distinctive features: the ability to work without interruption in a wide range of capacities, a well-thought-out repair and maintenance scheme by replacing inexpensive consumable items. Many representatives of this class are not a trimmer in the usual sense, but are combined systems. They are based on a multi-motor, to which a number of attachments are attached: for shearing hedges, pruning tree branches, cleaning sidewalk seams, blowing off cut greenery and even for shallow soil cultivation or snow removal.

Petrol VS electric

We will not focus on the obvious nuances, such as mobility at work or the cost of a unit of power. Instead, we will consider more practical issues: maintainability, resource, ergonomics, behavior of the power unit under various operating modes, and most importantly, the purpose of trimmers with different types of drive.

For a person who does not know how or does not want to do the maintenance of equipment himself, there is no fundamental difference between a gasoline or electric engine. Both of them have approximately the same cost of maintenance and repair, and the high cost of components grows in proportion to the cost of a grass trimmer: original high-quality consumables are always more expensive. The category of exceptions includes small-run models that have been discontinued. Finding spare parts for such equipment is even more difficult, so the unification of functional units is also important.

The advantage of a gasoline engine is that it has a massive flywheel, thanks to which the engine copes well with a sharp increase in loads. The run-out of an electric machine is much less: if the trimmer encounters a serious obstacle, the motor will almost instantly reduce its rotational speed and begin to warm up. From this point of view, gasoline units have one more advantage: they are not so sensitive to heating, while at 80–100 ° C the insulation of the windings begins to deteriorate in a budget electric braid.

The choice between electric and petrol drive is a compromise between convenience and power. Electric braids are lighter in weight and in terms of handling, they are much less noisy and do not generate exhaust emissions. However, for cutting lush vegetation or processing an area over 3-5 acres, it is better to give preference to gasoline units. In addition, only gasoline grass trimmers can work with steel circular knives, and the vast majority of electric ones are designed only for quickly wearing plastic knives or small cross-section fishing line.

Features of the drive design

There are few nuances when choosing an electric grass trimmer. Plug-in electric scythes are equipped with universal collector motors, which are standard on all power tools. The main problems with these machines are poor quality bearings, poor rotor balancing and an imperfect air cooling circuit. In general, the quality and reliability of the electric motor increase in proportion to the cost of the tool, there are no exceptions or unique technical solutions in this regard.

The key difference between mains trimmers lies in the location of the motor:

  • Lower. more comfortable in terms of weight distribution, but at the same time the engine is vulnerable to moisture and dirt getting into it along with the air flow.
  • Upper. the motor is reliably protected from the ingress of foreign objects, but it is less convenient during operation and the presence of a transmission, which reduces reliability and leads to the appearance of parasitic power losses in friction units.

Cordless models have a collector motor with a gearbox that increases the spindle speed, and the most modern ones have a brushless or brushless DC motor. The advantage of the latter is the absence of a brush assembly, efficiency and good controllability, the ability to implement the most advanced electronic control schemes. With all the advantages, the other pan of the scale is quite expensive. Optimal Battery Trim Arrangement. Top Battery and Bottom Motor.

Standard repair kit for petrol grass trimmer or chainsaw

The grass trimmer‘s petrol engine is available in two or four strokes. The latter type is more difficult to repair and maintain, but at the same time it is more reliable and stable under variable load. Four-stroke motors are heavier, which makes it advisable to use them only in professional-grade equipment designed for long-term operation without stopping. Most household models have a two-stroke engine, which is quite justified: fewer requirements for fuel quality, repair by simple and quick replacement of the cylinder-piston group, acceptable power dynamics.

With regard to power, for electric drives the minimum value can be considered 600-800 W, for gasoline two-stroke. 0.6-0.8 hp with a working volume of 30-35 cm3, for four-stroke. 1.2-1.5 liters. from. with a volume of up to 40 cm3. Excess power for a manual brushcutter is undesirable: the technique must be chosen for the tasks at hand, because with an increase in productivity, the weight of the power unit also increases, which reduces the convenience of work and maneuverability.

How to choose a grass trimmer for cutting grass

In a country house, a grass trimmer is indispensable. This is especially true of technology that can solve many problems from mowing the grass to cutting bushes and pruning trees. You will learn how to find the most suitable and reliable device in the RMNT.RU review, where we will look at the key differences between modern trimmers.

