How to Choose a Lawn Mower And What to Look For

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How to Choose a Lawn Mower And What to Look For

To preserve the attractive appearance of the summer cottage, you need to take care of the lawn.

The irreplaceable assistant in this business is the lawn-mower.

The modern market offers many options for devices that differ in types, specifications and prices.

In the article we’ll talk about what lawn mowers are and what to look for when choosing them.

Types of lawn mowers and their brief description


Gasoline-powered lawn mowers are convenient and powerful devices that do not require a power supply search in a summer cottage..

Due to the lack of cable, their movement on the lawn is not limited to a small number of square meters. Petrol lawn mowers are optimally used in large areas.

The power and performance of such a device depends on the engine size. it varies from 4 to 133 cc.

The higher this value, the better the machine will cope with tall grass and even tree shoots. However, it is worth remembering that powerful lawn mowers consume large amounts of fuel.


Electric grass clippers operate on an electric motor, i.e. consume electricity, and, accordingly, have a cable.

To choose a good electric lawn mower, it is important to pay attention to the presence and volume of the grass collector, the width and height of the grass mowing, the size and weight, and most importantly, the engine power and engine speed.

The power value for such models varies from 50 to 2100 watts. A more efficient machine will be able to cut very stiff and tall grass.

To cut soft grass, it will be enough to purchase a device with an engine power of up to 600 watts.

There are also electric cordless lawn mowers that can work without electricity, but they need to be charged after each work.

The time for cutting grass with such a machine is limited.


The robotic lawnmower is the most convenient, albeit expensive, device for mowing unneeded lawn sections.. Her work is similar to that of a robot vacuum cleaner. Before work, it is necessary to lay a special cable on the lawn to indicate the border of the haircut.

The lawn mower will not call over this section and will remember the places where it has already passed, thereby saving its charge.

After the end of work, the device will independently reach the base with recharging. Many of the robotic lawnmowers are equipped with useful options: rain sensor, alarm, camera, etc.


Mechanical lawn mowers do not have harmful emissions and do not emit noise. The weight of such a device is small. up to 10 kg, so it is very maneuverable.

This type of model is distinguished by durability, strength and reliable quality.. Mowing the lawn is done using special scissors, so the result is always high quality. Such lawn mowers do not have a grass collector, but are equipped with an adjustable handle.


A self-propelled lawn mower almost does not require human assistance, as it moves around the lawn and mows unnecessary grass. Man only directs the movement of the apparatus.

The self-propelled device has several types of drive. front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive.

For example, models with front-wheel drive are very light and maneuverable, well suited for surfaces with large irregularities.


Non-self-propelled machines must be moved forward by the person himself. Such lawn mowers can suit people who are well trained in the physical plane.

Such models are cheaper than self-propelled, in addition, it is convenient to go around unnecessary obstacles with them.

Which is better gasoline or electric?

Gasoline and Electric Lawn Mowers. Unconditional Bestsellers. Consider the pros and cons of each type.

Gasoline models. owners of higher power and performance.

They are ideally suited for serving large areas, differing in maneuverability. and independent of power supply.

Gasoline units are most often self-propelled, which means that the owner only needs to hold the lawnmower by the handles and control its movement. However, it is worthwhile to understand that a high-performance machine will be quite expensive.

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Electric lawn mowers have different power. from 300 to 1500 watts (depending on engine installation). Such devices are well suited for mowing small lawns without stones and bumps.

Let’s compare some important characteristics of the gasoline and electric models..

Self-propelled or non-self-propelled. what’s the difference?

At first glance, it is difficult to understand which type of mower is better. self-propelled or non-self-propelled.

Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages.. The main advantage of the self-propelled model is the use by a person of any age, even a child.

After all, the main action that needs to be done is to steer the car in the right direction. The disadvantage of this unit is the high cost of the product and the monetary costs of its maintenance. energy is spent on wheel drive by about 30%.

In addition, the self-propelled model should not be used in small areas, it is not rational.

A non-self-propelled lawnmower needs to be controlled; only an adult, strong man can handle this. The model is cheaper than self-propelled, but it spends a person. An important advantage of such an apparatus is that you can drive around uneven surfaces with it.

