How To Choose A Hand-Held Circular Saw For Your Home

Design features

An electric saw from absolutely any manufacturer and class of device is almost always the same, and the only exception will be small parts, which belong rather to the category of convenience rather than performance. The main driving part is precisely the electric motor, which is connected directly to either the power supply unit, or to the battery installed in the structure.

With the help of a drive belt, the torque is transmitted to a cut-off type disc, which is usually mounted on a spindle and it can be replaced both due to wear and in order to cut a specific material. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the working area of ​​the cutting disc will be a reflective visor, which will prevent sawdust and small fragments of cutting material from scattering on all sides, which increases the risk of injury.

The spindle and the disc itself are attached to the cuvette, namely to the body of the unit, and hold the cutting wheel in the correct position. Precise control is carried out using a caliper, which is attached to the cuvee on a movable hinge.

This version of the design of a circular electric saw at the moment is considered even primitive, because it does NOT reflect the popular nowadays desire to make absolutely any device “smart”.

Rating of the best models

If you do not know which circular hand saw to choose, then we suggest you consider the best models. The concept of “best” is rather vague in the case of circular saws, because each consumer will start from their own needs. over, the lineup of each leading manufacturer is regularly updated, and therefore the allocation of seats will not seem appropriate.

With this in mind, I just want to consider a few rather popular models from well-known and reliable brands:

    Makita HS7601 is one of the best solutions for home use, and at a modest cost of 4000 rubles, such a device is equipped with a 1.2 kW motor. The disc has a diameter of 19 cm, rotates at a speed of more than 5000 revolutions per minute, and makes it possible to cut material with a thickness of up to 6.5 cm.The weight of the device with such good characteristics is 4 kg, which cannot but please.

Now a little about how to use dust.

Features of the tool and its purpose

This device is required in order to primarily cut wood and its derivatives, although most specific models involve working with other sheet materials, and this can include tiles, as well as soft sheet metal.

As a part for cutting, a metal disc with special soldering and sharp teeth is used, and the number of revolutions of the cutting disc is several thousand times in one minute. Such a design solution does not allow the use of the tool for such an action as curly cutting, but in most cases it will provide a sufficiently accurate and accurate cut in a straight line.

To save battery power, and in general, a design in the form of a cutting element will help to significantly increase the level of productivity during cutting, which simply will not imply a reverse movement. Consequently, all movements of the sharp edge will be very beneficial, and thanks to this, energy savings of about 50% can be achieved.

note, that expensive modern professional models of this class can work completely autonomously for up to 8 hours, but the process of charging the device in this case will be only ½ hour.

How to choose dust

How to choose a handheld electric circular saw for your home? When choosing one or another electrical device, you should understand two things at once. for the sake of which tasks you buy a device and what basic characteristics it must have in order to successfully solve them.

In the case of an electric saw, for some reason, the power of the electric motor is considered to be the most fundamental point. it will depend on it what size the disc will rotate and at what speed. The more circles you plan to use, the more the power of the device should be, but do not forget that an increase in this indicator sometimes greatly increases the weight of the device.

In general, models with a power of less than 1200 W are considered to be for household use, and they are designed for the most part for simple tasks, but devices with a power of more than 2000 W are professional.

The cutting depth is another important factor, because with a small value of this indicator, the saw simply cannot take the material intended for cutting. This criterion will depend not only on the power of the engine, but also on the size of the socket for the disc.

Please note hthen really standing models often have functions to limit the cutting depth, due to which it is possible to cut thin sheets even with a large diameter.

The speed of rotation of the disk, if we talk about dense wood, should be as high as possible. then the cut will turn out to be accurate, and the productivity will increase significantly. For cutting plastic, such logic will definitely not work. during operation, the circle can get very hot, and the plastic workpiece in this case can melt.

Expensive universal electric circular saws, which are designed to work with different materials, allow the operator to adjust the speed. At the same time, the opinion remains very popular that there is a direct relationship between engine power and maximum speed, but this is not always the case.

Most modern models have an angle cut function. If you are interested in a circular saw for cutting plywood or boards at home, then this function is unlikely to be useful to you, but for professional and construction needs such a criterion can become critically important.

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In addition to the main technical characteristics, which affect the production ability of an electric tool, it is impossible not to pay attention to most other useful functions. Most models today have a start using two buttons that are remote from each other. due to this, the device will NOT start accidentally, which minimizes the risk of injury.

The ability to start the tool smoothly is good in that the disc will pick up speed, albeit very quickly, but gradually, due to which the electric motor will not experience an instant load and will wear out more slowly. Most models have a special nozzle for a vacuum cleaner in the design, and other models are even equipped with a stationary device for removing shavings. this will make it possible not only to keep the workplace clean, but also prevent dust from getting into the lungs or eyes.

note, that in some conditions, a laser pointer, illumination of the working area, protection against reverse impacts of discs and other newfangled tricks can also be of great value.