Boom, transmission and rigging

It remains to figure out how the power transmission from the engine to the working tool is realized in various trimmers and what are the limitations of various technical solutions. The type of transmission can be judged by the shape of the rod: in a straight line, a rigid metal shaft is used, in a curved one. a flexible one based on a steel or polymer cable.

The straight shaft has less parasitic losses and more reliability. A flexible bar, on the other hand, allows you to achieve a more rational distribution of weight, but this unit cannot be called reliable. However, in expensive trimmers, rather interesting solutions are used, which involve polymer and composite materials that reduce friction losses and increase resistance to stress.

The type of transmission determines the types of equipment that can be used with the trimmer. So, steel discs and high-speed cutting tools require the most rigid drive coupling, which means that only grass trimmers with a rigid shaft are suitable for cutting dry stems and branches of bushes. The rejection of the gear transmission in favor of cardan or CV joints helps to increase resistance to loads.

In turn, grass trimmers designed for delicate work, such as trimming the edges of the lawn or narrow areas between the beds, can have a different transmission scheme, chosen for the sake of increased ergonomics or maneuverability. The same applies to the shape of the handles: the bike pattern is optimal for long-term work with heavy and powerful trimmers, while the D-shaped or J-shaped handle in combination with the curved bar makes it easier to use a wide range of combination systems and work with small landscapes.

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Length adjustment

The boom. an extension of the grass trimmer handle comes in several shapes: D. manoeuvrable, J. safe, T. suitable for long continuous work. There are also retractable and non-retractable rods. The telescopic bar will increase its length by about 20%, which can play into your hands at the moment when you need to get to hard-to-reach areas.


Revolutions, like cutting width, affect the mowing quality. This indicator indicates the number of spins that will be completed in 1 minute. Cheap models have a maximum number of revolutions equal to 7 thousand, so you can often not even find this indicator on the box. In devices with higher power, this figure can go up to 12 thousand. In order to choose a grass trimmer for a garden, it will be enough to find a device with a number of revolutions equal to 6 thousand.

Line diameter

This marker shows how thick the stems of individual plants can be cut by the equipment. Similar to cutting width, the lower the value, the more effort will be required to remove the lawn. The minimum line diameter is 1.5 mm, the maximum is about 3.5 mm. It makes no sense to buy a grass trimmer with a line diameter larger than 2 mm for a summer cottage that requires keeping the lawn tidy. If it is necessary to improve the area with a lot of weeds, then you can choose the diameter of the fishing line with a larger diameter.


Power is the main criterion for choosing a device for cutting grass. Typically the wattage ranges from 220W to 1800W. The most powerful representatives have a faster rotating knife, due to which they are able to process a larger area in a shorter period of time. Remember that along with power, so does the weight of the device.

Low wattage models (up to 700 W) are suitable for small areas with soft, soft grass. If you have a need to mow a larger area that has hard stems on the territory, give preference to models with a power of 900 W or more.

Autonomy and charging time

Rechargeable models are lighter than gasoline ones and more autonomous than electric ones, however, the charge of such devices is enough for no more than an hour of operation. The indicator is measured in amperes. For example, 1 amp per hour is enough for 15 minutes of continuous operation. However, to justify the battery models, we can say that they charge quickly.

Mounting type

The types of fastening are almost the same, but the convenience depends on them. The presence of one belt will be suitable for situations where long mowing does not occur. Two belts are better suited for urban landscaping workers, as they will take on some of the vibration and distribute the load.


The electric unit is suitable for female representatives due to the ease and convenience of maneuvering. In addition, there are the largest number of electric trimmers on the market, so you can find the most convenient option. Due to the fact that the device is powered from the mains, it has low mobility, there is also a danger of cutting the wire by negligence.

Gas powered grass trimmers use city services to keep lawns tidy. Due to the fact that the tank with gasoline is attached to the device, it becomes heavier. Thus, not all owners of a summer cottage will be able to cope with the trimmer.

There are also models with more battery power, but the price for them immediately rises so significantly that it becomes unprofitable to buy such a unit. However, if you have a small area and you are worried about the environment, then the battery option will suit you.

Cutting width

The cut width directly affects how efficiently the plant is cut in one pass. The most common sizes range from 20 cm to 42 cm.The wider the cutting width, the more space the grass trimmer will cover in less time.