Before choosing a self-propelled or non-self-propelled model, you need to understand that such models are more difficult to use and maintain.

It is advisable to purchase these devices if the country house has a large territory with a lawn and lawns. For smaller areas, a conventional gasoline or electric lawn mower will do.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

Gas or electric

Gasoline lawn mowers do not work from the mains, but they are quite expensive, and, moreover, environmentally friendly. they emit exhaust into the atmosphere.

The power and operating time of gasoline models far exceeds electric ones. The latter require the presence of a cable and a power source, can not work in wet weather, but they are cheaper and are environmentally friendly and light in weight.

To choose the type of lawn mower, you need to decide on the goals: for large areas it is more advisable to buy a lawn mower that runs on poplar, for small ones. an electric.

Type. self-propelled or not

Gasoline lawn mowers are both self-propelled and non-self-propelled. If the owner of the suburban area is very fond of hard physical exercise and does not mind sweating, a non-self-propelled lawn mower is perfect for him.

Other people should buy a self-propelled device, otherwise mowing grass on the lawn can take a whole day.

Mowing area

For a large lawn, a machine with higher power and productivity indicators is suitable. This lawn needs more time, so it’s better to buy a lawn mower with gasoline for it.

Mains or battery powered devices can only cut grass for 15 minutes, so they can only handle a small lawn.

Cutting Width

Typically, the cutting width ranges from 20 to 50 cm. Everything above 35 is the norm for a garden and a summer cottage, so you should not buy a device with a smaller mowing width.

A characteristic value of more than 50 cm is found in professional lawn mowers. Together with power, the mowing width affects productivity.


Gas mowers are more powerful than electric mowers. The second ones work from the mains, which means they do not have too powerful motors, because a 220 W network may not withstand voltage.

However, electric models may have two batteries in the kit, but they are not designed for a long time.

For giving, a gasoline model with 7 horsepower, or a compact electric model, is suitable.

Battery operation

Electric models usually work from the battery. often two batteries are available. The battery lasts only two hours, then they will again have to be charged at a special substation.

Cordless electric lawn mowers are purchased on small lawns with low, and usually soft grass.

Number of wheels

The number of wheels does not fundamentally affect the quality of grass mowing. It is only important to remember that the wheels of a good lawn mower should be wide and rotate on bearings.

The drive for self-propelled vehicles is both on the rear and front wheels. Driving wheels have a larger diameter.

Availability and volume of grass catcher

The grass catcher can greatly improve the quality of work and lawn care. After all, a person will not need to rake all the mowed grass himself later.

In the presence of an impressive lawn, it is better to take a car with a large collection box that does not constantly stop work.

Grass catchers are soft, made of mesh, and hard. made of plastic. Soft bag easily shows overcrowding. stops bloating. But the plastic grass catcher is more convenient because wet blades of grass do not stick to it.

Additional functions

Such options include mulching.. It means chopping everything that gets inside and throwing it away in the form of mulch to feed the lawn. A good mulch can only be obtained from dry grass, so the function is suitable for people who do not care about the quality of the lawn.

After all, often a lawn mower mows wet grass, which when mulched turns into lumps and then clogs the roots of the grass on the lawn.

Lateral grass discharge will be useful for those places where you need to cut grass on the sidelines.

Adjusting the mowing height is actually very important only in open areas.

It can occur in two ways: wheel adjustment and control of the main cutting system.

Popular manufacturers

Today, lawn mower manufacturers have proven their worth.:

  • Husqvarna. A company from Sweden, which has the reputation of a major manufacturer of garden tools and construction equipment. The official distributor of grass trimmers for the elite NASCAR auto racing series.
  • Makita. The company from Japan, engaged in the creation of electric and gasoline tools for mowing grass. The devices of the manufacturer are reliable, long operating time and low cost.
  • Hammer. A well-known manufacturer from Germany, which is engaged in the creation of electrical equipment and garden equipment. lawn mowers and trimmers. A distinctive feature is the low cost of products and quality service under warranty.
  • AL — CO. German company, existing since 1931. Practiced on the creation of ventilation systems, auto parts and garden equipment of the highest class.