How to choose a circular saw for your home dust rating

How to choose a circular saw for your home dust rating

An electric hand-held circular saw is a very common tool, which will certainly come in handy for a sawmill, and for those craftsmen who renovate apartments / houses, and those who adore carpentry, and even summer residents.

At the same time, the simplicity of the design (and it only seems that everything is very simple) should not mislead you. such a tool can be very different from each other, and only a reasonable choice of a specific device helps to extract all the expected benefits from it.

For this reason, we suggest you consider how to choose a circular saw for a summer cottage, home and other needs.

Operating rules

An electric circular saw is a fairly simple tool in technical terms, but at the same time, its misuse can be fraught with injury, but also about damage or even accelerated wear of the main components of the mechanism.

In order for you to be able to prevent negative phenomena, before starting work, you should carefully study the instructions that are attached to each copy. Even if certain provisions from the instructions seem far-fetched or unreasonable, try not to neglect the recommendations of the creators.

Also, before buying, you should carefully study the instructions for the device for working conditions. This will especially apply to battery models, which can discharge much faster in severe frost conditions, or, as is the case with an old nickel-cadmium battery, have a “memory effect”, and must be sure to completely discharge the battery before charging.

It will also be important that charging the battery in such devices takes about ½ hour, but for each model you can use only a special charger, licensed, which provides the required current characteristics, otherwise you cannot avoid a quick breakdown. Remember that the battery can be replaced, but it usually costs more than all the other parts put together.

Self-repair of an electric hand-held circular saw, as a rule, is undesirable, because the warranty for the tool, as it happens with other equipment, will expire here after unauthorized intervention. When you trust your tool to a master, you should be confident in the competence of the master. the safety of future work with the device may depend on this.

Circular saws depending on the design

Here is the design performance depends on the mobility of the device and the size of the processed parts:

Stationary. Such a saw is suitable for performing a large amount of repetitive work, for example, in a factory where a large amount of sawn timber is constantly processed. Such a tool is installed on a separate frame, has the appropriate dimensions and requires a separate place for installation, and in some cases even a room.

Desktop. A smaller version of a stationary circular saw. also installed on a stationary base but of a much smaller size. Suitable for large volumes of household work. for example, when building a house, bathhouse or similar structure.

Manual. A mobile device that can handle a part in multiple planes. It is used to work with different materials: wood, plastic, soft metals, etc. Of all types, it has the lowest power and requires periodic rest, but it is mainly used for such types of work where it is not critical.

Spindle stop

To make it easier to change the working discs, the saw motor shaft can be fixed with a separate button or lever. sometimes for this, fast disc braking mechanisms are used and fixation can occur in any position. It may be the other way around. in some cases, manufacturers consider the spindle stopper to be an unnecessary function and then the disc has to be changed with two keys.

The disc tightening nut does not need to be tightened with a wrench. In some cases, it is tightened with a screwdriver or generally made with a quick-release. for hand tightening.

Base plate and cutting depth: straight and angled

The cutting depth indicates exactly how much the blade can be immersed in the workpiece. Nobody gives an accurate classification here, but it is conventionally accepted to divide saws according to the following cutting depth:

  • 4-5 cm. initial, Least powerful class of instruments.
  • 5-6.5 cm. representatives of the universal “golden mean”.
  • 6.5-14 cm. heavy, professional devices.

The cutting depth is not always determined solely by the difference between the outer radius of the gaze circle and the bore hole. To a greater extent, it is necessary to look at how much the disc protrudes from the plane of the base plate, since this part additionally “eats” 1-1.5 cm, and normal operation is simply impossible without it. It is also necessary to take into account the ability of the circular saw to make cuts at an angle, which again is determined by the design of the base plate.

If the circular saw allows you to cut at a variable angle, then in the characteristics the manufacturer usually indicates the cutting depth for 90 ° and 45 °.

For an example of an adjustment and an angle cut, see:

When choosing a circular saw with the ability to adjust the cutting angle, special attention should be paid to the quality of the base plate and the fasteners and graduations located on it. The main features of quality are the simplicity of changing the position, the ease and reliability of fixing the clamps, as well as the absence of backlash. Not all manufacturers succeed in getting rid of them completely, but if the base plate of a new tool “backlash” after fixing all the “lambs”, then you should think about finding an alternative.

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The base plate material is usually cast light alloys, but not uncommon, and platforms made of stamped steel. The former are lighter and hold their shape well, while the latter are more resistant to impacts.

Stamped outsole.

Molded outsole.