For a summer cottage, it will be enough to purchase a grass trimmer with a cutting width of about 26 cm.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer for grass

The electric portable grass trimmer will become an indispensable item in your garden. With its help, the grass is mowed around the perimeter, on the paths, the lawn, it copes even with small twigs. But there are a lot of options for buying, so it is worth studying the criteria according to which the selection of the instrument takes place.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer for your garden

The device is a motorized scythe for cutting grass and weeds on the site. Its device is extremely simple: the cutting element is located on a torque shaft, which is fixed to a long rod and with a handle and is protected by a “hood”.

Such a mower is manoeuvrable and able to pass even in hard-to-reach places.

The electric grass trimmer has several advantages:

  • ease of management;
  • compactness;
  • lack of exhaust gases, which “sin” gasoline models;
  • low noise level;
  • regular maintenance is rarely done.

Of the minuses, only less power than gasoline ones, as well as dependence on electricity. In the process, you will have to take breaks to recharge. Otherwise, this is a convenient device if you need to mow grass in small areas.

Important Criteria for Choosing an Electric Grass Trimmer

There are several main factors that you should rely on when choosing the right tool. It is on them that the mowing quality, duration and basic parameters of the operator’s work depend.

We offer you a small rating of models with electric drive, ranging from simple and lightweight to powerful, capable of handling large areas.

  • Bosch Art 26SL. Low engine power unit. Economical, lightweight and compact, it maneuvers perfectly in the hands of an experienced operator. Suitable for small areas.
  • Makita UR3000. Mains powered device with bottom motor. The boom length is adjustable, which is extremely convenient for the operator. Used to work in small areas and flower beds.
  • Makita UR3501. Good balance, comfortable strap designed for quality operator performance. Powerful engine, grass trimmer capable of working over large areas.
  • DDE EB12000RD. Powerful and powerful machine with a motor located at the top of the arc. The manufacturer has well thought out the operator’s safety system.
  • Kruger ETK2000. A balanced model that tackles not only soft grass, but also small weeds and even shrubs. A reliable device for a large area near the house that does not overheat.

Electric models

This grass trimmer is equipped with an electric motor, which is responsible for turning the shaft and starting the cutting system. It connects to an outlet and operates from a 220V network.

Your mobility here is limited by the length of the cord. Yes, you can use carriers, but still. you can’t go far with it.

But it works very quietly and does not pollute the atmosphere. This makes it a good option for caring for the area next to the house.

  • a light weight;
  • silent work;
  • affordable cost;
  • a large spread in power (you can take a productive model, if necessary);
  • environmental friendliness (does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere).
  • limited mobility;
  • the wire can be accidentally damaged;
  • low performance (compared to gasoline models).

Choosing a grass trimmer for cutting grass: 2 key points

While the grass trimmer is simple in design, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to choose. In fact, there are a lot of parameters to take into account, since the efficiency of the garden tool, functionality, ease of use, additional costs, etc., depend on them.

We will try to make this task easier for you and will analyze step by step what and in what order you need to do it. And first, let’s look at the most important criteria for choosing a grass trimmer for grass.

Petrol models

Gas trimmers are equipped with an internal combustion engine. In addition to their boom, a tank is attached, which significantly increases the overall weight. But there are no wires here, which provides complete mobility.

With this trimmer, you can move freely throughout the area. And even take it with you when working in places where there is no access to electricity. Most often, such models are used in large enterprises and utilities. Although they are also found among summer residents.

  • high performance;
  • reliable construction;
  • versatility (suitable for domestic and commercial use);
  • mobility.
  • permanent item of fuel costs;
  • air pollution;
  • noisiness;
  • heavy weight.
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Cordless grass trimmers

The cordless grass trimmers are also equipped with an electric motor. But they no longer work from the mains, but from the battery. Thus, their main advantages (lightness and noiselessness) are preserved and the key disadvantage (limited mobility) is eliminated.

  • silent work;
  • no restrictions on mobility;
  • a light weight;
  • fast charging;
  • a large spread in power (there are productive models);
  • environmental friendliness (no harmful emissions).
  • short operating time. up to 45 minutes (depending on battery capacity);
  • the need for constant recharging;
  • average performance (compared to gas trimmers);
  • high price (higher than that of electric models).

Despite their advantages, battery models have received very limited distribution. Due to the high price, they are usually taken only for the maintenance of the backyard area, where there is no access to electricity. Or for the improvement of areas around kindergartens, schools and other similar institutions (so as not to pollute the air with harmful emissions and not make much noise).

How to choose the right grass trimmer for your grass

It is not necessary to use a lawn mower to mow the grass in the country, to care for the garden or park. The grass trimmer does this job well. Lightweight, compact, easy to operate. it is considered an excellent solution for mowing grass and weeds. Due to its availability, the grass trimmer has become even more widespread (it is actively used by both summer residents and utility workers).

What is this tool? How is it better than a lawn mower? How to choose the right grass trimmer for your grass? We will consider all this in this article.

Determining the technical characteristics of the grass trimmer

Having decided on the type of tool and its cutting part, we proceed to the next step. the selection of the model that is optimal in terms of technical parameters. This needs to be approached as carefully as possible, because what tasks it can perform directly depends on the characteristics of the tool.

Cutting part

The second key point to decide before choosing a grass trimmer for your grass is the cutting part. After all, its effectiveness depends on it (i.e. how well it can cut weeds). There are also different options to choose from:

  • fishing line;
  • line bobbin;
  • nylon brush;
  • knife;
  • cutting disc;
  • rotor system.

The most widespread are 2 options: fishing line and knives. Both have their own characteristics that must be taken into account.


The petrol cordless grass trimmers are completely independent of the mains supply. In order for the internal combustion engine to work normally, a fuel tank is mounted. Therefore, for the same power, a petrol grass trimmer is heavier than an electric one. But it allows you to easily move throughout the cleaned area and even operate away from electrical outlets. And the absence of the risk of cutting the mains wire deserves attention.

The increased power of a number of gasoline models allows you to safely use them even in the courtyards of apartment buildings, on the territory of large industrial enterprises. Working knives can be replaced without any problems. Experts also note the excellent performance of trimmers with internal combustion engines. Their design is quite reliable so that even in the most stressful conditions, use does not cause any harm. However, gasoline-powered mowing equipment is bulky and heavy, and makes a lot of noise. It is almost impossible to use it inside greenhouses, in greenhouses, in other enclosed spaces. And even just where toxic exhaust fumes can accumulate.

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Pros and cons

There is one more point to be dealt with. the positive and negative sides of trimmers in comparison with alternative mowing devices. Compared to lawn mowers, grass trimmers have such advantages as:

  • ease;
  • take up less space during work and storage;
  • do not consume much energy;
  • excel on uneven terrain.

However, a grass trimmer is unlikely to cover large areas. In theory, this is possible, but holding the mower in your hands for a long time is very uncomfortable. Long-term use of the grass trimmers can overheat and sometimes the drums even melt slightly. There is one more thing to pay attention to. the grass trimmer is not suitable for smooth mowing and the formation of beautiful lawns.

But we must also compare grass trimmers with brushcutters. the lawnmower is able to cope with the vegetation, in front of which the light equipment “fails”. The difference is clearly revealed in power, in the duration of continuous work and in the size of the area being cleaned. But the lawn mower is heavier (at least 7 kg), so only strong, physically developed men can normally use it.


The electric device receives energy directly from the household electrical network with a voltage of 220V. The working motor gives an impulse to the shaft, and already from the shaft the cutting parts receive it. A prerequisite for the operation of such a tool is the presence of an outlet and carrying it nearby. Therefore, the maneuverability of the device is limited, but it works completely silently.

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In addition, electrified grass trimmers do not emit toxic emissions into the air. They are recommended to be used for summer cottages and small adjoining territories. An electric grass trimmer is usually lightweight and will not interfere with people. Its handles are easy and convenient to adjust. Different knives can always be fitted.

However, the wire may be accidentally cut and the area to be worked is severely limited.

Manufacturers rating

Only those companies that have established the production of worthy models of other tools deservedly fall into the top. If you do not delve into the technical nuances, then the products of the following companies can be considered optimal:

  • Bosch;
  • Makita;
  • STIHL;
  • Triton;
  • Echo.

A special place on this list is the portable Zip Trim grass trimmer. A nice green device has a complete set weighing no more than 0.465 kg. The cutting part is made in the form of a fishing line. This solution is perfect for mowing small areas of grass. Power is provided by three AA batteries, which are not included in the basic package.