Sawdust removal

It is carried out by blowing sawdust from the working area or by connecting to the dust of an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Soft start system

The importance and usefulness of this function does not have to be proven, especially considering the average speed of rotation of the electric motor shaft:

  • The service life of the electric motor is increased, since when it starts up, excessive inrush currents do NOT occur in the winding.
  • If, for some reason, the saw is started already in a partially cut groove, then the possibility of cutting the saw teeth into the material and accompanying sharp jerks of the tool is excluded.
  • When used in the design of a gearbox, the soft start system significantly brightens his life, which otherwise would surely be spoiled by sharp jerks at the start.

Constant speed control system

The block for maintaining a given disk rotation speed under load is also called constant electronics. It is based on a controller that receives data on the engine speed. When the operator starts to drive the dust faster or it just hits a knot or a denser part of the workpiece, the engine speed decreases and the controller signals the electronics to increase power, which happens without the operator’s participation. The same thing, but exactly the opposite, happens in the opposite case. when the rated speed is exceeded, the engine power decreases.

For the correct operation of this function, the circular saw motor must have a certain power reserve, which is not always implemented on weak and even middle class devices. If the presence of this option is indicated on the budget dust, then you should pay attention to the ratio of the disc diameter and engine power.

If the simplest stabilizing device can equalize the rotational speed of the disk to only one given standard frequency, then the presence of a stabilizing mechanism on an engine with a smoothly varying number of revolutions is considered the highest class.

Additional functions

The presence of a large number of auxiliary and protective systems is due to the high risk of injury to the circular. They protect the tool from breakage, and the owner from injury, so it will be useful to find out which types of protection are installed on the dust by the manufacturer.

Criteria for selecting a circular saw

When you decide on the type of circular saw, you can go directly to the selection of its performance characteristics, on which productivity and convenience of work depends.

Circular saws by type of electricity supply

Here you need to very carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each type of instrument:

Network. The bulk of circular saws are powered by 220 volt (household hand-held) or 380 Volt (stationary professional). There are only two drawbacks in them: the need for an electrical network and the ability to get tangled in the wire.

Rechargeable. For such a saw, an outlet is also needed, but only in order to charge the battery. Then it works completely offline, though only for 30-50 minutes, depending on the battery capacity. The main disadvantage of such devices is the battery charging time, which is 5-8 times longer than the battery life.

As a result, taking a high cost, it makes sense to purchase cordless tools only for frequent short-term works in hard-to-reach places, it is much easier to take wireless dust than to lead a temporary power cable. For example, it can be roofing or similar work at high altitudes, where you have to constantly move with the tool.

Purpose and device

With a hand-held circular saw, you can cut wood and any of its derivatives, plastic, soft metals, slate. The design must fulfill two basic requirements:

  • Accuracy of settings;
  • Work safety.

The minimum equipment consists of:

  • Housings;
  • Electric motor;
  • Reducer;
  • Protective box;
  • Platforms;
  • Guide.

The combination of user-friendly basic features and useful additional functions creates the ideal circular saw for home and professional use.

Important characteristics

When choosing a hand-held circular saw, it is useful Pay attention to a few more characteristics:

Rotation frequency. It is directly related to the power of the motor, the frequency depends on how accurately the cutting of different materials will be performed. For sawing pressed panels, it is recommended to choose a tool with the maximum disc rotation speed.

Disk size. A very important indicator, which determines the cutting depth and speed of work. Discs are produced from 150 to 260 mm in diameter. The smallest ones are for low-power household appliances. Circles differ in the diameter of the bore, which can be from 16 to 32 mm, the most common saws are 30 and 32 mm.

Tilted cut. Most quality tools come with this option. The angle varies within 30. 55 degrees.

Ergonomics. This concept includes the shape of the handle, the weight of the case, and ease of use. There are models with a variable handle position. this is very convenient and simplifies work in extreme conditions. For example, when renovating the roof of a house. The weight of the device depends on the case materials only in part, it is mainly formed by the mechanism. The harder it is, the better the quality and, at the same time, the more difficult it is to work. It is not recommended to choose models weighing more than 7 kg. Most often, the case is made of shock-resistant plastic with rubberized handles, metal cases are rare. High-quality plastic can withstand all loads and even tool drops. There are many examples where the mechanism has already been repaired several times, and the case is only slightly scratched. Therefore, it makes no sense to spend on metal, and choosing a model is simpler.

Power cable. Choosing a circular saw with a cable at least 3 meters long. Its outlet should be located so as not to fall under the teeth of the disk. at the back with a hard outlet.

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Which circular hand saw to choose: class, power, characteristics, brand

Wood processing is a laborious and time-consuming process. The hand-held circular saw significantly reduces time costs and increases productivity. The many settings of modern models allow you to make accurate and accurate cuts. The range of circular saws and the price range are great. How to understand this abundance and choose the best option?