As for the other models included in the rating of the best, it must be said right away that they were not chosen for one belonging to the leading brands. Even the most advanced brands often supply frankly weak models of equipment. But the Huter GGT-2500T turns out to be a happy exception against this background. This apparatus seems to be called upon to confirm by its existence the timeless thesis of solid German quality.

The grass trimmer has a power of 3.3 liters. from. It is easy to hold in your hands thanks to the clever T-shaped handle with rubber pads. For convenience, its position can be changed. There are markings directly on the handle describing the basic safety requirements. 1.2 L of gasoline in the tank is enough for intensive mowing for 2 hours.

The grass trimmer can be equipped with both a line and a knife. The cutting speed is up to 9500 rpm. The width of the cut strip is 0.255 m. To lengthen the line, which is very good, you do not need to disassemble the reel. You just need to accelerate the device to high revs and hit the ground slightly. The motor located on top will not overheat and will not be clogged with mowed vegetation.

The shoulder girdle will help to avoid excessive fatigue of the back muscles.

Interskol KB-25 / 52V can be considered a good budget alternative. This is a relatively inexpensive ICE grass trimmer that cuts grass in strips of 0.43 m. The cutting element operates at a speed of 7,500 rpm. The fuel tank holds 1 liter of gasoline, which is enough for 1 hour of continuous operation. The scope of delivery includes a knife, belt and fishing line. Changing a work item is easy. The device starts up without unnecessary problems and is considered suitable for cutting small branches. However, it weighs a lot, and the build quality of different copies in the series can be very different.

Another decent machine with 0.255 m wide blades is the Fubag FPT 43. The grass trimmer of this model has a special option to guarantee a quick start of the motor. Its capacity is 1.75 liters. from. This is sufficient for mowing even tall grass in economy mode. A fold-down handle helps to simplify transport. The metal casing provides increased reliability. Since the grass trimmer is set using the adjusting screw, no additional tools are required.

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However, for all the attractive features of the Fubag FPT, this unit is equipped with an insufficiently comfortable shoulder strap.

As for the Hammer MTK25B, this device was originally designed for mowing in particularly difficult places. It will be able to remove grass very close to a wall, stairs, tree, and so on. The fuel pump of this grass trimmer is designed to start without jerking, even after long periods of inactivity. The cover guarantees reliable protection of the motor from flying pieces of grass.

The line is designed to work on rocky, uneven surfaces. If you touch a hard object, it will not fail. Hammer MTK25B weighs only 5.6 kg. Thanks to the bending bar, the device can be positioned at various angles and easily removed from the most difficult to access areas.

Protection against unintentional start is provided; the product is also easy to disassemble, but sometimes there are complaints of loud noise.

The next model in the ranking is the Patriot PT 4555 ES. The device has a capacity of 2.5 liters. from. Users note its good packaging. The force generated is sufficient for swathing even in difficult terrain. The designers have provided protection against vibration, and the assembly is very soundly. The expandable bar makes it easy to transport the grass trimmer, even in a car or motorcycle sidecar. Weakness can only be considered a small capacity of the gas tank.

If you need to choose a mower for working with grass of almost any hardness, you need to pay attention to the Champion T523. In the most intensive mode, the consumption of the combustible mixture per hour will be 0.62 liters. The fishing line is fed semi-automatically, but the grass trimmer head sometimes fails, and the mass of the device is not the smallest among such devices.


Battery trimmers are worth a look. Yes, their power is unlikely to be sufficient for tall, powerful grass. However, this eliminates the characteristic problem of other electrical devices. a rigid dependence on the mains. You just need to remember that battery technology cannot work for a long time. Yet mowing grass entails significant energy consumption. And so you have to put up with the limited duration of the work sessions. A variety of cutting mechanisms can be installed on battery technology, and among them there are relatively powerful modifications.

In any case, by the way, mowing even with a low-power cordless trimmer is much easier and more fun than an old-fashioned manual scythe.

How to choose?

Suppose you decide to finally use a grass trimmer rather than a brushcutter or lawn mower. But the choice of a suitable solution does not end there. The power of a particular device is of great importance. The higher it is, the faster the rotation of the cutting part will occur and the larger the area can be cleaned in the same time. But the consumption of energy or fuel is unlikely to please people, as well as excessive noise.

Low-cost home appliances can have a power rating of 0.25–1.8 kW. This is quite enough to put things in order in the garden or on the lawn near the house, to cope with the vegetation near the fence or stone wall. Sometimes you can even limit yourself to a power of no more than 0.7 kW. But the mower for utilities and large areas should be more powerful, at least 0.9 kW.

The next significant parameter is the width of the cut grass strip. For mowing large lawns over a large area, grass trimmers are useful, which remove grass 0.3–0.42 m wide. For ordinary summer cottages and for janitorial work, it is quite enough to cut 0.25–0.7 m in one pass. Easy trimmer for herbs are better (in principle) for long work. But when cleaning a large area from grass, you sometimes have to work away from the mains. Therefore, you have to choose the most heavy gasoline models. there are simply no alternatives. Electric grass trimmers weigh 3 to 5 kg. Summer residents need to choose devices no heavier than 2.5 kg.

The next important point is the number of revolutions. Low-power trimmers do not even advertise it, because a figure of less than 7000 turns per minute is not solid enough. In more serious versions, this figure varies from 7500 to 12000 rpm. The diameter of the line can be from 0.14 to 0.2 cm (this is enough to keep the lawn in order). The 0.24–0.27 cm thick fishing line will keep the road shoulders in good condition, on which thick grass grows. But in the most neglected areas, it is recommended to use grass trimmers with a fishing line no thinner than 0.3 cm.Only it allows you to cope with strong stems and low bushes. But on level open places where strong dense grass grows, metal knives are better suited. They allow you to make even cuts. As a result, it is possible to achieve a more pleasant appearance.

However, in addition to the type of attachment, it is also necessary to consider how the grass trimmer is attached to the operator. You can clean up a small area using a device with one belt. For larger areas, knapsack-fastened products are preferred. It is also necessary to pay attention to the handles (their shape, quantity are very important).

When planning to work all day, it is better to buy devices with cross frames and equally functional handles.

Important! Placing the motor on the bottom of the grass trimmer is impractical. This is permissible only if you plan to work no more than 2-3 hours a day, otherwise the load on the back grows too much.

Autonomous grass trimmers are chosen primarily according to the capacity of the tank or the charge of the built-in battery. Most gasoline models have a capacity of 0.3–1.5 liters of gasoline in the tank. If the tank capacity is small, you can mow for a maximum of 20 minutes. Then you will have to take a break so that the engine cools down and the fuel supply is replenished. With the highest capacity, you can expect to work for 1 hour or more, which is very convenient for the commercial sector or large summer cottages.

1 amp hour (in the case of the cordless grass trimmer) will work for about ¼ hour. It will take up to 45 minutes for the battery to be charged. To care for a modest lawn or lawn, use models with a 2 A / h battery. And options 3-4 A / h will already allow you to put things in order around a kindergarten or school, an office building, a cinema, a clinic, a supermarket and around the perimeter of an apartment building.


Important! A self-made device must certainly be equipped with a protective casing. Better if it will be mounted on an aluminum tube.

On a similar principle, grass trimmers are made on the basis of vacuum cleaners. The motors are mounted on rods, and then either knives or discs are attached to the motor shafts for inserting the fishing line. An even easier way is to use a drill, but you have to make a knife in advance from a sharpened steel plate. Some farmers prepare their own grass trimmer from a chainsaw. In this case, the device turns out to be very heavy, so you will have to make a cart. It is boiled from steel corners measuring 2.5×2.5 cm. The dimensions of the frame itself are 0.5×0.6 m, the wheels are fastened at the corners. Trolley handles are made from water pipes.

The carts must not block the starter. The gasoline engine is mounted in such a way that the gearbox turns 90 degrees, and the shaft is at the bottom. The knives are riveted to the disc. This solution makes it possible to insure the shaft and gearbox against deformations when the cutting part collides with stones or dry branches. Rivets must be made of metal.

In the professional segment, grass trimmers, as it is easy to understand, are equipped with only gasoline engines (with rare exceptions). Recently, however, the hybrid grass trimmer has emerged as a form of technique. These devices are powered by both mains and battery power. With their help, you can mow a large area or cope with powerful thickets of grass.

But the clearing of distant, hard-to-reach areas is also available at the expense of rechargeable batteries.