Class selection

The classification is based on the saw blade diameter and is determined by the deepest cutting depth of each model. This characteristic must be indicated in the data sheet of the tool, the skew or perpendicular cut and is:

  • Household for home: designed to spray materials in letters. that’s 40 to 50 millimeters;
  • Pro-professional: able to cope with almost any work. from 50 to 65 millimeters;
  • Professional: sawing to a depth of 140 millimeters.

Knowing what material to work with, you can make a choice only on the basis of this indicator. You can cut a thick bar in two passes: from below and from above, so it does not always make sense to chase a deep cut.

The second indicator of the equipment class is the power of the electric motor. A good motor not only expands the capabilities of the tool, but also provides a long service life:

  • Household. power less than 800 W;
  • Semi-professional. 800. 1200 W;
  • Professional. over 1200 W.

Low-power tools will overheat faster, long-term intensive work is impossible. Household models are good for one-time work, if you plan to cut large amounts of material, it is better to choose a more powerful technique.

additional characteristics

Electronic filling. Significantly increases the cost of the tool, but extends the useful life and makes the job easier. The most useful electronic devices smoothly start the electric motor, prevent overload, control the speed during load changes and the idle speed. Constant rotation speed improves cut quality and prevents blade jamming. Facilitate the work of laser pointers, which show the cutting line. Semi- and professional grade saws are equipped with electronic protection.

Disc changer mechanism. Sometimes the disc needs to be removed, for some models this is done using a pair of keys. Others are equipped with a device for securing the shaft in a desired or specific position, which greatly facilitates unscrewing the nut securing the disc.

Base plate. This is the base on which additional fixtures and adjustments are attached. It is believed that better quality slabs are solid. But there are branded professional saws with stamped bases.

Battery. The ability to work away from power grids is very convenient when building a country house. Unfortunately, battery models are significantly inferior in technical characteristics, with the exception of expensive branded products. Here it is better to choose the models with the Highest battery capacity. It takes longer to charge, but it also lasts longer. There are circular models with a spare battery. one works, the second is charged at home. Autonomous circular saws from Makita are especially appreciated, they are NOT inferior to chain saws in terms of power and cutting depth.

Instructions for choosing a circular saw:

Hammer CRP 1500 D

The cordless home circular saw does a good job of not only wood, but metals as well. Suitable for the workshop and for gardening, has a performance of 1.5 kW, equipped with a laser that ensures accurate cutting. The safety of the tool is answered by the lock button against accidental start, you can connect a vacuum cleaner to the device so that the sawdust does NOT fly in all directions.

ZUBR ZPd-2000

The semi-professional circular saw has a capacity of 2 kW. Maintains a frequency of 4500 rpm, cuts to a depth of 70 mm and copes with almost any solid wood.

Complete with a parallel stop and a 210 mm disc, a wrench for changing nozzles. According to the safety of the device, a spindle lock and 2 metal covers are responsible, and the safety of the engine is ensured by a smooth start.

With all the advantages ZUBR ZPd-2000 is quite inexpensive. 4,700 rubles

Interskol DP-210/1900 M

The circular saw has a high-quality assembly with no signs of backlash. Supplied with an aluminum base, mains powered and supports 5000 rpm at 1.9 kW. The model is capable of making both straight and oblique cuts with a disc blade with a width of 210 mm. Among the advantages, it is worth noting especially the presence of a soft start, which protects the engine from premature wear.

Disk rotation speed

For hand-held dust, this figure is usually 3000-6000 revolutions. The higher the speed of the tool, the smoother and better the cut will be, even in very dense wood.

How To Choose A Hand-Held Circular Saw For Your Home

Top 10 best hand-held circular saws for quality and reliability

When choosing a circular saw for your home, you can study an overview of the most reliable models. The user ratings include tools with a reasonable price, but good quality characteristics.

Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit

A mid-budget circular saw with a low power of 0.45 kW supports 6,000 revolutions and is equipped with a disc with a width of 85 mm. Can cut to a depth of 23 mm.

Smooth start

If the circular saw is started immediately at full speed, it will lead to an unpleasant jerk of the device in the hands. In addition, the engine is then subject to wear faster. Soft start is responsible for the tool being put into operation and accelerating gradually. The function increases the convenience of use and prolongs the life of the saw.

Ryobi RWSL 1801M

The cordless hand saw comes with a 150 m blade and makes a neat cut in wood. 45 mm for a straight angle and 32 mm for an acute angle. Equipped with protection against accidental start, the model provides a spindle lock. The handle in the saw is rubberized, so it is convenient to hold it.

You can buy a Ryobi circular saw for 5500 rubles

Makita SP6000

The functional circular saw has increased productivity, it is capable of 5800 revolutions at a power of 1.3 kW. The canvas in the device is of medium size, 165 mm, the model weighs 4.4 kg. Equipped with a soft start and speed control system, equipped with a special tire to improve cutting accuracy.

Saw with a smooth start Makita is estimated at 17,000 rubles